Java is a versatile, object-oriented programming language that is widely used for software development across various industries. Java Developers can help clients create anything from complex web applications to automated trading bots and mobile apps. With their advanced skills and knowledge, they can turn your vision into reality, providing you with tailored solutions that align with your business goals. Here are some recent projects that our expert Java Developers made real:

  • Developing custom GUIs for existing codebases
  • Creating encrypted, secure crypto apps
  • Designing cross-platform audio merging tools for mobile devices
  • Building sophisticated trading bots for the cryptocurrency market
  • Implementing open-source virtual machines in C
  • Collaborating as senior developers on large-scale Android projects
  • Solving server request errors for mobile applications
  • Running and optimizing code from Git repositories
  • Designing and implementing web services for seamless integration

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    Jimbo la Kazi
    287 kazi zimepatikana, bei imeletwa USD

    I am looking for a skilled software developer to create an encrypted program that will convert a 30-data XLS sheet to include a Horómetro and protection. The program needs to be compatible with Windows operating systems and written in Python. The encryption level required is advanced. The ideal candidate will have experience in Python programming and encryption techniques. The project will require attention to detail and the ability to deliver a secure and functional program. Necesito que el software, tenga control de horómetro y que no se pueda transferir cuando se descargue o se envíe a los usuarios. Tambien tenga boton de imprimir 5 páginas juntas como report en pdf y que miestras el usuario vea el ingreso de datos pueda ver la evolucion del grafico, tien...

    $137 (Avg Bid)
    $137 Wastani wa Zabuni
    14 zabuni

    Job Description: We are seeking a talented and highly motivated Software Developer to assist in a project involving data collection, database creation, and text messaging integration. The ideal candidate will be experienced in data mining, specifically for the Commercial Real Estate industry within New York, along with having the ability to develop a system to send SMS messages using a provided phone number. Responsibilities: - Develop a software or use existing tools to mine data on commercial real estate agents operating within New York, focusing on gathering phone numbers and email addresses. - Clean and organize the collected data into a structured and accessible database. - Design an SMS system, integrated with the database, to send messages to all contacts using a provided phone n...

    $570 (Avg Bid)
    $570 Wastani wa Zabuni
    36 zabuni
    VPN APP ANDROID 6 siku left

    I have a VPN app and I want to do some fixes to it, the app was developed in Android Studio with kotlin language, I want to improve the design, add some things, fix bugs and optimize. I have the source code of it. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience developing VPN apps for Android - Knowledge of OpenVPN protocol over dnstunnel - Strong understanding of Android development and security features

    $225 (Avg Bid)
    $225 Wastani wa Zabuni
    13 zabuni
    Need help programming a word file 6 siku left

    I am in need of a skilled JavaScript programmer who can help me automate tasks in a Word file. The automation should be at an advanced level and should involve manipulating text and extracting data. The ideal candidate should have experience with JavaScript programming and have a good understanding of Word file automation.

    $12 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $12 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    14 zabuni

    I want someone who will assist to hide session ID which is exposed in Java Spring Boot.

    $13 (Avg Bid)
    $13 Wastani wa Zabuni
    4 zabuni

    I am looking for a Java and Springboot developer to create a mind mapping system. The purpose of the system is for personal organization, team collaboration, and creative brainstorming. The system should have a list of specific features that I will provide. I am looking for an intermediate level of complexity for the system. The ideal candidate should have experience in Java and Springboot development and be able to create a user-friendly and visually appealing system.

    $11 (Avg Bid)
    $11 Wastani wa Zabuni
    2 zabuni
    Implementing algorithm in Java 6 siku left

    The algorithm that I want to be implemented is the Cache Join with Frequency load shedding. In this algorithm, data from two different sources are joined together based on a key value and the bottleneck of this algorithm is dealt by using the frequency shedding in which the data with the highest frequency is processed first and the low frequency is set aside to be processed later. I have attached a document which will explain the working in detail below. Also, when the work is finalized, I will provide you with the description of the algorithm, a base code and the datasets to be joined. I want efficient and hard working applicants who will be willing to work with me through this project and will be open to communication along the development. Hoping to have an amazing work experience with...

