Ufanyakazi Huru Kazi na Mashindano

Peana kwa umma kazi za biashara yako kwenye Freelancer. Tunakuunganisha na zaidi ya wafanyakazi huru millioni 28.8 wenye ujuzi kutoka kote ulimwenguni.

Wafanyakazi huru wetu wana ujuzi usiokuwa na kikomo. Hii ni kama: ubunifu wa logo, ubunifu wa picha, ubunifu wa tovuti, huduma ya kiufundi, utafiti wa masoko, uchapishaji, kutafsiri, na uingizaji data (kati ya nyinginezo nyingi).

Unaweza kuajiri mfanyakazi huru kuanzi $30 - huku mradi wa kawaida ukikamilika kwa Dolla $200. Haijalishi ni soko ipi unayotaka kufikia, utapata Wafanyakazi huru kutoka katika pembe zote za ulimwengu tayari kuvukisha biashara yako mipaka ya kawaida.

Ili kuanza, Tuma Mradi sasa ama Ajiri Wafanyakazi huru Wakuu.

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Mradi/Shindano Maelezo Zabuni/Wasilisho Ujuzi Imeanza Inaisha Bei (USD)
writing an essay writing an argumentative essay for a topic with writing a theme and a title about this topic with 5 sections 11 Utafiti, Uandishi wa kiufundi, Kuandika Ripoti, Article Writing, Uandishi wa vya utafiti Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $39
Logo design Looking for help to design a logo. 36 Ubunifu wa Picha, Ubunifu wa Logo, Photoshop, Illustrator Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $78
wordpress blog I need my website re-configured.I need you to design and build my blog. 19 Kubuni Tovuti, Ubunifu wa Picha, WordPress Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $28
redesign image for better quality redesign image for better quality 27 Ubunifu wa Picha, Photoshop, Illustrator, Ubunifu kwa Photoshop Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $10
Web development I need a new website. I need you to design and build a landing page. Online work We are compliment 21 PHP, Kubuni Tovuti, Ubunifu wa Picha Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $219
DATA OF EMAIL LIST FROM INDIA ONLY MORE THAN 5 LAKHS Who do have data list from india only more than 5 lakhs or below, from india only 3 Kutengeneza Data, Uingizaji Data, Excel, Web Scraping, Tafuta Mtandaoni Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $22
arduino project My project is to use an arduino circuit like ATMEGA328P Pro Mini 328 Mini and a SIM 800L gprs GSM circuit board, prefered board to be smallest possible or ( if you can recommend better module for this project is fine let me know) conected to a the main alarm control panel and whenever there is an alarm this module call and send a text massage to the customers mobile number. So you need to write a ... 7 C Programming, Software Architecture, Uprogramu C++, Arduino, Ubunifu wa Circuit Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $169
MyBB Designer I am looking for someone who is proficient in MyBB theme editing to assist me with a forum I am creating. I have a bunch of small tasks which should be relatively easy for someone who is experienced with this sort of work and this should not take more than a few hours in my opinion. Some things I need done are things such as removing elements of the theme, re-naming elements of the theme, changing... 11 PHP, Ubunifu wa Picha, WordPress, Forum Software, HTML Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $10
job only for Oleg C. Drupal error finding and work has begun. This is for him only so do not apply. Many Thanks 4 PHP, CSS, Drupal, Software Architecture, HTML Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $18
Configure a encoder with arduino I have a encoder need to connected with stepper motor with arduino.. Urgent one 2 Elektroniki, Microcontroller, Software Architecture, Uhandisi wa Umeme, Arduino Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $29
I need a photo editor we have done a professional mirror photo shoot but the images need some touching up to remove scuffs in set and deal with the reflection that includes the camerman, some of the glass is specialist glass where the details need to be shown and not "cleaned out". We have about 40 photos to edit. I would like an indicative price per photo 27 Uhariri wa Picha Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $97
New Logo Design Our company use an old logo ( over 15 years older ) . This logo is similar with another registered Logo and is impossible to register in our country :). We need one new logo who must to preserve one part of old logo ideea , identity or elements. Our clients must to reconigze easily in new logo our old identity and our company. Atached old logo, Our company profile is import & sale auto par... 0 Ubunifu wa Picha, Ubunifu wa Logo Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $190
Translate EN to RU ~2700 words Need a native russian translator for english to russian translation. 2 gambling related articles with ~ 1350 each. 21 Ukalimani, Kiingereza , Kirusi, Kiingereza (Kimarekani) Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $44
