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    ...they can be drawn from our database of information. The same template will be used for a few different learning modules so the new information will need to be loaded per slide along with sound, etc. Meaning, for each slide, there will be a unique sound (mp3 file), text and corresponding photo to be loaded from the database. The basic elements of the

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    ...and school. What we need is essentially a complete article posting system, complete with image upload capabilities, and such, and a member system, with forum integration (either a prebuilt or custom forum). All of this has to be done using MySQL as the database server. I know this isn't the type of project you just throw yourself at. Our problem arose

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    $30 - $5000
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    Setup ISP Imeisha left

    ...automatically setup the webpage [login to view URL] (or maybe [login to view URL]) as bobs personal webpage where he can upload images, make websites ect… It would also be nice if we could have an online manager where the user could upload the pictures, and make websites online with an online editor. In other words, I want a [login to view URL] type of service

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    ...e-mail or by phone Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays from 10:00am until 6:00pm MST. 2. Develop and install a PHP-based system that would automatically check dates in the MySQL database, and send out alerts or e-mail reminders to individuals or groups of users registered in the system a few hours, days, or weeks prior to those dates based on preferences.

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    ...outline costings at this stage. The basic funcionality of the site will allow users to: - Register with the site and fill in personal details and background about themselves and upload a photo - Contribute to message boards (threaded or otherwise) - Chat in real-time, in public chat rooms or in private groups - Read editorial content posted by administrators

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    ...add site name and can upload their site logo. [login to view URL] can add their custom links [login to view URL] can add images and their text to the site pages. [login to view URL] can add custom made forms or ready for use forms. [login to view URL] need not to accept or authorize new accounts. [login to view URL] the customer finishes the creation of the site the pages must upload<...

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    Gallery script I want a script that you just have to upload the images in folders an the script do the rest. -Take the folder name for each category name -Rename each pic -make a thumbnail(show thumbnails and when clicked open a new window and show the pic with publicity above and below) -send image to friend (sender name, sender email, friend

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    1) I have in the same directory many Flat Text Databases ( like ten ),...perl or php) that take all databases and make a new one with all data into, in others words: he take database #1 e and below put database #2, below database #3 and the others. I will start a cron job to one time a day the script work for it. 3) I upload a little example of my DB

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    ...written for our ASP application. It uses a SQL database for its backend. I wanted the installation to be able to upload files to a ftp server or copy the files to a local HD, depending on what the user wants that is installing the program. It needs to connect to a sql database and create a new database depending on the users settings and run a stored

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    ...and all files were deleted because they swithed server. I have 3 (4) mySQL database on that site and my backups are old... newest is 3 weeks old. But when I try to upload them I get some problems. So now I have uploaded some 5 weeks old mysql databases. I need you to upload the 3 week databases backup and make the changes so it work. Should not take

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    image uploader Imeisha left

    Who can fix me a client side image uploading ActiveX or Plugin that allows users to browse their local files, display their images locally and upload multiple of them to my server? Examples: - [login to view URL] or - image uploader from [login to view URL] - or Xupload from [login to view URL] Any fair bid will do. Need it urgently ! ## Deliverables VB, ASP

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    ...does but also allows the viewer to add their own advert, upload the picture and pay through worldpay. They can then go in and modify their advert price and details and change the picture at any time by secure login. The system should run on Windows 2000 OPerating System IIS5 with the database able to run on both ACCESS ODBC and Microsoft SQL 2000. If

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    $200 - $300
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    I need an ASP 3.0 program to data management job. 1. Upload user’s database from a locate computer to the web server. 2. Be able to Import user’s data in MS Access, Excel, Text file (.CSV) database into MS Access, Excel, Text file (.CSV), SQL Server 2000 database on the web server. 3. be able to validate all fields, such as fields size/type, format

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    ...different message to every person, etc. Parameters and Conditions should be stored in a database and updatable via the interface. The server will also be capable of establishing a secure connection with an external server to upload collected data and download database customizations. This should run on a Windows 2000 Server/Client platform, though pave

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    ...store) and take that information and input it into ClickCartPro. That is the really easy part. You'll just need to save the pictures to your computer, then upload them into the ClickCartPro database. (using the admin) You'll also need to copy the descriptions and paste them into ClickCartPro. You may need to add catagories. The admin does everything

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    ...that basis. The very next thing I then need to do to it is create a module that will take this Access2000 database and publish the selected records to a website MySQL database and update/replace any records that have changed since the last upload date/time. In addition, I will need this person to create a front-end viewer with selection criteria to select

