PhoneGap is a mobile application development platform based on open source technologies that is used to rapidly build cross platform mobile applications without coding for each platform individually. Hiring a PhoneGap Expert allows organizations to take advantage of the benefits of a hybrid mobile development approach and create branded and authenticated user experiences for their own mobile application.

PhoneGap Professionals are experienced in working with a combination of languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Android SDK and iOS SDK. Each developer's expertise is tailored to the needs and goals of their customer’s project, making it easier for organizations to get the most out of their investment in PhoneGap technology. PhoneGap Professionals have the experience necessary to create cross-platform mobile applications that truly perform across multiple devices, including phones, tablets, wearables, and more.

Here’s some projects that our expert PhoneGap Experts made real:

  • Developed hybrid mobile apps in Ionic Framework and Cordova
  • Created CRUD databases with SQLite
  • Built webview applications for both Android & iOS
  • Developed music apps build and deploy on app store
  • Implemented ask privacy Police of locations in Android apps

PhoneGap allows businesses to have consistent user experiences on a range of different platforms, allowing them to boost customer satisfaction and gain competitive advantages. With an experienced PhoneGap Expert working on their project, clients can develop impactful, custom cross platform mobile applications that truly meet their needs. If you're looking for someone who can help you optimize your mobile development projects with PhoneGap technology, posting your project on is the best way to find an expert who's perfect for your project.

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    MDM (Mobile Device Management) 6 siku left

    Necesito un MDM (Mobile Device Management) android y ios

    $2130 (Avg Bid)
    $2130 Wastani wa Zabuni
    49 zabuni
    Node.js POS App to Android APK 6 siku left

    I have developed a POS app for Windows using Node.js and I aim to convert it to an APK file compatible with Android. Key Requirements: - The primary function of the app is to serve as a Point of Sale system. - The app has already been built on Windows using Node.js, so it needs to be converted into a compatible Android APK. Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in Node.js and Android app development. - Experienced in converting applications to different platforms. - Prior experience with point-of-sale systems is a plus. Note: The specific features or functionalities to be included in the POS app were not specified, so you may need to discuss this with me as part of the project.

    $346 (Avg Bid)
    $346 Wastani wa Zabuni
    37 zabuni

    I'm looking for an experienced React Native developer to create a cross-platform e-commerce application. The primary platform for this app will be iOS and Android. Key Features: - Product Catalog: This app should be able to display a catalog of products. - Shopping Cart: The app should have a shopping cart feature enabling users to add items for purchase. - Payment Gateway: I'm looking to include secure payment options for users to make purchases. I'm looking for a developer with a deep understanding of React Native, especially in the realm of e-commerce applications. Past experience with integrating payment gateways and developing shopping cart features would be a huge plus. Please get in touch with your portfolio of similar projects and your approach to this task.

    $288 (Avg Bid)
    $288 Wastani wa Zabuni
    39 zabuni

    I need an expert to develop a state-of-the-art vehicle tracking mobile application that works on both iOS and Android platforms. While the core attribute of the app is vehicle tracking, there's potential requirement for backend server integration, although clarity on this will be determined as the project progresses. Ideal skills and experience: • Expertise in iOS and Android app development • Previous experience with vehicle tracking systems • Knowledge of backend server integration • Strong testing and debugging skills Your responsibilities: • Create a highly functional and user-friendly mobile app • Provide recommendations for backend integration, if necessary • Regular updates and bug-fixing • Strict adherence to project deadlines.

    $565 (Avg Bid)
    $565 Wastani wa Zabuni
    42 zabuni

    I need an experienced developer capable of converting my web application into an Android and iOS app. The app should function seamlessly across both platforms and feature: - Push Notifications: The key integration for the app. I want users to receive timely notifications, much like native mobile applications would. - EdTech Focus: The primary purpose of this app is for educational purposes. It will primarily deliver e-books to users. Ideal applicants for this project should have: - Experience in converting web applications to mobile apps. - Proficiency in handling push notification integration. - Previous work in the EdTech sector is a plus. - Knowledge of both Android and iOS platforms is required.

    $458 (Avg Bid)
    $458 Wastani wa Zabuni
    24 zabuni

    As a client with a developed Android app, I'm in need of a proficient Android developer who has superb skills in frontend development. Here's what I require for my project: • The app requires a change of images and updates to text on specific pages. • Some buttons require an image update for a cleaner look. • The text in certain sections also needs revisions for clarity and user engagement. Ideal candidates should have a high level of experience with frontend development on Android apps and a keen eye for design details.

    $14 (Avg Bid)
    $14 Wastani wa Zabuni
    12 zabuni

    I am in search of an experienced Android developer to join my project. Primarily, you'll focus on app development and bug fixing for an existing E-commerce app. Your key tasks will be: - Enhancing and improving the overall app infrastructure - Addressing and rectifying any bugs that arise The ultimate goal is to create a fluid, user-friendly app experience with a secure payment gateway. If you are proficient in E-commerce app development and have a history of effective problem-solving in bug fixes, I would like to hear from you. Experience in creating secure payment gateways will be significant plus.

