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HTML 5 is the next revision of HTML - the standard programming language for describing the contents and appearance of web pages. Today, all major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE) offer HTML5 support, therefore the newest HTML technology can be used at its best today. HTML5 has been designed to deliver almost everything you'd want to do online without requiring additional software such as browser plugins. It does everything from animation to apps, music to movies, and can be used to build incredibly complicated applications that run in your browser.

If you are expert at working on HTML5 projects, supplies freelancers with thousands of projects and clients from all over the world looking to use your expertise to have their jobs done professionally and settling for nothing but the best.

If you believe you can do that, then start bidding on HTML5 projects and get paid with an average of $200 per project depending on the size and nature of your work.

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HTML text/ CSS changes quick changes which are really to do with website styling. Very quick job and job will be given to best bid 0 CSS, HTML, HTML5, PHP, Kubuni Tovuti Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 23h -
Teach me development Hello gus i Want some one To teach me development 2 Javascript, CSS, HTML5, HTML Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 23h $7
Desktop App UI design with HTML5 with C# logic behind I am trying to build a desktop application but many options for UI styling and design are lacking. As a result, I want to use some framework to style the UI using web technologies then execute the logic in C#. I need to be able to use C# to react to UI events and such. I looked at some things like Sciter and CEFSharp but no clue how to set it all up. The person will be responsible for the UI de... 7 Javascript, .NET, Kuprogramu ukitumia C#, HTML5, ASP.NET Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 23h $241
build native mobile website i need to someone to build a native mobile website to my exist website 13 PHP, Kubuni Tovuti, Mobile App Development, HTML5, HTML Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 23h $32
Simple Angular 4 screen with multiple components to be developed (For admin's crud operations) Need to implement a screen with multiple components. One component has multiple runtime validations. screen is to create multiple user profiles. left hand side component will have list of profiles created and right hind side component will provide a input form to accept profile details. Once, profile is created it should immediately displayed in left had side profile list components. if you click ... 11 Javascript, HTML5, jQuery / Prototype, node.js, Angular.js Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 23h $156
Monetized web & App Ideas Im looking for ideas , or developed web and apps, or ability to be developed. Im from Fiji and I looking for any ideas or apps that have been developed, and can be redeveloped for my country. Fiji currently doesn't have much of apps and if there is a good one that be done for my country and generate revenue , I will be very interested to get it developed or buy it at agreed cost. 1 PHP, Ubunifu wa Picha, HTML5, HTML Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 23h $4444
Need a fix for a small javascript / css issue. I have cobbled together some Javascript and HTMl that will enable me to select a table row. It will also add some rows at the top periodically via a timer. This is just a placeholder for an ajax call that will go in later. I want the table to be scrollable, so there is a table inside of a scrollable div. This works great, but might make the issue a little mroe complicated. The issue I am hav... 15 Javascript, CSS, HTML5, HTML, jQuery / Prototype Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 23h $29
$10 for very simple css inspection identify the css code so I can hide the element from my site. 54 PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML5, HTML Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 22h $13
AngularJS, ReactJS Experts Only! I want to create new website with Angular or React from scratch! I already have a graphic design files for it. We want to hiring Expert Web developers only! 18 Javascript, Kubuni Tovuti, HTML5, HTML, Angular.js Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 22h $20
Fix audio player on Wordpress site Website is a music group directory where members (the musicians) can create their own profile (choose categories, regions, load photos, mp3 files, etc.). Audio files should only be loaded on visitor's request (i.e. clicking a song title or the play button). Instead, all audio files are being loaded right away when opening the page, making it heavy and slow. Please let me know how you plan ... 11 PHP, Javascript, WordPress, MySQL, HTML5 Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 21h $26
