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C Programming is a powerful, high-level and highly structured programming language used to develop a range of applications, including operating systems, processing intensive computations and embedded systems. The language is designed to create a network of instructions that tells a computer what to do and how to do it. C Programmers are highly skilled software developers who understand how to turn lines of code into working programs that can solve a wide variety of challenges.

With their deep knowledge of the language, C programmers have an arsenal of tools at their disposal. From the basics like data structures and control flow, to more intricate details such as compilers and graphics libraries, C Programmers can create low-level system components, implement complex algorithms and develop sophisticated graphical user interfaces.

Here's some projects that our expert C Programmers made real:

  • Developing custom machine learning functions and programs
  • Writing software for a range of robotic applications
  • Creating advanced websites and mobile applications with secure authentication systems
  • Enhancing image processing techniques with sophisticated algorithms
  • Streamlining hardware communication protocols with custom implementations
  • Simplifying communication between hardware components with protocol decoders
  • Developing sophisticated animation features for post production workflows

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    Jimbo la Kazi
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    I am looking for someone who can code for esp32 to use two PN532 devices via the two I2c connections (two wire) . Please someone who can create and test it with own PN532 and esp32.

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    Artificial Intelligence 6 siku left

    High Life projects is growing fast in many areas (please read attached file) Titles: Artificial Intelligence Engineer Key Account Manager Entry level sales team member (world wide) Job Summary: We are seeking a skilled and experienced Artificial Intelligence Engineer to join our innovative team. The successful candidate will design, build, test and deploy AI-based solutions to meet the business and customer needs. Responsibilities: • Collaborate with internal teams to understand the business and customer requirements • Develop AI algorithms, models and applications to enhance product functionality • Evaluate, select and integrate AI technologies and third-party tools to meet project goals • Participate in testing, bug fixing and troubleshoot...

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    Expert in Arduino 6 siku left

    I am looking for an expert in Arduino IDE

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    11 zabuni

    Hi, I need someone to configure my computer to use OpenCL in C++ and to use it to run loops wich are for now in c++ on the GPU and make the computation as fast as possible. My computer have an Intel(R) Iris(R) Xe Graphics.

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    Project XYZ 6 siku left

    Embedded Linux with FPGA capability. From VHDL to application level programming.

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    7 zabuni

    I have script and I want someone to make an update for it, to start sending many request 1 second delay between ask for more information if you would like, I will need it as soon as possible , result must be like the attached file

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    build an indicator 6 siku left

    i want someone who knows coding. you will have to made an indicator on TRADING VIEW as per my description. i will instruct you what to do.

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    6 zabuni

    The indicator will use the existing NinjaTrader Swing Indictor and from this enable the following inputs. It will work on daily, and minute charts. 1. The Swing Strength is configurable i.e. 5 or 10 2. Days of History to mine is configurable Value 1 = 7 days ago 3. Days of History to mine is configurable Value 2 = 14 days ago The code will search for and record the time of a swing matching the defined strength on the days ago 7 and 14 in example above. Then project these times forward for the current trading day. These historical swing times will be printed on the chart (current time, i.e. today) with the time i.e. 14:10 and a colour dot red for short green for long. (I.e. a historical swing of 8 occurred 7 days ago at 14:10)

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    7 zabuni

    Hello! I have a code in a c like language to initiate a serial port and assign baud rates and other things to get the ASCII message received from a RS232 device, the idea is to get this sentences (that the device is receiving now) in ASCII format and extract some parts of the sentence to output custom messages from them as a final result (like translating the sentences) these are NMEA0183 sentences, I can give more details and share the initial code that is working now to the ones bidding good offers, should be a relatively easy task for someone with excellent c like language knowledge, looking forward to your comments regards!

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    31 zabuni

    My goal is to achieve a target return through utilizing auto algo trading in share trading. To do this, I need a trend following algorithm which can run on data from options and commodities trading such as EMA crossover. I am looking for a freelancer who can develop and implement an algorithm for auto trading as per my specified requirements. This algorithm should be backed by solid data analysis and research and be capable of providing me consistent results. The freelancer must be highly experienced in the field of auto trading, with experience in developing and optimizing similar algorithms. It is also important for the freelancer to have knowledge of the markets, including stocks, forex, options, etc. Successful implementation of this algorithm should generate a steady flow of profits f...

