What Is JavaScript? JavaScript is a scripting language used to enable programmatic access to objects within software applications. JavaScript will make your website more interactive, allowing your users input information, move elements around on the page, and make your website more functional.

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    - Convert codebase to use Typescript compiler using babel; - Convert to pwa, - Optimize google maps api better for locations, places api and develop caching service using in-browser & existing firestore db; - Integrate with backend services;

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    Will need to generate one note page and planner bucket task list from job request email with PDF attachment

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    the complexity lies in understanding the existing project and how avatars/attachments/background images/Static files are stored currently on docker's volume. this needs to be changed so S3 folders are used as opposed to persistence in docker volumes.

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    JavaScript 2D game development 6 siku left

    The are 2 game type we would like you to finish. Please check our requirements in the zip file and place your bid. Our budget is 1500-2500 HKD with most suitable skills from you.

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    I need a plugin written for woo commerce to allow me to update prices in my store via just typing the vale in to a CVS file & automatically updates the price in my store

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    ShopForHome is a popular Store in the market for shopping the home décor stuff .Due to Covid 19 all the offline shopping stopped. So, the store wants to move to the online platforms and wants their own web application. There are 2 users on the application: - 1. User 2. Admin

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    DESARROLLADOR SENIOR FULLSTACK *Idioma español LENGUAJES REQUERIDOS PHP - LARAVEL JavaScript / TypeScript - Angular HTML CSS SQL Experiencia Requerida. Experiencia en paradigma de programación de modelo vista controlador (MVC). Experiencia con software de control de versiones (GIT) Experiencia con Base de Datos MySQL. Presupuesto $1260 USD / Mes [6 meses de contratación] Idioma de comunicación: español

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    Strawpoll vote website 6 siku left

    I have a vote poll on straw poll and i want to increase the vote for a people it showing ip restriction + double voting after single vote but it can be done via multiple browser so let me know someone can do that. Link:

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    9 zabuni

    Quiero crear un servidor de minecraft con todas las modalidades tipicas

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    14 zabuni

    I have a vote poll webpage and i want to increase the vote for a people i had a ip restriction + double voting but it can be done via muliple browser so let me know someone can do that. Link:

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    6 zabuni

    I want console application to read cookies form chrome browser with specific profile and specific website

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    Las Retas Mx 6 siku left

    Necesito una App tipo para realizar partidos de fútbol soccer y dar entrenamientos

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    13 zabuni

    I require a specialist in Google Core Web Vitals to help us improve our score from red to green across all key metrics of web vitals. We are on magneto2 opensource v2.4.3 We have our own inhouse dev so we can action any dev points. You are required to research and identify the issues then present the blueprint to fix so that going forwards we will be able to look after it in house. You will be required to fix any issues and optimise with the support of our inhouse dev. We also want to reduce site speed to load as quickly as possible, ideally in the millisecond range. Once again you will consult and lead the blueprint and we can implement with our inhouse dev. Thank you for looking.

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    Google App Script Developer 6 siku left

    Looking for a Google App Script Developer to assist me with some projects..

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    5 zabuni

    Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brasil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Israel, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, or Serbia. You must be at least 16 years old. You do *not* need any experience but you must prove to me that you are able to think logically. You will normally work 1 hour/day (20 days/month). ✻ THE PROJECT ✻ You do *not* need an ESP32 (which is similar to Arduino). You will help me build a consumer IoT (Internet of Things) product using MicroPython on the ESP32. MicroPython is a subset of Python used to program microcontrollers. ESP32 is a microcontroller (similar to Arduino) but ESP32 is generally better and more powerful than Arduino. ✻ DAILY PAYMENT ✻ I will pay you each day for every hour you work with me. ✻ WORKING DAYS AND TIMES ✻ You will normally work 1 hour...

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    Create a dinamic form for tour 6 siku left

    Create a form that have all the tours with the adult field price of each tour and the time, date like the reference

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    15 zabuni

    Hiring experienced HTML coder to build client "eBlast" subscriber emails. Fully host and build code using client submitted images, copy, and instruction. Need 3-5 day turn around per request. Approximately 3-6 total requests per month. Efficiently edit if client finds error or requires an update.

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    29 zabuni

    I need a website developer, who could develop some online tools for laptop testing. I have got developed 5 tools already. I need more if you can create. I have these 5 tools already but I need more different Tools: 1. Screen Test 2. Webcam Test 3. Mic Test 4. Speaker Test 5. Keyboard Test You can send me a customized bid according to my need, I will open a chat with you. Thanks

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    7 zabuni
    CSS/HTMl Emoji 6 siku left

    I need two emojis using HTML and CSS

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    23 zabuni

    ______________________________________________________ >>>>>> IF YOU WANT TO WIN THIS PROJECT, PLEASE START YOUR BID WITH, "I can create professional order form design as requested for $___ within ___ hours" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for someone to design a beautiful HTML page.. This will be 1 page, and using JavaScript, you can hide and display elements to give it a feel to have multiple pages.. This is how it works.. 1st Screen: Users are shown 5/6 images with a place for some text on top.. when they click on an image, they are shown Screen 2. 2nd Screen: There are 2 dropdowns on this screen (Product Name, Color).. and 2 text fields (Units in Box, Price per box).. and 1 input fie...