Create Video Create Video for my website [login to view URL] Established in June 2018, with deep research and development since January 2014, AI Financial World Company is committed to adding value through fintech approaches, especially Artificial Intelligence and blockchain [login to view URL] core of our company’s financial decisions is based on AI technical analysis and our expertisers’ researc... 8 Utengenezaji video, Buni Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $19
Extract all pages, notification, messages from a Wordpress theme (so I can translate them) I have a Wordpress theme but need to extract all content (visible to users) so that I can view and translate them -- including all the pages, emails/messages/notifications generated, etc. Basically, I need to localize a whole Wordpress site, but don't know how to find & view all the pages/messages so that I can translate it. I can give you the source code and/or admin access for the Wor... 17 PHP, Kubuni Tovuti, WordPress, CSS, HTML Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $28
sound echo hi. i have a speak on 1.30 min and it is cold and metal sound with lot of echo. so i need it to be more normal and warm 4 Huduma ya Sauti, Muziki, Talanta ya Sauti, Ubunifu wa Sauti, Kutengeneza Sauti Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $13
Data entry for a website creating category and adding images to the category Need help with category creation full training given Must have good written English skills [login to view URL] gallery creation full training Have video available have 2 weeks full work must have good English Must be reliable and able work 40 hours per week 22 Kutengeneza Data, Uingizaji Data, Excel, Msaidizi wa Mtandao, Tafuta Mtandaoni Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $3
Create a ASP.net web application for Rate database I want to create a new web application for service rate database. Current rate was kept in Excel file format. The website should have : Login page Top or left menu for main page / Upload page Excel File Upload Page (check excel format) Confirmation page (for review uploaded data and save to database) Backend database should be MySQL project can be asp.net / asp.net -mvc / asp.net core with ide... 25 Kubuni Tovuti, MySQL, HTML, ASP.NET Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $225
Construction Project You need to select a construction project near you that meets certain criteria. It is recommended that you use information about the project which is readily available online. You can also complement this information with observations as you move around the outside of the construction site. The Project must meet the following characteristics: A project that is currently under construction (or a... 2 Utengenezaji wa Majengo, Uhandisi wa Civil, Wataalam wa Ujenzi Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $16
Design project I need a logo designed. 24 Ubunifu wa Picha, Ubunifu wa Logo Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $21
Requirement on Node.Js • The resource should have 4-7 years’ experience in of NodeJs, AnjularJs, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Java, J2EE and Spring added Maptalks + Openstreet ( map provider) • Must be good with requirement understanding, analysis, designing, configuration, code review. LOOKING ONLY FOR HYDERABAD CANDIDATES 2 Java, Javascript, HTML5, node.js, Angular.js Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $410
Web development Newsletter developer 14 PHP, Kubuni Tovuti, Ubunifu wa Picha, Uwekaji Blogu Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $103
Need expert in woo-square plugin! I have to implement square recurring payment! If you are expert in this area, please bid I only want an expert, so that have to explain one by one! Thanks! ( My budget is 30-50$ ) 20 PHP, WordPress, HTML, Huduma za Mtandao, WooCommerce Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $93
very simple android mobile app I would like to create a very simple android mobile application 30 Java, Mobile App Development, Android, Android Wear SDK Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $170
Personal Assistant We looking a Virtual Assistant who can do multiple task assign by admin, Should have audio / video, with high speed internet, and no disturbance. Should able to manage social media . 16 Uingizaji Data, Huduma kwa Wateja, Msaidizi wa Mtandao, Tafuta Mtandaoni, Huduma kwa Wateja Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $439
I need an App Designer It is a school communication software. I prepared the functions and menus. I need someone to make these menus, icons and buttons to look better. Also I need someone to develop the software. Details about the app is prepared in Powerpoint document, I can send if interested. 15 Mbunifu wa App Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $178
