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Peana kwa umma kazi za biashara yako kwenye Freelancer. Tunakuunganisha na zaidi ya wafanyakazi huru millioni 26.9 wenye ujuzi kutoka kote ulimwenguni.

Wafanyakazi huru wetu wana ujuzi usiokuwa na kikomo. Hii ni kama: ubunifu wa logo, ubunifu wa picha, ubunifu wa tovuti, huduma ya kiufundi, utafiti wa masoko, uchapishaji, kutafsiri, na uingizaji data (kati ya nyinginezo nyingi).

Unaweza kuajiri mfanyakazi huru kuanzi $30 - huku mradi wa kawaida ukikamilika kwa Dolla $200. Haijalishi ni soko ipi unayotaka kufikia, utapata Wafanyakazi huru kutoka katika pembe zote za ulimwengu tayari kuvukisha biashara yako mipaka ya kawaida.

Ili kuanza, Tuma Mradi sasa ama Ajiri Wafanyakazi huru Wakuu.

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Launching ICO and need a variety of aspects done I'm launching a decentralized platform for sports betting which will also have it's own unique features unlike other sportsbooks I will compete with, and will be adding financial markets to the platform very soon after . It will be ALL crypto currency pairs at first until we have regulation to offer "securities" .. This is included in our road map. So, I need a tea... 0 Kubuni Tovuti, Blockchain, Ethereum, Web Development, Full Stack Development Jan 16, 2018 Leo6d 22h -
Odoo is freezing after login page I have my "Odoo 10" installed in "Linux/Ubuntu16.04" and it suddenly freezes after I login to any database. Also, the "Select database" page not working properly. You can check this page: [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] 10 Linux, Odoo, Web Development Jan 16, 2018 Leo6d 20h $55
Revamp of an existing web page An approximately three page web page for a small Labour Law practice. It is important that I can sit with the developer in order to ensure that the content, format etc is as per requirements. 25 Kazi Kijumla, Web Development Jan 16, 2018 Leo6d 19h $259
Graphics builder Make a builder to create graphics, flyers, designs ,posters, etc in few minutes. (So like website builder but than for graphics, designs etc) and post on social media All features similar as [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] ALL FEATURES!! 28 Kubuni Tovuti, Ubunifu wa Picha, Usimamizi wa Tovuti, Web Development Jan 16, 2018 Leo6d 19h $466
Website Design and Development I have a requirement for a Website. There are no fixed pages as it will be for a recruiter company. Reference Website- [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] All other information will be given later. 160 PHP, WordPress, Web Development Jan 16, 2018 Leo6d 18h $1132
I need a web devolper i need a website built for my company its a corprate events company 67 Web Development Jan 16, 2018 Leo6d 18h $209
Customzise Widget Hi, Need help in designing my Careers Webpage I use an advanced javascript widget which needs to be customized and then embedded to the main site 18 PHP, WordPress, HTML, Web Development, API Jan 16, 2018 Leo6d 17h $89
need a web developer cum designer Cosmic Showers LLP is an e commerce marketplace 15 Kubuni Tovuti, Web Development Jan 16, 2018 Leo6d 16h $145
Interactive Image/ Map Base Map image to be interactive. Click points with Videos, Images & Text. To be used in HTML format on an iPad. 10 Web Development Jan 16, 2018 Leo6d 15h $103
I need web developer who knows well about image recognition and scraping information from the image. There is my idea : It is a website build for mobile that use the camera of the smartphone to take pictures of things and show related elements like products, images, videos, wiki page, etc... In fact, this is a search engine that use the camera to search ! User case : I am in a Best Buy store and I want to buy an iMac ! Before I buy it, I use app to take picture of the iMac and it will show me pro... 15 node.js, Image Processing, OpenCV, Web Development Jan 16, 2018 Leo6d 15h $4415
English Speaker Needed (No indian or Pakistan) Hello, My team needs several English speakers for a special job. It's a very straightforward job and I'm ready to pay you right now. If you are interested in this job, feel free to submit proposals, please. Regards. Billy Wang. 38 Kiingereza (Kimarekani), Web Development Jan 15, 2018 Leo6d 11h $135
Development of a new website (from scratch) with CakePHP and Vue.js This would be a website where students can join and participate with online given course and basically make exams online. The students of course would need a register/login system, where they would have an overview of their joined courses. Also there is an moderator who can check and add content. The system should be based on CakePHP 3 for the backend and [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] for the ... 34 PHP, Javascript, CakePHP, Web Development, Vue.js Jan 15, 2018 Leo6d 8h $11
