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Chopinium - project website

Chopinium is a project dedicated to create a new image of Frederic Chopin. It consists of several competitions on very differentiated areas of art - like comics, stickers, viral media, etc. I was asked to create a temporary version of the page for the first competition - sticker art. The site had to be quite artistic and interesting for the target group - mainly youth. It also had to be a single-page website, so the information had to be accumulated and easily accessible. I had many ideas how to design that one - briefing verified the proper final solution. What I really liked about this project was the freedom of expression. I decided to make a quite artistic approach and designed the page to look like a big sticker on the wall. The final touches were those little partners stickers below and the grass. I also added some spray paint to make it look more "urban". The project succeeded as many entries were made and the final rewards were given.

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Hello, my name is Piotr Nowinski and I am a passionate designer with over 7 year experience in the industry, specialized in web-oriented content. I also design corporate identity and print materials.

$50 USD/saa