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Shopping Carts are essential when it comes to running a successful ecommerce store, and a Shopping Cart Designer is someone who helps make this possible. Shopping Cart Designers can walk you through the setup of your online store and make sure that stand out from the competition. By designing and creating your shopping cart, these experts help ensure that your customers have a seamless purchasing experience at every step. Shopping Cart Designers understand the complexity of the technology behind the design of an online store, and make this hard work look effortless.

Here's some projects that our expert Shopping Cart Designer made real:

  • Custom designed Shopify stores
  • Online Stores for Clothing Brands on WIX
  • Configured Zakeke, WooCommerce, and Order Desk
  • Fixed Checkout Systems with
  • Built Ecommerce Websites for Automotive Parts & Accessories
  • Created multiple Shopify stores for different clients
  • Setup PayPal subscriptions for business customers
  • Added products to Shift4Shop (formerly 3dcart) stores
  • Developed a rentable Green Queen store on Shopify

Shopping Carts are essential to any online shop, and our expert Shopping Cart Designers will help you make the best choices for your business. With our talented designers and their expertise in creating complex systems to seamlessly connecting customers to products, you can easily set up shop and make sales in no time. Clients come to us with simple ideas, and together we bring them to life. If you're looking to get started with ecommerce or just upgrade your current system, post your project on today and find the right Shopping Cart Designer for you!

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    Jimbo la Kazi
    54 kazi zimepatikana, bei imeletwa USD

    I'm looking to set up a Shopify store that will cater to the international market with a focus on home and garden products. I intend to primarily resell existing products rather than creating my own. Key requirements include: - Proficiency in Shopify: I need someone who has a strong understanding of Shopify's platform and can help me set up a functional and visually appealing store. - Dropshipping Experience: I would prefer someone who has experience working with dropshipping models and can help me select the right suppliers for my home and garden products. - Market Understanding: A grasp of international e-commerce markets would be beneficial, especially in the home and garden sector, to help me make informed decisions regarding product selection and pricing. This project offe...

    $49 (Avg Bid)
    $49 Wastani wa Zabuni
    39 zabuni

    I'm in need of a skilled web developer who can create an e-commerce site, implementing a Stripe payment gateway. Key Requirements: - Creation of a fully functional e-commerce website: Your focus will be on developing a robust website that can handle a high volume of transactions. - Payment Gateway Integration: Specifically, integration with Stripe for secure, seamless transactions. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in e-commerce website development, with a strong portfolio of past projects. - Proficiency in integrating payment gateways, with a particular emphasis on Stripe. - Strong understanding of web security to ensure all transactions are secure and reliable.

    $235 (Avg Bid)
    $235 Wastani wa Zabuni
    142 zabuni

    I'm seeking a skilled web developer who has experience in integrating custom payment gateways into Ecwid stores. The goal is to seamlessly integrate LascoBiz, a local payment gateway, in order to process transactions in our local currency. Key Deliverables: - Integration of LascoBiz payment gateway into the Ecwid store. - Ensuring that transactions are processed smoothly in our local currency. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in web development - Experience in integrating custom payment gateways into Ecwid - strong command of PHP - Strong understanding of e-commerce, particularly transaction processing I'm looking for a professional who can not only integrate the payment gateway but also ensure that its functionality is seamless and secure within our store. The pri...

    $445 (Avg Bid)
    $445 Wastani wa Zabuni
    118 zabuni

    I'm in need of a professional who can help me create a platform to sell my self-help books exclusively. Key Features: - User Accounts & Profiles: The site should allow users to create accounts and manage their profiles. This will facilitate personalized recommendations and order tracking. - Payment Gateway Integration: Users should have the ability to easily make purchases through various payment methods. - Reviews and Ratings System: This feature will allow customers to rate and review the books they've purchased, providing valuable feedback for other users and enhancing the credibility of the books. - Store: I need a functional online store that showcases the books and allows users to easily browse and make purchases. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in web design and develop...

    $1057 (Avg Bid)
    $1057 Wastani wa Zabuni
    133 zabuni

    I'm seeking a skilled professional to create a Shopify store focusing on dropshipping products related to the gym, fitness, and wellness industries. The store should have a bold and energetic design, appealing specifically to fitness enthusiasts. Key Requirements: - Bold and energetic Shopify store design - Experience with dropshipping, specifically in the gym/fitness sector - Expertise in managing social media ad campaigns, with a focus on Instagram and TikTok platforms - Understanding of fitness industry and ability to target marketing efforts towards fitness enthusiasts Responsibilities: - Build a Shopify store with a layout and design that is bold and energetic - Develop a product selection strategy that is appealing to fitness enthusiasts - Manage and optimize social media adv...

