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Python is an interpreted, object-oriented and extensible programming language. Python can run on many different operating systems. If you are developing software using Python programming language, then you can definitely use some help. A freelancer well versed in Python can handle your workload quite easily. To hire freelance programming help for Python post a job today!

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Mradi/Shindano Maelezo Zabuni/Wasilisho Ujuzi Imeanza Inaisha Bei (USD)
convert shell/perl into python convert shell/perl into python 9 Perl, Python, Linux, Software Architecture, Skripti ya Shell Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $26
Django Expert I have some Django project now. I will share detail in chat. 29 Javascript, Python, Django, Software Architecture, HTML Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 22h $247
convert shell script and perl script into python convert shell script and perl script into python 7 Perl, Python, Linux, Software Architecture, Skripti ya Shell Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 22h $26
Integrate and run a python script to online environment I have a python tool that is doing e certain job for me, Instagram related. I want to extend that script and make it work in an online environment instead of running it on my PC. 23 PHP, Javascript, Python, Django, Software Architecture Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 22h $140
Python PnL calculator for trading system The job is the beginning of a bigger project to build an accounting unit for an algo trading system. The project is using Python and MySQL. The exact requirements and the tools needed for finalizing the project are listed in the handout attached below. 14 Python, Software Architecture, MySQL Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 22h $245
Discogs Listing Interface We require an interface to speed up data entry listings on the discogs marketplace. Full details contained on word attachment 13 PHP, Python, Ruby Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 22h $515
Crypto Exchange We would like to buy a cryptocurrency exchange which is on main nodes of Bitcoin / ether / eos and other like okex hitbtc or others 18 Java, Python, Software Architecture, Uprogramu C++ Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 21h $4129
Academic writer Experience in Deep Learning Neural Networks & support vector Machine I am looking for a high quality researcher and academic writer in computer science and vision who has scientific knowledge in deep neural networks and machine learning ..I am looking for an expert in deep learning neural network, machine learning and python, who is knowledgeable in triplets network, alexnet, ResNet architecture and python libaries, training the network and extracting key features ... 13 Python, Mafunzo ya Mashine, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Uandishi wa Kiakademia Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 21h $227
excel data analysis using pandas in python Need to analysis some data in excel and then giving input of some value using code. (Application to reduce manual work ). It needs skills of pandas and regular expression. 14 Python Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 21h $79
Code convert from Ruby to Python The freelancer should have ruby and python both knowledge to understand the code and convert. Please bid if you have the experience. The code will be shared with winning bidder. Also the code is confidential so we need require NDA sign before award the job. Thanks, Vibrant Webtech 4 Python, Ruby Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 21h $93
Website Crawler and resource dump - Application file format ( exe ) The website crawler should go through the complete website, collect and download all the available resources of the website like PDF, Document, Excel format files etc. Images and Video format files are not required to be included in the resource dump and it should crawl only web pages with the same root domain. All the other similar and relevant file formats ( Macintosh or Linux compatible as well... 0 PHP, Java, Python, Web Scraping, Software Architecture Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 21h -
Matlab script deployment webserver/Deep neural network Looking for an expert in Matlab that can deploy a deep learning matlab script to webserver connected to web frontend. It might include conversion of the script to another language that will be easier to implement. Or use another language that picks up the model produced in matlab and displays the same result. Or even include simulink. However, the first option is prefered. The deliverable is expec... 3 PHP, Javascript, Python, Uhandisi, Matlab na Mathematica Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 19h $94
thingsboard setup We are developing an IOT project with esp32, 5-6 sensors , 4 relays. We are using thingsboard to monitor and display the data. Thingsboard is compiled and running on our servers. 2 Tasks have to be achieved here. 1. Whitelable the thingsboard by removing thinbsboard logo from the repository. 2. Make GPIO control button for the relays. Anyone who has experience with esp32 and Thingsboard can cont... 5 Python, Software Iliyopachikwa, MySQL, MQTT Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 18h $52
Matlab script deployment webserver Looking for an expert in Matlab that can deploy a deep learning matlab script to webserver connected to web frontend. It might include conversion of the script to another language that will be easier to implement. Or use another language that picks up the model produced in matlab and displays the same result. Or even include simulink. However, the first option is prefered. The deliverable is expec... 7 PHP, Javascript, Python, Matlab na Mathematica, Software Architecture Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 18h $74