    $133 (Avg Bid)
    $133 Wastani wa Zabuni
    9 zabuni
    adobe acrobat reader api developer 6 siku left

    Looking for a developer who can extract pdf data in jason format by using adobe acrobat reader api, the work is very easy needs to complete by few hours

    $43 (Avg Bid)
    $43 Wastani wa Zabuni
    8 zabuni

    Looking for a Java trainer with expertise in the following areas: - Advanced level knowledge in Java - Experience in providing group sessions or online courses - Ability to cover topics such as Data Structures and Algorithms and Java Frameworks Ideal candidate should have: - Strong communication skills - Experience in developing and implementing training programs - Ability to provide practical examples and exercises to enhance learning experience.

    $15 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $15 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    14 zabuni

    We are looking for a java spring boot developer. We are a fully develop project. Need to Add some features in our exiting Backend. Must be experienced in both java spring boot and python AND mainly in Websockets. One backend is complex needs proper experience.

    $21187 (Avg Bid)
    $21187 Wastani wa Zabuni
    8 zabuni

    I am looking for a skilled Android developer with experience in Java to develop a VOIP call recorder app. The app should have the following features: - Automatic recording: The app should automatically start recording when a call is initiated. - Cloud storage integration: The app should have the feature to integrate with cloud storage for easy access and sharing of recordings. The ideal candidate should have experience with VOIP call recording and be able to deliver a high-quality app that meets the my requirements.

    $538 (Avg Bid)
    $538 Wastani wa Zabuni
    60 zabuni

    Description: We are a company based in the Capital of Norway, specializing in AI solutions for businesses aiming to optimize their operations and gain a competitive edge. We are currently seeking experienced and innovative AI solution partners to collaborate with us and provide our clients with cutting-edge AI solutions tailored to their specific needs. Responsibilities: * Collaborate with us to understand client requirements and business objectives * Design and develop customized AI solutions to address specific client challenges * Implement AI algorithms, models, and tools to automate processes, analyze data, and deliver actionable insights * Ensure seamless integration of AI solutions into clients' existing systems and workflows * Provide ongoing support and maintenance for imple...

    $29 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $29 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    39 zabuni

    I am looking for an online Java tutor to teach my 11 year old son. He has already learned the basics with another nice teacher we found here. The project will be ongoing and weekly 2 to 3 classes lasting 1 hour duration is expected. The ideal candidate should have experience teaching children and be patient and encouraging. Specific skills required include: - Java programming experience - Experience teaching children - Patience and encouragement - Good communication skills in English. - Willing to commit for an year or more. See, we are looking for somebody genuinely interested in teaching a kid. If you are not, please ignore this. Please mention your name in the reply, so that I can understand you read our requirement fully before replying. Hourly payment, which we can discuss you ...

    $12 (Avg Bid)
    $12 Wastani wa Zabuni
    19 zabuni

    Does anyone have experience feel free to contact me. Hope you can solve my in advange

    $71 (Avg Bid)
    $71 Wastani wa Zabuni
    31 zabuni

    I am looking for an app publisher who can upload my completed android app to the app store. The app is focused on entertainment and I require someone with experience in app publishing. Here are the ideal skills and experience required for the job: - Experience in uploading android apps to the app store - Knowledge of app store guidelines and requirements - Familiarity with mobile app development and design - Good communication skills to ensure a smooth process - Attention to detail to ensure the app is published successfully without any issues If you have the required skills and experience, please apply for this project and provide your portfolio or sample work. Thank you.

    $36 (Avg Bid)
    $36 Wastani wa Zabuni
    5 zabuni

    Hello, it is necessary to write a cafe and restaurant program that is resistant to a strong infrastructure, all of them must be rebuilt and the system is completely cloud, it will be integrated into the phone system with android and ios, it will also be integrated into the phone system with full-time caller ID. You can send a message with a freelancer for detailed information.