    $8 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $8 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    53 zabuni

    I am in need of a professional web developer with experience in building Shopify e-commerce websites. The primary goal for my site is to sell handmade home decor products online. We have already purchased a Shopify plan and would need your assistance in creating the website on the Shopify platform. KEY REQUIREMENTS: Proven experience in Shopify development Ability to adhere to project deadlines Strong understanding of e-commerce product display and transaction processing Previous work experience with home decor websites Please provide examples of previous Shopify sites you have created or worked on. I am looking for someone who can communicate clearly, ask pertinent questions, and apply creative problem-solving. Your expertise will help shape the specifics of my online store, especially...

    $290 (Avg Bid)
    $290 Wastani wa Zabuni
    84 zabuni

    I'm on the hunt for an experienced website developer to create a dynamic e-commerce platform that will sell both physical and digital products. - Purpose: The site's principal goal is to sell both physical and digital goods and ensure a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience for our customers. This is for a musical artist in Spain, selling to a global audience. There needs to be an events page which an easily be updated on the fly. There will be approximately 5 other pages of general content - Payment Gateway: The developer should have expertise in integrating Paypal as our chosen payment gateway. Ideal applicants should have proven experience in e-commerce website development, particularly those dealing with digital and physical products. Proficiency with Paypal ...

    $533 (Avg Bid)
    $533 Wastani wa Zabuni
    225 zabuni

    I'm in need of a dynamic e-commerce website to list between 50 to 500 products. Not just any website, but an engaging platform that is geared towards easy navigation, efficiency, and conversion. Key Features: * A seamless product catalog allowing for intuitive browsing of different products. * A robust shopping cart feature that holds products temporarily as customers continue shopping. * A secure payment gateway that supports various methods and ensures smooth transactions. Ideal freelancer should have: * Experience and proficiency in e-commerce website development. * Solid understanding of creating an easy-to-navigate product catalog. * Proven track record of integrating shopping carts and secure payment systems. Your portfolio showing similar previous works would be a plus. Loo...

    $115 (Avg Bid)
    $115 Wastani wa Zabuni
    62 zabuni

    I am looking for a skilled web developer to build an e-commerce website for selling physical products. _Required Functionalities:_ - Shopping Cart: A critical element of this project is a seamless and user-friendly shopping cart for customers to manage their purchases. - Customer Reviews: Your development should include an interface for customer reviews to facilitate buyer feedback and improve product visibility. Desired skills and experience: - Proven record in E-commerce website creation - Proficiency in building platforms for physical product sales - Ability to incorporate shopping cart and customer review features effectively Your proposal should detail your previous work samples, particularly those similar to this project. Please include your quotation considering these specifi...

    $14 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $14 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    160 zabuni

    I need a professional to help me build a successful and engaging B2B and niche market e-commerce solution. This project focuses on three main e-commerce tools: 1. Product Management: Compile and organize my inventory into a functional and coherent structure. 2. Shopping Cart: Implement a shopping cart function that provides a seamless user experience for my clients. 3. Payment Gateway Integration: Ensure reliable and secure payment methods are incorporated. A basic template customization is required for this project. You should have a proven track record of delivering this level of customization, and experience in building e-commerce solutions for B2B and niche markets. A deep understanding of the needs and demands of these markets, as well as a knack for making complex processes user-fr...

    $533 (Avg Bid)
    $533 Wastani wa Zabuni
    158 zabuni

    I'm in need of a seasoned web developer with comprehensive experience in e-commerce website development, specifically on the Hostiger platform. The preferred candidate should possess: - Profound knowledge and experience in the Hostiger platform. - Expertise in integrating shopping carts. - Prior experience in payment gateway integration. The e-commerce website to be developed requires: - An intuitive shopping cart for user ease. - Reliable payment gateway integration for smooth transactions. The project's success depends on a seasoned web developer who will listen, implement and deliver on time, an efficient site with a shopping cart and Stripe payment gateway. If you fit the description, your service will be much needed at a later date for future projects.