    $5 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $5 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    26 zabuni

    As a client with a keen eye for absolute perfection, I'm looking for a skilled Xamarin developer. You'll be tasked with debugging an existing Android application to ensure its smooth operation. Specifically, your job will be to: - Correct the OTP functionality in the app. - Implement real-time messaging capabilities. In order to excel in this project, you should have: - Expertise in Xamarin development. - Profound knowledge of Android apps. - Proven experience in real-time messaging functionality. - A keen eye for detail to effectively handle debugging tasks. I look forward to a swift yet efficient correction process.

    $99 (Avg Bid)
    $99 Wastani wa Zabuni
    8 zabuni

    We are seeking a Videographer for an upcoming reel shoot project. As a Videographer, you will be responsible for capturing high-quality footage that aligns with our creative vision and storytelling objectives.

    $108 (Avg Bid)
    $108 Wastani wa Zabuni
    9 zabuni

    I'm looking for a skilled native Android developer with a deep understanding of GIS technologies. This project involves creating a GIS app that targets GIS professionals and field workers, so it's crucial that you have experience in developing for these user bases. Key features that I want to include in the app are: - Geolocation: The app should provide precise location information. - Mapping and data visualization: The app should be able to handle a large amount of spatial data and present it in an intuitive and useful way for users. - Routing and navigation: The app should be able to navigate users from one point to another, taking into account any specific constraints relevant to GIS professionals or field workers. Your experience with ArcGIS, QGIS, Google Maps, and Nmea wi...

    $2750 (Avg Bid)
    $2750 Wastani wa Zabuni
    10 zabuni

    I need an experienced Android developer to create a vibrant, engaging app with several integrated features. The project will need skills related to: - User Authentication: Incorporating a secure login mechanism. - In-app Purchases: Setting up a simple and secure transaction process within the app. - Social Media Integration: As part of the app's User Interface, social media sign-on and sharing need to be flawlessly implemented. Aesthetics are crucial to this job; I'm looking for someone who can make the app colorful, catching the user's eye immediately. In terms of performance, we need a moderately complex app that will run smoothly on any Android device. The user experience should be seamless and straightforward, despite the backend complexity. If you have extensive exp...

    $12 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $12 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    32 zabuni

    Im gonna need someone with react native skills

    $19 (Avg Bid)
    $19 Wastani wa Zabuni
    28 zabuni

    I'm looking for a highly-skilled developer with experience in React Native and Fitbit integration to develop an application that tracks real-time location. Key Responsibilities: - Integrating location tracking feature within Fitbit to our React Native app - Ensuring compatibility and excellent performance on both iOS and Android platforms Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in React Native development - Previous experience in Fitbit integration particularly in location tracking - Excellent understanding of both iOS and Android development This project offers the opportunity to work on an exciting application that leverages Fitbit technology for real-time location tracking. If you are enthusiastic about fitness technology and have the needed skills, I am eager to he...

    $125 (Avg Bid)
    $125 Wastani wa Zabuni
    14 zabuni

    I'm urgently in need of a seasoned full stack Flutter developer to rapidly create a cross-platform application that functions seamlessly on both iOS and Android. Key Features Include: * User authentication * Push notifications * In-app purchases Ideal Experience and Skills: * Profound knowledge of Flutter SDK and Dart language * Excellent understanding of cross-platform app development * Experience with Firebase for making user authentication * Proven experience implementing in-app purchases and push notifications * Capable of working under tight timelines and delivering high-quality results. If you have a knack for developing clean code and innovative solutions, apply now! This project is kicking off ASAP.

    $21 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $21 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    198 zabuni

    Hello, I have two apps from CodeCanyon, one for doctors and one for patients, both built with Flutter. I want exact replicas of these apps converted to React Native. I bought them from CodeCanyon and have the Flutter source code and admin panel. I'll provide app links for review. No specific timeframe or price yet. I don't understand software; I just want these two apps in React Native instead of Flutter. I'm excited to share that I own two Flutter apps, one designed for medical professionals and the other for patients. Recently, I've been considering a transition from Flutter to React Native for both applications. Here's a detailed breakdown: The original apps were purchased from CodeCanyon and are essential tools in the medical field. My goal is to r...

    $1535 (Avg Bid)
    $1535 Wastani wa Zabuni
    35 zabuni

    I need a proficient React Native developer who can deftly convert an existing Android App source code to work with React Native. The converted app needs to be compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Since details about the needed features and functionality were not provided, I would require the developer to ensure that the functionalities of the current Android app are fully intact and operational in the converted React Native version. Skills & Experience: * Cross-platform mobile app development using React Native * Knowledge of Android source code * Ability to work fast and meet deadlines Please apply if you can deliver this project urgently as I need it completed ASAP.