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    ...I have designed for my cousin's wedding and I am wanting a PHP/MySQL Database added to the site so the bride and groom can add photos to their new site for whatever occasion they would like in the near and far futrure. Basicaly I am imagining a system where we can log in, upload a photo, create a category, add the category if not already to the navigation

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    ...movies with option of removing and a checkout process, an admin page to fill up movie returned information, a customer profile information and the ability of non member to upload pictures and rate movies. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation

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    This is a simple database project for the research and upload of world radio stations that broadcast live over the internet into a database. (There are many available radio sites to research.) There are over 10,000 radio station with internet sites, but we don't need all of these. We are only interested in the ones that are live online. And there

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    ...orders for that day. Upload any changes made to the PDA Upload work order signatures If you are an staff: Prompt your for the day:(default today is no input in a few seconds go) Go out to web site and... Download all Customers for the work orders for that day. Download work orders for that day. Upload any changes made to the PDA Upload work order signatures

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    I want a yahoo store which has custom templates. I should be able to upload the database generated text file and this template should display it in a customized manner. Currently its working dynamically using the database upload feature of yahoo, but it cannot be customized to a great extent. I want all pages to be fully customizable and look like my

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    ...buzzcams.net. A site that allows hosts in their homes to upload webcam images to be broadcast to [login to view URL] per minute payment options and group rooms will be required as will the ability for hosts to record and upload small videos. The ability to purchase products from hosts is desireable. A database of members and providers. Html chat is preferred.

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    ...from [login to view URL], offer no support. They are basically the same script, one is a classifieds and the other a Real Estate script. The classified script, I can post and upload photo, but I can't view detail page. [login to view URL] I get Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80040e14' [Microsoft][ODBC

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    ...panel. Users Should recieve a mail when they get a new PM. (This should be simple enough) Option to backup database in admin panel, again there are free scripts out there that do this, we just neen implementation. Option for users to upload multiple pictures and those images thumbnails or links generated in the information page below their image to

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    The file that is corrupted is too big to upload here. Goto [login to view URL] to download the file. Then unzip it. The problem is I am unable to use it now. It say it is not a recognizable format. I do not know what to do. I need it repaired so it can be used in my applications. I know the data is not gone because I see

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    ...looking for the following :- A design of a website that will have an About, Photo Gallery and a links page. The website should be funky but yet "family friendly". The facility to upload photographs and index them online. If possible auto creation of thumbnails. A visitor should be able to go on the site and select an event or a class or a rider and get photos

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    I am trying to build a large database of Cheat Codes and Strategy guides for a new site I'd like to build. I already have a staff of people willing to submit the codes and all so all I really need is the following: 1) A database to handle the codes. Will include fields for the codes, the Game Title, the console it is in, and perhaps links to any online

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    ...com which allows users to format their text and allow the coder to capture the raw HTML into a database (see attached). That is what I would like to have on my site. I need someone to code this for me. Another nice to have is the ability for a user to upload a photograph or image. There is definitly more work to be done on this site, so a long term relationship

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    Job Database Imeisha left

    I need a Job Database for an existing web site. The job database should include: **User Interface** 1. Search jobs by Category 2. Post Resume (upload) 3. Contact Form **Admin Interface** 1. Add job positions by category 2. Create new category 3. View resume I will accept existing apps with source code and rights. For existing applications send

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    I am in need of a ACCESS database with the ability import a jpeg image and automatically format it to a standard size thumbnail image. The layout of the program will include a product image to the far right and have about 25 fields of data such as model number, price, descriptions, etc. After we add a new product, the program must have the ability us

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    I am looking for a database solution to assist in tracking individuals who attend a direct service education program. Currently, we have offices in three different locations in rural Northern Maine approx. 120 miles apart. Each week “attendance sheets?? are submitted by educators detailing the students who attend, what fee they paid for the class, whether

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    23 zabuni

    ...Pervasive Database. This Database is the back-end data for Timberline Software, a construction industry estimating/bidding package. ODBC drivers, the prototype of the database with populated demo data, and a demo (fully functional) copy of the software will be provide if neccessary. If these are needed, coder must provide an FTP site to upload these very

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    PHP Photogallery Imeisha left

    ...be for family photos, so there wont be a tremendous number of photos or the need to search through a large complicated database. Here are some key elements of it: Multiple user logins for different family members. An upload script for each member to add pictures. I will supply the template, but I'll need you to install the script. and

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    MP3 Imeisha left

    ... song title, or a keyword. The download button should display the song title and artist name, how fast it is downloading, time elapsed, etc. Essentially the funtion of the upload button is the same as the download button except the user should be able to view music being downloaded from their own library by other users and the status of the clip. The