    $208 (Avg Bid)
    $208 Wastani wa Zabuni
    133 zabuni

    I'm looking for a website designer to create an e-commerce platform for my business. Key Requirements: - The website should be an E-commerce platform - It should be designed to comfortably accommodate 50-100 various products - Integration with PayPal and UPI is crucial for payment processing Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in designing and developing E-commerce websites - Familiarity with integrating PayPal and UPI for online payments - Strong understanding of user experience and user interface design in an E-commerce context Please provide examples of your previous E-commerce design work when bidding. Thank you.

    $101 (Avg Bid)
    $101 Wastani wa Zabuni
    41 zabuni

    I'm looking for a skilled professional who can assist in the development of my digital e-commerce website. The website will mainly sell digital products and I would like to integrate credit/debit card payment methods. Additionally, I would like to have a blog or news section on the website to publish updates and articles. Key Requirements: - E-commerce Website Development: Must have experience in building e-commerce platforms, preferably with a focus on digital products. - Payment Gateway Integration: Should be able to seamlessly integrate credit/debit card payment methods. - Blog/News Section: Capable of creating a blog or news section for the website to publish updates and articles. - Courier shipping charge integration.

    $320 (Avg Bid)
    $320 Wastani wa Zabuni
    73 zabuni
    Make me webshop 5 siku left

    Multi purporse webshop, with dropshipping and my own products

    $157 (Avg Bid)
    $157 Wastani wa Zabuni
    107 zabuni

    We're searching for an imaginative and dynamic freelancer to help bring our physical goods Shopify store to life. We don't have a specific design in mind for the site, but we're excited to see your original concepts. Key Functions: - Shopping cart: Seamless and user-friendly shopping experience. - Inventory management: Track and manage our stock effectively. - Country Flags: Icons to represent the different regions we ship to. Ideal Candidate Insight: - Prior experience with e-commerce platforms particularly Shopify - Strong understanding of effective and eye-catching web design - Knowledgeable about inventory management systems - Creative input and ideas on flag iconography. With your help, our online shop will become a vibrant and effective marketplace. Let's inspi...

    $170 (Avg Bid)
    $170 Wastani wa Zabuni
    97 zabuni

    I'm seeking a Shopify web developer to enhance my existing store. Key Responsibilities: - Website Redesign: I'm looking to give my site a fresh, modern look to improve overall customer experience. - Performance Optimization: Load time is crucial. I want to ensure my store is snappy and responsive to retain customer interest. - Feature Addition: I'm open to suggestions on what features could improve the store's functionality and sales potential. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience with Shopify web development - Strong understanding of user experience and design principles - Ability to optimize site performance - Creative thinker with a knack for understanding and improving e-commerce store functionality

    $112 (Avg Bid)
    $112 Wastani wa Zabuni
    57 zabuni

    I'm in immediate need of a skilled Shopify developer to create a vibrant online store for my business. This store must exhibit great attention to design, reflecting our modern, youthful target market (18-35 years old). Key features will be: - A product catalog: The store will showcase less than 50 diverse items; your design should make each one stand out. - A shopping cart: User-friendly functionality is paramount; customers should be able to review their items easily. - A payment gateway: Flawless, secure integration with popular payment methods. An ideal candidate will have a wealth of experience in Shopify development, a keen eye for trendy design, and a solid understanding of e-commerce best practices. Sense for what appeals to younger audiences will also be highly regarded. You...

    $169 (Avg Bid)
    $169 Wastani wa Zabuni
    117 zabuni

    I am in need of a well-designed, functional online boutique to sell women's clothing and accessories. This business venture mainly targets female consumers, aiming to offer them unique and fashionable pieces. Key features for the website: - Customer review capabilities to promote transparency and trust - Live chat support to provide instant assistance and enhance user experience The ideal candidate for this project should have a strong background in e-commerce website development, specifically in fashion or retail industries. They should also have experience integrating customer review sections and live chat elements within a website setup. Understanding the women's fashion market would be an added advantage.

    $168 (Avg Bid)
    $168 Wastani wa Zabuni
    64 zabuni

    I am looking for a proficient web developer to build an engaging e-commerce platform. This platform requires essential features such as a shopping cart and payment gateway. The website will support a moderate product range, with the intent to sell 50-100 unique items. Ideal candidates should have: - Extensive experience in e-commerce platform development. - Familiarity with setting up an intuitive shopping cart system. - Expertise in incorporating secure payment gateways. - Exceptional abilities to provide an easy-to-navigate product catalogue. - Strong problem-solving abilities and high attention to detail.

