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    I'm in need of a skilled PHP Yii 2 developer to create a robust platform with user authentication, API integration, and a payment gateway. Key project requirements: - Use1. We've implemented razor pay in frontend but in backend it's phone pe so order I'd is not coming we've to fix that 2. Currently login sign up is email id and password we've to change that flow to phone number OTP login and it's already there for forgot password flow we've to modify that and use it for login 3. Once payment is successful then there's an appointment booking api that needs to make an appointment there's small fixes in it 4. There's a doctor's profile api where it should give doctors fee sometime it's not coming These are the fix...

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer with expertise in Yii framework to add new functionality to our existing system that serves a financial services purpose. The successful candidate will be responsible for implementing the following features: - Add menu new menu items using the language file - Bank statement mapping - Bank statement import - Bank statement transaction allocation A full specification is available for the selected candidate. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Yii framework - Strong PHP skills I look forward to your proposal for this project.

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    I'm looking for an experienced freelancer who can help me significantly improve the performance of my project, a PHP Yii 1 framework based application. The existing state of the application is not optimal with slow response times, long API process times, lower than desired overall performance, and a need for faster processing of new requests and server enhancement. I need an expert who can deep dive into the issues and provide solutions specifically in relation to: - MySQL normalization to enhance speed and efficiency - Optimization of all database queries - Enhancement of API endpoints to reduce process time - Streamlining the rendering of pages to increase speed - Prioritizing performance improvement for search functionality, data processing, and user authentication ...

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    As a company, we are intending to develop an advanced AI bot that can automatically respond to Skype chat messag...respond intelligently and understand the underlying meaning of the chat. Key requirements include: - Expertise in Python, with experience in PHP yii framework is a plus. - The bot should be capable of sharing screenshots to a specific Skype group and automatically respond following predefined templates. - Strong proficiency in AI for intelligent, adaptive conversation handling is necessary. - The bot should be multilingual and capable of supporting more than 7 languages. Experience in AI-driven bot development, Skype API integrations and multilingual support mechanisms will be highly beneficial for this project. The ability to work within the PHP yii framework...

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    I'm looking for an experienced Yii 1 developer to help integrate PayPal into my project. The primary goal is to enable one-time payments for product sales. Key Requirements: - The integration should be seamless, secure, and reliable, ensuring a smooth payment process for our customers. - The PayPal integration should specifically cater to one-time payments, aligning with our business model of selling products. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in Yii 1 framework development and familiarity with its nuances. - Proven experience in integrating PayPal payment gateways into web applications. - Specific experience in implementing one-time payment systems for e-commerce or product sales. - A good understanding of security practices for online transactions, par...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to upgrade our newspaper's digital paper website. The current website is built using a Yii PHP framework 1.0, which needs to be upgraded to 2.0 along with adding and changing some tweaks like cropping, downloading news clippings. Link to our website: Key requirements: - Expertise in PHP Framework coding. - Proven experience with website upgrades. - Familiarity with relevant coding standards to ensure an efficacious transition. Your role will involve implementing site improvements while preserving the existing content and functionality. The ideal freelancer is both detail-oriented and able to envision the bigger picture of enhanced user-experience and functionality. Your proposal should demonstrate your familiarity with

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    We are seeking an experienced Yii framework developer to upgrade our current website from Yii1 to Yii3. Our website also serves as a backend for several mobile apps, so it's crucial that the upgrade is performed seamlessly to ensure the API response structure remains intact. Experienced or should have work with karenderia system.

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    YII Framework and PHP Expert required to customise form. I already have easyforms script installed for form building. Its on YII framework with admin panel. i need to customise that easy forms to add OTP verification for mobile number. THey have twilio but that doesnt work in india. I need to integrate SMSAlert or FastSMS for mobile number verification also need to add Voter ID number validation using IDfy API and capture those data i backend. I need YII Expert who can complete this project fastly understanding my requirements

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    I am seeking an experienced web developer well-versed in the Yii 1 framework to incorporate PayPal subscription payments into my existing website. Key Responsibilities: - Integration of PayPal for subscription payment processing - Ensuring the integration does not include automatic recurring payments Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Yii 1 framework - Demonstrated experience in PayPal integrations - Understanding of secure payment processes - Strong attention to detail to ensure a seamless user experience Please provide examples of your previous work with Yii 1 and PayPal integrations. Understand that automatic recurring payments are NOT required in this project. Your attention to this specific detail will be appreciated.

