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Peana kwa umma kazi za biashara yako kwenye Freelancer. Tunakuunganisha na zaidi ya wafanyakazi huru millioni 27.7 wenye ujuzi kutoka kote ulimwenguni.

Wafanyakazi huru wetu wana ujuzi usiokuwa na kikomo. Hii ni kama: ubunifu wa logo, ubunifu wa picha, ubunifu wa tovuti, huduma ya kiufundi, utafiti wa masoko, uchapishaji, kutafsiri, na uingizaji data (kati ya nyinginezo nyingi).

Unaweza kuajiri mfanyakazi huru kuanzi $30 - huku mradi wa kawaida ukikamilika kwa Dolla $200. Haijalishi ni soko ipi unayotaka kufikia, utapata Wafanyakazi huru kutoka katika pembe zote za ulimwengu tayari kuvukisha biashara yako mipaka ya kawaida.

Ili kuanza, Tuma Mradi sasa ama Ajiri Wafanyakazi huru Wakuu.

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Create Chinese Version of my Shopify store I have a shopify store [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] and I would like it translated to Chinese both traditional and simplified version. I would also like help with marketing the site n China but not sure of the options available to me. This project is for someone of Chinese origin only so please contact me with any idea's I am looking to spend approximately $200 plus bonus for g... 20 Ukalimani, Shopify, Kichina Kilichorahisishwa (Uchina), Web Development Mar 21, 2018 Leo6d 23h $313
Arduino OCPP1.6 Websocket protocol implementation Electric vehicle charging stations communicate via a protocol called OCPP. The currently valid version of this protocol is OCPP1.6 with several variants. In this project we wish to implement the JSON Websocket variant. You can download the official protocol specification from here: [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] (You will need to leave your email address, a google search will also return num... 8 Microcontroller, Arduino, JSON, Web Development Mar 21, 2018 Leo6d 22h $3198
Web and Mobile Development We are looking for Agencies/Organization in US, UK, EMEA and Asia Pacific regions to Outsource your Mobile App Development works, Web Site Development, E-commerce Development, Digital Marketing Projects, Customer Support and Technical Support. ( BPO, KPO & RPO) We are located in Hyderabad, India Silicon Valley of India where we have the following: single point of contact for all your se... 25 PHP, Mobile App Development, Huduma kwa Wateja, Huduma kwa Wateja, Web Development Mar 21, 2018 Leo6d 21h $36
Build a website game Very basic Game, designs will be provided. Fast Delivery. Need to show me samples of works youve done [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] 21 Javascript, Ubunifu wa Picha, Ujenzi wa Mchezo, Web Development Mar 21, 2018 Leo6d 21h $151
E Commerce web and mobile app we are looking someone who can work with us to develop web and mobile app. 56 Mobile App Development, Kujaribu Tovuti, Kazi Kijumla, Web Development, iOS Development Mar 21, 2018 Leo6d 18h $6197
Part-time freelancer for a marketing agency in Melbourne We are looking for an on-site part time web developer for 2 weeks in April from 3rd of April – 13th of April. Candidate must have the below: · Good working knowledge of PHP · Experience using Bootstrap / Foundation or similar · Working knowledge of the Advanced Custom Fields WordPress plugin · Experience developing custom W... 29 WordPress, HTML5, Mjenzi wa Email, Web Development Mar 20, 2018 Leo6d 17h $33
Project for Emma White Hi Emma White, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 2 Illustrator, Uandishi wa vya utafiti, Ubunifu wa Tangazo, Vigezo vya Shopify, , Web Development Mar 20, 2018 Leo9d 11h $250
WebGL based interactive environment for kids 6-9 years old We need a WebGL based interactive environment for kids between 6-9 years old, following the main features of the solution - Allows kids avatar to move around over defined paths - Has walls and collitions with boundaries - 360 degree view with correct lightning - Has interaction objects like tv (view videos), game console(list of links of games to play) - Has other aprox 5 characters (o... 14 Maya, 3ds Max, Vielelezo vya 3D, Unity 3D, Web Development Mar 20, 2018 Leo6d 11h $53270
React web-app We are looking for an expert in HTML5 technology to develop an extra module in a web application We require REACT.js technology As of now, we are looking for the development of the front-end only with the layout requested and the AdminLTE controls The web application has to be fully responsive according to the supplied requirements All the details related to the design layout and the busi... 34 Javascript, NoSQL Couch & Mongo, HTML5, React.js, Web Development Mar 20, 2018 Leo6d 10h $451
Simple time tracking Hi! Looking for a web developer to develop a basic time tracking application with geolocation. I have wireframes and user stories created ready for development. 90 Mobile App Development, React.js, Web Development Mar 20, 2018 Leo6d 10h $2419
Enhance Existing Website - SAP .net only I have a website provided by Sophio Co which is written in SAP. Net. There are two things I need to add: 1- add Arabic Language 2- add an option on the main page to get quotation website: [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] 13 SAP, ASP.NET, Web Development Mar 20, 2018 Leo6d 9h $238