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    14 zabuni
    react developer -- 2 6 siku left

    looking expert react developer who ready to work with me long time

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    28 zabuni
    Recurring Events in FullCalendar 6 siku left

    hi how are you i have this code events: [{ title:"My repeating event", start: '10:00', // a start time (10am in this example) end: '14:00', // an end time (2pm in this example) dow: [ 1, 4 ] // Repeat monday and thursday }], i need star date and end date with laravel project

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    14 zabuni
    Vue Simple Excel Solution 6 siku left

    Hi, I am looking for programmer who implement in Vue simple virtual Excel component. Virtual Excel should only provide a few described functionalities but code has to be easy to expand. Excel requirements: - Column props(name, display_name, parseFun, validationFun, popupComponent, editable, readonly) - mark and edit single cell - mark cells rectangle for copy/paste purposes - marking whole row - marking all table - copy/paste from/to Virtual Excel - copy/paste from/to Excel - adding rows - deleting rows - colored rows (yellow - edited, green - new, red - marked to delete) - only final button "SAVE" will update whole Virtual Excel - possibility to render custom Component on Cell click and show in cell chosen value from custom component (Component from props) - data validation wit...

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    45 zabuni
    Short custom Shopify customization 6 siku left

    I need someone to modify/write the following script for Shopify. When a customer clicks Pay to pay on the checkout page, the following should happen; We're using a Payment Gateway Provider called PayFast. To make use of their Subscription service feature we need the SKU of the first product to be a specific string when checking out. PF-MYREFERENCE-{Month}-0-{Charge Recurring Monthly}-RSC So when the customer clicks on "Pay" the SKU of the first product should temporarily be changed to above but then the {Charge Recurring Monthly} should be the total of all products in the cart that do not have the variation "Once-Off" selected. This should not apply to the actual product. and {Month} should be if variation select to change the value to: if 1 Month = change ...

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    18 zabuni

    Only work 4-5 hours per day Having knowledge 1. Typescript 2. Javascript 3. HTML5 4. CSS3 5. React Js

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    6 zabuni

    el visor debe tener un api para recibir un archivo dicom y mostrarlo en el visor. ejem de visor: OHID, MedDream si requiere bd usar mysql

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    19 zabuni
    PHP with JAVA Script required 6 siku left

    Hi, Need to convert an excel sheet into PHP. Codes are already there, need the re-arrangement. The work has to be submitted by 09/07

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    7 zabuni

    A new tab extension with a search that redirects to Google and dynamic background

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    23 zabuni
    webcaminserire link webcam 6 siku left

    mi hanno dato il link a una webcam "http://admin:user... ip....:2083/Streaming/channels/1/httppreview" se copio il link e lo metto sul browser vedo la webcam in streamin, ma dovrei mettere questa in una pagina web, faccio tutte le pagine in php e html ma non riesco a inserirla ho provato con iframe ma niente, qualcuno saprebbe creami uno script per il collegamento e pubblicarla in una pagina web? aspetto offerte grazie

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    8 zabuni
    webapplication 6 siku left

    I don't have a database or a website. I have to do everything from scratch. I want to create a web page in which to insert only two fields: 1. 15-digit alphanumeric code, all uppercase (even if entered in lowercase) 2. an email at the end of the insertion you need a key with the written ok (as per the attached image ) these two data are stored on a database once a day I want an application (even a very simple one) that allows me to send the attachments saved with the name of the field (1) to the email in the database.

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    105 zabuni

    the project is built with in HTML and CSS it's very interactive and easy to interact

    $28 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $28 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    42 zabuni

    I have a plan to make a big project on solana chain. This is a long term project and I need a honest and hard working rust developer. If you are interested in this project please show your skills. Write "Really interesting" on the top of your cover letter I need only Indian, Pakistan and Bangladesh developer.

    $515 (Avg Bid)
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    21 zabuni

    We need to pass some properties between HubSpot and a page on WordPress via a link and populate that link on the page.

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    40 zabuni

    In above link customize add input names, little change in interface, at the end congratulations screen and add download certificate option. All in javascript css html... Code should work in Google blogger.

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    7 zabuni

    This is about extracting data from various databases and arranging it into one file/Table, then within the new file/table you need to identify constituent items that constitute the elements of items into a normalized table and establish model/relationship which can be used for Power BI data analytics.