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    I'm in need of an experienced Yii framework developer who can seamlessly integrate new features into my existing website. These features include the addition of PayPal payment gateway, a live chat function, and a sophisticated login/signup routing and administration roles system. The ideal candidate for this job has: - Extensive experience and knowledge in Yii Framework - Proven success in Paypal integration - A working knowledge of live chat systems integration - Proven ability to develop and implement login/signup routing - Experience setting up admin roles Just to clarify,I'm not looking for someone to learn as they go. Please bid only if you have skills and experience to hit the ground running. Looking forward to getting started!

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    Hello, I am a software engineer seeking assistance with building an automated email sender SaaS platform. I have already set up the project using a template called MailWizz, built on the PHP framework Yii. The project is fully functional, with a GitHub repository, local testing environment, and activated cron jobs. I am looking for a talented developer with expertise in UX/UI design to help improve the user interface based on the design of Additionally, I would like to integrate the functionality demonstrated in this Loom video into my software: [Link to functionality](). Furthermore, I need guidance on hosting options and ongoing management of the software. Collaboration may

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    I am searching for a determined PHP developer that specializes in YII. This project will demand an individual on an intermediate level that has a solid and extensive understanding of this particular PHP framework. Key Responsibilities: - Building and maintaining effective PHP modules using YII - Incorporating data storage solutions Essential specifications: - Demonstrable knowledge with the YII PHP framework - Intermediate competency level with YII - Ability to provide samples of past work related to this field If you feel like you meet the above requirements, I would love to hear from you. Please include a showcase of your previous projects involving YII in your application. Your past experience will be pivotal in my decision-making process. Bring ...

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    I am looking for a Yii 1.1 developer who is skilled in system migration. The primary focus of this project is to migrate the functionality from an old system to a new one. Unfortunately, We have two systems both are built on me 1.1, both systems is a food multiple restaurant systems that all system displays restaurants based on zones defined on a map whereas if the user's location is within one spot it will display to him the merchants or the restaurants that is available for delivery for this special spot now the new system is newer in code and in everything and it solves a lot of the problems that the old system have the only thing that is different between them is that the new system does not relay on the previous system in terms of restaurants displayed by the user locati...

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    56 zabuni filtering and sorting to manage large datasets efficiently. - Drill-down capabilities are needed to dissect complex datasets into more understandable parts. - Real-time data updates are crucial for the dynamic nature of our business data. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Expertise in React.js for frontend development. - Proficient in integrating various data sources, including databases and Yii 2 APIs. - Strong understanding of data visualization principles and tools. - Experience with implementing interactive elements, such as drill-down views. - Capability to work with real-time data and ensure the platform can update seamlessly. - Keen eye for detail and design to create intuitive and visually appealing charts. This tool is vital for our existing business's opera...

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    Migração de site de um servidor para outro incluindo banco de dados: O site foi desenvolvido em PHP com base dados postGree com framework Yii 2.

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    I am seeking a highly knowledgeable Yii developer who has previously worked with OpenStreetMap and particularly with Project OSRM. The API used for routing stopped working suddenly, we need to check the API if it has any changes and response handling and fix the issue within the part of code it uses it. The right professional for this job should: * Have proven experience with Yii and OpenStreetMaps. * Provide evidence of prior work on Project OSRM. Developer should have experience with older versions as this is crucial for the project. * Show expertise in route planning and distance calculation, as this is where the developer's OpenStreetMap skills will be most impactful. A good understanding of the application's frontend and backend logic is important as the de...

