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    Computer Repairing In Mumbai, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Kalyan Suyash Computer Provides Door to Door Step Servicing of Computer • Computer Repairing • Servicing • Networking • Wireless Router Installation • Laptop Hard Disk Replacement, • Laptop Screen Changing, • Battery Replacement, • Laptop Keyboard Change • Data Recovery • Printer Repairing • Operating Installation • Trouble Shooting • Virus Problem Solution • Annual Maintenance • Data Backup /Restore • System Optimization • Buying /Selling Old / New Computer • Second Hand Computer Sales • Wired / Wifi Network Setup. • New / Second PC Sales. Office Address : Shop No- 5, Raj Dulari Bhavan, Shivaji N...

    $152 - $455
    $152 - $455
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    Dual Band IQ Recording & Playback 6 siku left

    I'm looking for an expert versed in GNU radio, signal processing, software-defined radios (SDR), and wireless communication. The main task is to develop a system which captures IQ recordings across two bands, each approximately 500 kHz wide. Key Features and Functions Required: - The ability to record two separate bands of 500 kHz each - The project should be configured for a Windows environment - The output file format of the IQ recording should be in WAV The ideal freelancer should have strong background in GNU Radio and experience working with Windows operating systems. Experience with WAV file formats would also be beneficial. Your expertise should extend from understanding the broader technical requirements to executing the minute details. Your primary role will be setti...

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    ...calculations, and fault clearance, ensuring the identification and resolution of issues for uninterrupted service delivery. • Site Feasibility: Proficient in assessing site feasibility, ensuring optimal deployment strategies and efficient resource utilization. • RF Connectivity: Installation and commissioning of ODU and IDU equipment for RF connectivity to business customers, ensuring seamless wireless communication solutions. • Cabling Solutions: Expertise in optical fiber and Cat 6 cable routing within buildings and premises, optimizing network infrastructure for maximum efficiency and performance. Partner with us for expert telecommunication solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring reliable connectivity and optimal performance for your business operat...

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    I have a requirement for an engineer experienced in PCB des...a requirement for an engineer experienced in PCB design, specifically for RC devices. Specifically, I need: - A design that incorporates motor control for a brushless DC motor used in an RC - Understand the intricacies of designing RC device circuits - Skilled experience with brushless DC motors is particularly sought after Please take note, designs involving battery management system or wireless communication are not required for this particular project. I am solely focusing on the motor control aspect of the PCB design. Your past experience and understanding of brushless DC motor control will be crucial for the successful completion of this project. I look forward to seeing your proposals and detailed plans for thi...

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    I am in need of a skilled individual or team to assist me in developing a prototype for a consumer electronics product. The main goal of this project is to create a functional prototype that includes wireless connectivity and an air mouse feature. Key Steps: - Preliminary Production Design: We will start with an initial design layout for the product. - Schematic Circuit Diagram: A detailed circuit diagram will be required for the prototype. - Printed Circuit Board (PCB): Development of a customized PCB for the product. - Final Bill of Materials (BOM): A comprehensive list of all the materials and components required for the prototype. - PCB Prototypes: Production of the actual PCB prototype. - Test, Program, Debug, & Repeat: Extensive testing, programming, and debugging to ensu...

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    Dear Techie, I am seeking an experienced Embedded Device Architect for the development of a True Wireless Stereo (TWS) product that fits within the wearables category. This project requires strong skills and familiarity with developing user-friendly and efficient consumer wearables. Specific requirements I'm looking for: • Expertise with audio equipment, specifically TWS embedded systems • Experience in producing high-quality consumer wearables Please include your relevant work samples and experience in your proposal. Previous work with wearable audio products will be highly valued.

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    ...modifications to the mesh protocol and power management. No changes to the Meshtastic hardware is anticipated, and we are planning to use the nRF50/SX1262 transceiver modules from SemTech or equivalent. The timeline for the development phase is estimated to be 3 months Key requirements for this project include: - Expertise in crafting and refining firmware for IoT devices - Familiarity with wireless mesh network and protocols - Capability to adapt the existing mesh protocol to meet specific requirements of the multi-dwelling housing market - Creative problem-solving skills in enhancing device functionality The right individual will ideally have a robust background in these areas and a track record of successful firmware adjustments in IoT devices. This project necessitates a ...