UI Developer with Expertise in Angular JS - 15/01/2018 17:42 EST Looking for UI Developer in Toronto, ON. Canada. Kindly review the Job Description and apply at your earliest, for immediate consideration. Must have: • 5+ year of experience with modern JavaScript as a front-end developer. • Expertise in AngularJS 1 & 2, TypeScript or ECMAScript 6. • Strong knowledge of HTML and CSS. Nice to have: • Good understanding of respon... 32 Javascript, CSS, HTML5, Angular.js, Web Development Jan 15, 2018 Leo6d 7h $27
Website for small restaurant I am looking to get a website build for a new restaurant called Cool Chicken. Yelp: [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] Google: type in Cool Chicken Capitol Heights, MD Website should be simple and responsive from PC, Tablets, and Phones Pages will include but not limited to: Home Locations Menu - page where PDF version of menu will pop up Order Online - link to [url imeondolewa, i... 12 Ubunifu wa Picha, Ubunifu kwa Photoshop, Web Development, Kubuni Tovuti Jan 15, 2018 Leo2d 5h $250
Developing an option for ads to be clicked by the WordPress user - 15/01/2018 13:07 EST Hello friends, To my client I need a programmer to create a situation in which the user will be able to pop up their ads or articles a day or several times a day so that they can get first place in the competition with an index of the various professionals he will have on the site. The goal is to bring the site to a competitive position among professionals who can jump their articles or ads ... 37 PHP, Usimamizi wa Mradi, WordPress, Web Development Jan 15, 2018 Leo6d 2h $542
RPA- Web scraping Need training on RPA - with KAPOW tool 5 Web Development Jan 15, 2018 Leo6d 2h $483
Website development for gofundme type site - 15/01/2018 12:29 EST I'm looking for a website developer to build a new crowdfunding website. I have a rough design on paper so the developer will be able to begin immediately. Id like applicants to give me an estimate for time/cost to produce a website similar to [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] (with a twist) including- Users signup/login Profile/campaign page (Similar to - [url imeondolewa, ingia ... 63 PHP, HTML, Mjenzi wa App, Web Development, Full Stack Development Jan 15, 2018 Leo6d 2h $985
Need to develop a site with python tutorials Need to develop a site with python tutorials planning to have real time exercises to the user. site should be similar to [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] or [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] please message me for any queries. 11 PHP, Python, Django, Web Development Jan 15, 2018 Jan 15, 20185d 23h $501
Website Testing Website Testing of the website of the company ([url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama]) 70 Upimaji / Upimaji wa Kiwango, Jaribu Kiotomatiki, Kujaribu Tovuti, Upimaji wa Matumizi, Web Development Jan 15, 2018 Jan 15, 20185d 23h $625
Smart Contracts for Ethereum Network Looking forward to work with developers with in depth knowledte of smart contracts for Ethereum Network. Project will be discussed in details as specs are almost ready. 15 PHP, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum, Web Development Jan 15, 2018 Jan 15, 20185d 23h $2559
Martial Arts Club We are a martial arts club and I need someone that can work on our website and SEO so we can attract more people to our club 43 Kubuni Tovuti, SEO, Web Development Jan 15, 2018 Jan 15, 20185d 22h $180
new Ebay store design and fix settings I need help building a new face for my eBay store,a person with enough expertise, because I am not selling enough.I think that I have something wrong with my store settings too. So,you need change the storefront and fix everything that is wrong with the settings. [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] 21 Ubunifu wa Picha, eBay, Web Development, Brand Marketing Jan 15, 2018 Jan 15, 20185d 21h $162
Shopify design and development Hello, I need a design and a development for my shopify store. Here are my requirements: So basically Iv'e got a kind of a general shop , but my products are Eco-Friendly. 1. For every purchased product - we will collect 1KG of plastic trash from oceans & beaches around the world. 2. to have a call to action in the home page like "help us with our coastal conservation e... 54 Kubuni Tovuti, Shopify, Kiingereza , Kiingereza (Kimarekani), Web Development Jan 15, 2018 Jan 15, 20185d 20h $779
Social Experiment - 15/01/2018 06:25 EST Hi programmers! We are two university researchers in the social sciences field. We are looking for a programmer to develop a very simple online game for us. The objective of the game is to test players' search patterns for prize money under two different types of environments (static & dynamic). We want players to be able to log into the game through the internet from their own co... 20 Javascript, Python, Web Development Jan 15, 2018 Jan 15, 20185d 20h $465