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    Hi, i need a java developer having good understanding of GUI and employee management system. Further details in the chat. Thanks

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    19 zabuni

    Hi, i need a java developer having good understanding of GUI and employee management system. Further details in the chat. Thanks

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    29 zabuni

    Hello. We are a USA based company with a new android phone running on an MTK chipset Mediatek mt6833v/za. This device has not been released to the public. No other known Lineage devices use the same chipset so sampling is not an option. We have the factory A12 ROM file as well as Kernel sources. We are looking for someone to build a Lineage fork for this device. This is a long-term project to build and maintain our custom ROM. Contractor should have extensive experience with AOSP development from scratch. Please do not make an offer unless your experienced in this field. Contractor must have experience with MTK and new device build outs. The Rom should be fully functional with all hardware features of the phone. We have access to factory OEM support. Contractor will need to work r...

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    ImGui Performance c++ 6 siku left

    i have my c++ project that using imgui with some fonts and configs that got loaded from the disk so basically my app sometimes have to destroy the imgui context and create new one i need to save my fonts and config data at the first init so i can load them quicker when i do re init for the imgui again save them to memory buffer and load them if the new context created

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    Potřebuju naprogramovat jednoduchou funkci na vývojovém kitu Nucleo F446RE v programu STM CubeIDE. Chci vytvořit CAN komunikaci a vysílat data na CAN sběrnici. Nebo naopak je ze sběrnice příjímat a číst data. Po sběrnici budou běhat jednoduché signály. K dispozici mám kromě kitu tyto prostředky: 1. DFR 0370 Can-Bus shield od df-robot () 2. Mikrobus ata 6563 click od mikroe () 3. Can 2.0 Bricket od tinkerforge () Potřebuju pomoc s naprogramováním a pospojováním prvků k sobě navzájem. Děkuji moc za pomoc

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    Build me a program 6 siku left

    I want a program that is requests the username an password, and the user has only three attempts to write it. We can discuss privately

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    This task aims to automate the data management of a computer vision system. This should be a tool/program that allows the system to automate the organisation and management of pictures. A robot will collect the data (pictures). Then, a script for cropping small images from a bigger picture will be run. *The small images created should be sent for their labelling*. Once the labelling is done, the pictures will be sent again to our system and *uploaded in an organized way to our server/platform for the training of our neural network*. The two steps marked with "*" are the ones that need to be developed.

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    Esp: Scrapping a portal inmobiliario y a comunas especificas para casas y departamentos usados (no nuevos) se deben obtener los datos de cada propiedad y esta almacenar en una base de datos. Los filtros por comuna son: lo barnechea, santiago, vitacura, las condes, ñuñoa, san miguel, independecia, huechuraba, providencia. Los datos de cada propiedad son: Nombre publicación, precio, metros cuadrados, número de dormitorios, número de baños, dirección, baños, estacionamientos, gastos comunes, descripción, precio por metros cuadrados, nombre vendedor, teléfono, fecha de publicación y código. Link de ejemplo: https://www.portalinmobiliario.com/venta/departamento/las-condes-metropolitana/4517268-kennedy-geroni...

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    I want to create a trading web app 6 siku left

    I'm looking for a talented programmer to develop a trading web app for me. I'm not sure yet which programming language should be used, but I do need a third party API for my web app and currently have no back-end services set up. A great problem-solving attitude and experience with trading web app development will be essential for this project. If you believe you have the necessary knowledge and technical skills to help me create a successful web app, then please take the time to present your project proposal. Thanks for your interest!

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    35 zabuni

    I am in need of a freelancer to build a tic-tac-toe game utilizing reinforcement learning algorithms. The game will be written in Python and will not be used for commercial purposes. I already have an existing code base, but need someone with reinforcement learning expertise to complete the project. If you have an extensive background with reinforcement learning algorithms, please consider applying for this project. Thank you.

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    9 zabuni

    Your task is to write a Python program that uses training data to choose the four ideal functions which are the best fit out of the fifty provided (C) *. i) Afterwards, the program must use the test data provided (B) to determine for each and every x-y- pair of values whether or not they can be assigned to the four chosen ideal functions**; if so, the program also needs to execute the mapping and save it together with the deviation at hand ii) All data must be visualized logically iii) Where possible, create/ compile suitable unit-test Datasets are attached along with the requirements along with the expected result.

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    Your task is to write a Python program that uses training data to choose the four ideal functions which are the best fit out of the fifty provided (C) *. i) Afterwards, the program must use the test data provided (B) to determine for each and every x-y- pair of values whether or not they can be assigned to the four chosen ideal functions**; if so, the program also needs to execute the mapping and save it together with the deviation at hand ii) All data must be visualized logically iii) Where possible, create/ compile suitable unit-test Datasets are attached along with the requirements

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    Hello, I'm looking for someone who will code a bootable program which can be run from a USB stick to get detailed hardware info of my PC. It should generate text report on a screen and if it's possible - write it as file to some folder on an USB stick it's running from. I have multiple notebooks Which I want to check for their specificity. The program must be lightweight and execute as fast as possible to save my time of entire process. It should be probably coded in C/C++ and use some FAST and LIGHTWEIGHT (so important) kernel, without loading unnecessary systems/libraries. On-screen report should be clear and easy readable. Also after saving this report on folder in USB it should be named with current timestamp and device model name (simple .txt file), USB device should...