    $348 (Avg Bid)
    $348 Wastani wa Zabuni
    64 zabuni

    I'm in need of an efficient and experienced professional who can help in setting up an online shop on Kiwify. The primary goal of this project is to establish an online presence for selling products. The exact type of products is currently unspecified. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Kiwify - E-commerce design and development experience - Excellent eye for layout and design Tasks will include, but aren't limited to: - Designing and developing the online shop - Arranging for product display aesthetics - Implementing necessary plugins or functions for smooth operation. Your proposal should outline your experience with Kiwify and any relevant work samples. I'm looking forward to working collaboratively with you while achieving my business goals.

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $20 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    84 zabuni

    We are a purchasing agency mainly engaged in selling a large number of foreign trade products on Alibaba's Chinese wholesale website overseas by finding people to take on tasks, The price is comparable to that of AliExpress, Temu, and Shein, with a commission of 20%(Excluding shipping costs) of the order amount for each order. Any product can be purchased, except for those prohibited from consignment at the bottom of the shopping guide page. After the person who takes on the task receives the order, I will provide the shopping guide with the specific operating steps And send him the website address. After the recipient places an order on my website (all payments are made through PayPal, and there is no logistics record to apply for a refund through PayPal. If you have cooperated mult...

    $492 (Avg Bid)
    $492 Wastani wa Zabuni
    68 zabuni

    I'm looking for a website developer to create an e-commerce website. This will involve integrating payment systems including PayPal, Stripe, and credit card processing. The site needs to be capable of managing more than 100 products and categories. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in e-commerce website development - Experience with integrating payment gateways, especially PayPal and Stripe - Ability to manage large inventories on websites Please let me know your experience with these requirements when you bid. I'm looking for a professional who can deliver a high-quality, easy-to-navigate e-commerce site.

    $516 (Avg Bid)
    $516 Wastani wa Zabuni
    253 zabuni
    web developement 3 siku left

    Web Development for E-commerce Website - We are looking for a skilled web developer to create an E-commerce website for our business. - The ideal candidate will have experience in developing E-commerce websites and a strong understanding of online retail. - The project timeline is expected to be 3+ months, so the developer should be able to commit to a long-term project. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in web development languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. - Experience with E-commerce platforms such as Shopify or WooCommerce. - Knowledge of payment gateways and experience integrating them into websites. - Understanding of SEO best practices for E-commerce websites. - Ability to create a user-friendly and visually appealing interface. - Strong problem-solving skills and ...

    $79 (Avg Bid)
    $79 Wastani wa Zabuni
    44 zabuni
    Subida archivo CSV a Shopify 3 siku left

    Tengo un archivo CSV de mi tienda web que voy a cambiar a Shopfy Necesito que alguien suba los productos de mi tienda online en archivo CSV a la nueva tienda shopify

    $144 (Avg Bid)
    $144 Wastani wa Zabuni
    40 zabuni

    I am looking for a skilled website developer to help create an e-commerce website dedicated to Clothing and Fashion. Key Requirements: - Experience in building e-commerce sites from scratch - Ability to integrate Google Pay as a payment gateway - Proficient in building user-friendly, mobile-responsive sites - Knowledge in the fashion industry will be a plus The right candidate will have a strong track record in e-commerce site development and a solid understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities it presents. Above all, I'm looking for a professional who can deliver a robust, secure, and smooth online shopping experience for my customers. Your portfolio of previous e-commerce work will be a key deciding factor. Look forward to your proposals.

    $150 (Avg Bid)
    $150 Wastani wa Zabuni
    101 zabuni

    I need a professional web designer to finalize my website built on Wix. This is a sports equipment and merchandise brand e-commerce site. The project will incorporate social media integration, updating the Shopify element, and setting up a “Court Booking/Calendar Management” page labeled as "Coming Soon". Key elements include creating and optimizing the Home page, Shop page, About Us page, and an additional Team page. The design element should be bold and colorful, reflecting the dynamic nature of our sports equipment brand. A keen eye for aesthetic and strong grasp of Shopify/Wix integration is crucial. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in Wix and Shopify - Experience creating dynamic, visually appealing sites - Proficient in social media integration Here's a link...