Business plan pitch deck High level business done in pitch deck format 10 Mchanganuo wa Biashara Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $369
Expert Rails/RoR developer for Redmine version plugin Are you a master of Rails development? You can easily take over development of Redmine plugins from scratch? You have already implemented Redmine plugins? You know how to protect the sources by obfuscating and building to binary for redmine plugins? You know how to create Themes for Redmine? You also know how to make responsive and dynamic pages for redmine with Drag&Drop support? You have ma... 7 Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Git Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $34
Website Content: Fill in the theme demo content with good text. I will give you a document. It will have all the information about my business (services, hours, costs etc). You need to read that document and look at a theme demo like this: [login to view URL] And then workout, text to go on demo page. This job is just for homepage only. So you need to be able to think smartly and workout the headline, the text to use on the demo sections. If you are good, y... 39 Uandishi wa hati miliki, WordPress, Uandishi wa Yaliyomo, Content Strategy, Writing Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $43
populate internet textbox using excel Hello i would like to populate internet (french market place website) using excel file. The file upload function from that website cannot be use because too many restrictions it can be done by api or windows automation, no matter. My side , i give the excel sheet including all field to be fill, of course possible ? 16 Kutengeneza Data, Uingizaji Data, Excel, Web Scraping, Software Architecture Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $132
Web development I need some changes to an existing website. Ediit and Re-arrange a classic sharepoint online 2916 farm. Needing guidance to get started. 15 PHP, Kubuni Tovuti, Ubunifu wa Picha Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $24
Publish my App in your GooglePlay Developer Account Publish my app on your mature Develper Google Play Account. Must have published at least other 2 apps, have some downloads on them and account must be at least 6 months old. I will send you everything to publish (apk, descriptions etc..). 12 Mobile App Development, Android, Injini ya Google App, Kujaribu Kitufe cha Simu Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $29
I need a mobile app I need a mobile developer. He have to have enough experience. 37 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, Objective C, iPad Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $232
Recruite medical professionals (doctors/specialists/physiotherapists) for medical billing company We are a medical billing company and we are looking for more medical professionals that we can provide with our services. We have more than 12 years experience in medical billing and would like to grow our company. We are looking for orthopaedic surgeons, physicians, anesthesiologists, general surgeons, physiotherapists, any medical professionals that want to outsource their billing. We offer the ... 4 Utangazaji wa bidhaa, Matibabu, Medical Devices Sales, Recruiting Sales Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $165
Urgent PPT Expert-Fixed Price Hello, I need basic 2-3 pages PPT redesign for my business. The new design must be better than the current design. If you have much experience and have done related work, then bid on my project. Current design attached here. My budget is max $14 I need to complete by today. 18 Kubuni Tovuti, Ubunifu wa Picha, Powerpoint, Uandishi wa vya utafiti, Maonyesho Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $14
Development for React Native SDK We will provide back-end and design. If you have good experience in React native SDK development, please place. If not, ignore this, please. I want to see your React Native Git repository to review your work quality. Thank you 24 Javascript, Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, React.js Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $1423
Software Tester Looking for Software tester , who can work our company premises 2 .NET Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $21
Econometrics- Eviews I need someone to help me working on a model on eviews . I need to follow the steps and all the equations . Serious only 4 Kutengeneza Data Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $203
I need a person in Senegal to carry out a research in mobile web Discription of the job: > Search webs that I will send, doing the tracking of the ads that appear and take screenshots; > It is required that the person is in SENEGAL and has a smartphone unlocked and with Internet 3G. The research will be with different SIM cards (we will pay for them); - The person needs to be ok with access web and content +18 Must have: - Smartphone - SIM card with 3... 1 Utafiti Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $111
