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Air conditioning is any method of controlling certain temperature, humidity, and/or purity conditions in indoor spaces. It works by the process of phase conversion, particularly from liquid to gas, to enable heat absorption.


Air conditioning serves a variety of purposes. Its main aim is to maintain a temperature preferred by the user, usually when external weather is not to his/her liking. It also leads to better air quality, as air conditioners are able to filter out pollutants and mold from the air. Air conditioning will also prevent other appliances from overheating, eventually adding to their lifespan.

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    Calculation of the cooling load for a residential house - Budget is 25 USD In order to design an appropriate air-conditioning system for any building, the total cooling load needs to be accurately estimated. Consider the layout below for a small family residential house, located in the UAE, with all dimensions provided. Determine the capacity of the air-conditioning system for the house consider...

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