    $481 (Avg Bid)
    $481 Wastani wa Zabuni
    196 zabuni

    Há um item a ser vendido na OLX porem o vendedor aceita apenas que a venda seja feita presencialmente. O freelancer terá que combinar um horário para encontrar o vendedor em Gondomar (próximo à cidade do Porto). Após a compra deve enviar o item por correio ao endereço que eu fornecer. Me mande mensagem que conversamos melhor e negociamos!

    $10 - $30
    Ya Eneo
    $10 - $30
    0 zabuni

    use one of the following to get high accuracy: - Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) - Radial Basis Function Network (RBF) - Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) - Support Vector Machine (SVM) - Transformer using SUN397 dataset

    $33 (Avg Bid)
    $33 Wastani wa Zabuni
    64 zabuni
    E-commerce Platform Development 3 siku left

    I'm looking for a professional to replicate an e-commerce interface. Given this project's nature, you need to have demonstrable experience in creating similar platforms. Key Features: - The platform's purpose will solely revolve around e-commerce activities. - Though I skipped the response to the type of products it should support, prepare to make it versatile, with functionalities to support the sale of both physical goods, digital products, and services. - I'm working within a one-month timeframe. This means I need someone with the capacity to deliver promptly and accurately. Ideal skills: - Proficiency in e-commerce platform development - Ability to integrate various payment gateways - Experience in building versatile e-commerce platforms - Time management and ab...

    $193 (Avg Bid)
    $193 Wastani wa Zabuni
    78 zabuni

    I need an elegant, easy-to-use e-commerce website that primarily targets adults and kids. This site will serve as an online store for my clothing brand, and needs to be designed with a modern and minimalistic style. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven track record of designing e-commerce websites, especially for clothing brands - Expertise in user experience and interface; the website should be easy to navigate for both adults and kids - Ability to convey our brand's image through a minimalistic and modern design - Good understanding of our target demographics for a proper implementation on the site - Famely with SEO best practices will be a major plus

    $546 (Avg Bid)
    $546 Wastani wa Zabuni
    270 zabuni

    I'm in the market for a seasoned web developer who can build me a sophisticated E-commerce site. The primary focus of the site will be the sale of digital goods. Key functions I require are: - A responsive layout suitable for various devices - Comprehensive product listing functionality - Provision for customer reviews - Shopping cart capabilities - Secure checkout options with various payment gateway options One key integration I require is Experience with this platform is a significant advantage. Ideal candidates for this project will have ample experience in e-commerce site development, especially with sites selling digital goods. Other relevant skills include strong proficiency in web development code languages and SEO optimization. Looking forward to hear...

    $669 (Avg Bid)
    $669 Wastani wa Zabuni
    83 zabuni

    I want experience person who make my shopify website for ecommerce.

    $67 (Avg Bid)
    $67 Wastani wa Zabuni
    29 zabuni

    I am in need of a skilled web developer who can create an E-commerce website for me. The key functionality I'm looking for includes: - A robust shopping cart system: Being an E-commerce site, a user-friendly and reliable shopping cart system is a must. While the question about payment gateway integration was skipped, please consider the potential possibility of such integration in your approach and quote. An extensive understanding of various payment gateways, though not directly required now, could be invaluable for future site updates. Ideal candidates for this project are seasoned in e-commerce website development and have solid expertise in developing shopping cart systems. Previous work on similar projects will be a bonus.

    $14 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $14 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    65 zabuni

    I am seeking a Shopify expert to not only set up my store but to implement some level of automation as well. Despite being unsure about the domain name, I am clear on my requirement- a functioning store selling physical products, set for automatic update. Your Skills: - Proficiency in Shopify website design - Knowledge of coding for automation - Experience with automatic product update functionality - Understanding of domain name registration (as I might need guidance) Note: Though not necessary, applicants residing in the Philippines will be given preference due to budget constraints. You should be able to demonstrate past experiences in similar setups. Let's create a user-friendly and efficient online store together!

