ARKit is an augmented reality (AR) development kit provided by Apple for the development of applications targeting handheld devices. Augmented reality takes the input from the device, typically the camera, and overlays this with visuals mimicking what the application determines is visible.

Expertise in ARKit will constitute a foundation of mobile application development skills for Apple-based handhelds, along with specific experience in the development of augmented reality applications or features. Businesses intending to launch an AR mobile app or enrich their application with an augmented reality feature would benefit from using this kit as it significantly simplifies this otherwise complex development, and may benefit from retaining individuals skilled in its use.

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    this not an app that will be used as a standalone app ( [ingia ili uone URL] ) it is an app that will receive commands like in the link I have shown so the points you say are not relevant here unity receives colour, filter, type and behaves like an API only the job here is to - create 11 filters on the face only - create an API/message bus that can receive the 3 streams mentioned This is in uni...

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