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    Wireless Network Setup for MSTSC 2 siku left

    I'm in need of a skilled professional to help me set up a wireless network for a single user to access the Windows remote desktop through MSTSC (Microsoft Terminal Services Client). Key Responsibilities: - Setup a wireless network to enable remote desktop access through MSTSC - Ensure the network is secure and stable I'm looking for someone who has: - Experience in setting up wireless networks - Proficiency in configuring remote desktop access - Knowledge of network security best practices - Ability to troubleshoot network issues This project is ideal for those proficient in network setup and remote desktop configurations. Your skills will help ensure a smooth and secure network for remote desktop access through MSTSC.

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    I'm seeking a talented logo designer to create a visually appealing and memorable logo for my brand, LoungeTech. Our brand focuses on integrating cutting-edge technology into our recliner sofas, offering features such as Cooler cupholders, wireless charging, USB C, electric recline and headrests. Key Requirements: - The logo should be bright, colorful, and modern to reflect the innovative and tech-centric nature of our products - The design should incorporate symbols such as sofas, technological symbols, and abstract shapes to represent the fusion of comfort and technology that defines our product line Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in designing creative and unique logos, especially for tech or furniture-related brands - Proficiency in creating modern and c...

    $109 (Avg Bid)
    628 wasilisho

    Seeking an experienced embedded firmware engineer to develop a robust firmware for a wearable device. The system should feature Bluetooth, Wifi, and LTE capabilities that will include implementation of new characteristics/features through these wireless technologies as well as battery optimization of the device Key Requirements: - The firmware should support Bluetooth, Wifi, and LTE technology for seamless communication with our broker and other devices. - The device is intended for wearable use, so the firmware should be optimized for this purpose. - The code should be efficient and lightweight, considering the limited resources of a wearable device. - A good understanding of Bluetooth technology, particularly in the context of embedded systems, is crucial. Ideal Candidate: - Pr...

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    I'm seeking a ...virtual geographic boundaries, and alert the control center when the vehicles breach these boundaries. - Fuel monitoring: It should be equipped with technology to monitor fuel levels in real-time, allowing for efficient fuel management. The device should support the following communication interfaces: - 4G/LTE: To ensure stable and fast connection for data transfer. - Bluetooth: To allow for wireless communication with other devices when needed. The ideal candidate for this project should have experience in: - GPS device development - Fleet management systems - Embedded systems - Communication protocols, particularly 4G/LTE and Bluetooth. Do you have what it takes to deliver the most efficient and reliable fleet management GPS device? Then, you're the ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced engineer who can design a UHF half wave dipole for wireless communications. The dipole will serve the purpose of both transmitting and receiving radio signals. Key Requirements: - Design of a UHF dipole suitable for wireless communications. - Ensuring the dipole is optimized for both transmitting and receiving radio signals. - Proficiency in understanding and translating the needs of wireless communications into an effective antenna design. Ideal Candidate: - Experienced in antenna design, specifically for UHF frequencies. - Knowledgeable about the intricacies of dipole antenna designs. - Understanding of wireless communication applications. - Familiarity with optimizing antennas for both transmitting and receiving. If you...

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    ESP32 CAN Bus Programming 10 masaa left

    Looking for short and long term help on an canbus tool using ESP32. Proficiency in C/C++ programming for embedded systems. Understanding of CAN bus communication protocols Experience with ESP-IDF Familiarity with hardware design and debugging tools. Knowl... Proficiency in C/C++ programming for embedded systems. Understanding of CAN bus communication protocols Experience with ESP-IDF Familiarity with hardware design and debugging tools. Knowledge of network protocols and interfacing (UART, SPI, I2C, etc.). Experience with other microcontroller platforms and RTOS Familiarity with automotive diagnostic standards (e.g., OBD-II, UDS) Knowledge of wireless communication protocols (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) as used in ESP32 Experience with cross-platform development for desktop and mobile ap...

    $22 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    46 zabuni

    I'm seeking a freelancer with skills in either ESP8266 or ESP-NOW. The project involves integrating a reed switch and relay with two ESP8266(D1 Mini) devices. There's one transmitter and a gateway that communicates with a local Mosquitto. Here's what you'll mainly be doing: - Setting up the...involves integrating a reed switch and relay with two ESP8266(D1 Mini) devices. There's one transmitter and a gateway that communicates with a local Mosquitto. Here's what you'll mainly be doing: - Setting up the reed switch to trigger an event. - Ensuring that event sends a message via the gateway to Mosquitto. Experience with IoT technologies, particularly reed switches, relays, mosquitto and wireless communications would be ideal. A good understanding of...