    $746 (Avg Bid)
    $746 Wastani wa Zabuni
    32 zabuni
    Upgrade of Ionic App Modules -- 2 2 siku left

    I'm looking for an expert in Ionic framework to upgrade all node modules in my app to their latest versions. I am not certain what the current Ionic version is so I need someone experienced in identifying and working with all versions. Here's what I need: - Identification of the current Ionic version - Node modules upgraded to the latest versions - Ensure the app is fully functional post-upgrade Ideally, you will have: - Extensive experience with Ionic frameworks - A detailed understanding and experience working with node modules - Strong problem-solving skills Please include your past work and a detailed proposal to be considered for this contract.

    $117 (Avg Bid)
    $117 Wastani wa Zabuni
    60 zabuni

    I'm currently experiencing an issue with a .NET MAUI application where the WebView login page redirects to another page with an auth link, instead of staying within the WebView. Key Details: * The project consists of fixing this issue and ensuring that, after login, the user is redirected to another page within the WebView. * The specifics of the redirected page's requirements are currently unknown, as I skipped this detail during the project setup. Skills and Experience Needed: * Proven expertise in .NET MAUI development, particularly with WebView troubleshooting. * Familiarity with login and redirection processes within WebView. * Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail. The ideal freelancer for this project would be able to start soon and complete this fix ef...

    $36 (Avg Bid)
    $36 Wastani wa Zabuni
    12 zabuni

    I'm looking for a skilled game developer or team to bring my vision of a cross-platform, decentralized, puzzle game to life with a goal of monetizing it through in-app purchases. Your responsibilities include: - Creating a compelling puzzle game that can be enjoyed on Mobile (iOS/Android), Desktop (Windows/Mac), and Web-based (HTML5) platforms. - Incorporating decentralization features into the game - Developing a reliable in-app purchase system from scratch Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in developing puzzle games - Familiarity with decentralization in gaming - Extensive experience in Mobile, Desktop, and Web-based game development - Proven track record of implementing in-app purchase systems.

    $508 (Avg Bid)
    $508 Wastani wa Zabuni
    34 zabuni

    We are looking for an experienced developer to help us maintain and update our mobile application (Android). The stack is quite old and based on Cordova stack. The application has not been updated for a long time, and we are currently not able to build and release the app to the Google Play store and Apple store. So, the first objective that we have is to be able to build the app again and release it to the store. We don't expect functionalities/graphic changes to happen at this time, but all that's needed to be able to build the application again, and release it to the mobile stores (Google, Apple) without hassle. The work is going to be pushed onto a private Github repository owned by our organization, and we would like the changes to include a brief yet useful readme that sho...

    $193 (Avg Bid)
    $193 Wastani wa Zabuni
    43 zabuni

    My project revolves around creating a robust indoor navigation system. I'm looking for a seasoned React Native developer who possess notable skills in: - Indoor positioning tracking system development - Creating mobile applications that function seamlessly on both iOS and Android. The primary purpose of this system is to improve navigation within indoor environments. Notably, the application should support real-time tracking capabilities rather than periodical updates. The ideal freelancer should have a solid experience in creating GPS and navigation systems particularly using React Native. I highly value the ability to work across both iOS and Android platforms, as the end product should be a universally applicable solution with real-time tracking functionality. I anticipate a smo...

    $127 (Avg Bid)
    $127 Wastani wa Zabuni
    14 zabuni

    I am in need of a skilled mobile app developer who can help me convert an Angular-based web ERP application into an Ionic-based mobile application. The main goal is to help reach a wider audience through mobile app availability. The functionality of the existing application, particularly in terms of user registration , capturing data through various ERP screens, provide inline approval would be required in mobile app. Ideal candidates will be well-versed in both Angular and Ionic and should have a track record of successful conversions. Experience with mobile app development is also desired. Understanding the mechanics of user registration and real-time notification integration will greatly benefit this project.

    $365 (Avg Bid)
    $365 Wastani wa Zabuni
    29 zabuni

    I'm in need of an experienced developer who can create a social networking app for both Android (APK) and iOS platforms. The app should be user-friendly, secure, and engaging, with features that promote interactions between users. Are you skilled in Apk and IOS. for Job placement and Dating apps? NOT WEBAPP. Just think about dating app and job placement app. i need the perfect design and concepts on that. Key Features: - Messaging: Users should be able to communicate with each other through text messages. - Photo & Video Sharing: A feature that allows users to share photos and videos within the app. - Event Planning: An event planning feature that lets users create and manage social events.

    $260 (Avg Bid)
    $260 Wastani wa Zabuni
    8 zabuni

    I'm in need of a skilled Ionic developer

    $176 (Avg Bid)
    $176 Wastani wa Zabuni
    57 zabuni

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