Redesign User Interface REDESIGN * Dashboard section * Transaction section * Referral section * Support section * Login, Sign up, Forgot password, forgot username * Email template * home landing page 21 PHP, Kubuni Tovuti, User Interface / IA, HTML5, HTML Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 21h $15
Build website. we are looking for someone who has good skills in building comparison website. we will provide all details of the server. if you are interested in this project, please feel free to bid on this project. thanks. 54 PHP, HTML5, jQuery / Prototype, CS-Cart, Web Development Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 21h $891
HTML,CSS expert I am looking for HTML css expert with strong experiences in Web design Best regards. 77 Kubuni Tovuti, CSS, PSD hadi HTML, HTML5, HTML Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 21h $412
Fulfilling greeting card + admin page Fulfilling greeting card + admin page 13 PHP, Kubuni Tovuti, Ubunifu wa Picha, HTML5, HTML Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 20h $222
Rebrand a page builder wordpress plugin and make it legal for resell I will give you a wordpress page builder plugin which I want you to rebrand and make it legal for resell. The functionality will be same as the original plugin. If you don't have any experience in plugin development please do not apply. 2 PHP, Javascript, WordPress, HTML5, CSS3 Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 20h $1323
Create a GIF Preloader for my website I am looking at a Graphics expert who can create a GIF Preloader for a website which i am coming up with. Budget is a major concern. Looking at freelancers only. Will give the image the same needs to convert to GIF. Image is of two birds holding two strings to form a heart in between. I want these birds to come in flying from opposite directions towards each other pick up strings lying in between ... 9 Ubunifu wa Picha, Photoshop, Sanaa ya vibonzo, HTML5, HTML Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 20h $17
Html/Css (and a little bit of javascript) copy of existing page I am looking for a front-end developer that can build me an accurate copy of the following page: [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] The website [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] has much more different pages, these are NOT relevant for this project. I just need a copy of the single restaurant page styling and behaviour (on mobile and desktop). There is no need for backend work, just plain html... 13 Javascript, Kubuni Tovuti, CSS, HTML5, HTML Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 20h $1201
Quiz Ionic App Development Work I want to design a quiz app with Single Choice Question, Multiple Choice Question, and Matching Question. Please apply only ionic Developer and It will be a live code test before assigning JOB. 10 Mobile App Development, HTML5, PhoneGap, Angular.js, Ionic Framework Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 19h $5336
Help me fix a bug on a game developed in PHP using javacript and node.js Hello we have a website with multiplayer games that a user can play with another. We need someone with very good skills of node.js and php CI 21 PHP, Javascript, Software Architecture, HTML5, node.js Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 18h $194
Malware cleansing Cleansing related software’s aunt help In this project we need help to remove malware from our website and you will provide us related software to remove malware. We will pay after work done Budget $10 4 PHP, Magento, HTML5, HTML, XHTML Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 18h $46
Mobile Developer We're building native mobile applications for Android and iOS to facilitate reliable and low-latency trading with thousands of executions per second and in-depth data feeds to help create informed decisions. You will be joining a team of 5 frontend engineers who work on a React/React-Native codebase. Responsibilities Write clean, modular and testable code with consistent code style. Develo... 31 Javascript, Mobile App Development, iPhone, CSS, HTML5 Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 17h $2372
Php 5.2 to 7.x convert Need a php 5.2 based website converted to php 7.x with pdo and all pages working. This can become a continious job! Only bid your last price and time how long you need! 26 PHP, MySQL, HTML5 Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 17h $76
ONLINE STORE We need an online fully functional store, with different payment methods and custom shipping charges module. We want to show stocks for different countries as well with different domains. Means when people visit .com website, they get option for other countries websites as well with that countries stock options, those other location based sites will be part of the main .com website. We want ... 1 PHP, Javascript, HTML5 Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 16h $9410
Mobile developer required Will share details with the right candidate in inbox 30 PHP, Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, HTML5 Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 15h $1036