    $705 (Avg Bid)
    $705 Wastani wa Zabuni
    100 zabuni
    Telegram web portal 6 siku left

    Hello, Kindly we prefer who has an experience with same issue. We need a telegram web portal that using telegram service to do next: - Bulk sender. - Extract contacts. - Extract groups numbers - Chatbot - Number's filter (has whatsapp or not) - send messages to group or groups - Number book. - Black list book. Source code included

    $540 (Avg Bid)
    $540 Wastani wa Zabuni
    46 zabuni

    I am in need of an experienced Android Developer who has a strong background in location-based app development. Android developer with location api experience to check and fix issues related to location fetching in background and other background different states like app force closed, phone lock etc. for our uber type taxi driver app. PM for more details. Overall, I am looking for a skilled Android Developer who can help take our app to the next level with location-based features. If you have a strong background in this area, please apply.

    $553 (Avg Bid)
    $553 Wastani wa Zabuni
    134 zabuni
    Adro Recorder 6 siku left

    My project is called Andro Recorder, a recording system that can be used only on Andoid. Its main purpose is to the record both audio and video on Voip Call like Whatsapp etc etc, it will be based on Andorid 11 and if is necessary on rooted device.

    $1395 (Avg Bid)
    $1395 Wastani wa Zabuni
    38 zabuni

    I am in need of a skilled C# Windows Application Selenium Developer/Chrome Driver to create a fully automated application that will automate the task of form filling. The ideal candidate should have experience in automating tasks using Selenium and Chrome Driver. The main purpose of the application is to automate the form filling process and reduce manual input. The level of automation required is fully automated with no need for user input. The application should be able to fill forms accurately and efficiently. The successful candidate should possess excellent programming skills and have a strong understanding of Windows Application development. Key skills for this project include: - C# programming - Selenium Web Driver - Chrome Driver - Windows Application development - Strong understa...

    $4 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $4 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    6 zabuni
    Java DSA Expert with FX Swing 6 siku left

    The project aims to develop a software application that requires expertise in Java Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) along with the use of JavaFX Swing for building a graphical user interface (GUI). The project requires a highly skilled Java developer who possesses a deep understanding of DSA concepts and is proficient in implementing them in Java.

    $23 (Avg Bid)
    $23 Wastani wa Zabuni
    8 zabuni

    I am looking for a developer to create a home security application for me. The app should incorporate motion detection as the main security feature but should also have door/window sensors and video surveillance capabilities. Additionally, I would like the app to support remote access for added convenience. For user customization, a moderate level of customizability should be present in the application so that users can customize their settings to their own needs. The project should adhere to all security and privacy guidelines and should be able to handle all the necessary preventative measures. The project should consist of such a feature that if there is a burglar who has entered your home then he/she can be locked inside and unable to break out from the house. Also add a panic button f...

    $172 (Avg Bid)
    $172 Wastani wa Zabuni
    21 zabuni
    Future 6 siku left

    Project Title: Future - Technology - Artificial Intelligence I am looking for an experienced developer to create a complete app based on my specific requirements. The app will focus on the future of technology, specifically in the field of artificial intelligence. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong programming skills in relevant languages such as Python, Java, and C++ - Experience in developing AI applications and algorithms - Knowledge of machine learning and data analysis techniques - Understanding of user experience design and interface development Project Output: - A complete app that meets my specific requirements and uses AI technology to provide a unique user experience.

    $35255 (Avg Bid)
    $35255 Wastani wa Zabuni
    25 zabuni
    Chatbot expert 6 siku left

    I want an expert chat bot developer with integration with social media. more details via chat feel free to bid on projects

    $191 (Avg Bid)
    $191 Wastani wa Zabuni
    9 zabuni

    This project is to create an Android app using the open Pose Estimation Lib. Video sources can be selected from cameras or galleries to be displayed. On the screen, the decoded video and the result of the Pose Estimation Lib must be overlaid. The value of each part of the measured Pose should be output after indexing with a set value. In order to extract the value, not only simple Android coding, but also simple mathematical calculations must be performed. For details, please refer to the attached file. If I apply first without even looking at the file, I don't respond.