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    Demo system for face recognition 6 siku left

    Demo for Face recognition system In this project we are required to provide a demo system to generate face images using a per-train model. Requirements for the project: 1- Assemble a system that takes an input image and produces an output image using a per-train model. 2- The project requires writing program files with TensorFlow, Keras, and Python. There are already existing files that I made long ago that you can use and modify or write your own. 3- You may provide a webcam system that can capture real-time images and generate them using a per-train system. 4- Provide a landmark detection foe the generated image. The T-GAN model is used in this project. It is not necessary to download or modify the T-GAN model or develop a method or integrate a method into the existing TP-GAN. The fil...

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    20 zabuni
    Automatic PhotoBooth for museum 6 siku left

    1. Software to generate qrcode or barcode - Ticketing system. This ticket must have the time and date the ticket was issued. QR code , link to download the photos and User name and Password for accessing . 2. When selling the ticket, we have 5 types of options: Adults: BGN 15 Students, pensioners and the disabled: BGN 10 Students: BGN 12 Children under 7 with a parent: Free Parents with 2 or more children under 18: BGN 45 The first software for generating jar codes should also be a lightweight accounting program. The idea is that a customer comes... the software is told how many people there are and what they are and a ticket is issued with a barcode. Subsequently, the software should have an option to see by date and from date to date how many people passed, what they were and what amount...

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    40 zabuni

    We need control card and touch screen interface for our vending machine. I am open to suggestions on this project. I want a menu like the attached image. It can be controlled with a Raspberry pi. Our features will be as follows. circuit board, coin acceptor, note acceptor, touch screen, our website for online payment. Our example scenario for cash payment is as follows: The customer will choose the product or products. The total payment amount and payment options will appear on the screen. the customer will choose to pay in cash, he will pay by coin or paper money. Every amount he throws will be displayed simultaneously on the screen, there will be a button like the start button when the payment is completed. When clicked, the products will start to be given. if he chooses to pa...

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    I'm looking for an experienced programmer to create an encrypted communication operating system for Android. This system will utilize the AES algorithm for encryption, and must be compatible with multiple versions of Android. Additionally, this system should include additional security features. The ideal candidate will have knowledge and experience developing communications systems for Android, as well as a strong understanding of encryption algorithms.

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    Content manager tool 6 siku left

    I need a tool that can help me to manage my reddit content to avoid dublications. 1. I should be able to create Tags 2. I should also be able to insert a list of Themes, I should be able to Tag them 3. I should be able to mass import GIF and JPG files and tag them with different Tags. Here is the explainer video that explains everything in detail: If the video is pixeld, you can set the quality here: User Interface: The tool should have a simple and intuitive user interface

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    I need a person who can use my library which does encrypt and decrypt and then make the c application work with PHP

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    I need an experienced IMU programmer to write an algorithm in C. I have an IMU that outputs data to an advanced sensor fusion library. The outputs of the advanced sensor fusion library is shown in the attached picture. I tried doing the integration of acceleration to get the velocity but error accumulated with time. So I want someone who has knowledge of Kalman's filter to determine the linear velocity. Please don't bit if you have no experience with IMU.

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    I need to implement MPCC for dynamic performance of SPMSM. The hardware setup is ready To implement MPCC for a Surface Mount Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (SPMS), the following steps can be taken: Develop a model of the SPMSM: This involves deriving a mathematical model that describes the dynamics of the SPMSM. The model should capture the nonlinearities and constraints of the system. Design the MPC algorithm: The MPC algorithm uses the model of the SPMSM to predict the future behavior of the system and generate optimal control inputs. The algorithm should be designed to handle the constraints and nonlinearities of the system. Implement the MPC algorithm on the TMS320F28335: The MPC algorithm can be implemented on the TMS320F28335 using Code Composer Studio. The algorithm should b...