Need enhancement - 15/01/2018 06:06 EST I have a desktop notification enabled in browser when my website in open , but I need same push notification to be enabled when my website is [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] will provide java backend Rest api as per the demand of developer. But desktop push notification should be like what we expect 4 Javascript, Angular.js, Web Development, Push Notification Jan 15, 2018 Jan 15, 20185d 19h $24
Instagram Likes + Followers website development Need a freelancer to develop a site that sells Instagram likes, followers, views etc social media services 16 PHP, Kubuni Tovuti, CSS, HTML, Web Development Jan 15, 2018 Jan 15, 20185d 18h $223
Design builder Create a design builder so that users can make in a minute super nice graphics, flyers, post for social media. We need ALL features same like [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] 43 Kubuni Tovuti, Ubunifu wa Picha, Mobile App Development, Buni, Web Development Jan 15, 2018 Jan 15, 20185d 16h $503
web design&digital markting Manage the company's website Manage your company page on social networking site Web Design use html&css&java script 33 SEO, Mitandao ya Kijamii, Web Development Jan 15, 2018 Jan 15, 20185d 16h $10
Urgently Need a Web developer Urgently need a Website Developer - East Delhi Location (Full Time) Working as a team member, helps design and develop custom features, system integrations, and application components using agreed team practices and following company software development policies and guidelines. - Functions as a developer on a dedicated solution delivery team. Strives for excellence and quality and ensures te... 16 Web Development Jan 15, 2018 Jan 15, 20185d 16h $422
Point of Sale Software We discovered the POS platform POSAPP, however there is not a full set of English translations, so we are unable to deploy it for our customer. We are looking to get a POS system built of this template, with room/table management, self service kiosk & time and attendance for staff. The management console will need to be web based, with the POS & self service kiosk to be a native IOS ... 9 Software Architecture, Ujenzi wa Database, Web Development, iOS Development Jan 15, 2018 Jan 15, 20185d 14h $341
Hubspot campaigns Development of new landing pages Development of new templates Workflows Analysis A/B testing 30 Ubunifu wa Picha, HTML, Utangazaji wa biashara ukitumia Barua Pepe, Web Development Jan 14, 2018 Jan 14, 20185d 13h $47
I need a web deverloper I need an experienced affordable Wordpress - Divi designer experienced (may have existing templets) for Investment / Financia / Business model. 35 Web Development Jan 14, 2018 Jan 14, 20185d 11h $167
Kujaribu Tovuti, Usimamizi wa Tovuti, Mwenyeji wa Mtandao, Web Development, Website Analytics Jan 14, 2018 Jan 14, 20185d 8h
complete bitcoin exchange with top 10 currencies Details specs will be provided in separate communication I need completed bitcoin trading exchange with top 10 currencies. It needs to have complete user registeration, id verification, exchange walltet, send receive coins and most important unbreakable security. 31 HTML, node.js, Bitcoin, Angular.js, Web Development Jan 14, 2018 Jan 14, 20185d 6h $3248
Pocket wifi rental I'm starting a new website business in Qatar and I need to submit the content that I copied from other websites so I need to rephrase the contents 28 Uandishi wa Yaliyomo, Web Development Jan 14, 2018 Jan 14, 20185d 5h $103
Document management system We need to create a high-traffic, high-volume Web-based document management system (DMS) to be used by authors to create, publish and maintain documents, and by readers to search for, read and download documents. Documents created by authors need to be comply with specific layout, format and structure guidelines, to be enforced by the DMS 52 PHP, Ufanyakazi huru, MySQL, Web Development Jan 14, 2018 Jan 14, 20185d 3h $7476
Build me a mobile app and a website with backend integration I have a startup company based in Bengaluru. I am looking to develop a mobile app and a website related to education, training and mentoring. Need freelancers who could take ownership and develop an entire system of backend and the front facing mobile app and website. I am open to Technology options. 14 Mobile App Development, Android, HTML5, jQuery / Prototype, Web Development Jan 14, 2018 Jan 14, 20185d 2h $3629
web develeper we are a business that offers office space for rent by the hour. we are currently using this site for online booking: www.supersaas.com. the job is to build our website, and have a booking system/profile system integrated in it. the booking should be like supersaas but our design and more options that suit our business. 67 Kubuni Tovuti, Web Development Jan 14, 2018 Jan 14, 20185d 2h $1120
