pre-launch ideas about coupons/deals website

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I'm going to launch coupon/deals website in couple of weeks. The target audience will based out of UK mainly. I'm looking for pre launch ideas and few questions to be answered.

1. What are the ways usually coupons/deals websites update their coupons daily based ? Humanly entered or automated or both ? If automated, what are the ways ?
2. List of UK affiliate networks and high paying or niche stores to enroll for the coupons/deals.
3. How to search for the daily coupons ? How scraping plays an important roles ? Please provide all possible ideas.
4. There are successful coupons/deals websites get their traffics through referrals. From Yahoo or Google. How that would be possible ?
5. How to make sure that cookies are stored properly so we don't miss the commissions ?
6. What are the ways through one can get commissions by just clicking on coupons and not only through sales ?
7. There are websites those use [login to view URL] to redirect to coupons pages. How to do it ?
8. List down all possible black/white hat techniques used by coupons sites to get more traffics and commissions. By the way, I am not interested to implement black implement black hat tricks but just to know in order to avoid those competitor's keywords.
9. How to avoid cookie stuffings used by competitors ?
10. Last but least, list down other unique ideas which are not listed through questions above.

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