    $302 (Avg Bid)
    $302 Wastani wa Zabuni
    40 zabuni
    looking to make an app like tiktok 6 siku left

    hello, am looking to make an app like tiktok calibre with added features such as gamification ecommerce integration drop shipping loyalty program and more

    $10406 (Avg Bid)
    $10406 Wastani wa Zabuni
    81 zabuni

    Looking for someone who can help me with Java Code and its deep concept happening in the background. This is mostly coding session and learning so I need trainer who has hands-on experience

    $14 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $14 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    24 zabuni

    Hi there, I'm looking for a freelancer to develop a bot program for an Android game I play on my geo location emulator. The game of choice is not Clash of Clans nor is it Pokemon Go, although it is similar to those games. The main functionality of the bot should be performing automated actions. Flexibility in programming language is preferred, although Python and Java are preferred. Please include your experience with bots, automated actions, emulators, and geo location gameplay when submitting your proposal. Thanks for your time!

    $211 (Avg Bid)
    $211 Wastani wa Zabuni
    18 zabuni

    Integrate chatgpt with whatsapp

    $118 (Avg Bid)
    $118 Wastani wa Zabuni
    18 zabuni

    I am looking for a developer to create a payment gateway software for me with the following requirements: Payment Gateways: - I want to develop my own payment software Features: - Fraud detection Resellers panel Admin panel Refund api Merchant panel The all system which I want in automation Platform: - Both web and mobile Ideal skills and experience: - Experience in payment gateway development - Proficiency in programming languages such as Java, Python, and Ruby - Knowledge of fraud detection techniques and best practices for payment security - Experience working with web and mobile platforms - Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

    $2692 (Avg Bid)
    $2692 Wastani wa Zabuni
    15 zabuni

    write code. link html code to python code, nlp, question generation etc. backend development

    $25 (Avg Bid)
    $25 Wastani wa Zabuni
    14 zabuni

    I am looking for a freelancer to integrate an existing web service with a Flutter Dart GUI. The web service is a basic API with simple data retrieval. The Flutter Dart GUI will require specific features and functionality, which I have clearly outlined. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in Java and Flutter Dart - Experience integrating web services with Flutter Dart GUI - Knowledge of basic APIs and data retrieval - Attention to detail in implementing specific features and functionality. Flutter Dart GUI Web service GUI must be covered by automation test . Like FxRobobot or Protractor.

    $536 (Avg Bid)
    $536 Wastani wa Zabuni
    73 zabuni

    Identification Document and Agent Affirmation screens Please enter 3 pieces of identification. WebPicID needs 3 pieces of identification and an agent to affirm the new Member’s identity. The Agent is credited an Agency Fee for each Act of Agency. New Members can enter the ID details in text or Take Pictures of their ID. The Agent(must be 18+ years old) needs to look at the Pictures of the Id documents or Text and the original Id contents. Members can type in the information on the ID Document screens below. OR _Press here to select Picture input Then the primary ID picture input form appear. Canera feed Picture Take a picture Once we take a picture The agent fills out the type expiry date and serial number. We need a save and next button to save the picture. And Create a hidd...

    $15 (Avg Bid)
    $15 Wastani wa Zabuni
    9 zabuni

    I am looking for an Android developer who can help me to update my existing application. We need it for long term

    $3 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $3 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    16 zabuni

    I need some freshers who can code for mobile app development. Any degree. Any location in India Freshers only native android app with firebase Salary is very low 10k INR max Project might end any time so no job security Freshers can keep looking for stable job while working with me Send your resume

    $111 (Avg Bid)
    $111 Wastani wa Zabuni
    16 zabuni
    oracle apex developer 6 siku left

    I am in need of an Oracle APEX developer to create an application for me. The purpose of the application is for data management. I have a clear design plan in mind, so I need a developer who can work with my specific design. I require an intermediate level of Oracle APEX experience from the developer. Ideal skills and experience for the job include: - Expertise in Oracle APEX development - Ability to work with a clear design plan provided by the client - Experience in data management - Intermediate-level knowledge of Oracle APEX.