    $44 (Avg Bid)
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    14 zabuni

    ...modern, sleek, and commercial image. - Mechanical and Electrical System Design: We need a team with a strong focus on engineering, able to create systems that are energy efficient and innovative. - Innovations: This is an important aspect of the project. We're looking for a team that can bring fresh ideas to the table, with a particular interest in self-driving capability, voice control assistant, wireless charging, advanced safety features, and an innovative AutoCharging system using the car's tire motor. Ideal freelancers for this project should have experience in: - Industrial design and 3D modeling - Mechanical and electrical engineering, particularly in the automotive industry - A creative and innovative approach to design, with a keen eye for detail - Past experi...

    $526 (Avg Bid)
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    ...focus of this project is on two key aspects: - **Wireless Connectivity**: Your expertise in designing wireless systems is crucial for this project. The RFID system needs to communicate with our central hub seamlessly, so ensuring a reliable wireless connection is a priority. - **Energy Efficiency Optimisation**: The system to be developed should be as power-efficient as possible. We need the RFID system to function optimally while conserving energy, ensuring long-term sustainability and performance. **Specifics of the Project**: The project is specifically for an RFID system, which comes with unique challenges and requirements. Since the system will not require encryption for secure data transmission, the focus is primarily on a strong wireless connection ...

    $168 (Avg Bid)
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    15 zabuni

    I am in need of an experienced individual to assist in the development of a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) simulation . The main focuses of this project include performance evaluation, energy consumption analysis, and routing protocol comparison. Key Requirements: - Previous experience in WSN network simulation - Able to develop a proprietary MAC protocol - Proficiency in relevant programming languages and software such as NS2/NS3, MATLAB, or OMNeT++ - Strong understanding of WSN system design Your primary role will be to help me create a comprehensive simulation that accurately represents a WSN network, as well as develop and test a proprietary Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol. This will require a keen eye for detail, a solid understanding of network architecture, and a strong...

    $136 (Avg Bid)
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    5 zabuni

    ...hunt for a specialist who is knowledgeable and skilled in wireless communication and operation research. For this particular project, you will be required to: 1. **Implement an Algorithm**: You need to able to masterfully implement an algorithm that is central to this project. Demonstrated experience in this field is necessary. 2. **Create Mathematical Model**: You must also be able to develop a precise mathematical model. Background in operation research would give you a substantial edge. 3. **Outcome of the Project**: Ultimately, the effort you invest in implementing the algorithm and creating the mathematical model needs to result in the optimization of the system. The perfect candidate for this project is well-versed in wireless communication, particularly cellu...

    $472 (Avg Bid)
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    20 zabuni

    ...recording was done using podtrak 4 and rode wireless microphones, however, the output quality is not satisfactory with several issues needing attention: - Background noise: There is a significant presence of unwanted sound. - Echo: A constant echo is running throughout the recording. - Unclear voices: The speakers' voices are not clear enough. This might be a gain issue. The improvement on the audio quality needs to be made post-recording and not during the recording process. The final audio file after enhancement should be in MP3 format. Ideally, turn around in 24 hours Perfect candidate would be experienced in audio engineering, especially in dealing with similar podcast quality issues in the past. Familiarity with podtrak 4 and rode wireless microphones w...

    $25 (Avg Bid)
    $25 Wastani wa Zabuni
    21 zabuni

    ...【1. Background】 This technology pertains to a system for updating the programs of devices installed in vehicles. Many devices are installed in vehicles, and these devices store programs. It has been proposed that by updating these programs, the functionality of the devices can be improved. In particular, it has been proposed that by receiving data for program updates from an external server via wireless communication, it is possible to update the program without going to a service station or the like. In previous technologies, a specific device functioned as a master device and updated the programs of other slave devices. However, this had a problem. That is, the master device had to perform processing dependent on a specific device configuration of the vehicle, and to cope with ...

