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    Working on a website. [login to view URL], Needed things added. 1)Need page added to header called "Upload Time & Expenses" 2)On that page, need to have a button to upload an excel file (.xls, .xlsx, etc) and it to rename that files by username_date, upload directory will be called cached. 3)Once uploaded, need it to run a VBScript called "[login to view URL]", that ....

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    [login to view URL]!21740&authkey=!AFVz5FB1wpmcxOE&ithint=folder%2cdocx Budget $40 For this project is creating a Front End and Back End MS Access Database that will hold Historical Data also The First Form will have two buttons on it 1. One Button Titled MARS 2. Second Button Titled PSB Creating the MARS Form 3. This form will need to look and act identical to the ****_Call...

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    We wish to have an online database in which we can store images of passports and visas. We wish your system to read using OCR technology the visas and passports. We wish to drag and drop files to the online system after which point the captured information details are placed into their relavant fields. Full description in attached file. Before awarding the project – we will want to s...

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    If you need to also have the database for you to evaluate

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    IMPORTANT: This job is to oversee a short project of less than 1 month (see details below). The project will however need work over time and expansion of features after this deadline and so continuing work will exist for the right person(s). We are looking to deploy a robust web-based platform for information sharing in a specific industry. The platform will be written in RoR for rapid deployme...

    $750 - $1500
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    $750 - $1500
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    Prerequisites: Knowledge in Clipper Language 5.2 and Java (If you do not have these experiences kindness not bid) Rewriting a query to the database (*. DBF) that was developed in Clipper5.2 language for Java query using JDBC.

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    I need the following in a very general way: I'm working with a travel agency and I want to access theyr dinamic travel database and sell theyr products on my wordpress web site via a booking engine and of course a gateway payment thanks in advance jose

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    Hello, I m looking for someone who has a good knowledge about drupal. and can design our website's front-end. If you are willing to work for me please bid or message me in inbox

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    I have ASP.NET WebMatrix Application for Files Upload. Client side is complete and work on jQuery. You need to code only snippet on server side for Upload Files to Server. It is not needed anything else except codding this snippet by my instruction. You will get project files to which you must add code snippet. --------------------------------------------------- SERVER SIDE: - ASP....

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    Hi, I'm looking for someone who has higher internet speed (min 10Mbps download and 2Mbps upload). Please only apply If you have higher internet speed. Mention your internet speed while bidding on project and also I will do all work remotely over teamviewer so I just need your internet access for some work and you will get quick payment and 5 stars. Will pay upto $5 in total. Thank...

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    KIndly find attachment for project scope.

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    Im looking for person who will build database of download sites (like [login to view URL], [login to view URL]) and upload / update our software ([login to view URL]) there.

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    You will upload zipped files to the web server

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    Record in a database all chats received on a server IRC. I have an IRC server running the software "inspircd". There are two types of chats: a) public chats between multiple users on the same channel. b) private chat between two users. If the text chat is public in addition to recording the text in the database it is also necessary to associate a user number and a channel number...

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    I have a PostgreSQL database that I want to move to SQL Server -- both schema and data

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    Web Site [login to view URL] 1. This will be web commerce website with payment through visa, Paypal and banks. 2. Being a Garment based web site, the customer should be able to choose colour and size. 3. The page will check availability of size and colour from MySQL database and disable item or will not show colour and size not available from selecting. 4. There will two types ...

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    Develop a web application with PHP and MySQL database, functions include: User authentication (normal user can create item, power user can modify / delete items) Category, sub-category, grouping maintenance Stock image upload with name, description, stored location, multiple categories, subcategories, groupings selected, an unique stock item number to be assigned (for barcode printing) and some...

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    Creation of a marketing database from Linkedin profiles. Looking to get a wide array of email address to market a conference about 'Contract Law Essentials'. Our target audience is all business workers in Australian metropolitan cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Darwin) with a particular focus towards Project Managers, Architects, Engineers and persons invo...

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    I'm completely clueless about this, I've tried quite a bit but just cant get it. It requires form validation, and sending the info to a php, if that makes sense. It will be outlined in the projects word document. The Php file needs to extract information from the form.

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    I have instructions (step by step) on how to upload the web script and configure the iOS and Android apps that go along with it. I need someone familiar with Terminal, Putty, AWS, iOS Xcode and Android SDK to follow the instructions given and upload the web script, configure the iOS xCode Project and the API credentials, etc. and do the same with the Android application and upload it to the iTu...

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    We are looking for a mongo db expert to help translate mysql to nosql mongodb.

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    Need help with a school project benchmarking database performance + technical report - MongoDB and HBase OR MySQL and Cassandra OR HBase and Cassandra

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    Email Database required Japan (150000) and Canada (150000) Must be Verified and Working

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    I need to implement 10 different buttons that when clic they will go and read a file on a server to store the file data into my Database tables. The files in those servers will be a XML, CSV or Excel file. In some of the server we can get the file via GET or POST, in other server we must take the file from a folder on the server, in other servers we have a clear manual and instructions to get t...

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    Hi there, I need a template uploaded to a server. I am usually familiar with wordpress, i can't remember what back-end script this template uses, but i may need a small tutorial, of 10-30 minutes. I also need our logo to be uploaded to the site. If you don't charge too much, I may pay extra to have all the content placed into the website. Thanks, WILL NOT ACCEPT BIDS OV...

