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Python is an interpreted, object-oriented and extensible programming language. Python can run on many different operating systems. If you are developing software using Python programming language, then you can definitely use some help. A freelancer well versed in Python can handle your workload quite easily. To hire freelance programming help for Python post a job today!

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Tool for Verification Tests of a Qt GUI (Mac OSX) I am developing a software for medical applications. The software has a Qt GUI and can be run as an application in MacOSX. The verification test protocol of the software is defined in an XML file, see attached. Write a tool (e.g. a command line tool) for Mac OSX that - opens the XML file - opens the software for medical applications - performs a test sequence for each <verification_testi... 0 C Programming, Python, Delphi, Mac OS, Uprogramu C++ Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 23h -
program script/chrome extension HI i need help with creating a program script or browser extension on chrome or firefox to run an Amazon Flex application ( you can learn more about Amazon Flex here [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama]). I have the previous python script but it's outdated, no longer work on the updated Amazon Flex application (i can email you both the app/and program script), and the creator is no longer av... 4 Javascript, Python, Uprogramu C++, Google Chrome Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 22h $160
Help in Python Needed Hi Guys, I currently need to complete a project assignment for a soccer robot. The robots needs to be able to move towards a ball and push it into a goal while avoiding walls and obstacles. I have code for the navigation and drive system component of the robot, however don't know how to integrate those two systems to make the Navigation system for the robot to work together. The Pyth... 1 Python, Software Architecture, Mafunzo ya Mashine Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 22h $30
Write python command line tool to generate SVG logos There are websites like: [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] and [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] that allow users to generate logos. They seem to work by having a predefined list of fonts, icons, arrangments, colors that they shuffle together in different combinations. They also let the user select some preferences and do generation based on that. I'm not interested in the prefe... 12 Python Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 22h $509
Hire a python developer to connect to api and pull data Want to be able to pull data using api endpoint using python 0 Python, Software Architecture Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 21h -
Sniper and McPAT execution I want someone to execute Sinper 6.0 with McTap 1.0 simulators software on Ubuntu 12.04 and generate power trace file for some some interval using many benchmarks packages. I need to get the power trace files for several processors. The needed information for each interval is dynamic power, elapsed time and number of executed instructions. The needed information should be for all components of the... 4 C Programming, Python, Ubuntu Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 21h $73
Upload program on server hi I have a program that I would like for you to install on a server 1 Coding, Python Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 21h $15
PYTHON expert Dear All, We need someone expert in Python with somes skills on Unix. The expert should know about : numpy as np [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] as plt [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] as mplPath pandas as pd json [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] import shape, Point Contact-us on PM for more details. 14 Python, Linux Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 21h $559
Python 3 Project Project Details: Project 6 will add additional features to the code from Project 5 code. We will now split the BookData class into 2 classes. BookData will now only use the bookTitle, isbn, author, and publishers. Create a new class called InventoryBook. This class will derive from the BookData class and use the dateAdded, qtyOnHand, wholesale, and retail attributes. Move the functions into... 11 Python Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 21h $109
Neural Networks for Forecasting. It is to implement in Python language a model for estimating the price of a stock market share with neural network algorithms. Skills: Python, Mathematics, Web Scraping, Data Mining, Research Writing 6 Python, Takwimu, Mafunzo ya Mashine, Data Mining, Big Data Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 20h $33
Best Buy, walmart, gamestop account creator Hello i Need a simple python script to make multiple accounts for walmart, best buy, and gamestop 1 PHP, Javascript, Python, Web Scraping, Software Architecture Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 20h $30
Catalog Scraping for Magento Import We need a scraping of all the products on our supplier's website. The file must be delivered in xls or .csv format to be imported later on magento. These are the specifications of the fields to import The website in question is [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] You attach a screenshot of the example page with the highlighted fields 19 Python, Web Scraping, Data Mining Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 19h $58
A web application needs to be modified in node.js I need an expert developer who can help me modify an existing web application developed in [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] The tech stack is : [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] m-charts mongo-db python 10 Javascript, Python, NoSQL Couch & Mongo, node.js, Elasticsearch Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 19h $475