    $50 (Avg Bid)
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    ...IoT solutions in the supply chain - Analyze the impact of IoT on the supply chain for lithium-ion battery production Ideal Candidate: - Extensive experience with IoT and its applications - Proficient in Python development and cloud data management - Comprehensive understanding of supply chains, specifically in lithium-ion battery manufacturing - Familiarity with PLC & SCADA, Edge Computing, wireless sensors and gateways - Strong research writing skills to aid in the comprehensive explanation of findings - Knowledge of MATLAB and Statistical Analysis tools would be an advantage. Your contribution could profoundly impact the efficiency and resilience of lithium-ion battery supply chains. Your work will not only provide immediate value to this research project, but could also...

    $272 (Avg Bid)
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    9 zabuni

    I'm looking for a professional who can guide me on filming a meeting with 3 iPhones and wireless lavalier mics. The goal is to have the video and audio well-synchronized for post-production editing. Key Responsibilities: - Set up 3 iPhones for optimal video quality - Configure wireless lavalier mics for clear audio - Advise on real-time synchronizing of video and audio Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with video production - Proficiency in using iPhones for filming - Knowledge of wireless lavalier mic setup - Understanding of real-time video and audio synchronization Meeting Length: Less than 1 hour Environment: Indoors with controlled lighting I need assistance in all aspects of this setup, including ensuring that the video and audio match ...

    $19 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $19 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    25 zabuni

    As a thriving business, maintaining the health and security of our office...project include: - Analyzing network security: We need a professional understanding of our potential vulnerabilities and the advisable improvements to ensure optimal security. - IT infrastructure: The focus should be on our existing Local Area Network (LAN) and Wireless Network. Familiarity with these infrastructures is thus key. - Access Control: The review should delve into our implemented security measures – primarily access control. Recommendations for enhancing our current setup are expected. In-depth knowledge of LAN, Wireless networks, and access control security measures is highly desirable, as is a keen eye for detail. By the end of your audit, we anticipate a safer, more secure, and r...

    $647 (Avg Bid)
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    23 zabuni

    I'm seeking a skilled programmer to assist in developing a taekwondo scoring system. The project entails crafting code for a system comprising one master and four slave devices all to be programmed using Arduino. Wireless communication between the devices will be facilitated through the ESP-NOW protocol. The job entails several key responsibilities: For the SLAVE devices coding : 1. Each slave device should feature an initialization green LED that indicates successful wireless communication with the master device. 2. Additionally, each slave will have two LEDs, one red and one blue, which will illuminate when specific buttons (B1 to B3 for blue team, R1 to R3 for red team) are pressed by the user. 3. With a total of six buttons per slave device, each responsible for as...

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    6 zabuni

    I'm seeking an experienced videographer to create a UGC (User Generated Content) video for our car stereo. This video will play a key role in informing our customers about the key features of our product. Here's what I need: - Unboxing - Easy Installation Guide - Features Demonstration: Highlight the wireless CarPlay/android auto connectivity, touchscreen interface main features, and front & backup camera. Ideal skills and experiences: - Proven experience in creating UGC videos, ideally for automative, tech-products. product link:

    $191 (Avg Bid)
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    24 zabuni

    I am working on a project to develop a wireless sensor for vibration analysis. I have already defined some components of the system. I need someone with experience in electronic component design to help me evaluate the chosen components and assess the feasibility of applying these components in a prototype. This person will be responsible for the PCB's technical design (Gerber and CAD) and prototype testing. The hardware design must consider hardware and firmware (software) limitations. My initial idea is to use a Seeed Studio microcontroller controlling different types of accelerometers. If the person has a better approach, I have no problem following their advice. Below is a list of the components I am considering using in this project: Sensors:

    $1154 (Avg Bid)
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    31 zabuni

    I'm in need of a creative and talented logo designer to create a modern and minimalistic logo for an Internet Connectivity service. The company offers businesses and professionals an unbreakable connection to the Internet via their software and hardware solutions. This is done by bonding two or more internet connections into one resilient stream. The connections can be wired, wireless, or a combination of both. The ideal candidate should have a strong understanding of branding and design principles, as well as experience in creating logos for various mediums. Key requirements: - Design a modern, minimalistic logo - Suitable for both online and print mediums - Versatile for use on websites, social media, business cards, flyers, merchandise, and packaging - The logo must be cre...

