Short Stories are an engaging, powerful way to capture a readers attention and convey a powerful story. They can be used to tell a personal story, convey life lessons, or comment on the state of the world or a chosen topic. As a Short Story Writer, I create compelling stories that may have multiple layers of symbolism and messages that can tug readers in different directions. I craft stories that will last in their memories for years to come.

Here's some projects that our expert Short Story Writers made real:

  • Crafting short stories with compelling characters and lessons to remember
  • Developing scenarios, from movies to video games with captivating plots
  • Illustrating stories to create visual elements for readers to explore
  • Writing stories in a wide array of subjects and topics that range from fantasy to reality
  • Creating skits and promotional videos that draw the audience in
  • Ghost writing philosophical stories and answering questions in a creative manner related to characters

At, you can find the best Short Story Writers who can craft amazing stories with depth and great narratives. Our Short Story Writers can make almost anything possible, all you need is an idea and they will bring it to life! Post your project today and let them jump right in!

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    Jimbo la Kazi
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    I would like to have a 15-second video taken in Times Square for personal use. The ideal candidate should be able to: - Capture the video in the morning hours (11:00-11:03 AM) - Focus on the Broadway billboards as the main subject The video should be of good quality and capture the essence of Times Square in a very short time.

    $2 - $8 / hr
    Ya Eneo
    $2 - $8 / hr
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    Slapstick Wedding Comedy Speech 2 siku left

    I am seeking a talented speech writer who can craft a hilarious, slapstick-style comedy speech to bring laughter and merriment to a wedding celebration. this is the grooms speech and should thank everyone and still have all the sentimental stuff. Key Requirements: - The tone should be funny and light-hearted without crossing into vulgarity or inappropriate humor. - Experience in comedic writing, particularly slapstick humor is essential. Knowledge of creating memorable wordplays and ridiculous situations would be advantageous. - The speech should serve as pure entertainment, therefore must be devoid of any educational or persuasive intents. - Experience in writing for radio or other spoken formats would be a plus, as speech will be delivered orally. Ideal Skills: - Comedy Writing - S...

    $162 - $485
    $162 - $485
    52 zabuni

    As the person behind this project, I require a creative mind to assist me with an important task. The ideal candidate would have an impressive eye for detail, ability to discern impactful content, and experience in video content analysis. The job entails: - Review of video content (between 5-10 minutes long) - Identifying, marking, and extracting the most striking lines of the video Key qualifications: - Experience with transcription tools - Proven record of content creation or content strategy - Strong understanding of short-form video content requirements I will provide the transcription for the videos, your main role is marking the best lines for short-form video. Understanding of video content marketing is a plus. Your timely response and commitment to this project will be highly a...

    $22 (Avg Bid)
    $22 Wastani wa Zabuni
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