Convert Flash content -interactive courses- to HTML5 I need to Convert Flash content (interactive courses) to HTML5. I have around 15 courses to convert (Around 10 Gb actually). I see on all 15 courses, a total of 2500 swf files, 116 xml files and 15 asp files (i think database connections to send results to a database). Before hire you, i need you show me if you can do this job, only showing me a little part of a flash course converted to HTML5... 22 ASP, XML, Adobe Flash, HTML5, HTML Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 15h $1135
HTML5 3D Fashion Design tool For our customized sportswear production we search developers who can bring our webstore to a new level by creating a 3D model based online drawing tool. Technologies should be HTML5 Canvas in 3D. 14 PHP, Javascript, HTML5, Uundaji wa 3D Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 14h $668
Create App - Need detailed quote We wanting to create a app it wil be exactly like [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] We need quotes but we need detailed quotes and references of work In quote i need to see things like UI, UX -Backed Coding etc, if u dont want to send a detailed quote then dont bid please We Need to start Tuesday and will give a good milestone upfront to the right person 35 PHP, Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, HTML5 Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 13h $4998
AngularJS Developer for Front End Dashboard Customization This is the Theme I have: [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] I need to create 10-15 pages from this Theme. 80% of it are 'copy past' (like SIGN IN and CONTACT PAGES) - while there are maybe 4 page which require some work of customization. The freelancer should do few changes in the theme source code (which I'll provide), and use the widgets, forms, tables and layout that incl... 20 Javascript, HTML5, HTML, Bootstrap, Angular.js Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 13h $170
CSS expert for 10 min work Hi. I have a simple testing page with video tag. Now video position is set by absolute pos. I want to show 2 image buttons according to video pos. You have to work remotely on teamviewer. Please bid only if you are good at css. happy bidding 45 PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML5, HTML Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 13h $17
Web site for furniture business I have got a medium furniture business and a i need a web site, web site should be consist a very strong ui animations. 47 PHP, Kubuni Tovuti, Ubunifu wa Picha, HTML5, HTML Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 13h $1049
To make a small database of survey (not in english) and query for results to show in barchart , in that language I have a survey form, that has questions of different types(radio buttons,checkboxes for multiple answers with varying number of options and questions in tabular form). I want to store the survey form data in database in my language(Nepali or hindi).Whenever I want to view the result , it should display the graphical results(pie or bar [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama], "purus" is a hind... 13 PHP, Javascript, MySQL, HTML5, HTML Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 13h $104
Web plugin expert required I need an expert HTML5 developer for my current project kindly bid if you have experience. 7 Javascript, Software Architecture, HTML5, Plugin, API Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 12h $44
looking for angular 4 developer We are looking for Angular JS 4, Web API developer to work on the ongoing project. after the successful completion, we will hire for the whole project We will provide you sample app to resolve the issue. 17 Javascript, HTML5, HTML, Angular.js Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 12h $20
fix git problem A developer worked to make git to pull and push updated codes/files from test site to live site. But I faced an issue as attached file. looking for developer who can fix this issue quickly! 21 PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML5, HTML Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 12h $132
HTML Webpage Development I need a webpage developed with design attached. The page has six sections with WebGL Animations and using [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] On Mouseover on each section, the WebGL animations should tilt at an angle. WebGL animations will be provided for each section. Please Bid only If you have prior knowledge of WebGL and [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] with sample of your work. ... 12 Javascript, Kubuni Tovuti, CSS, HTML5, HTML Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 11h $98
Receive SMS Online I have few GSM mobile numbers (Which can be placed in mobile) with me and any kind of SMS that received onto those numbers must be automatically displayed on website. The Developer need to create a website for me and in that website the above cited SMS should be displayed separately on each page for each number. This website should be handy for admin so that he could change the mobile numbers ev... 5 PHP, HTML5, Kudhibiti Simu, Web Development Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 11h $64
