General update to sites look & feel & design throughout the home page designs in all DB\'s and implementation, to make site load faster and in all screen resolutions, OS\'s and browser types. Full configuation and requirements to be discussed in line with our commercial objectives. Must be able to carry out immedialty and until concluded with an aim of implementation by Saturday 06 March 2004.

Must be completed to full satisfaction and aims and objectives.

Ujuzi: Ubunifu wa Picha, JavaScript, Perl, Weka Script , Kubuni Tovuti

Angalia zaidi: make commercial, aim, full page load, objectives home screen, full screen browser, faster load, page faster, faster page, home page designs, site faster, resolutions, Saturday, load javascript, page implementation, site full javascript, faster site, able, perl javascript, faster browser, home screen

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We can finish it in less than that

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