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    First task: We have a page entering new members on our website: [login to view URL] This particular page inserts the member in the database. It is done through PDO. The insertion does not happen because the number of parameters is invalid. We need someone to correct the query according to the structure of the table. Second task We have a Directory of International Organizations. There are...

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    I need software written that allows me to keep a graphical database of my clients and their info for me a be able to access current clients as well as edit clients, add new clients and remove ex-clients. There needs to be a way to upload a CSV of current client list that allows me to pick and match fields for easy uploading into the system. Software should be web based. Software needs to have a...

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    Tasks to be completed: + Fix what is causing the MySQL database connection to break + Clean out any outdated or unnecessary files that are too large + Configure the server to put limitations on logs (EXIM, error or other logs) + Communicate any needed concerns in a timely manor + Finish project as quickly as possible to get the websites back online

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    24 zabuni

    I need a database of contacts of Managers/officers in the Marketing function based in UK, working in top companies. I need: Name, position, email(name@company domain), company working in, other optional details( phone, contact company address, etc). I prefer freelancers who already have the data. But, if you can get fresh data fast, ok. Send a small sample for evaluation, if you have. Tell m...

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    Create interactive database to provide facility for members to store and exchange information

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    6 zabuni

    I have an existing website that uses CKeditor to allow the end user to change text and have it saved to a database. I have the plugin "inlinesave" ( seen here: [login to view URL]) working on the site. I need ckeditor updated to version 4.5.7 as well as the inlinesave plugin updated and functioning as it does. I also need the plugin "uploadimage" (seen here: [login to v...

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    We have a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database that was initially created using an American database image, the collation on the database is in an American culture. ( ‘SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS’) and we need a script to convert it and all of its data to an Australian DB Collation ( ‘Latin1_General_CI_AS). We will have a number of these databases to change (similar structure...

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    8 zabuni

    Hi there, I already have a freelancer in mind, so don't bother applying. Here is the project: 1. Upload website to server. 2. Give small tutorial. 3. Advise on technical issues / server issues / and word press issues (for other site) 4. Make adjustments to Wordpress template Will pay $50 USD. Maybe more for a job well done. Thanks,

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    7 zabuni

    World Privilege are searching for a Linux & Microsoft Knowledge base developer for a client of ours within the reward program and loyalties sector. The perfect candidate must be an all-rounder backend developer with good frontend skills on both platforms onsite who is based in the Northwest of England. Desired Skills and Experience All Candidates must have an excellent knowledge of the fo...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
    3 zabuni

    I need 90,000 skus to be uploaded in to my Amazon account thru Excel Spread sheet from our supplier. We are a online retail store.

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    67 zabuni

    I need a Google Chrome extension that will evaluate the page the user is viewing, add a check box next to specific elements, then after the element is selected make a simple API call if the API call is successful allow the user to "save" the element (i.e. take a screen shot of a section of the screen) upload that screen shot to an FTP location (user configurable) and save the data from t...

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    The scope of this project will be to work with stakeholders in order to obtain an in-depth understanding of current process and work flows in the Philanthropy Department, identify opportunities to increase efficiency through the integration of The Raiser’s Edge into existing process, and capture all in an easy to-understand text (using the documentation structure already present). The follo...

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    Auto upload script in python for a private tracker. Given a file or directory on a seedbox It would get all infos needed, make the torrent, retrieve the upload page, fill the needed fields and start seed the new torrent. Dont submit if you dont know what a tracker is. Tracker is based on Tbdev. Easy if you know python well.

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    I need to log in (password and id, and Google authenticator), to a website which interfaces with a sql DB.

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    Hello, I would like you to write an iPhone application to - take photo (at a size that can be chosen by the user) - upload the photo to a web site (web site address can be updated silently in case the web site address is changed.) - view his photo back from the web site or local. - user can decide to keep the photo in both phone and website, or only on the phone which he can push later to the...

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    web based database - phase 1 multiple users on each database each customer has separate database each customer sets up thier own fields (field title, field type and order of fields) the customer imports records from an excel spreadsheet (mapped to the customer's pre-determined fields) or they can add one at a time upon import or add, the database checks for existing duplicates base...

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    I need solution to develop app for mobile , who can input values & select record from server in cloud . The data entered from field employee should be available to backend team in office.

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    I have an existing job website. It can be seen at www.staff.ie. It is written in PHP and is a typical LAMP website. I would like this rewritten in full-stack JS. I need to keep the MySQL database. The website has normal job website functionality. Nothing ground breaking or weird. It can be broken down as follows: Browse jobs Search jobs with sorting by relevance and date (and a few othe...

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    Hello, This is for experienced Wordpress / php developers with mysql know how. I am having issues with transferring over a old wordpress theme that has around 500 posts to a new theme. The new theme is on a staging server. I cannot get featured images to import to the new theme from the old theme. The posts are able to be imported, but the file attachments / featured images are not. I have use...

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    I'm looking for a developer to build me a new brochure style website using Wordpress. I will need: - Responsive design - Homepage - Contact Us Page - About Us Page (standard template) - Category Landing Page - Sub Category Landing Page - Product Page - Find a Stockist Page (we'd need to upload our stockists into a database, from where people can enter their post code, we will...

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    upload files to server and widget connect login and database upload files to server and widget connect login and database

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    Database Clean Up Imeisha left

    Database clean up

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    Upload and Xlsx file to online software. I have Xlsx file that need be uploaded on my software. and a few software editing as well. [login to view URL]

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