Web Designer, Front-end Developer Needed I'm looking for a website designer who can work remotely and who can start in the meantime. 60 Kubuni Tovuti, AJAX, HTML5, HTML, Bootstrap Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 10h $123
Scheduling Page Design I need a scheduling page designed. The project requires someone with expertise in Designing, Jquey, and angular js. I would like to design a scheduling page identical to this with the drag and drop feature as seen on the website OpenSimSim. The MOST important component of this will be to implement the "drag and drop" as well as the "copy and paste" functionality. You MUS... 12 Javascript, Kubuni Tovuti, HTML5, Bootstrap, Angular.js Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 10h $107
Design Website for Non-Profit Ambulance Service (Design + HTML) I am looking for a website design for a local non-profit rescue squad (EMS/ambulance service) in Virginia, US. Department name is "Luray Volunteer Rescue Squad". Attached are a few photos and also our logo (patch) to use with the design. Please design each page: - Homepage - Photo Gallery - About Us - Staff - Donate - Training - Contact Us If you have any questions pl... 2 CSS3, Ubunifu wa Picha, HTML5, User Interface / IA, Kubuni Tovuti Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 9h $250
Product Designer Chronicled is the ultimate supply chain company in the world through block-chain leverage. We want to mimic their business model. We want to hire someone who is creative design wise. Prior knowledge about Chronicled and their business dealings will be preferred. Do go through [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] to know their business structure before registering for this post. 7 Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 Feb 18, 2018 Leo6d 8h $201
Magento virtual eyeglasses try on extension I want the extension with auto size adjustment. 9 PHP, CSS, Magento, HTML5 Feb 17, 2018 Leo6d 8h $184
web development for Label Me open source project I need some minor changes to be made to this open source webapp called LabelMe ( [url imeondolewa, ingia kutazama] ) Brief description of the requirement: The LabelMe app lets developer annotate objects in a picture. For e.g they can use the tool to draw an outline around a cat in the image. So if you set it up for a bunch of images, the tool will let you annotate images one after the other. ... 9 PHP, Javascript, HTML5, HTML Feb 17, 2018 Leo6d 8h $119
Project for Arpita J. Hi Arpita J., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 1 PHP, WordPress, Biashara za Kielektroniki, HTML5, HTML, Feb 17, 2018 Leo9d 8h $15
Need someone to create marco for me need someone to create a script for me via a chrome add-on message me for more dtail plz 11 PHP, Python, HTML5, Coding, Scripting Feb 17, 2018 Leo6d 6h $420
Sports Scheduling Progressive Ap Sports Scheduling Progressive Ap. Angular 5, Firestore/Firebase - Maximize Google API's. Site is already on GIT 24 Javascript, HTML5, node.js, Express JS, Angular.js Feb 17, 2018 Leo6d 6h $2265
Full Stack Developer I am looking for a full stack web developer. If you are an excellent full-stack developer, we can work together with long-term. I only want a personal developer. I will prefer European developer more. 26 PHP, Javascript, Kubuni Tovuti, HTML5, HTML Feb 17, 2018 Leo6d 6h $200
jquery css3 animation Require. Highly experiences jquery css3 animation Knowledge Team Required for mobile Animation. 12 Javascript, CSS, Sanaa ya vibonzo, HTML5, jQuery / Prototype Feb 17, 2018 Leo6d 6h $130
Copy Game of dofus I want to build a copy of Dofus a RPG game, we gonna send you all art resources, and the back-end, you only have to do is code the front-end, you could choose the language, preferably something like javascript 7 PHP, Java, Javascript, HTML5, HTML Feb 17, 2018 Leo6d 6h $2285
Design ICO Landing Page with GUI Images Hi, This landing page can be in PSD, HTML5, if you create this landing page in PSD I will need this converted into HTML5 (responsive). It would be great if you can create this landing page on your website if you have one, so I can see it live. If not, then that is okay. With this ICO all I will need is the Landing Page, and GUIs. I do not need White Paper or Coin designed. This can be designed... 0 Ubunifu wa Picha, HTML, HTML5, User Interface / IA, Kubuni Tovuti Feb 17, 2018 Leo13d 5h $300
Website Speed Shopify I just checked my website speed on google. It was very poor. When i go to checkout it takes very long to confirm order. The loading speed is about 9 sec... Make it about 2-4 without loosing quality at pictures. I need an shopify expert who can work with html and remove all bulk html and trash contet which makes my page slower.. The Mobile view is much important.. this must be very very fast... 11 Utangazaji wa Biashara Mtandaoni, SEO, Link Building, Utangazaji wa bidhaa, HTML5 Feb 17, 2018 Leo6d 4h $11
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