Ant Colony and Machine learning project I need an explanation for an Ant colony code. more details will be discussed in chat. price is negotiable 11 Python, Algorithm, Mafunzo ya Mashine Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 17h $57
Write me a python script in jupyter notebook I will input a csv file which contains details a bike project which as the trip start time and trip end time of different bikes. I need you to write a python script which has to calculate how much percentage time each bike has been used (each bike has a serial number) and the percentage utilization of the bike fleet. The python script hence designed should be able to do these calculations for an... 21 Python, Kuprogrammu Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 17h $20
Explaining Python Code I currently have a script with me on how to extract data through python selenium. But I Need help with an expert who can explain and decipher the code for me to understand it. You won't need to do any programming and coding. It's more of helping me to understand the source code. Criteria is must speak good english. 15 Python, Software Architecture Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 17h $7
Build a predictive model Want to have apredictive model to correctly predict the teams which qualify for semi-finals, finals and the winner of FIFA world cup - 2018 6 Python, Mafunzo ya Mashine, Analytics Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 17h $139
Update Odoo from V8 to V11 We are running a V8-version of Odoo in a live environment. We always wanted to update to V10 - but as now V11 is coming we look forward to update to this, latest version then. Our current version is mainyl used for ecommerce ,inventory-management, invoicing, production and customer-database. Other Apps are installed - but not heavily used. It would be preferred if all Old data - including cust... 22 PHP, Python, MySQL, Odoo Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 17h $567
Crawling/Scraping Instagram Tool I'm looking for a python/ javascript developer with extensive scraping/crawling knowledge familiar with the Instagram api etc. To build me a tool, which can crawl and extract information about profiles, followers likes etc. and perform specific actions like bulk message, like, follow and unfollow other users. Exact specifics and information will be provided in the brief. Please let me know... 21 Javascript, Python, Web Scraping, Injini ya Google App, Google Chrome Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 17h $470
Web scrape script I am looking for a web scraping script, to run every day on the same site. I would like the actual script. The site requires a login and the data is lists of products, prices etc. The output is to be in CSV format and will have something similar to the following columns: Product Code Product Brand Category Price Unit Qty Product Image Category Description ETC There may be some formatting to b... 51 PHP, Javascript, Python, Web Scraping, Software Architecture Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 16h $139
LinkedIn automation marketing Hi Alice :) How are you I am shafiq and I am Top rated Freelancer on pph freelancer market place Owner of DigitalBizzLeads and High level Python programmer I provide Companies Decisions makers targeted prospects , business leads and many more things I have recently developed a system which can send automate the linkenidn Features:- 1- Can send upto 200 Connection requests With Add No... 3 C Programming, Python, Utangazaji wa Biashara Mtandaoni, Web Scraping, Software Architecture Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 16h $119
Python, Mac Access Authentication Looking for someone who is able to implement mac access authentication into a VERY SMALL python program, it needs to GENERATE these for the header. 7 Python Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 16h $17
Host python based website on ubuntu server Hi, I have a python based website, which is running on localhost on port 8000 successfully. I have deployed all code on ubuntu server. What I want is when I hit the server IP, I should be able to see the website but NOT ON post 8000, it should be on default port 80. This is urgent. 15 Python, Linux, Mwenyeji wa Mtandao, Ubuntu Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 16h $23
PHP, Javascript, Python, jQuery / Prototype, Symfony PHP Jun 22, 2018 Leo16h 32m
Implementation of a Cryptographic paper in python3 I have to implement a cryptographic paper, which include garbled circuit.I want to implement in Python3 3 Python, Uandishi au Utatuaji wa Kodi za Kompyuta Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 15h $20
Create a web front end to manage openvpn I am looking for someone that can create a front end for the openvpn server on ubuntu. the idea stack is django/bootstrap. 13 Python, Django, OpenVPN Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 14h $228
Scraping expert required for online retailer We currently utilise Chrome to scrape our supplier websites (~15 websites) to keep up-to-date with stock levels and price changes etc. This process involves importing the scrape details into Chrome and starting the process (some require us to authenticate with login credentials), waiting for it to complete and then we have a CSV file at the end which we modify (via macros in Google Sheets) to prep... 36 Python, Uingizaji Data, Excel, Web Scraping, Data Mining Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 14h $39
python script modification with dd It requires to modify python script. [login to view URL] budget is $20 6 Python, Linux, Aws Lambda Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 14h $23
Python codes for Linux Servers and Website 1)Go to Website->login using username and password (SSO Enabled,authenticate with AD Server)->Website will have calendar->Users can click on the date and select yes/no->user can only select for the current week(Except Friday,Saturday,Sunday)->Email output to a specific email address. 2)Create a web page to write a web page to dynamically display computing resource [login to view UR... 6 Python, Linux, API Jun 21, 2018 Leo6d 12h $119