Add simple Wave synthesis automation to my Kivy app. I need someone to help me develop some new controls to my Kivy application. I have a Kivy GUI that connects to hardware and controls various hardware peripherals. I need to add some modulations to the peripheral controls. I will need the modulations to be triggered by eceeding an inputs threshold, to have various parameters attributed to them like delay before action, frequency and shape of modula... 2 C Programming, Python, Ubunifu wa Sauti Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 19h $263 Scrapper with U.I EASY PROJECT [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] Please develop a user interface (Like you have in the past which acts the same way if not better with [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] website) which allows the followings to be checked off. (If you are feeling kind, which I would recommend depending on how you do this project seeing they may give you many more make the colors blue and grey. I have a UI bui... 11 Java, Python, Web Scraping, Uprogramu C++ Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 19h $114
Script to send output to web service Hello my dear. I need a shell script or pythons script that will send output to web service. Idea is following. Script will run a program, collect output of it and send output on web service. There is no need to save output to files and save files, the information need to be send in the moment program gets it. 11 Python, Linux, Software Architecture, Skripti ya Shell Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 19h $31
Hire a Python Developer i need to get python programming done ! 18 Python, Software Architecture Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 19h $26
Enigma2 plugin edit. Some script edit. To run on linux box I have already a custom enigma2 plugin which i need another script which i have added to it so plugin performs both jobs. 11 PHP, Javascript, Python, Linux, Software Architecture Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 18h $167
Python Expert Wanted Project and coding details will be discussed one-on-one through chats soon Please indicate your Python background in the proposal about your coding experience Thanks and we will discuss shortly 10 Python, Linux, Software Architecture, Takwimu, Coding Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 18h $16
Python Webscraper for simple lookup of data on public website to be stored in MySQL database Daily scraping of listed short positions of predefined investors (lookup in text file) based on a public German lookup website. Comparison of position (in %) on basis of each shareholding with MySQL table. If position exists at same level (%) do nothing, otherwise add new entry. After finished, send email via SMTP with changes if any, otherwise no email. Basis of this will later be python... 17 Python, Web Scraping, MySQL Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 17h $106
Code a CryptoCurrency Exchange We are looking for someone to write the code and create a custom cryptocurrency exchange from the ground up both front and backend. You MUST have created a working exchange before and be able to customize our exchange with a specific user interface and actions. Skills you may need are - Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Django/Paython; Google API, Facebook API, Twitter API; Php, Mysql, JSON, CSS, JavaS... 11 Javascript, Python, node.js, Angular.js, Blockchain Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 17h $15677
Adversarial Search and Games An intelligently play the 2048-puzzle game, using more advanced techniques to probe the search space than the simple methods. The project is to write [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] integrated into a define skeleton, which intelligently plays the 2048-puzzle game. Of course, that is indeed a very naive way to play the 2048-puzzle game. The project implement a Player AI with the followi... 1 Python, Artificial Intelligence Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 17h $47
Web Crawler Hi Freelancers. I am looking for a coder who can build a simple script which will pull all the publically available company information using/from Google: - Name of the Company/Business - Telephone Number - Address Before I run the script I want to input the specific search criterias such us [name of the city] and the [profession of the businesses]. Example "Pharmacies New York&q... 17 PHP, Java, Python, Web Scraping, Software Architecture Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 16h $171
Crypto w/ Public key requesting assistance/ help Network Security professionals only. Must have Python and Linux experience(ubuntu). Crypto w/ Public key. Must know RSA! 5 Python, Linux, Link Building, Ubuntu Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 16h $127
Hire a Python Developer need a python developer 23 Python Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 16h $93
Need Data scientist with experience in python and financial forecasting Looking for someone who has expertise in machine learning development using python, sci-kit-learn, and perhaps FB prophet. Experience with building forecasting models centered around personal finance data and budgeting. 16 Python, Takwimu, Mafunzo ya Mashine, Lugha ya Kuprogramu ya R, Uchanganuzi wa Takwimu Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 16h $504
ERP software Hello, My name is Luis and i'm a Portuguese bussiness ( fish industry ) owner that needs a software to control it, which includes the following areas: Sales, supliers, inventory, production, expenses, Human resources, CRM, fleet, maintenance. The project its about producing a software specific for this kinda work with all i need, i'm tired of excel sheets. The idea is getting it... 33 PHP, Python, Software Architecture, CRM, MySQL Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 15h $39781
python based library installation with nvidia -cuda i need help in installation of python based library installation with nvidia -cuda. 9 Python, Software Architecture, CUDA, Mafunzo ya Mashine Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 15h $30
Opencv Extract objects from images or video and adjust it 6 Python, Matlab na Mathematica, Kutambua Uso, OpenCV Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 15h $25
Build a Machine Learning classification model for currencies (Binary/Multi-class Classification) Machine Learning Data will be provided bid/ask from Oanda Applicable for multiple Currency pairs. Predictions should be profitable ideally ( crossing the bid/ask spread) 9 C Programming, Python, Algorithm, Fedha, Mafunzo ya Mashine Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 15h $954