    $79 (Avg Bid)
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    189 zabuni

    Seeking someone with skills in Arduino and MIDI technology. Your task will entail creating a connection between LoraMidi AtMega1284P and Arduino IDE. The main objective here is to control MIDI devices using this interface. What I Need: - Develop a way to control LoraMidi AtMega1284P using Arduino IDE - Enable wireless transmittance of MIDI data - Develop a custom LoraMidi communication protocol Ideal Freelancer: - Proficiency in Arduino IDE - Familiarity with LoraMidi AtMega1284P - Experience in MIDI technology There is not a strict deadline for this project, and we can prioritize quality deliverables over speed. Please submit your proposal detailing how you intend to accomplish the indicated tasks.

    $119 (Avg Bid)
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    15 zabuni

    I'm seeking expertise to design an IoT device incorporating UHF RFID technology. The device will be fundamental in inventory management and asset tracking within a confined space. Requirements: - Experience with UHF RFID technology - Understanding of IoT device designing - Ability to work with short-range applications, particularly with...Inventory Management Solutions - Asset Tracking Experience - Short-range technology implementation. Looking to create a IoT Device that we can install in a location, have multiple antena's, and is small and easy to power. Location of installation will be in cabinets and fridge/freezers, that is my multiple antena's will be required. Device should have a wireless module to connect to network, small onscreen display, and easy way t...

    $157 (Avg Bid)
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    13 zabuni

    I'm in need of a skilled product designer, pa...the use of Fusion 360, to aid in the creation of a cutting-edge electronic medical device. This project demands precision, knowledge of industry standards and familiarity with medical device Key project features include: Ideal skills for freelancers: - Proficient in Fusion 360 - Experience in designing medical devices - Outstanding knowledge in electronics - Versed in design compatible with wireless connectivity - Strong portfolio in creating device designs. Details: modify and widen the base to insert the new compressor 247cm x 245cm also as per photo modify and make the external part of the external base more beautiful I have provided an extremely detailed step file modify and large I look forward to witnessing your inno...

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
    20 zabuni

    I'm looking for a proficient IoT expert who can connect a ShellyUNI wireless sensor to a Node-Red flow using Mosquitto MQTT broker. Notably, my Node-Red is already installed and functional on a Raspberry Pi4. Key Tasks: - Configure the ShellyUNI wireless sensor to accurately transmit 0 to 12 DC volts. - Set up a system that enables data transmission every minute from the sensor to the Node-Red. Skillset Required: - Excellent knowledge of IoT - Extensive experience with MQTT, specifically using Mosquitto broker - Familiarity and hands-on experience with Node-Red on Raspberry Pi - Previous work with ShellyUNI wireless sensors The ideal freelancer for this project should have hands-on knowledge of working with ShellyUNI sensors, MQTT brokers, and Node-Red flow...

    $475 (Avg Bid)
    $475 Wastani wa Zabuni
    10 zabuni

    ...Bluetooth or BLE technology, or similar technology, to transfer and receive small packets of data wirelessly between mobile phones, or cell phones, of the same and differing operating systems in a Mesh Network. There would be multiple users of the app within a 30 metre radius locality using an ad hoc, node to node, wireless system. The app must therefore have no reliance on WiFi, mobile data or any use of a WAP or a WiFi router. It can maybe use a technology similar to Z Wave or Zigbee wireless technology, and maybe use a method like PairAsync for pairing or connecting. The app must have a high level of security using HTTP, SSL, TLS or similar, and must encrypt and decrypt all data during transit and at rest with advanced security features like LESC, and using systems such...

    $892 (Avg Bid)
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    50 zabuni

    I'm looking for a talented hardware designer with experience in RF and BLE technologies to assist in the creation of a wireless communication module. Key Requirements: - The project involves designing a hardware unit that supports both Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Radio Frequency (RF) wireless communication. - The RF module should be able to operate within a range of 10 to 100 meters. - A strong understanding of wireless communication protocols and hardware design is crucial for this project. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in hardware design, with a focus on wireless communication modules. - Extensive experience with both Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and RF technologies. - A background in creating hardware with an operating range of 10 to 100 ...

    $309 (Avg Bid)
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    12 zabuni

    ...modify my game spinner. Key Requirements: - Make the spinner work with a wireless buzzer keystroke - The spinner should determine game actions The game spinner is designed to spin a virtual wheel, and I want the expert to integrate this functionality with the wireless buzzer keystroke. Please only bid if you have prior experience working with Adobe Air and SWF. Details...I have a video that will show you this as well I have developed a game called Word Wheel Challenge. It works by using a virtual spinner in the game. There are two major wireless buzzer companies. Company A is a lighted wireless buzzer company that wrote code into their keystroke software to make it spin with one click. Company B is a simpler wireless buzzer. They cannot write co...