Python - Multiple projects Looking for someone to help me with multiple python projects. 33 Python, Software Architecture, Ujenzi wa Software, Coding, Kuprogrammu Jun 21, 2018 Leo6d 11h $25
Python programming write a python project that computes the number of primes numbers between low and high values. 47 Python, Kuprogrammu, Computer Science Jun 21, 2018 Leo6d 10h $21
Neural Network,Random Forest and Machine Learning Python Programmer needed Looking for a good Neural Network, Random Forest and Machine Learning Programmer. Must be experienced in Neural Network, Random forest and any other machine learning Programming. Good knowledge of Classification, Training and Testing datasets in Python. MUST be able to perform this task in Python ONLY! Regards. 35 Python, Software Architecture, Mafunzo ya Mashine, Data Science, Neural Networks Jun 21, 2018 Leo6d 9h $159
Complete Odoo Cusomtization Hello, I'm looking for someone who can completely transform the odoo 11 look and feel and customisation of odoo modules. Odoo Project Customization 1. Remove Odoo branding Completely and Replace with our company branding. 2. Disable App Store and pre-installed the apps by defaults. 3. Replacing the current Odoo look and feel with Bootstrap template I have. 4. Following App/Module needed a... 10 Python, HTML5, Bootstrap, Odoo Jun 21, 2018 Leo6d 8h $450
Python, Elektroniki, Microcontroller, Arduino, Raspberry Pi Jun 21, 2018 Leo6d 7h
Build me a SunSpec ModBus Simulator I would like to create a software that simulate an Inverter of Fronius, ABB, Schneider and SMA. All these brands use SunSpec ModBus protocol. I would like to have this software written on Python for Arduino or Raspberry PI. 8 Python, Elektroniki, Microcontroller, LabVIEW, Arduino Jun 21, 2018 Leo6d 6h $21
flask oauth mongodb login create a login system using mongodb and oauth plugin using python and flask 6 Python, Django, NoSQL Couch & Mongo, node.js, Elasticsearch Jun 21, 2018 Leo6d 6h $66
Image Color Correction Python Script Looking to create the python script that follows the logic laid out here: [login to view URL] 16 Python, OpenCV Jun 21, 2018 Leo6d 6h $170
Juypter Notebook Project Its python based data visualization project 28 Java, Python, Software Architecture, Mafunzo ya Mashine Jun 21, 2018 Leo6d 5h $138
Web scraping on a Prestashop website I need a python script to do csv files from a Prestashop store. I need these fields: 1. Info of products: ID Categories Price Reference Manufacturer ShortDescription Name LargeDescription WithStock MinimumQuantity ImagesUrls sourceurl 2. We need combinatios too: ID Attribute Attribute Value I want to see the csv example files before deliver the script. Thank you, in advance. 33 PHP, Python, Web Scraping, Prestashop Jun 21, 2018 Leo6d 4h $109
Aliexpress and Banggood Dropshipping Tool Hi, Im looking for a freelancer who can code a dropshpping tool for Aliexpress and Banggood. 11 PHP, Javascript, Python, Web Scraping, Software Architecture Jun 21, 2018 Leo6d 3h $475
data science 2 data science project with Python, SAS, R, Tableau 23 Python, Takwimu, Data Mining, Lugha ya Kuprogramu ya R, Uchanganuzi wa Takwimu Jun 21, 2018 Leo6d 3h $188
Captcha recognition bot I want you to parse a specific site which gives captchas to solve and pays for it, after getting the captcha from the site, you do a neural network that solves the captcha and the process happens on and on. I want it to be done using python and linux ready. 19 Python, Linux, Software Architecture, HTML Jun 21, 2018 Leo6d 3h $536
Content writer for Software Company We're a Software Factory HQ in Uruguay that works for the US and Israel. We're looking for an English native Content Writer to make technology-related posts, about some of the technologies that we use, like Python, Django, Ionic, React, Android, MongoDB or Docker. 29 Python, Mobile App Development, Android, Uandishi wa Yaliyomo, Writing Jun 21, 2018 Leo6d 3h $111
Fix scrapping scrapy python code Hello, i have python code it's scrapping some url i used it linux on the past was working well i need to run it on windows and check if there any error and solve them 39 PHP, Python, Linux, Web Scraping, Software Architecture Jun 21, 2018 Leo6d 2h $27
Automate filling the job applications python or any script to fill the job applications using personal data. 27 PHP, Python, Software Architecture Jun 21, 2018 Leo6d 2h $142
Create OSRM Server with OSM DataSet Setup OSRM server in DigitalOcean Download OSM Canada DataSet Setup API to get Snap To Road functionality with Road Speed Limit for each data point returned Create a periodic job that would download OSM Canada DataSet (period is variable and can be defined) Save server as an image 3 Python, Software Architecture, node.js, Geospatial, Elasticsearch Jun 21, 2018 Leo6d 2h $13
Loading a ADD-in in excel using Python issue (Bid <30$) I am trying to run a macro in excel using python. The issue is that the macro needs a add-in (.xla file) which needs to be loaded before the macro runs. This add-in does not get loaded everytime, when the python code runs and tries to run the macro. So as a solution, I need to unload and load the addin using python, as we do in excel to load the addin I am trying to do this import [login to vie... 3 Python, Excel Jun 21, 2018 Leo6d 2h $20
Tensorflow | Spark | Celery Implementation I want to transform a code for parallel processing using Spark and Celery. Need someone expert in Spark and Celery. The work is due in next 5hrs. 2 Python, Mafunzo ya Mashine, Hadoop, Spark Jun 21, 2018 Leo6d 1h $215
Classifying MLA *Python *Using DMOZ dataset *NB classification *Binary method *result is f1 score for each category 17 Python, Algorithm, Mafunzo ya Mashine Jun 21, 2018 Leo6d $39
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