Build a Website subscription based ecommerce website 117 PHP, Biashara za Kielektroniki, HTML, WooCommerce, Web Development Mar 20, 2018 Leo6d 9h $1598
Project for Rodrigo A. Hi Rodrigo, I have a task to do so I'd like to discuss with you about project. 3 Javascript, .NET, SQL, , Usimamizi wa Tovuti, Web Development Mar 20, 2018 Leo9d 8h $160
Review & Improve SRS for Website Development We need a website programmer / full-stack developer to review a small Software Requirement Specification document that describes development instructions for a new website (4 total pages). Project is to create a list of questions (20+ or more) about the website which will be used to improve the SRS. 7 Javascript, Software Architecture, MySQL, Web Development, Full Stack Development Mar 20, 2018 Leo6d 8h $25
Check(analyze) site for me Hello. I have a whole Laravel project (130MB)(bc pic). I want you to analyze (check that code) of a website. Lets call it Demonstration of software evolution!!! Where you analyze that code and say what should not be used that way anymore (trying to make that code better), I mean something like upgrade? You should check libraryes, functions, scripts, etc. So basicaly some fixing or upgrading a co... 9 PHP, Laravel, Web Development Mar 20, 2018 Leo6d 7h $41
BUSINESS ACCOUNTING NEEDS TO DEVALOPE BUSINESS ACCOUNTING APP 16 Mobile App Development, Uhasibu, Fedha, Web Development Mar 20, 2018 Leo6d 7h $949
sha-512 hash anyone with enough skill to unhash sha512.... 13 Java, Coding, Kuprogrammu, Web Development Mar 20, 2018 Leo6d 6h $2303
Looking to Buy TRNDY TRAVEL THEME Hi, I am looking to buy TRENDY travel [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] one [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] Please BIG Only the people who has that one. 9 PHP, Kubuni Tovuti, WordPress, Huduma za Mtandao, Web Development Mar 20, 2018 Leo6d 5h $26
Looking for a business partner Hi Please bid from US, EU, East Europe only. Other countries will be ignore. I'm looking for a business partner who can create outsourcing company together. I have a senior development team. Your role is CEO of company. You must have some knowledge in software development. This is long term opportunity. Just need a serious partner. I'm 100% sure about my business. More details wi... 14 Mobile App Development, Android, Ujenzi wa Software, Web Development, iOS Development Mar 20, 2018 Leo6d 4h $37
develop an application to draw family tree We are looking to build a web or desktop application which draw the dynamic family tree as the below images [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama]%D8%B4%D8%AC%D8%B1%D8%A9%2B%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B9%D8%A7%D8%A6%D9%84%D8%[url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama]:large - The application will accept the excel format to upload the family tree o... 61 Ubunifu wa Picha, Kutengeneza Michezo ya Kielektroniki, Ujenzi wa Mchezo, Web Development, Graphics Programming Mar 20, 2018 Leo6d 3h $4242
Engaging Landing Page Hello! Looking to have a great landing page created for my business. I am looking for someone that can do a great job. Please only bid if you can fulfill the job. Thank you. 53 Kubuni Tovuti, Ubunifu wa Picha, Illustrator, Kurasa Kuu, Web Development Mar 20, 2018 Leo6d 3h $117
Web Developer & Web Scraping Specialist Hello Searching for a highly experience Web Developer with deeply knowledge in data collecting / web-scraping. This candidate must be someone that is very design oriented and understands the user point of view (UI&UX) and responsiveness. Need to be someone that is strong in communication and in each part of the project has the ability to be agil because of changes that can occur during... 43 PHP, Kubuni Tovuti, Web Scraping, Web Development Mar 20, 2018 Leo6d 1h $545
Website Development Hello, We are a technology company and intend to acquire local Govt. projects and support SME’s for digitalization in Doha, Qatar. This is a strategic project to sort list our partners who have interest and capabilities to collaborate with us for delivering website and Mobil Apps development projects. Please quote for 5-10 pages CMS and Static website. Also, appreciate if you can includ... 54 Uandishi wa Yaliyomo, Web Development Mar 20, 2018 Mar 20, 20185d 22h $201
Consultation needed for a Custom Query Builder and Visualization Tool for a Time-Series Database Looking for a 1 hour consultation regarding the best combination of front-end & back-end platforms for a website, which would allow users to perform custom queries and visualizations in the following scenario: - Website collects a large amount of time-series data from different sources (e.g., forex) and save them in a database. - Users of the website can access the database through an easy-t... 1 Software Architecture, Ujenzi wa Database, Visualization, Web Development Mar 20, 2018 Mar 20, 20185d 21h $25