    $475 (Avg Bid)
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    24 zabuni

    I need a professional, informative A4 poster to help teachers in a K-12 independent school in Australia locate and wear the hearing augmentation device provided in a classroom setting. The goal of this poster is to persuade that it is expected they use hearing augmentation to assist with hearing for understanding. Key Requirement...end of the lesson." Ideal Skills: - Graphic design: The ability to create a visually appealing, yet informative, poster. - Educational experience: Understanding of effective teaching aids and ability to present technical information in a user-friendly way. - Familiarity with hearing augmentation devices would be a bonus. Please see:

    $99 - $330
    $99 - $330
    86 zabuni

    I'm in need of a professional with expertise in wired/wireless networking to help me fix my setup for my business. The main function of the network will be for business use, the system should be able to sustain between 10 to 20 devices without any connectivity issues. This includes but is not limited to PCs, printers, and other essential business equipment. Key skills and experience needed: - Proficiency in troubleshooting and fixing networks - Experience in setting up networks for business environment - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve network issues. The freelancer should be prepared to complete it efficiently and effectively.

    $23 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $23 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    23 zabuni

    I'm in need of a UHF Automatic Reader & TAG system to efficiently track and log attendance of our office staff. Key Requirements: - UHF Automatic Reader & TAG System: The system should be capable of automatically tracking attendance without manual intervention. - Device-Side Reporting: The attendan...Reader & TAG system. - Ensuring that the system tracks attendance accurately and efficiently, syncing seamlessly with the already existing software. - Providing a user-friendly guide or training for our staff on how to use the system. Ideal Skills: - Experience with UHF Automatic Reader & TAG systems. - Proficient in designing and setting up attendance tracking systems. - Strong understanding of wireless communication and RFID technologies. - Good problem-solving ...

    $230 (Avg Bid)
    $230 Wastani wa Zabuni
    1 zabuni

    I am in need of a highly skilled Network Engineer who can effectively manage and optimize Wired, Wireless, and Hybrid networks. The professional should have proficient knowledge and experience with Routers, Switches, and Firewalls. An ideal candidate would be one who understands the dynamics of: -Design, implement, and maintain complex network solutions for our clients, ensuring high levels of performance, security, and reliability. -Configure and optimize network settings to ensure maximum performance and reliability. -Monitor network performance and troubleshoot issues proactively. -Implement and maintain network security protocols, including firewalls, VPNs, and intrusion detection systems. -Collaborate with other IT teams to integrate network systems with existing infrastructur...

    $8 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $8 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    8 zabuni

    I'm seeking a talented digital creator who can proficiently use Facebook and Instagram to produce video posts for a campaign. The primary goal of this endeavor is to create awareness through high-quality, engaging content that will captivate viewers. Ideal Skills Required: - Familiarity with both Instagram and Faceboo...different types of insurance. 2) Mothers who have TRICARE insurance (this is USA military insurance) this is a global campaign. I am asking for you to make one reel for moms using insurance to get a free breast pump that live in the state of Pennsylvania. The second reel is for Mothers with TRICARE insurance who want to get a 100% TRICARE covered breast pump. Pumps that are wearable and wireless are the pumps most moms ask for. I can prov...

    $30 - $150
    $30 - $150
    32 zabuni

    Example style: We - LigoWave provide easy-to-use wireless networking solutions for businesses and communities, ensuring reliable connectivity with advanced technology. We will be releasing new product and we want video showing the highlight features with "Mike" as our older videos had. We no longer have the contacts of older team who did those videos. I am looking for a talented animator to produce a high-quality 2D video that is under two minutes long. Key requirements are: • Skilled in 2D animation. This is a must as it is the style we have chosen for this video. • An ability to produce engaging and captivating content within a short span of time. The video is less than a 1.30min . • An understanding and ability to work

    $150 (Avg Bid)
    $150 Wastani wa Zabuni
    59 zabuni

    I need to install a Microsemi 600 NTP server for my network, which is a mix of wired and wireless connections. The primary goal of this installation is to ensure time synchronization across a range of devices, which totals between 10 and 50. Key Tasks: - Installation of Microsemi 600 NTP server - Configuration for both wired and wireless network environments - Synchronization of 10-50 devices Skills/Experience: - Previous experience with NTP server installation and configuration - Expertise in network infrastructure, particularly in mixed wired and wireless setups - Understanding of time synchronization protocols - Proficiency in handling multiple devices for a uniform operation

    $12 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $12 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    8 zabuni

    Access Points setup. Provision (x3 Test Devices) for now using the Software Management Tool. License/Registration only. Possible SSID, Security Settings, Guest/Staff SSIDs and other Wireless parameters if we need anything. The main thing is get them configured locally with the most basic setup and a Client Connection before we proceed to next steps on more devices. Omada Controller and Licenses available to manage the devices. Please only get in touch if you've set these up before. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to start interviewing people. If you're confident enough then please get in touch. Immediate start.

