You have to design the selection strategy of the best Load Carrier Available at a Location to maximize a courier company profit.

There are total n Truck or Load Carrier in a city, each Truck /Load Carrier can be in any of the three status

Load Status

1. Its in middle of road and taking assignment from a location lets say a to b.


2. Its waiting at location b and its completely empty and waiting for its next assignment ...


3. It has already reached at location b, and doing unloading... We don't know how much time its going to take for unloading.

Lets say L1,L2,L3,L4......Li ( are nth Load Carrie/Tucksr in a system )

Now Each Load Carrier has its own respective variables

1. Type of Vehicle, e.g there are 5 varieties of Load Carrier e.g V1,V2,V3,V4,V5

2. Each L Load carrier per KM rate is different . e.g L1 runs at 30INR/KM, L2 runs at 20 INR/KM etc.

3. Each L Load carrier has its own monthly cycle. e.g lets say L1 cycle is (8th March to 7th April), L2 has cycle from (15th March to 14th April) etc.

4. Each L Load carrier has its own minimum KM Guranteee run. Its the minimum cost that the courier company has to bear for each Load Carrier irrespective of whether

the Load Carrier moves or just stays idle.

e.g L1 minimum KM run is 4000 KM , which means its rate is 30 x 4000 = 120,000 INR for time period (8th March to 7th April),

similarly L2 minimum KM run is 3800 KM and its rate should be like 20 x 3800 = 76,000 INR for (15th March to 14th April).

After each minimum KM run , each load carrier rate increases by 20%

Lets talk about profit making


i) After 4000 KM for L1 ( between time period 8th to 7th its price ) the price per KM is 36 INR per KM. During period (8th March to 7th April) lets say by 4th April,

L1 has already run 4000 KM and now on 4th April there is an assignment request of Load where it has to cover 600 KM which means by 7th April the L1 price ideally will be 4000 * 30 + 600 * 36 = 141,600 INR

ii) L2 (period 15th March to 14th April) , its doing unloading at a location and we dont know how much time its going to unload , so that we can assign it the next assignment. It has run 2700KM so far Ideally if it gets picked the price will be 76,000 . This is Low but it has still 10 days left in its cycle. Should you pick or not ?

iii) Now if we have any other Load Carrier available on a location L5 whose minimum KM run is 3600KM, per KM rate is 22 KM , its cycle is (6th March to 5th April), but it has run 3100 KM so far , ideally this should be picked. why because

total KM run 3100 + 600 = 3700 KM price is 3600 * 22 = 77,000 + extra KM (100 * (22 + 20%22) ) = 81,840 and its cycle is getting ended next day, so utilize it.

The strategy is to utilize each Load Carrier to its minimum km run during its cycle

Ujuzi: Python

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