Programming is the development of (or writing) software codes, from creating a mobile app to developing a highly complex computer network. With the skill and assistance of an experienced Programmer, almost anything is possible. Programmers aid in helping their clients write and push their code, bring ideas to life and create real working solutions - from a simple website or chatbot to Apple's iPhone operating system. Our Programmers have all the necessary tools, experience and knowledge to build any type of program or app for your business needs.

Here's some projects that our expert Programmer made real:

  • Streaming audio and video files at high speed
  • Bridging the gap between two networks using fast and effective connections
  • Engineering automated bots and user interfaces specifically designed for our clients' hardware and software
  • Developing custom software that unlocks special features offered by websites, programs, and networks
  • Programming objective-oriented apps, games and interactive learning opportunities
  • Designing robust security systems that protect confidential information online

At, our experienced Programmers are available to assist you on your project needs. Our global network connects you with the best and brightest in the industry, who share their experience and know-how for completing projects quickly, efficiently and with precision. Hiring the right Programmer for your specific project requirements can be done quickly via - browse through relevant profiles worldwide and contact them directly if their skillset matches yours. We handle every step of the way - from invoicing to dispute resolution - so you can focus on bringing your ideas to life. So why wait? Let our Programmers turn your concept into reality - post a project today on!

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    Coding for a Shopify page 6 siku left

    We have a list of small tasks where coding is needed, 7 tasks in total. Detailed description of tasks is attached to this project in a .pdf format. Looking forward to getting in touch with Shopify coding experts who could implement desired changes on the web in accordance with the description, or offer a better solution in case you see that there is an easier and more efficient way of achieving the desired outcome.

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    Looking for a computer programmer to create an Ai powered chatbot that is integrated into my Facebook marketplace account to respond to customers for my automotive vehicle advertisements. Looking for someone experienced with integrating into facebooks API

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    I want a digital course on Artificial Intelligence Testing to be made. It should be for Developers and Testers working with AI. It should start from the basics of AI, followed by How AI testing can be done by Developers and Testers. It should have real-time examples of writing and testing AI applications. The above is a broad overview and it should be broken down into mini steps to understand, learn and do hands-on. We can discuss how to design the course. P.S. - I want someone with a minimum of 5-7 years of development/Testing experience in Artificial Intelligence

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    工作地点:中国深圳 工作职责: 我们正在寻找有经验的自由职业者来设计并制作带有触觉反馈功能的新型无线游戏手柄。该游戏手柄需要适用于各种游戏平台,并具备卓越的性能和可靠性。我们期待您可以在各个方面为我们的项目做出重要贡献。 岗位要求: 至少有3年的游戏手柄电子设计和编程经验,对各种游戏平台有深入的了解和掌握。 熟练掌握电子产品设计、固件开发和无线通信协议方面的技能,具备与供应商和制造商合作的经验。 对触觉反馈技术及其在游戏手柄中的整合有坚实的理解。 熟悉市场上的游戏手柄产品,了解游戏手柄的发展趋势和用户需求。 具备快速学习和自我驱动的能力,能够在紧张的项目时间表下高效地工作。 英语沟通能力佳者优先。 申请方式: 如果您是一位经验丰富、积极主动、热爱游戏和技术的自由职业者,并且满足以上要求,请提交个人简历和相关作品集。我们将优先考虑在中国深圳或周边地区的候选人申请。

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    工作地点:中国深圳 工作职责: 我们正在寻找有经验的自由职业者来设计并制作带有触觉反馈功能的新型无线游戏手柄。该游戏手柄需要适用于各种游戏平台,并具备卓越的性能和可靠性。我们期待您可以在各个方面为我们的项目做出重要贡献。 岗位要求: 至少有3年的游戏手柄电子设计和编程经验,对各种游戏平台有深入的了解和掌握。 熟练掌握电子产品设计、固件开发和无线通信协议方面的技能,具备与供应商和制造商合作的经验。 对触觉反馈技术及其在游戏手柄中的整合有坚实的理解。 熟悉市场上的游戏手柄产品,了解游戏手柄的发展趋势和用户需求。 具备快速学习和自我驱动的能力,能够在紧张的项目时间表下高效地工作。 英语沟通能力佳者优先。 申请方式: 如果您是一位经验丰富、积极主动、热爱游戏和技术的自由职业者,并且满足以上要求,请提交个人简历和相关作品集。我们将优先考虑在中国深圳或周边地区的候选人申请。

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    Im running a new startup tech company with some in house sketches of innovative designs. Ive spoken to leading physacists about these designs. Get involved. Help us improve.

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    Write a java algorithm for me 5 siku left

    enter a java algorithm on binary search trees.

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    Climate Data Extraction 5 siku left

    Data is a set of NetCDF files containing runs for a climate simulation. The compilers of the database provide a FORTRAN to extract data that would be suitable for our purpose, but setting up NetCDF on FORTRAN is going to take more time than we are happy with (this is NOT an area of expertise for us). What is needed is to use the data files, either through the FORTRAN subroutine or otherwise, to extract data for a few locations across the times in the model. Desired output is one or more Excel or CSV files with the variables in the model (temperature, pressure, wind data, atmosphere data) for each time. One file per model and location would be suitable. At present there would be 4 locations and 3 or 4 model databases. The databases themselves are online and we have permission to use them (...