How to get a right field type in "Hibernate" based on my query . In Hibernate i have an issue to get a right field type and same result with query fields order. in Hibernate. Let me have a code for following : - to get a right field type. - and A field order of result should be same with a field order on query. if you complete , pleae show me a console log having a right field type and result. if someone is awarded , I will send a JDBC... 1 J2EE, SQL, Software Architecture, Java Spring Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $222
Looking for females from all over the world Looking for Female. I'm looking for virtual girlfriend with whom I can chat and share pics with. She must be able to communicate in English. She should be open minded and friendly. Should be flexible with tasks and timing. Fresh freelancers, Single Moms looking for job opportunities are also encouraged to apply. This is a private job posting so no one will be able to see who has bid on thi... 0 Huduma kwa Wateja, XXX, Msaidizi wa Mtandao, Kukutana Kimapenzi, Kifilipino Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h -
Correct SEO mistakes on the website I have a small working blog which i keep as a hobby. I need someone who can go through and check if there are any mistakes in SEO, and if possible - correct them. I also need a correct setup of my seo plugin (SEOPRESS). Titles and meta, etc. 39 PHP, Utangazaji wa Biashara Mtandaoni, SEO, Link Building, WordPress Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $55
Content /Question development for Junior classes I would like to get MCQ questions developed for Standard 1-5 in multiple subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Computer and GK to be used in different learning media platforms. I am looking for long term engagement for right candidates. The deliverable will be in excel file in the format provided by me. Teachers with relevant content development experience should apply. Multiple people can ... 22 Uingizaji Data, Excel, Hisabati, Kiingereza (Kimarekani) Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $99
Rewrite TYPO3 extension to Extbase/Fluid Dear Freelancers, I have a small TYPO3 extension which needs to be rewritten to Extbase/Fluid. It is still based on pibase. It has two views and a simple controller. Furthermore, there are three types of models/tables which also need to work. It is important that the model itself doesn't change so the user doesn't have to update the entries. With the help of the extension users can c... 4 PHP, TYPO3 Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $213
Required Prestashop Expert Developer Immediately We are having a website where few things needs to be fixed. Details will be discussed with right candidate. 7 PHP, Kubuni Tovuti, Biashara za Kielektroniki, Prestashop, HTML Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $25
Add some CSS and other animation (pictures provided) on our login page We have our own online platform with our own design. We want to add some animation to the pictures to make it look more dynamic and vivid. Current login page: [login to view URL] Details will be provided during chats. *Developer(s) must be familiar with GitLab and Codeigniter. We do not use CPanel. 20 CSS, Sanaa ya vibonzo, Codeigniter, HTML Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $23
photoshop freelancer we have many photos to redesign. so have to need many photoshop freelancers. especially migrating two or more photos and etc. 53 Ubunifu wa Picha, Photoshop, Illustrator, Uhariri wa Picha, Ubunifu kwa Photoshop Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $99
graphic designer for logo creation I need some help with my new business logo! I have an idea of what I want, I just need someone to create something for me. I would love a few options 46 Ubunifu wa Picha Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $21
Design an electronic product Nanotechnology invention that I would like to market with a circuit board in it to have an appealing look for my clients. If you are good at creating new ideas and know how to get it manufactured please apply. 4 Uhandisi, Elektroniki, Uhandisi wa Umeme, Ubunifu wa Viwanda, Kubuni Bidhaa Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $28
Facebook ads for ecommerce I am looking for an experience facebook ads marketer who specialises in ecommerce 14 Utangazaji wa Biashara Mtandaoni, Utangazaji wa Facebook, Matangazo ya Biashara, Utangazaji kwa Makundi ya Kijamii Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 23h $39
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