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    Create a clean looking report page that that uses Yii2, boostrap, mysql, that has 3 basic sections for any form created in the system: Section 1: Title -Form Name -Reporting Date Range Section 2: Submission Summary - Total Number of Submissions - Sub section: Contributors - Total Email's Addresses: - Unique Email Addresses: Section 3: Graphs (all bar graphs) - controls to be listed here: Checkboxes, radio buttons, select list, net promoter score, matrix field - list by the label of the field as it appears on the form Section 4: Comments - controls: text field, text area Flow: The user will click on an icon in the form details page that will redirect them to this report page. The customer will filter the date range (default: last 30 days) and run the report. The ...

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    I’m in the midst of a crucial phase in my project and I need a developer skilled in Yii 2.0 to tackle backend development and squash some persistent bugs. **Key Responsibilities:** - Identify and fix two specific backend bugs. - Ensure robust backend functionality with Yii 2.0. **Required Skills:** - Proficient in Yii 2.0 framework. - Strong PHP developer. - Experienced in backend development. - Comprehensive debugging abilities. - Good problem-solving skills. **Project Outcomes:** - A more stable, functioning backend. - Optimized performance after bug fixes. Ideal candidates will have a track record of troubleshooting and resolving issues within the Yii 2.0 framework efficiently. Previous work samples or case studies reflecting this expertise will gre...

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    15 zabuni well. Responsibilities- Integration of user-facing elements developed by front-end developers Build efficient, testable, and reusable PHP modules Solve complex performance problems and architectural challenges Integration of data storage solutions {{may include databases, key-value stores, blob stores, etc.}} Skills And Qualifications Strong knowledge of PHP web frameworks {{such as Laravel, Yii, etc depending on your technology stack}} Understanding the fully synchronous behavior of PHP Understanding of MVC design patterns Basic understanding of front-end technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 Knowledge of object-oriented PHP programming Understanding accessibility and security compliance. Strong knowledge of the common PHP or web server exploits and their soluti...

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    I need 10 instagram posts for the channel: auswandern_zypern all shall have a license free stock image of Cyprus as background, e.g. Troodos mountains, ayia napa marina, limassol marina, nicosia oldtown, polis, ayia napa, latchi, anasa hotel, governors beach, grilled haloumi, kleftiko, oenou yii winery, omodos etc etc Please make the text really big and white so its visible on the background, put our CMC logo in the corner of the photo and keep it simple please. simple and elegant. 1: Mit nur 60 Tagen Aufenthalt steueransässig werden auf Zypern. -Mehr Infos via Whatsapp/ Signal: +357-95140797 2: 17 Jahre steuerfrei auf Dividenden mit dem zypriotischen Non Dom Status. -Mehr Infos via Whatsapp/ Signal: +357-95140797 3: Mit einer IP Box Gesellschaft nur 2,5% Körperschaftss...

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    Looking for a developer to build a social listening tool using php or python simple scope 1. Login functionality 2. connect social media pages / accounts like fb, insta, YouTube & twitter and google business 3. fetch all comments, reviews and messages from respective accounts in real time 4. able to reply to comments, reviews and messages from the tool 5. filter comments, reviews and messages by channel (fb/yt/insta/twitter/google business) 6. system should be scalable for further expansion

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    I'm aiming to create a specialized academic website, specifically designed to cater to educational support needs. The site will constitute a unique combination of features that are tailored to assist students and users effectively. Please note you will be creating a WordPress theme, and one woo-commerce plugin. Key Features: - Assig...for this project should be a proficient WordPress developer with previous work experience in building educational or e-learning platforms. A solid understanding of user interface and experience design along with the integration of collaborative tools is also necessary. Experience with academic writing or tutoring platforms would be a substantial advantage. I want to purely convert my website from yii to WordPress the site we are making is

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    Hi there, I need to update the Spotify API app connected to my website, the site is programmed in Yii

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    Hi there, my website has an issue, you can check the screenshots attached, our admin panel doesn't work really good

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    You need to finalize the site using the written site on the "Yii" framework and parsing. It is necessary to understand the other data. We are looking for a person for periodic employment, for revisions and edits.

