Create two legal documents for my website - 1. Privacy Policy and 2. Disclaimer Document

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Correct use of English is very important. Please ensure that each document is compliant with Australian law and is professional in nature. Both documents need to be consistent with other Australian professional documents of this type (please don't copy another websites privacy policy or disclaimer).
View my website (link below) and become familiar with my service and build these documents around that. Some specific information that you may need for the privacy policy (which should be generic in nature) is that I wont sell, hire or disclose personal information to any third party unless required to by Law. All information supplied to me is only used to supply my service. The Disclaimer need to ensure that users of my website understand that there may be issues, errors, bugs etc and that the information may not be accurate etc.
These documents need to provide me a level of legal protection if something occurs through the use of my site or by someone that is a customer of my site. Feel free to ask me any clarifying questions. Please ensure correct use of the English language applicable to Australia. Link is [login to view URL]
Please create each document in Word, so that I am able to make changes as required from time to time.

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“Great to work with, really did a good job.”

Picha ya Profaili stevenlee2443, Australia.

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