    $405 (Avg Bid)
    $405 Wastani wa Zabuni
    22 zabuni
    Java Enterprise Application 6 siku left

    Software Requirements Specification (SRS) Application Name: Group Management System Introduction The Group Management System is a web-based application designed to provide a platform for users to create and manage groups based on different geographies and locations. It allows users to register, login, and recover their passwords. The application enables users to create sub-users who act as group administrators. Users can add devices to their groups, share reports and data within the group, and set up alerts based on predefined criteria. The system also includes device management features, connectivity to MQTT broker, data storage in MongoDB and TimeSeries Database, and report generation compliant with FDA CFR21 regulations. Additionally, the application offers a web dashboard for visualiza...

    $778 (Avg Bid)
    $778 Wastani wa Zabuni
    23 zabuni

    Job Description: We are seeking a skilled Full Stack Developer to join our team and take on the responsibility of developing a comprehensive Digital SAT practice platform. The platform will provide immediate scoring and feedback for practice tests, offer actionable insights and detailed explanations for every question, and facilitate targeted practice exercises to help students improve their SAT performance. As a Full Stack Developer, you will play a key role in building the tools, strategies, and support features necessary for an effective Digital SAT learning experience. Responsibilities: •Design and develop a user-friendly SAT practice platform with immediate scoring and detailed explanations for practice tests. •Implement features that provide actionable insights and target...

    $101 (Avg Bid)
    $101 Wastani wa Zabuni
    5 zabuni

    We are seeking a full-time Java/Kotlin developer with expert-level Python experience and machine learning expertise to work on an autonomous debugging solution. The ideal candidate will have experience architecting solutions, creating and executing technical design documents, and familiarity with Apache Flink. Additionally, experience with GPT/LLM technology is highly desirable. The developer will be responsible for designing and implementing solutions to complex problems and contributing to the development of cutting-edge technology. Please highlight your experience in any of the following: - Apache Flink - Apache SkyWalking - Distributed Tracing - Software Observability - Machine Learning - GPT/LLM Technology If you have experience in these areas, please submit a proposal for thi...

    $25 - $50 / hr
    Il'ohusishwa Imefichwa
    $25 - $50 / hr
    40 zabuni

    Me gustaría contratar el servicio de implementar en una serie de equipos Windows la configuración adecuada para trabajar en proyectos Web en Java, con el IDE eclipse y compartidos con Github o alguna herramienta de versiones. Actualmente no podemos trabajar simultáneamente en el mismo proyecto por no tener bien hecha dicha configuración. En los proyectos, habitualmente utilizamos Maven e Hibernate.

    $270 (Avg Bid)
    $270 Wastani wa Zabuni
    11 zabuni

    Need to integrate one API service in the android native app

    $36 (Avg Bid)
    $36 Wastani wa Zabuni
    18 zabuni

    I need a 3DS/ACS system for card acquiring and issuing. We can start with Issuing ACS first and then move onto 3DS, or vice versa.. To complete this project, I am looking for a developer with experience in building payment systems, preferably with knowledge of 3DS or ACS and you will need to work with accredited lab to complete the certification of the product. Ideal skills for this job include: - Strong understanding of payment gateways and processors - Expertise in integrating payment systems into websites and applications - Knowledge of security protocols for payment systems - Experience with Credit/Debit Card payment methods and associated regulations If you have previous experience building 3DS / ACS system, please apply for this project.