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    I am looking for a skilled programmer to develop a php Yii program. The program needs to have user authentication and authorization, CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations as well as integration with external APIs. The deadline for the project will be determined based on the programmer's experience and proficiency. My budget for this project will also be decided in accordance with the skill and experience of the programmer I select to complete the project.

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    ...on 3 different projects , the first being a patient intake management system , if good work is done we will go to the next project together 2. The system will have CRUD (Create , Read , Update , Delete ) functions , must be responsive , web based , look good and professional, easy to scale and add other features in future, be built on a well documented and well supported framework eg cakephp, yii , larval , CI, symphony etc 3. The developers should be able to show previous similar systems they have done 4. About the system The patient intake management system will allow a. Creating, Reading, Updating and Deleting system users (3 levels: admin, manager, case worker) b. Creating, Reading, Updating and Deleting patients( clients) which will include their personal details...

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    PHP Yii developer Imeisha left

    I am looking for a skilled programmer to develop a php Yii program. The program needs to have user authentication and authorization, CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations as well as integration with external APIs. The deadline for the project will be determined based on the programmer's experience and proficiency. My budget for this project will also be decided in accordance with the skill and experience of the programmer I select to complete the project.

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    ...'email' => $itemModel->email = trim($line[11]), 'home_phone' => $itemModel->home_phone = trim($line[12]), 'cell_phone' => $itemModel->cell_phone = trim($line[13]), 'cell_provider' => $itemModel->cell_provider = trim($line[14]), • 2. in /home/webpicid/public_html/mer/controllers/ at line 93 – yiibaseErrorHandler::handleError(2, 'Undefined array key 5', '/home/webpicid/public_html/mer/c...', 93) 87888990919293949596979899 $l[] =[ 'date' => $itemModel->date = trim($line[0]), 'time' => $itemModel-&g...

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    I am looking for a full stack developer who is proficient in React and Yii. Looking for a full-stack programmer for the redesign of the existing platform What needs to be done: Implement a new design in accordance with the technical specifications. Important to have the ability to understand code. Transfer the existing project logic to the backend side.

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    yii senior coder Imeisha left

    Looking for a senior coder with expertise in Yii 1 framework for new feature development. No urgent deadline for task completion. Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in Yii 1 framework - Experience in developing new features - Ability to work independently and meet project requirements

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    I am in need of a Yii developer who can fix the URLs that are not displaying correctly on my website. Additionally, the CKEditor is not functioning properly and also needs fixing. Skills and Experience required: - Strong experience with Yii framework - Proficient in URL structure and formatting - Knowledge of CKEditor functionality and troubleshooting Specific Requirements: - Fixing URLs to display correctly on the website - Ensuring SEO-friendly formatting for the URLs - Resolving issues with the CKEditor functionality Timeline: - Immediate project, completion required within 24 hours.

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    I am looking for a talented developer to fix the auto-assign tasks feature on my Yii 1.1 projects. Currently, tasks are being assigned to the wrong users, which is causing confusion and inefficiency. or not working correctly Desired Outcome: - Tasks should be assigned to the correct users based on CONDITION A- Driver Online B- Driver free, they do not have any other tasks C- Driver nearest the merchant Details about this project: We have an online food ordering, the order comes from the customer to the admin panel, admin / merchant will accept the order ... Now when the order status is accepted it will be goto to the driver sections At driver section the auto-assign it will start to search for a driver to assign a task for him, the curent its not working 100%, based on CO...

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    I have an old website that uses Yii2 on the backend and pure php on the front end. I need someone who can help me on an ongoing basis to work on this website and add new functionality. One of the first jobs to do is to modify it so that it will work with Redis on the server for faster loading speeds. I also have an old website also using Yii2 that I want to reinstall on a localhost in order to export some sales data from it. Thank you

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    I am looking for a developer who can integrate the Cybersource Payment gateway on Yii 1.1. Skills and Experience Required: - Strong experience with Yii 1.1 framework - Expertise in integrating payment gateways, specifically Cybersource - Ability to customize the checkout process according to specific requirements Project Scope: - Integrate the Cybersource Payment gateway on an existing Yii 1.1 project - Implement custom checkout process as per our specifications We have a delivery platform that we would like to integrate Credit Card payment through, it is called CyberSource. Our platform is built in Yii 1.1 with Apachi 2.4 and Hosted on Amazon on Ubuntu . What is needed is the following 1 - Add Cyversource to the current payment plugins 2- Chnage related...