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    ...me to write a web based reservation software,but i am having difficulties in getting it on the go. we operate flight operation between five cities and require a web based database system that allows our fields operators to book and make reservations for the flights easily on the web rather than thro the phone as presently done. The system should have

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    ...us templates to create test /exam questions and upload to server. Ont he other hand, Students will download the tests/exams then take the test/exam and submit. There will be a clock running. It's something like microsoft / CIsco kind of testing. At the end of it, the scores will be submitted to a database and scores tabualted. The progress of the students

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    ...Picture upload built in html editor for sellers listings I Also want to have a good "accounting" behind the scenes managability/database/filing portion in the program to keep track of customers, create mailing lists, and back up [login to view URL] as well as auctions/site updates etc. I want features to give discounts/freebies to the entire database, or just

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    homepage sskit Imeisha left

    ...com/episodes/03_2003/ But I want the homepage to be EASY TO UNDERSTAND, quick to read, and easy to navigate. There are too many homepages that take a long time to read, take a long time to upload, and you still do not know the reason for having this web site! ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete

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    Web Site Imeisha left

    ...person his/her password. I guess it will need a basic database to store the user names and passwords. I am still working on details of how I want the site to look. I will need your input/suggestions, comments, etc Basically what I want is a template where I can add more "stuff" when necessary. I will upload the web site, I am currently looking for a web host

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    See attachment for complete program details. I want to create a web enabled management database for martial arts school chain. There are currently 4 schools (expansion likely) that will be managed with a capacity of at least 500 students each (currently there are around 200). Additionally this application needs to be able to manage prospective students

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    ...percentage of the hosting charges (collected annually) as long as they service the clients. The Sales Persons collect all the material from the client (text/images etc) and upload it to the server for the web developers (off shore) to pick up and create the websites. About 10 sales persons report to a Sales manager. 10 Sales Managers report to a Regional

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    ...pages, 3D tour of the dining room pictures of the restaurant, image gallery, daily menu,lunch menu,wine list menu, SQL database,Admin section for boss or manager to make daily updates of his daily menu and lunch specials in the database , small shopping cart to sell restaurant T-Shirts and accessories as well as a music player with ON/OFF button for jazz

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    simRealty.com Imeisha left

    ...ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. 4) Logo. 5) Page layout that is consistent from page-to-page. 6) Method for new sellers to sign on to website, upload pictures of their house, enter description of property and complete basic questionnaire on home they are offering for sale. 7) Method for new buyers to sign on to website,

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    I need to integrate with a postnuke site, a database of classifieds like style. I have a postnuke site and want a module with it's own menu (using postnuke) to a separate db that holds fields that I can admin and search/query with. I want this to work with postnuke and have the header and sides of postnuke surrounding the information. I need a db that

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    ...option [login to view URL] card and paypal payment. [login to view URL] shopping cart [login to view URL] database can login [login to view URL] administrator page where I can add new pic of person or delete profile. [login to view URL] registration page for new member and the data will send to my e-mail address. All files need to upload at [login to view URL] or [login to view UR...

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    ...keen to view the style and layout as that is a key factor in choosing the winner of the bid. please provide a link or samples ASAP. We will supply all details to you for the upload. etc. You will send us all finished detail. We will supply a spreadsheet or dbase databse of the product information with images as required. Please sepecify any product numbering

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    ...The 100 words that I have for the existing Delphi code working as described. $60.00 Stage 2: An enhancement that allows me to add other words that works with a Database. I must be able to upload or past from Excel into the data base. The standalone software must allow for Study [login to view URL] April 22 $60.00 Stage 3: Test and Study Mode via Web. An further

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    ...Members login system database driven. To provide a members only area on a web site. The visitor should be able to register and or change password / username in real time. The following fields required. 1: Username 2: Password 3: Address 4: Telephone Number 5: Email Address 6: Contact Name The member should also be able to upload sound files to ftp server

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    ...exactly what I ask because I don't want to repeat it, I know exactly what I want and no more: I already use a dating script with a MySQL database and I don't want user to register again, I want to use the same database. Dating Script: - Chat Room (not with refresh, I want powerful chat room (Flash or java)) - Messenger (like a pager, small pop-up window)

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    IE TOOLBAR Imeisha left

    ...to add and choose what the default search engine will be. ( Important: The Webmaster should not be able to change any other buttons)once the form is filled it out it would upload the information to our server. The next thing that should happen is the Webmaster should receive the modified toolbar and the setup program that he needs to give to his clients

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