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    3 phase ac voltages measurement control card based on microchip M_UC_PIC32MK0256GPG048-I_Y8X is ready. The bare pcb will be supplied , the proto card to be assembled and firmware to be developed . firmware functions 1. to read 3 phase voltages ( rms values of sinewave ac waveform 3vpp ) continuously and cut off relays in case of high voltage , the cut off to happen within half cycle. 2. neopixel led strip ( 6 leds ) to be driven. the board size is 5x7 inches , 50..60% filled , not a dense board ! the firmware to be in C using mplabx ide. microcontroller 5 nos to be procured , 2 proto boards to be assembled and delivered with working firmware. and source code. The schematic and layout files attached. the pins for adc measurements not fixed , based on programming constraints they have to ...

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    In this project, you will implement a simple version of ftp client/server software. It consists of two programs: ftpclient and ftpserver. First, ftpserver is started on a computer. It listens on a certain TCP port (such as 4007) and is capable of supporting multiple clients with different threads. Then, two ftpclients are executed on the same computer where the server runs; the server’s port number are supplied in the command line, for example, “ftpclient 4007”. The user can issue a command at each of the two clients: “get <filename>”, which is to retrieve a file from the server, or “upload < filename>”, which is to upload a file to the server. Testing is carried out in the following sequence ((a) client 1 will get from the server an...

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    4 zabuni

    I am looking for an expert in C programming language.

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    22 zabuni

    I am looking to hire a freelancer to create a basic web service script in C# that can automate simple order entry tasks. The script would be integrated into NinjaTrader, a trading platform designed for automated traders who use the C# language. If you have experience writing scripts that can access and control web services, I am looking for someone to create a wrapper that will allow me to make simple orders 'in the cloud'. All other tasks will be hand-coded by myself. This is a straightforward job that should not take longer than a few hours to complete. The successful freelancer should have an in-depth knowledge of C#, web services, and the NinjaTrader platform. Familiarity with Microsoft Windows and Visual Studio is also a bonus. If you have the necessary skills and are intere...

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    18 zabuni

    Hello, I am looking for a skilled developer to help me develop a Forex Trading Expert Advisor (EA) that utilizes a Step Lot system to trade and not the usual Martingale. The chosen programmer must have a strong knowledge of programming languages such as C#, Java, Python, C++, JavaScript, or PHP. Also, the trading strategy to be incorporated in the EA will be provided. This EA will be for a live account, not just a demo account. If you are interested in this project and feel confident in your abilities to create an effective EA for a live account, please let me know. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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    39 zabuni

    Read very clear. I have a simple signal bot running now in python, need an assistant good in python and experience in trading bots, and need to have some experience building succesful and backtested strategies, or in any case if you have some model for grid Bot good. NOTES - Crypto Knowledge - Python, TaLib, Backtesting, Backtrader - Finance expert coder especially in crypto. - Low budget but long term

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    programmation C sous linux -- 2 5 siku left

    struct pool *threadpool_create(int num); void threadpool_add_task(struct pool *pool, func_t fn, void *arg); void threadpool_join(struct pool *pool); void *worker(void *arg); // ieffect.c int process_multithread();

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    Account checker -- 3 5 siku left

    I need someone who knows how to create checkers with python

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    15 zabuni
    C code game on Raspberry Pi 5 siku left

    The objective of this project is to know about video programming on the Raspberry Pi. This assignment must be done with bare metal RPi.

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    28 zabuni
    IVR with SFX and E1 Cards 5 siku left

    I am in need of an IVR with SFX and E1 cards that have an interactive voice response and use both speech recognition and text-to-speech to process E1 cards will be Ethernet based. I am looking for developers who can create a fully functioning IVR system that provides a user interface with an automated greeting and menu options, as well as personalized instructions for customers. The IVR should include features such as call forwarding, automated call recording, call transfer, and the ability to customize speaking voices for different calls and caller circumstances. an ideal candidate will have a strong knowledge of the technologies associated with an IVR system, including E1 cards, integrated systems, signal and speech recognition and text-to-speech. They should also be familiar with progr...

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    Pyramid tree 5 siku left

    Represent a pyramid tree architecture consisting of cluster nodes connected in a pyramid tree format. Each cluster node has internal peers of nodes connected internally and has data or info in it (example tabular data) . We have to search the pyramid tree about a specific tabular data and we should show the path of the search query and print the path from root node to the node where the data is present . Modules you can use :- You can create a tree based architecture specifically a pyramid ree . And each nodes are connected from top to bottom for the nodes you can create a structure for nodes in the c langue or class in Python . For storing data in the nodes you can use node attribute as dictionary or you can aslo use a separate database for each node and Store the data . You have ...

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    Software Programmer Expert needed 5 siku left

    Hi, I need a c++ or c programmer to fix my current source code, thanks

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    45 zabuni

    Forex trading platform quotes api link and lp api live account demo account, pamm mam copy trading App and ios web terminal desktop terminal

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