Let's Get That Business Idea Off The Ground!

With our Technical Co-pilot™ kuna wasaidizi na hauhitaji mwanzilishi mwenza kamwe.
  1. Tuambie nini unataka kujenga.

  2. Work with our best, hand-picked freelancers.

  3. Have our Technical Co-pilot™ kusaidia kwa kila hatua

Jaribio ni sasa, dakika 30 bila malipo!

Anza mashauriano ya bure kupitia mazungumzo au simu

kwa saa

Our staff of Technical Co-Pilots™ will advise you on how to grow your business or start your project, including timelines and obligation free quotes.

Au tu chapisha mradi bila malipo na uwache wafanyakazi huru wawekee zabuni

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The Simplest Way to Build Your Product or Business

Working with freelancers is easy. Even if you have no technical or management skills - we're here to help!

Nembo ya Uwezo Mzuri wa Kifedha

We'll help you find the best freelancers

Hand-picked for you from our Preferred Freelancers Program, based on your requirements and budget.

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Wacha tukufanyie kazi ngumu

We'll help you coordinate freelancers, prepare technical specifications, do the testing and everything in between.

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Tutahakikisha mradi wako utakuwa wenye fanaka

We'll answer technical questions, send progress reports and test the final product. You'll only pay the freelancer when you're satisfied.

Anza jaribio lako la dakika 30 bila malipo sasa!

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"Excellent work, super fast, super quality and understood the brief perfectly!"

If you're looking to build a website you'll find people like Charchit to help you accomplish your needs under the supervision of our Technical Co-pilot™

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Jinsi inavyofanya kazi

Tutazigeuza ndoto zako na mawazo yako kuwa ukweli

Sasisho kuhusu mradi wako moja kwa moja kwenye kikasha chako
We find the best freelancers for you

We work with our in-house recruiter team to find the best freelancers for you. We will then break your project into actionable tasks for the freelancers to work on each week.

We turn your ideas into a technical specification and tasks

We will send you a report at the beginning of the week with the work that will be performed. At the end of the week we will send you a report of what happened in the week.

We update you on progress as often as you like

We can call you at any time to give you an update and get your direction - once per day, once per week, or at specific milestones or deliverables.

Anza jaribio lako la dakika 30 bila malipo sasa!

How Much Does It Cost?

The time spent on your project is completely up to you - we can set a weekly cap or a total cap. You can opt out whenever you wish.

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Get a Technical Co-pilot™
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Simamia mradi wako mwenyewe
Freelancer cost
Kutoka $10/saa Kutoka $10/saa
Technical Co-pilot™
$20/saa /
Project consultation
Recruiter upgrade
BURE $9.5
NDA & IP agreement
FREE* $38

What Can a Technical Co-pilot™ Do for You

Whatever you want. Here are a few ideas:

Conduct technical interviews

To find the best freelancers for you

Run a project kick-off call

Ensuring good project initiation and a clear process

Prepare specifications & wireframes

Kuhakikisha kuwa mahitaji yako yote yatimizwa

Organize a plan of work & send regular reports

To decrease risk, stay on track and keep you informed

Answer technical questions

Explaining new concepts and help you make decisions

Test the final product

To ensure quality and identify potential improvements