    $17380 (Avg Bid)
    $17380 Wastani wa Zabuni
    8 zabuni

    I am looking for an experienced Azure developer to integrate Azure Active Directory into my flutter app. I already have an existing authentication system in place, so I need someone who can seamlessly integrate the Azure Active Directory with my current system. The main purpose of the integration is to provide user authentication for my flutter app. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Expertise in Azure Active Directory integration - Strong experience with flutter app development - Knowledge of authentication systems - Ability to work with existing systems and integrate new ones - Understanding of user authentication and security measures. -expertise in flutter

    $23 (Avg Bid)
    $23 Wastani wa Zabuni
    3 zabuni

    i have 2 physical NIC's connected on my Windows 11 machine. What i want is to programatically switch the network traffic from NIC-1 to NIC-2 and back in rotation. So means: Default NIC: NIC-1 sleep 10s Default NIC: NIC-2 sleep 10s Default NIC: NIC-1 sleep Default NIC: NIC2 ------- ----- -- Important for me is that the network is switching fast, with as less interruption as possible because there is an running programm i backround. An more smart solution would be an may create an Virtual NIC from the 2 physical NIC's and manage the traffic in an way, to prevent any interruption. I would like to code this in C++ because want to implement it in an bigger program later wich will get written in C++ too.

    $182 (Avg Bid)
    $182 Wastani wa Zabuni
    9 zabuni

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a talented freelancer to develop an Android app for a lottery that supports the National Lottery. The app should include ticket scanning capabilities and be fully customized design. The app should be able to support user ticket scans, allowing them to quickly and easily check the results of theirplayed lottery tickets and strategize their approach to playing the lotteries. The app should also come with helpful tips and strategies for increasing the chances of winning. It is important to me that the app design be highly personalized, so I'm looking for a talented professional who can put together a great design package that fits with the overall theme of the app. If you have experience designing mobile applications and are available for this pr...

    $416 (Avg Bid)
    $416 Wastani wa Zabuni
    19 zabuni

    I am looking for a developer to create an Uber like app with ride-sharing functionality and additional features such as real-time tracking and in-app messaging. Also, should have seat booking feature as in airlines/redbus as per prices. The app should be available for both iOS and Android platforms. I would like the project to be completed within 1-2 months. Ideal skills and experience: - Experience in developing ride-sharing apps - Proficiency in programming languages such as Swift and Java - Familiarity with real-time tracking and in-app messaging technologies - Ability to design user-friendly interfaces

    $832 (Avg Bid)
    $832 Wastani wa Zabuni
    23 zabuni
    status saver app 5 siku left

    i have a source code of whats app status saver in java and have some errors when building have to solve that

    $3 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $3 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    9 zabuni

    Tafadhali Jisajili ama Ingia ili kuona maelezo.

    Imefichwa Makubaliano ya Kutotoa Taarifa

    I need a Java Swing Netbeans project that can help me visualize my performance metrics. I need someone who is proficient in Java and has experience with data visualization. The ideal candidate should have experience in creating charts and graphs, and be able to create pie, bar, line, and status history charts. The project will involve the following: - Developing a Java Swing Netbeans project - Visualizing performance metrics data - Creating pie, bar, line, and status history charts - Ensuring the project is user-friendly and easy to navigate If you have experience with Java, data visualization, and chart/graph creation, please apply for this project. Further the jar can be deployed in web

    $508 (Avg Bid)
    $508 Wastani wa Zabuni
    24 zabuni
    PROGRAMMER -- 2 5 siku left

    I need a programmer who is proficient in Java, Python, or JavaScript to work on a specific project that needs to be completed in less than a week. The ideal candidate should have experience in: - Developing complex algorithms and data structures - Working with databases and APIs - Troubleshooting and debugging code - Communicating effectively with team members and clients The specific project involves: - Building a web application that allows users to search and filter through a large dataset - Implementing machine learning algorithms to suggest relevant results - Creating a user-friendly interface that is responsive and mobile-friendly - Integrating the application with external APIs and databases If you have experience in these areas and can work under a tight deadline, please apply ...

    $347 (Avg Bid)
    $347 Wastani wa Zabuni
    18 zabuni

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