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Industrial Design is the process of creating functional, aesthetic, and emotionally appealing products that meet the customer's desired specifications. Industrial Design Engineers posses a unique combination of skills, such as creativity, technical knowledge, and problem solving skills, to create solutions for their clients. They have expertise in the design of physical objects and systems - from space suits to cell phones - that often requires innovation and the understanding of a manufacturing process. Often these engineers act like consultants to the product development team to evaluate the options available and develop a product that meets both technical and user requirements.

Here’s some projects our expert Industrial Design Engineers made real:

  • Creating ergonomically friendly handheld vacuums for at-home cleaning.
  • Developing vector designs for a variety of products, from industrial machinery to home decor.
  • Constructing 3D models from blueprints and CAD drawings for factories and manufacturing plants
  • Creating stress analyses for Metal parts using software like IGES, STEP and STL files
  • Generating motor brackets for eBikes and other electrical vehicles
  • Replacing, adjusting and arranging pictures for product frontpages on two different websites
  • Developing Work Breakdown Structures(WBS) and Gantt Charts with in limited timelines.

By hiring an Industrial Designer Engineer off Freelancer.com your business can increase its product design capabilities. Our experienced designers are capable in taking a project from concept through all stages of development with quality analytics, tests results and simulations until it reaches its full potential or even surprise you with something further innovative. If you’re looking to supercharge your industrial design operations or break into new areas of product design then why not post your own project on Freelancer today?

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    As part of a food & beverage industry initiative, I'm searching for a vibrant and creative product designer. This role focuses on designing a physical product intended for commercial sale. Some key details: - The project should be approached with a focus on aesthetics, functionality, and mass-production viability. - An ideal candidate would have experience in designing physical products, particularly those for commercial sale. - Extensive experience in the food & beverage industry or knowledge of FDA regulations will be a significant advantage. Major deliverables will include multiple drafts and a finalized design plan. A highlight of skills in 3D software, materials knowledge, and manufacturing processes is essential. Looking forward to viewing portfolios reflecting items...

    $12 (Avg Bid)
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    7 zabuni

    I'm seeking to develop a new product, specifically aimed at serving a particular demographic. In the successful creation of this product, these are the key features I'm looking for: - Durability: This product must stand the test of time to provide significant value to the consumers. Experience in developing long-lasting materials or products are a plus. - Waterproof: A waterproof feature is crucial - it should withstand varying environmental conditions. If you have a background in designing waterproofed gadgets or items, it would be ideal. - Comfortability: This product should prioritize user comfort. Certified ergonomists or product designers with a track record for comfortable designs are sought after. The product is a running belt with a phone holder and the concepts are ...

    $16 (Avg Bid)
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    9 zabuni

    I require an experienced professional to develop a comprehensive sign plan that complies with local regulations. Key aspects include: - Resourcefulness: The job entails crafting different types of signage: wall signs, freestanding signs, and projecting signs. Hence, versatility and creativity are essential. - Technical Design: While I don't have specific color scheme, font style or logo requirements, I need a designer who excels in technical design, ensuring each sign's effectiveness and readability across diverse settings. In summary, this job suits someone seasoned in sign crafting, highly skilled in technical design, and knowledgeable of local signage regulations. Your proposal should highlight relevant experience, and any past projects involving similar tasks will add weig...

    $2000 (Avg Bid)
    $2000 Wastani wa Zabuni
    53 zabuni

    As someone keen on investing in a personalized touch to my home setups, I'm searching for an experienced 3D printing freelancer who can help create a custom top for an IKEA Rudsta cabinet. Key Requirements: - Measurements: The dimensions of the cabinet top should mirror those of the current piece of the IKEA Rudsta cabinet. - Material: The 3D printed top needs to be waterproof and sturdy. Although I don't have a predefined material selection, I'm open to recommendations for materials such as PLA, ABS, or Nylon, that would best serve these needs. - Design: I'm interested in a geometric pattern embedded on the surface of the cabinet top. Ideal freelancer: - Ample experience in 3D printing - Able to provide material suggestions - Skilled in 3D pattern design Yo...

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    37 zabuni
    3D Printable Laptop Cover Design 1 siku left

    Good evening, We're in need of a talented 3D designer who can create a sleek, minimalist 3D printable laptop cover for an Asus Vivobook 14", and other laptops in the future. This project will require skills in Blender and experience working with 3D printing slicing software. This will require that you already have access to industry-approved models of this and any other laptop (as provided by the manufacturer or other reliable source). Due to the nature of the clip-mechanism required, this will be the fundamental element of the design. Should this not be available at time of tender, the project will be cancelled in preference of another partner. Please do not submit a tender if this information is not already available to you. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Blender and ...

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    56 zabuni
    Neoprene Sash Designer Needed 2 masaa left

    I'm looking for a skilled fashion designer to assist me with creating a neoprene sash. Your main tasks will include creating the design drawings and developing a comprehensive tech-pack that can be handed off to a manufacturer for production. Key deliverables: - Design Drawings: I'll need detailed drawings that showcase the various elements of the sash. - Tech-Pack: This will need to include precise measurements, material specifications, and construction details. The ideal candidate should: - Have prior experience in designing neoprene products, if possible sashes. - Be well-versed in creating tech-packs for manufacturers. - Have a good understanding of current fashion trends and an eye for innovative design. If you have experience in the field of fashion design and you'r...

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    40 zabuni

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