Real-time operating systems (RTOS) are a special type of operating system that is used in embedded systems and related computing applications to ensure fast and timely task completion in relation to external events. An RTOS Programmer is an expert in the design, maintenance, and optimization of RTOSs, who helps clients achieve efficient operation even under limited resources and extreme time constraints.

In today's digital world, embedded applications can be found everywhere—from mobile devices to medical instruments, robots, autonomous drones, and more. The key to success of such embedded systems lies in their ability to accomplish tasks without fail within specified time constraints. In other words, real-time performance requirements are essential for most small or large digital-based embedded systems. This is where an RTOS Programmer comes in to make sure there are no delays while looking out for resource optimization.

Here's some projects that our expert RTOS Programmer made real:

  • Designing analogue measurement modules for embedded systems
  • Implementing timing analysis tools for multithreaded hardware/software RTOS
  • Developing programs for ARM microcontrollers
  • Designing hotel door control boards for microprocessor based systems
  • Creating stepper motor control firmware for STM32F103 plus Atollic
  • Implementing peer to peer networking technology on CC2640 Serial Ports
  • Developing payroll tracking applications

By combining their expertise in both hardware and software solutions to design, build, modify and optimize real-time operating systems, RTOS Programmers are making sure modern systems are up to date with their rapid technological advances while optimizing performance in mission critical scenarios. When you need to get the best out of your real-time applications without sacrificing accuracy and speed, an experienced RTOS Programmer is your go-to person.

If you’re looking to hire a highly qualified expert in the field of real-time operating systems development then look no further! Here at you can post your project and invite experienced freelancers with the knowhow required to develop the project you have in mind. With you can find top talent at competitive rates and make sure your project runs as fast as possible . So post your project today and put your RTOS development project in the hands of a professional!

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    I am looking for an experienced developer to help me with my Zephyr-RTOS 3.3 project. Specifically, I am experiencing issues with OpenAMP/RPMsg/Remoteproc not working. I am using the NXP (technexion) hardware platform for my project. My main goal for resolving the OpenAMP/RPMsg/Remoteproc issue is to fix errors in the implementation. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong experience with Zephyr-RTOS 3.3 - In-depth knowledge of OpenAMP/RPMsg and remoteproc - Experience working with the NXP hardware platform - Ability to troubleshoot and fix errors in implementation - Strong communication skills and ability to work collaboratively with a team. I have issues here to put RPMSG/REMOTEPROC projects from stm32mp157c_dk2 to imx7d-pico(m4 side) using zephyr RTOS ecosystem/...

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