VoIP Expertise and Web Development. I have a VoIP and web design project that requires the worker I hire to be skilled in: VoIP – This includes experience with VoIP phone system features and functionality, VoIP phone service provisioning, IP phones, VoIP Billing systems and all VoIP terminology. Web Design – Skilled in web design such as Dreamweaver. Knows PHP and ecommerce with Authorize.net. I need you to pas... 39 PHP, VoIP, Web Development Mar 20, 2018 Mar 20, 20185d 20h $1138
project like google map and content writing 1 You must have ability in content writing or and make website or web-app (you have to work experience about both of them) Warning : if you do not have any knowledge or ability or background or work experience about content writing You must have knowledge about transportation and highway filed and my method need to knowledge about MATLAB software or C++ Language or php or other language whic... 15 Uhandisi, Article Writing, Hisabati, Uandishi wa Yaliyomo, Web Development Mar 20, 2018 Mar 20, 20185d 19h $2743
MLM Binary 2X18 Admin Side Requirement ---------------------------------------- 1. Dashboards 2. Master Settings Company Fees / Charge Tax Settings Business Settings 3. User / Member Manager User Member 4. E-Wallet Management E-Wallet Details E-Wallet Request E-Wallet Approved Eligible Deduction Receipts & Payments 5. E-pin Management ... 5 PHP, Javascript, AJAX, MySQL, Web Development Mar 20, 2018 Mar 20, 20185d 19h $168
Need videos on web development I need some videos for learning Web Development.I want to learn the basic. I will check the video if that fulfill my requirements then only i will pay you. No milestone [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] you are agree then bid only.Thanks. 3 Kutengeneza Data, Web Scraping, Tafuta Mtandaoni, Web Development Mar 20, 2018 Mar 20, 20185d 17h $6
Build a Website (Wordpress, PHP, ASP) Build Me a Website. I Need As Soon As Possible Requirements : User Login User Can Submit Website URL Website URL auto sharing to social sites Need a website exactly like [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] 19 PHP, ASP, Kubuni Tovuti, WordPress, Web Development Mar 19, 2018 Mar 19, 20185d 17h $873
Crypto Gateway Hi, We need a platform where you could exchange a single certain currency into Waves tokens. This is what the platform should look like: - a homepage (we already have this, we have a web designer in our team) where there should be a live graph of the Waves token value (taken through an API that we need integrated) - a user account where the user will be verified through a document upload... 12 Javascript, Blockchain, Web Development Mar 19, 2018 Mar 19, 20185d 12h $622
Web App Developer & Designer Looking for a experienced Frontend Developer with HTML / CSS / BootStrap experience. Experience designing amazing frontend interfaces with great UI / UX Design thinking a must 8 CSS, HTML, Usaidizi wa Kompyuta, Mjenzi wa App, Web Development Mar 19, 2018 Mar 19, 20185d 10h $739
Lighting auditing system Our company's projects consists on making an audit to find out what lighting fixtures and bulbs are in place with it's properties, identify the replacement, and with that information generate a report detailing the savings due to the change in technology and a quote. What We Currently Have in Place At the moment we are utilizing a home grown web application as a CRM and Auditing to... 13 PHP, MySQL, HTML, Angular.js, Web Development Mar 19, 2018 Mar 19, 20185d 7h $648
HMAC Advice/Generation/Replication (keyed-hash message authentication code or hash-based message authentication code) I work on a team of developers and we are currently developing a checkout platform. We currently have most of the steps complete from adding the product to cart using a backdoor (a specific link which is applied to the session that adds the item to cart) method. The program currently only executes the said tasks which is adding the product to cart when specific conditions on the backend of the tar... 20 Python, Web Scraping, Software Architecture, Web Development Mar 19, 2018 Mar 19, 20185d 6h $1187
project for Cholyil Ree Hi, Cholyil I have big project for you I will share all requirements on chatting Regards HS.P 37 PHP, Mobile App Development, iPhone, Software Architecture, Web Development Mar 19, 2018 Mar 19, 20185d 4h $4157
replace an existing website replace an existing website to sell ebooks 43 Web Development Mar 19, 2018 Mar 19, 20185d 4h $160
Web development Need web designer and developer for e commerce website on salary basis 34 Ubunifu wa Picha, Kutengeneza Michezo ya Kielektroniki, Web Development Mar 19, 2018 Mar 19, 20185d 2h $366
Want to make our offline channel live to web and app. Only bid with detailed information about how you will make our local cable channel to online will be considered. Please start your bid with live app to filter spam bids. 42 Mobile App Development, Web Development Mar 19, 2018 Mar 19, 20185d $624