4 PSD screens into static HTML/CSS using Vue.JS (2.0) and Bulma.io Build HTML/CSS Layouts from Mockups using [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] and [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] Hi there, I need 4 mockups screens to be built into HTML/CSS using [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] and [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] (2.0). The project is a Meeting Room Booking Tool that we will integrate into our [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] take a look at the Mockup... 10 CSS, PSD hadi HTML, HTML5, Web Development, Vue.js Jan 14, 2018 Jan 14, 20185d 1h $35
gambling cricket bet tips blog i need a blog with live cricket score script and content management and advertise also on easy way and on best blogging plateform and my price is fix i am also doveloper please do initial thing setup just my budget is fix for this 1000 INR if anyone expert more than me and free plz bid 1 Joomla, WordPress, Web Development Jan 14, 2018 Jan 14, 20184d 21h $20
A simple website for an indie game. Hello, My name is Sebastian and I'm 16 years old. I live in Kiev, Ukraine. I've been programming for about 3 years now, and so I'm an indie developer. During this past summer, I began working on my second public game called: "Acro". It's a puzzle-platform/adventure game that adapts to the decisions the Player makes along the way. Long story short, I need a simple o... 8 Web Development Jan 14, 2018 Jan 14, 20184d 20h $136
create a simple website in php / mysql I need a platform where info can be found by users and posted by businesses. FRONT page with listed businesses and info about them *with option for visitors to message them directly (via my page or get directed to business email) *sign/log-in option for visitor to be able to follow their search history and BACK page for businesses * to create their individual profile page by filli... 38 PHP, MySQL, HTML, Bootstrap, Web Development Jan 14, 2018 Jan 14, 20184d 18h $161
assignment project creating a online shopping i have a online shopping system to be created using java web technology please have look at it once we are in chat i will send u the assignment. this should be created using 3 tie archtecture. and using the 22 Java, Kubuni Tovuti, Web Development Jan 14, 2018 Jan 14, 20184d 15h $58
I need to build a new digital currency using a github fork Hello community I need to build a digital currency with the forks that exist in github, in addition to the wallet and all its necessary configurations to register in the market place 2 Bitcoin, Git, Web Development Jan 13, 2018 Jan 13, 20184d 8h $633
I need a web designer in France Business and house maintenance services including; gardening, paint and decorating, cleaning, plumbing, flooring, removals etc... 7 PHP, Kubuni Tovuti, Kazi Kijumla, Web Development Jan 13, 2018 Jan 13, 20184d 6h $298
Woocommerce subscription plug in Hi, i have currently bought and tried many woocommerce subscription plug ins but, i need one that allows me to have a cut off date for recurring payments because i will be offering monthly subscriptions and deliveries of products and payments are made on the 1st of every month and if a person orders on the 27th they wil be charged again in a couple of days. I was wondering if it would possible to ... 3 Ufanyakazi huru, Web Development Jan 13, 2018 Jan 13, 20184d 4h $325
Urgently required a Business Development Executive in IT sector for online bidding. Hi, We have urgently required a experience business development executive in IT sector as a freelancer, specially who have expert in Online bidding to grab a Web Development & Software development Project. Payout Every Project Basic- 10% - 15% of total project cost / Per Project. Interested person please bid. 10 PHP, Kubuni Tovuti, SQL, WordPress, Web Development Jan 13, 2018 Jan 13, 20184d 2h $358
Looking for a professional website with great design Hi, We are looking for a talent web developer/designer to create our digital agency website, we aim to provide a variety of digital services including social media marketing. Although this is a one off project, we are looking to partner with talented freelancers moving forward, as we expect to have a variety of web design/development opportunities post launch. There is a brief attached wh... 93 Kubuni Tovuti, WordPress, Web Development Jan 13, 2018 Jan 13, 20183d 20h $248
Build a website for my business 1 I am going to build a website for my business which can let people enroll different courses The major function is as below : 1) Enable people to log in through Facebook/Wechat and register as a member in our web 2) Enable to people to enroll for courses and can pay online 3) Send confirmation to those people who enroll the courses after they pay successfully 4) We can send notification t... 38 Kubuni Tovuti, Ubunifu wa Picha, Usimamizi wa Tovuti, Utangazaji wa Tovuti ya Kutafuta, Web Development Jan 13, 2018 Jan 13, 20183d 19h $6
I need a developer to develop a search engine. i want to develop a search engine like yahoo,bing,google etc. 3 Ufanyakazi huru, Web Development Jan 13, 2018 Jan 13, 20183d 19h $386
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