Python coder part time - Flask - RestApi I have existing small Flask API. I would like to find a developer who can work 2h per day 5 days per week part time support. Project is a very interesting cloud computing assignment. Work will continue for the next 6 months for the right candidate and can be extended further. Hours will stay at 10h per week but may vary slightly. I would prefer working with an individual but will consider a... 22 PHP, Javascript, Python, Django, Software Architecture Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 15h $13
Project for Jose S. Hi Jose S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 5 Python, Algorithm, Uandishi wa vya utafiti, Hisabati, , Kireno Oct 18, 2017 Leo9d 14h $26
Modify Python Code I need a small 30 line python code modified. It should take less than 20 minutes 17 Javascript, PHP, Kuprogrammu, Python, Kubuni Tovuti Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 13h $18
Write a Script I need a script that can do a search on google and fetch all the Ads I then need the script the exclude some sites and then click on the Ad 2 PHP, Javascript, Python, cURL, Bash Scripting Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 13h $10
Creating an ecommerce travel website with API Integration I am looking for a tech savvy person/team/company to get an eCommerce travel website made with API Integration 15 PHP, Python, ASP.NET Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 11h $2032
Configure Icecast stream live Radio Api Icecast : Artist name Track number Title Album Cover Link to Amazon / iTunes ( +affiliate) The time of music Time of passage mp3 link demo music Itunes Statistical integration List of next music ( Choosing the number of music) Previous Music Lists ( Choosing the number of music) API Title Artist Name Album (from SAM or iTunes) Track numer (from SAM) Cover (from i... 4 PHP, Python, Mobile App Development, Uhandisi wa Utangazaji Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 10h $166
Build a Python Module for automating PDF web forms I want to develop a python module through which we can automate the PDF forms on web browsers. basically need a module through which we can inspect elements on PDF forms in browsers. 3 PHP, Javascript, Python, Django, Software Architecture Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 10h $80
Open cv Face recognition script . To extract faces and adjust and store it 7 Python, Matlab na Mathematica, Kutambua Uso Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 10h $34
Voice Recognition + Artificial Intelligence Programmer Voice Recognition + Artificial Intelligence Programmer Must be able to make a prototype demo to own this project ahead for details email [Removed by [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] Admin] 6 Python, Talanta ya Sauti, Huduma za Mtandao za Amazon, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 10h $1287
Use QPython to extract data on bluestack 1) Install bluestacks 2) Install QPython 3) Write QPython code on bluestacks to extract data from required app 4) Export data in excel into Windows 10 platform 4 Python, Data Extraction Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 10h $24
Mac OS GUI application maintenance/redesign Hello, we are looking for someone to bugfix or redesign and maintain a Mac OSX GUI application. Frameworks involved: python 2.7, Qt 4, Adobe and Mac OSX 10.11.6 We use bitbucket. The application basically is a GUI frontend in order to link Adobe preference files and folders to the users directory due to a lack of AD/LDAP. Since the upgrade from OSX level 10.9 to 10.11 the GUI behavior... 12 Python, Mac OS, Git, Qt Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 9h $46
Urgent Debug Python Automation (Bot) script I urgently need a EXPERT PYTHON dev to debug existing ONE PAGE (less than 250 lines of code). The script uses following imports from selenium import webdriver from [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] import Options from [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] import By from [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] import WebDriverWait from [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] import expected_conditions as EC ... 10 Python, Uhandisi, Web Scraping, Software Architecture, Google Chrome Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 9h $68
MATLAB based Image Stitching program using Speeded-Up Robust Feature(SURF) Objective: Create a program with GUI that will stitched images coming from a Rpi Camera Module See doc file for the study and objectives. Note: We only need the software. The hardware is all built up. 16 PHP, Python, Matlab na Mathematica, Software Architecture, Uprogramu C++ Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 9h $134
Write some software I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux using Python. I would like to implement Automation by using python and shell script 14 Python, Linux, Software Architecture Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 9h $346
Small python file and changes to a gui -- 2 - 18/10/2017 02:41 EDT [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] a pdf creation python file that will activate the current code and print some numbers in a column 2. Add three new buttons (pyqt5)[to an existing gui] with the functions that will activate the same pdf creation file 3. make small adjustments to the gui, button positions, dynamic windows etc More details in the documentations, that will be provided after a sho... 19 Python, Software Architecture, Coding, Kuprogrammu Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 8h $135
Python Script for Multiusers python scrip coding for allowing multi users 22 Python, Linux, Software Architecture, Coding Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 8h $208
People Counting & Tracking Looking for a software for people counting in retail store. Software should be with >90% accuracy with age/gender feature. Software Should be Ubuntu based O/S. Platform can be anything. Should be light weight and can handle 5k traffic in a day. 9 C Programming, Python, Software Architecture, MySQL, Uprogramu C++ Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 7h $6771
Project for Devi - Ordering Bot in Python and Update Order Records Please see PDF provided in private chat. 10 Python, Web Scraping, Jaribu Kiotomatiki, Data Scraping Oct 18, 2017 Leo6d 7h $485
I need a web developer I need a web developer to join a team of 5 to develop a website. 25 Java, Python, CSS, Uprogramu C++, Kuprogrammu Oct 17, 2017 Leo6d 5h $5633
build a python project hai i need a python's a basic python project... my budget is 400INR 17 Python Oct 17, 2017 Leo6d 4h $16
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