    $98 (Avg Bid)
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    6 zabuni
    Arduino control Imeisha left

    I have been developing a arduino type hmi using a nextion touch screen, arduino mega, arduino nano esp32 for wireless control and a waveshare esp32 touchscreen for the remote. I have written all the code but am needing help figuring out why the commands are not working as they should.

    $91 (Avg Bid)
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    15 zabuni

    I'm in need of a Unifi Network Administrator who can set up and manage my network infrastructure. This will include configuring and troubleshooting my wireless access points. My setup is considered small (less than 50 devices) and is currently without a Unifi Controller software. Expertise in the latest versions of the Unifi Controller software is required as you will be in charge of the installation. Ideally, you should demonstrate previous experience working with similar setups.

    $25 - $50 / hr
    Il'ohusishwa Imefichwa
    $25 - $50 / hr
    11 zabuni

    I am on the lookout for an experienced freelancer who can develop an ESP32 board with precise Wi-Fi connectivity that is primarily designed to control consumer electronics. Key Details: - The board should be designed to work with 12 v power. - The selected professional should have substantial experience in developing boards for device control,...appliances, etc. - Proficiency in working with various ESP32 boards and integrating Wi-Fi connectivity for device control applications is a must. Please make sure your proposal showcases your relevant experience and your process for developing this kind of device controlling solution. Your understanding of the ESP32, its capabilities and nuances, should reflect in your bid. Let's create a robust wireless control module for consum...

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    18 zabuni or simply to add convenience and enjoyment to daily lounging. The ideal freelancer for this project should have a strong background in furniture design, with a particular interest in creating innovative and multifunctional pieces. Key Features: - Built-in Speakers: The coffee table will have integrated speakers, offering a high-quality sound experience for music or TV. - Wireless Charger: An integrated wireless charger will allow users to easily charge their devices while relaxing on the couch. - Hidden Compartment: A discreet and spacious hidden compartment will be included to store snacks and drinks. - Cooler: The table should include a cooler to keep drinks cold. - Hot or Warming Plate: Additionally, a hot or warming plate would be incorporated for keeping food o...

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    I'm looking for a developer who can establish a connection between a wireless barcode scanner and Google Sheets. On my sheet I have: Serial number - Client name - Product process 1 - Product process 2 - Product process 3 - Delivered. I'd like to be able to put the Barcodes on my products and once they moved through production, scan them and the sheet will update itself to show progress. I'm currently doing it manually.

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    ...display live advertisements but also feature built-in technology to cool drinks placed on it. Key Features of the Coaster: Digital Display: Must be capable of displaying live ads and real-time sports scoreboards. Cooling Function: Integrated technology to keep beverages cool. Form Factor: The design should be as slim as possible, incorporating a live screen with clear and vibrant display quality. Wireless Operation: The coaster should operate completely wirelessly, emphasizing ease of use and convenience in various entertainment settings. Industry Application: The product will be utilized in the entertainment sector, enhancing customer experience in venues by combining functionality with interactive advertising. Design Deliverables: Initial sketches that capture the concept a...

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    I am seeking a competent Cisco ISE and Aruba Wireless Engineer to establish a dynamic VLAN on an Aruba wireless network that's connected to more than 50 access points. The ideal candidate should have: - Proficiency in setting up and troubleshooting Aruba wireless networks. - Expertise in Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) configuration Main tasks will be: - Dynamic VLAN setup on Aruba wireless network linked to a Cisco ISE server using cert based authentication. -DVlan should work for all types of devices like Windows,MAC,Linux - Configuring specific features on Cisco ISE, specifically BYOD Services and Adaptive Network Control (ANC) Services. Your ability to work efficiently with large-scale wireless networks is crucial for the success of this...

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