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    ...logiciels. Je gère les aspects suivants du développement de logiciels : ✅ Développement ✅ Conception ✅ Lancement ✅ Maintenance et assistance aux utilisateurs Respect des meilleures pratiques en matière de sécurité Livraison sans erreur Rapidité et précision ✅ Changements apportés si nécessaire Satisfaction à 100% L'étendue de mes compétences comprend : ★ PHP personnalisé, Nextjs, Codeigniter, Yii, Zend, Wordpress, Expression Engine. ★ Application mobile en React Native ★ Html, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, Vue js. ★ MySQL, No SQL(MongoDB, Redis) ★ Développement d'API REST, Intégration d'API tierces. ★ Système de commerce électronique ★ Syst&e...

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    ...development and knowledge of API integration. The project needs to be completed within 1-2 weeks. The specific functionality required includes the ability to create new orders. The API is defined at We need a to develop a php connectors/library to connect to existing software to create, manage and delete orders on skybox. The module will be used in Yii, but nevertheless, ideally it should be single PHP SDK file which will have all methods implemented and described. There is an unofficial implementation at so this is an example how this should NOT be. The interface should implemented similar as Stripe PHP library, with callbacks, separate definitions, clearly defined methods and examples and tests of

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    I am looking for a PHP developer to create a simple and clean CRUD system for recording client information. using a php framework eg YII, cakephp , CI or laravel The system should have the following features: - Create, Read, Update, and Delete functionality - Search and Filter capabilities - User Authentication While mobile responsiveness is not a priority, it would be nice to have. As for security requirements, standard security measures are sufficient. The ideal candidate for this project should have experience in PHP development and be familiar with CRUD systems.

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    Per our agreement - 1. Update composer and third party dependencies to at least php 7.2 (minimum for myadmin 5.2.1) 2. Configure the YII version to the PHP version 7.2 3. Install minimum php version 7.2 4. Create and import old database code 5. Configure and setup the code files 6. Run full regression and bug fix

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    Necesitamos un desarrollador para realizar mejoras en sistema realizado en PHP con el framework Yii. El proyecto requiere una persona con amplia experiencia en el framework Yii2 y un nivel de conocimiento avanzado en PHP8, JavaScript, AJAX y jQuery. Los candidatos deben tener conocimientos en MYSQL, manejo de repositorios de código fuente y control de versiones con GIT. La duración del proyecto es de 6 meses. Se valorará positivamente la posibilidad de mantener reuniones presenciales esporádicas en Madrid.

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    33 zabuni

    I am looking for a developer to convert my current app from Yii to with Prisma, tRPC and Tailwind. The ideal candidate should have experience with both Yii and frameworks. Specific requirements for the project include: - Removing unnecessary functions from the app - Commenting out the code for future reference - Making further development easier The app conversion needs to be completed within a month. The app is quite big but not written too well, lots is hard coded. app is for field workers to get job assignments real time, they get points for work done and and they track their income and expenses through it. it is too complicated to start it over and generally it works flawlessly. developer is gone and code is hard to track I can demonstrate functions v...

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    25 zabuni

    ...Fullstack разработка.?Ключевая задача: писать структурированный качественный код на Yii 2.0. ?Основные обязанности Разработка функций (фич): бизнес-логики и интерфейсов для пользователей, внутренних алгоритмов, обработки больших объемов данных, оптимизации производительности Фронт максимально простой (на бутстрап-компонентах, без строгого дизайна) Немного поддержки уже существующих функций (мы активно развиваемся и саппорта не много) Мы не только создаем новые фичи, но решаем задачи по техническому долгу Какого кандидата мы ищем Обязательные требования: ?Опыт коммерческой разработки на PHP 5+ лет, отличное владение, понимание ООП ?Опыт разработки на Yii 2 или опыт с другим подобным фреймворком. Мы активно используем Yii 2 SQL на продвинутом уровне. Нужно писать зап...