    $19 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    9 zabuni

    Will need experience with: Bitcoin Core (Bitcoin Full Node) Ethereum Full Node (ETH + DAI + others) MERN Note: Preference will be given to UK/USA/Canada/EU Send me links to recent projects that you have completed YOURSELF from scratch (do not link sites without proof of development) Create a website similar to / / Details: Build a web game website according to designs and specifications (see google doc that will be sent). Website must have - - Game (game + relevant Admin Panel data + provably fair) - Deposit and withdraw (Bitcoin) - Affiliates (Invite users for % of commission with affiliate code/link) - Level up (levels up the user and users receive rewards) - Chat (including moderators) - Responsive (Web and Mobile) - Secure and function correctly

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    37 zabuni
    Customisation in quiz Javascript 6 siku left

    Customisation in above quiz code. Add name input screen, little bit change in interface, at the end generation of certificate.

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    10 zabuni
    Angular Senior Developer 6 siku left

    We are looking for an Angular Developer to cover a Fulltime position. Requirements -- Only individuals -- Must live in the Americas regions -- 2 to 3 years of Experience of Angular -- NGRX understanding ( State, Actions, reducers, effects, selectors) -- Unit testing -- knowledge of backend language ( C# is a good plus)

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    85 zabuni
    Magento 2 - GIT - NodeJS 6 siku left

    Hi! We are seeking a developer for our Magento 2 Multi-Site project that speaks extremely well in English or French - this is to avoid misunderstandings. If you are willing to consider moving to Canada, it would be something that we would be interested in helping you with, later down the road. This is a full time / permanent position. The qualities we are looking for are: -Very knowledgeable in Magento 2 (certification) -Very knowledgeable in NodeJS -Very knowledgeable using Gitlab -Meticulous and attentive to details: -Good aesthetics knowledge: "looks" are very important on a website -Autonomous We are hoping to find someone that doesn't need to be told that "fields in a form should be perfectly aligned" - this should be obvious to you. We use Quic...

    $8 - $15 / hr
    $8 - $15 / hr
    31 zabuni

    Looking for a candidate, preferably with some experience working on Python & Django projects who has a passion for innovation, curiosity, and obsession for perfection in any task taken up. S/he should be self-driven, and capable of learning things fast. Should have a good understanding of Python, Django, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and JSON and experience with web services, REST interfaces, cloud platforms such as Amazon EC2, and knowledge of servers. Responsibilities and Duties: Develop cutting-edge web, software & serviceability tools in Python & Django, Rectjs, and Database. Good knowledge of programming and OOPs concepts. Education Engineering Student

    $76 (Avg Bid)
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    13 zabuni

    We have some files in PHP which is not opening properly, apparently it is encoded in some different way. We need it to be readable format.

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    12 zabuni
    Create Webhook 6 siku left

    I need code for a webhook written according to certain parameters

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    31 zabuni

    I have urgent project on solana. If you are an expert in this field, bid me. put the text "expert" of your bid.

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    42 zabuni
    react native developer for help 6 siku left

    hello in my app i want to upload user profile image by formdata api my app is in react native just guide me i will do it just want idea of it thats it

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    4 zabuni

    hello need sr angular dev which can solve one small problem in website backend is nodejs api need to work with my angular dev who did this website so quickly can solve

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    8 zabuni
    Magento front and backend -- 2 6 siku left

    API SQL code works which magento is calling upon, but the APIs in magento does not. -15, filters not working

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    32 zabuni
    Remix and React expert needed 6 siku left

    Hi developers. I am looking for Remix, React developer to improve current frontend. It doesn't looks good and need to improve in some part. If you are experienced this field, please ping me to discuss more details. Thanks.

    $160 (Avg Bid)
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    60 zabuni
    InsurTech startup 6 siku left

    Not interested in agencies. We are building an insurance dashboard where customers can subscribe to insurance products, and administer their wallets. Features will include an automatic switching service, a tight customer onboarding flow, and multi-channel service. Funding is secured. Now we are looking for remote freelance developers to join our scrum team and help us build the MVP. The tech stack is not 100% finalised but it will include: - Salesforce Platform as backend - Svelte as the frontend framework - Vercel as the hosting platform for the frontend - GraphQL as the API from Vercel to Salesforce - A headless CMS that we have yet to choose See also: Jamstack Payment will be on a sprint by sprint basis. As long as we are happy with the results we will continue to hire you. Require...

    $50 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $50 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    13 zabuni

    We have this website In the page you can see there is all data connection and file example for connection and reference document We need this : 1) Quote 2) Route 3) Shipment 4) Pickup 5) Tracking In the website there are data connection, reference document and more

    $213 (Avg Bid)
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    27 zabuni

    This is an Angular project. It is urgent, and it needs to be done within 20 hours. Currently there is no way to test locally changes made to the CPP for authenticated flows like add property before raising PRs etc. We need to add an option on the bootstrap page (for the comparison app type) to ask “Is customer authenticated?”. It should default to no. If selected, this option should force the comparison page to bring up the auth0 login page ( but only when running the app locally ). To install and build: please update: authToken=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 in .npmrc file

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    49 zabuni

    Nakala Kuu za JavaScript