Compile a Fortran program to be used in a Windows environment.

I need someone who can take an existing program that is written in Fortran, and compile it to run on a windows 2003 (2000?) 64bit 4 CPU clustered environment.

The existing program is an open source atmospheric mathematical model used to predict chemical concentrations in the atmosphere. The program is offered by the EPA here [url removed, login to view]

The program name is CMAQ, V4.3

If I find the right person to do this, there will be more mathematical packages that will need to be compiled in the future as new versions are released.

I need this done for me (I don't work for the EPA) because I don't want to spend the time to learn how to use Linux, which is what the program was written to run on.

Ujuzi: Linux, Windows Desktop

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We can complie the program on windows system for you. The time and price could be cut off if we do finish it in shorter time.

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the very same program, will be compiled and run in any versions of windows

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Let's discuss the scope of the proj, to estimate the actual cost & duration.Pls let us know how & when we can.Thanks

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What is your fortran compiler in Windows? Are we going to choose the compiler ourselves?

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This project will already have been done by the time the bidding ends, so contact me before accepting any as I am already in the process of performing a conversion

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We are experienced in porting GNU/GPL applications to various platforms.

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We have Fortran porting experience with Windows, VMS, Dos and UNIX.

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We have Linux and Windows expertise and can complete the requirement on time.

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