Build an online store - shopify I would like to launch a new online store for my brand based on shopify theme. Our product has certain personification feature which need to be reflected in the shopping flo Custom design Bracelet - have your own name / philosophy on it. Also please note,.. 1. Mobile compatibility 2. Our own design studio - design is on us based on selected theme and your guidance 3. Fast check out from ... 120 Biashara za Kielektroniki, Vigezo vya Shopify, Shopify, Web Development Mar 19, 2018 Mar 19, 20184d 23h $2146
I need a Web design & developer i have eCommerce sites and multiple other business sites that need development and maintenance. 56 PHP, Kubuni Tovuti, Ufanyakazi huru, Usimamizi wa Tovuti, Web Development Mar 19, 2018 Mar 19, 20184d 23h $133
Parlana - Sponsorship proposal Create a sponsorship proposal of this project. will be the first economic work aimed at creating mutual trust. the second project will be the creation of an application of experiential tourism [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] 10 Nakala ya Mipango ya biashara, Mchanganuo wa Biashara, Uchumi, Web Development Mar 19, 2018 Mar 19, 20184d 22h $210
Porting and imporving front-end application for a SaaS SmartPart is a company looking to change the way in which people can order custom sheet metal parts at a factory. We have developed a product that can be embedded into a factories website to allow them to generate quotes based on custom 3D and 2D technical drawings. The current front-end application is written in AngularJS. We are looking for someone to work with a back-end developer to change... 47 HTML5, Angular.js, Web Development, CSS3, SVG Mar 19, 2018 Mar 19, 20184d 22h $21
Landing page for woodworking startup - email collecting Hi, I need nice but simple landing page for small woodworking shop which will soon start making decorations and other wooden gadgets. Main purpose of this page will be to make visitors aware that we will soon start releasing our products and they can sign up for email notification. Page should contain: - name of service and logo (I provide logo in SVG and texts in slovak) - form for collecting... 22 SEO, Kurasa Kuu, Buni, Web Development Mar 18, 2018 Mar 18, 20184d 13h $135
tinder app and website replica Read the word document for details 54 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, WordPress, Web Development Mar 18, 2018 Mar 18, 20184d 12h $2478
Proxy network I need a server that can be used to provide proxies with the following features 1. The proxy connects using an upstream proxy generated automatically (The generation algorithm will be provided to the winning bidder ) 1. If a User Subscribe to a bandwidth i.e 1gb. When the user exceeds the 1gb the server automatically deletes the user from the users table 2. Admin can restrict usage for any user... 7 Software Architecture, Ujenzi wa Software, Kudhibiti Mtandao, Web Development Mar 18, 2018 Mar 18, 20184d 11h $1285
Create a website for me2 I want to create a website similar to the link : [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] Basically i want to create a website where any one can share their story and experiences and any viewer would be able to scroll through it and if possible they can like it Since im writing a book about women empowerment i want the theme of the website to be similar to the book. It is called “DAHLIA: Who Defie... 62 PHP, Kubuni Tovuti, Ubunifu wa Picha, Web Development Mar 18, 2018 Mar 18, 20184d 6h $182
Web development -- 2 I need a new website. I need you to design and build my Print shop online store. We are leading printers in Karnataka, Bangalore and we are looking to launch our new venture with online shopping features. Preferably from Bangalore and from North Karnataka regionshop 26 Ubunifu wa Picha, Biashara za Kielektroniki, Ujenzi wa Software, Coding, Web Development Mar 18, 2018 Mar 18, 20184d 6h $2252
I need a Chinese Web developer I need a website that looks like [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] 12 Web Development Mar 18, 2018 Mar 18, 20184d 4h $630
sha512 hash to unhash anyone have skill enough to unhash sha512..... 4 Kuprogrammu, Web Development Mar 18, 2018 Mar 18, 20184d 4h $2444
Google Drive Files Download On My Website Hi, i run a file hosting website [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama], and i want to upload files to Google Drive and then i want those files to be downloaded from my website. Like a bridge, but the Google drive page should not be shown i mean visitors should think that the file is downloading from my site but actually it will be downloaded from google drive. I have made a brief video about this plea... 15 PHP, Python, Kujaribu Tovuti, Usimamizi wa Tovuti, Web Development Mar 18, 2018 Mar 18, 20184d 1h $140
Website similar to slideshare.net I need a website to be developed similar to [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] where users can upload ppt and pdf slides and website can show it in image slides. Users can create profile on site too. More details can be share to suitable freelancers. 29 Kubuni Tovuti, Kuprogramu ukitumia C#, Software Architecture, Ujenzi wa Software, Web Development Mar 18, 2018 Mar 18, 20184d $1072
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