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    Cerchiamo sviluppatore/trice DI LINGUA ITALIANA php mysql freelance con conoscenza framework YII da affiancare a supporto nell'attuale team di sviluppo. L'attività consiste nello sviluppo di nuove funzionalità e di fixing coordinate dal principale sviluppatore, su applicativo web in produzione. Condizione essenziale madrelingua italiana parlata e scritta

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    24 zabuni

    ...Our Team of Yii Framework and PHP Experts ? We want a developer Team, that is skilled in Yii Yii2 - PHP - JavaScript - MySQL - CSS - HTML And most importantly, we prioritize a learning while development, which means, we want the Developer/s who will work with us, to share their knowledge and exchange informations. We require full communication and dedicated development. Are you a passionate developer with a knack for Yii Framework and PHP? Do you have a deep understanding of web development and a desire to share your knowledge? If so, we want to hear from you! Who We Are: At our company we are committed to pushing the boundaries of web development. Our mission is to create innovative and cutting-edge web solutions that leave a lasting impact. We believe in ...

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    40 zabuni

    ...Our Team of Yii Framework and PHP Experts ? We want a developer Team, that is skilled in Yii Yii2 - PHP - JavaScript - MySQL - CSS - HTML And most importantly, we prioritize a learning while development, which means, we want the Developer/s who will work with us, to share their knowledge and exchange informations. We require full communication and dedicated development. Are you a passionate developer with a knack for Yii Framework and PHP? Do you have a deep understanding of web development and a desire to share your knowledge? If so, we want to hear from you! Who We Are: At our company we are committed to pushing the boundaries of web development. Our mission is to create innovative and cutting-edge web solutions that leave a lasting impact. We believe in ...

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    46 zabuni

    I am looking for a freelancer to extend functions and add new functions to my existing website using Yii Yii2 framework. The specific functionality that needs to be extended is e-commerce functionality. I have a specific deadline for this project and I have a preference for the technology or language used, which is Yii Yii2. Skills and experience required: - Strong experience with Yii Yii2 framework - Experience in extending e-commerce functionality - Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Knowledge of database management and SQL - Familiarity with payment gateway integration - Ability to work within a specific deadline and deliver high-quality work.

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    I need a few things fixed in a website built with the YII Framework. The website lives at It has a working "contact us" page, which resides at There are three other pages that appear to have the same "contact us" functionality, but there is a problem with them such that errors occur with captcha. Those three pages are: I need the contact submission functionality on the three pages above fixed so that they function the same as the component on the "contact us" page which resides at On the home page, in

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    Project Title: YII website migration and restoration with immediate fix for error messages I am in need of a skilled developer to fix my YII website that was recently migrated and restored. The specific issue I am experiencing is error messages popping up. The site was hosted on a different server by a different provider. We got the site and have restored the database, updated the user id and password for the database in the code but the site is displaying numerous errors and we can't even get it loaded. Urgency Level: Immediate Requirements: - Must maintain the current site design - Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong knowledge of YII framework - Proficient in debugging and fixing error messages - Familiarity with website migrat...

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    ...identify and fix security risks Generate a report detailing the errors and vulnerabilities found, and the corrective measures taken Optimize the code for better performance and scalability Test website on different browsers and devices to ensure cross-browser compatibility Adhere to coding standards and best practices Required Skills: Strong proficiency in PHP and PHP frameworks (e.g., Laravel, Yii, CodeIgniter) Experience with front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) Familiarity with database management systems (MySQL, PostgreSQL) Solid understanding of web application security protocols Experience with debugging tools and error logging Knowledge of server configurations and deployments Strong problem-solving abilities Ability to work independently and meet deadlines Exce...

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