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    Software Programmer Expert needed 5 siku left

    Hi, I need a c++ or c programmer to fix my current source code, thanks

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    Hello I am looking for a freelancer to create interactive air simulator scenarios that feature combat situations. Some details: - The possibility od controlling aircrafts with mouse; - Controlling a group of aircrafts that can join together in fotmation.(e.g pair); - Performing simple maneuvers alone and in formation; - Aircrafts can fight with eachother using missiles; - Distinguishing between badies and goodies; - Displaying flight parameters (direction, heading, speed and so on); - The ability to track the airplanes path (on click); - Adding aircrafts to the simulation. I would like the project to be done in Unity using C# laungage. I am looking for something similar with presentation like FlightRadar24 or ads-b-map so it will be 2D application. I willI look forward to hearing from y...

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    I have a traveling salesman problem and I must formulate it with Julia. please see the attachment.

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    Excel Power Query Rest API 4 siku left

    I am looking for a freelancer to help me figure out how to use Excel Power Query in accessing REST API. I will share my screen and you will show step by step how to to do that. Kindly type AP on the top of your bid.

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    Para desarrollo de aplicacion web.

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    Fulltime Senior SpringBoot +Angular JHipster Only experience professional who is working as a freelancer may apply with provided skills! Location: Remote or Onsite

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    Ya Eneo
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    Complete ERP 3 siku left

    I am looking for an ERP system for my organization. We are in need of a cloud-based solution, with the ability to modulate it to our specific needs. We place a high emphasis on automation, and need to be able to maximize automation much as possible. We will be looking for a solution that can meet these needs, as well as provide ongoing support and maintenance. Want to have an admin pannel to change data bases. Needs those sections: - Supply management - Finance management - Manufacturing - Project management That resume a bit what I'm looking for. Want a fixed price for the project. After the project, will pay per hour for updates and changes.

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    Bussiness start up 3 siku left

    Looking for someone to help me start a profitable business online i have one in mind but it needs fine tuning. Looking for co founders for my business and investors.

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    21 zabuni

    I need help with a project concerning simulation of spin waves in a nanocnduit of YIG. The project requires to draw such conduit, simulate a spin wave by applying a Magnetic field perpendicular to the plane and derive the dispersion relations of such wave.

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    9 zabuni
    Adobe Plugin OpenAI 3 siku left

    1. Plugin to work with either Adobe Acrobat Pro or (ideally) PDF Xchange Editor. 2. Plugin uses OpenAI to review PDF files so that I can ask it questions and get responses (An example would be ) 3. Store the data locally on my machine (I can't upload PDFs for security reasons). 4. No limits on PDF size or length.

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    Il'ohusishwa Makubaliano ya Kutotoa Taarifa
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    Use OpenAI to chat with PDFs 3 siku left

    The requirements are: 1. Use OpenAI to review PDF files so that I can ask it questions and get responses. 2. Store the data locally on my machine (I can't upload PDFs for security reasons). 3. No limits on PDF size or length. 4. An example would be - except local, of course.

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    Il'ohusishwa Makubaliano ya Kutotoa Taarifa
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    TaylasGame 2 siku left

    I have begun programming a game but am stuck on the details regarding it and need help with the finishing off and the actual starting procedure.

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    11 zabuni

    En La Punta del Iceberg buscamos un socio senior con conocimientos y experiencia en Front-End y Back-End para participar en el desarrollo de nuevos productos y servicios de base tecnológica. Esta no es una posición laboral tradicional. Por favor lee completamente la convocatoria antes de aplicar.   Hemos avanzado en la definición de funcionalidades y características de un primer producto, así como en el diseño del modelo de negocio correspondiente. El reto es llevarlo en primera instancia a un prototipo, luego a un Product Market Fit y de allí, acompañar la gestión del ciclo de vida del producto.   El perfil que buscamos:   1. Mentalidad emprendedora. 2. Conocimiento y/o experiencia senior en ár...

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    Creat a Link For all Social media 1 siku left

    I am interested in creating a link that has more funcionality than linkme. It will need to have fields where all social media platforms can be added and data can be collected from users. Registration process will be necesary. And it will need analytics. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU HAVE EXAMPLES OF SIMILIAR WORK THAT YOU HAVE DEVELOPED. PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE THESE KIND OF PROJECTS BEFORE! Database will have to be integrated

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    $40 / hr (Avg Bid)
    Ya Eneo
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    Hi, I need a developer who is actively making open source GitHub contributions. I will need you to do github contributions on behalf of me and you can choose your project of any choice. Second task is to write tech blogs based upon the learnings.

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    4 zabuni
    Help me automate few apps 1 saa left

    Hello guys I need some help in automating few apps using bluestacks. Very simple tasks.

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    14 zabuni

    I need someone to show me how to make 100% unique videos in bulk from already created videos using FFmpeg Batch AV Converter

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    Busco programador(a) WHM 2 2 siku left

    Hola, para iniciar por favor escribe la respuesta de la pregunta al inicio de tu oferta. ¿Cuál es el número de el chavo? Estoy buscando una persona proactiva con experiencia en programación y WHM para trabajar en diferentes proyectos con la posibilidad de establecer un equipo para ofrecer otros servicios relacionados con el área. El postulante debe saber trabajar bajo ambiente Windows o Mac El puesto de trabajo es presencial con facilidades en el horario. El precio de la oferta es en base un mes de trabajo. Si la persona es diseñador gráfico o sabe algunos programas de diseño, es un plus. Nuevos en la plataforma de freelancer son bienvenidos. Buena Suerte!

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