    $152 (Avg Bid)
    $152 Wastani wa Zabuni
    111 zabuni

    Comfortable in my own skin, I have already set up my Shopify account and I'm searching for a seasoned e-commerce web developer who can infuse my store with a fresh design revamp. Your skills should extend to more than the basics: - Building an intuitive product search and filtering mechanism. - Implementing a seamless shopping cart and checkout system. - Integrating advanced payment gateways. Drawing from your extensive Shopify web development experience, I will need you to create a vibrant and engaging interface that not only catches the eye but also simplifies the buyer experience. Ultimately, I want my Shopify e-commerce site to stand out in a crowded online space and enhance customer satisfaction. Are you up to the task?

    $321 (Avg Bid)
    $321 Wastani wa Zabuni
    323 zabuni

    I’m in need of a web designer who specializes in building user-friendly E-commerce websites on the Shopify platform. The planned website needs to list and sell less than 50 products. Key Skills & Experience: - Proven experience creating vibrant and effective Shopify stores - Strong understanding of E-commerce principles and conversion optimisation - SEO know-how, for assisting with product descriptions and site optimization - Keen eye for design, ensuring site is not only functional but visually appealing. The site should be easy to maintain and update on my end upon project completion. If this lines up with your skillset, please submit a proposal.

    $128 (Avg Bid)
    $128 Wastani wa Zabuni
    65 zabuni

    I'm in search of a top-notch WordPress Developer with proficiencies in both design and development aspects. I want to create an e-commerce website that is appealing and functional. The candidate must have: - Deep knowledge of WordPress for design and development - Extensive experience in building E-commerce websites - Familiarity using WooCommerce, Elementor, and Yoast SEO plugins The position demands commitment on a monthly basis. I anticipate the chosen candidate to bring innovation and creativity to the table while building a seamless and user-friendly online store. Show your wizardry with excellent WordPress skills to contribute towards the success of my e-commerce venture. If you love a challenge and have the required skill set, I want to hear from you.

    $50 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $50 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    79 zabuni

    I'm shaping an online marketplace, prominently featuring our bespoke woodwork items. The store is currently hosted on Shopify. The project is half-cooked, but it needs an experienced hand to: - Polish and optimize the product search and filter feature. The objective is to enable customers to filter items by price, category, or a specific product's name. - Establish and manage the customer reviews and ratings module to help other clients make informed decisions. - Integrate a wishlist option for customers, allowing them to save their favorite items for later. The web store's aesthetic is crucial to me. As we deal principally in rustic woodwork, the website design should follow suit. Anticipating a layout that complements our products - a predominantly rustic and wooden the...

    $194 (Avg Bid)
    $194 Wastani wa Zabuni
    126 zabuni

    I seek to create an online store with a focus on selling physical products. The store should incorporate: - An effective way to display these physical products - Incorporation of a product zoom feature on product pages to enhance the shopping experience and provide detailed views of items - Integration with PayPal as the primary payment gateway. Experience with PayPal API integration is absolutely crucial. The ideal freelancer for this project should have experience in eCommerce platforms and specifically in developing features for product display and PayPal integration. Proficiency in web development and familiarity with the latest eCommerce trends will add value to this project execution.

    $498 (Avg Bid)
    $498 Wastani wa Zabuni
    169 zabuni

    I am seeking for a skilful web developer to create an e-commerce website, aimed at the general public. The website will primarily function as an online platform for wholesale distributions. Key requirements for the project: 1. Skillful in e-commerce website design 2. Experience in creating websites for a general audience 3. Ideally, a background in developing websites for wholesale distributors The ideal candidate should have substantial experience and demonstrated skills in these areas. Please provide examples of previous similar projects when bidding.

    $19 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $19 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    248 zabuni

    I am in search of a skilled and innovative website developer to create an online clothing store that caters to men, women, and children alike. Key Features: * A size guide for all listed products. * The ability for customers to zoom in on product images for better detail. * A functionality for customers to add items to a wish list. Style and Theme: I am looking for something fresh and engaging. While I haven't pinned down a specific theme, I expect it to be a unique blend of Casual, Formal, or Bohemian - something that hasn't been typically seen in standard online clothing stores. Ideal Candidate: The ideal candidate must have experience in website development, particularly e-commerce. A portfolio showcasing similar projects will be highly appealing. An innovative mindset,...

    $475 (Avg Bid)
    $475 Wastani wa Zabuni
    205 zabuni

    I'm launching an herbal skincare startup and am searching for a talented individual looking for their breakout project. The key requirements for this task include: - Developing a professional, user-friendly e-commerce website with a visually appealing logo - Integrating a contact form for customer inquiries - Ensuring the website is fully optimized for mobile devices The ideal candidate should possess strong design and technical skills, with a particular emphasis on e-commerce website development. Given that our brand targets both genders, the effectiveness of design and usability to appeal to a diverse audience will be critical. Your creativity and ability to ‘think outside the box’ would add value to my project.

    $62 (Avg Bid)
    $62 Wastani wa Zabuni
    29 zabuni

    I'm looking for an experienced web developer to build an e-commerce website to sell physical products. Features Needed: - Ability to display and categorize up to 10 different product types. - Seamless integration of credit/debit card payment processing. Desired Skills and Experience: • Proficiency in e-commerce website development • Experience with payment gateway integration (credit/debit cards) • Prior work with product categorization The ideal candidate would have experience in creating efficient, user-friendly e-commerce sites and be proficient in payment gateway integration. If you believe you're a good fit, feel free to bid.

    $140 (Avg Bid)
    $140 Wastani wa Zabuni
    35 zabuni

    I'm seeking a skillful web designer experienced in creating Shopify-powered e-commerce websites to develop one for my line of custom jewelry. The style is decidedly modern, so the ideal candidate should have the ability to integrate clean, sophisticated, and contemporary design elements that not only reflect this aesthetic but also enhance the digital shopping experience. - Task Details and Requirements: • Build a Shopify e-commerce website from scratch • Ensure seamless user navigation and easy purchase process • Design website to reflect the modern style of the jewelry • Highlight product categories appropriately • All designs and interfaces should be optimized for mobile - Ideal Skills & Experience: • Proven experience in Shopi...

    $250 (Avg Bid)
    $250 Wastani wa Zabuni
    133 zabuni

    I am in need of an experienced web developer to create an online store for women's casual wear. Key Requirements: - The website should be designed to facilitate the sale of women's casual wear. This includes t-shirts, jeans, dresses, and more. - The most important feature required is a comprehensive size guide with detailed measurements for all products. This is crucial for our customers to make informed purchasing decisions. - The website should be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and visually appealing. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in web development and e-commerce platforms. - Experience in designing and developing online clothing stores, specifically women's wear. - Understanding of the importance of a detailed size guide in clothing e-commerce. If you have the right s...

    $492 (Avg Bid)
    $492 Wastani wa Zabuni
    135 zabuni

    I am looking for a professional website developer to design and build an E-commerce platform for my Jewelry business. Key Features Needed: - Unique and visually appealing web design, highlighting the elegance of our products. - Fully integrated PayPal payment gateway for handling transactions smoothly. - A functional rating and review system so that customers can share their feedback on each product featured. Ideal skills for this job include: - An extensive background in Website Development, particularly in E-commerce platforms. - Proven experience in PayPal integration. - Deep understanding of User Experience design to facilitate positive user interaction with the review and rating system. I'm aiming for a website that strongly represents our brand, displays our product range e...

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
    186 zabuni

    A commerce website is a site where you can sell your product easily and we will do the things at very cheap as low as we can what do you fixed price

    $7 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $7 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    38 zabuni

    I'm seeking a skilled freelancer to help me establish a visually appealing Shopify store, comparable to the likes of Gymshark or Allbirds. The goal of this online store is to sell fashion and apparel products to a broad demographic spanning all ages. Key Responsibilities: - Creating a visually dynamic and user-friendly Shopify store - Manually adding around 1,000 products, inclusive of their descriptions as illustrated in the provided video Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience with Shopify store setup - Graphic design skills to create a visually appealing website - Strong attention to detail, especially when adding products and their descriptions - Intuitiveness in tailoring the store to our broad demographic - Familiarity with and understanding of the fashion and ...

    $666 (Avg Bid)
    $666 Wastani wa Zabuni
    112 zabuni

    I need a highly skilled developer to construct my e-commerce website on an AI platform. The purpose of this online store would be to provide an instant and seamless shopping experience to my customers. Key Features: - Product Search: An intelligent system to assist customers in finding the products they desire. - Shopping Cart: Create a user-friendly shopping cart for customers to review their selected items. - Payment Integration: Ensure secure and varied payment methods for customer flexibility. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in AI platform utilization. - Prior experience developing e-commerce websites similar features. - Understanding of secure payment systems and their integration. In implementing these components, the designer will play a crucial role in enhancing custo...

    $43 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $43 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    47 zabuni

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