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    Make one Animated Girl Character 6 siku left

    Hi, I want you to make a girl animated character for me that I will be using for my youtube channel for story telling. The girl will constantly be speaking, thats it. No other movement required. Message me only if you can do it in minimal cost.

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    Need help with Google Ads 6 siku left


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    i want i can create unlimited number and thats numbers can use for sign up on whatsapp or telegram

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    discrete selenium 6 siku left

    Hi i am currently writing some selenium code for a personal project in python that i need to hide as much as possible that its done by automation tool instead of a human. i need some help to make my code successfully execute and avoid detection. you should have done selenium work in the past and has successfully created a bot that mimics human browsing habits an avoids detection. i am not intere...

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    Im looking for attractive t-shirt design for the saying " f#@k or f#@% Corona. this is a saying is about the global coronavirus thats going on all over the world.

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    I am a professional Taxidermist and I have a fairly new youtube channel that I statred a few months ago Im looking for a 10 second Introduction of my business/channel for my youtube videos. I only need the intro clip to use at the begining of each of my videos. I dont want it to be too long , thats why I think 10 to 15 seconds will be long enough to make it exciting and short enough so my subscrib...

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    Hi, we have an easy and fast task for you. We need a extended example of the WebRTC (see example AppRTC video chat client) You can find existing examples and the library here: [ingia ili uone URL] Your example should support > Selection of Audio and Video input source and switch of video signal (see example [ingia ili uone URL]) > audio/video calls (up to 4 Multiple peer connections at o...

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    I have a pivot indicator for daily, weekly, same chart, but it has some bugs. sometimes start time does not start at 0000, sometimes it starts at 0100, 0200. what would be duration to complete. if you able to work with me one rule at a time would that be ok? sometimes I use ohlc, timeframe only. or use ohlc tf along with daily, and or weekly pivot. thats why lot of combinations but basic is use ...

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    Finding Expert in SquareSpace 5 siku left

    When visitors access the website I want them to sign up (using their name, and email address) to receive sample chapters of a book. Thats it! Simple Right? Now the fun part: The existing website is on SquareSpace so you'll need to be very experienced with Square Space, templates, campaigns, etc. You also need to have lots of experience with email campaigns, etc. The process must be automated....

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    When visitors access the website I want them to sign up (using their name, and email address) to receive sample chapters of a book. Thats it! Simple Right? Now the fun part: The existing website is on SquareSpace so you'll need to be very experienced with Square Space, templates, campaigns, etc. You also need to have lots of experience with email campaigns, etc. The process must be automated...

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    Plugin development wordpress 5 siku left

    I need some to make me a gallary plugin thats does the following the same feed images like this see the website [ingia ili uone URL] anyone can help?

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    I need a landing page and game page build for my new minesweeper gambling game, you will be provided with an example and details how the game works. I have a couple requirements but thats it, hoping for some creativeness from the designer.

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    The whole world needs a new economic platform which will allow everyone with a certain economic/financial footprint ( humans , animals , villages, families, towns, businesses etc...) to obtain what they really NEED ( food ,transportation, clothing, electronics, holidays , investment) in exchange for what they can OFFER in return ,based on their own individual situation. At the moment most of the ...

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    English Homework 5 siku left

    Need to read 3 short stories and answer the questions very simple not hard I will list instructions to one of the stories I need done as an example and thats what I need done The Open Boat" Group Discussion - "The Open Boat" Group 5 From ENC1102 12267 No unread replies. 1 1 reply. For this group discussion, each group member must do the following: Answer all of the questions that...

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    Scrape website 5 siku left

    Hi, I need this website to be scraped. [ingia ili uone URL] You can see a range of services that you can search on this website (over 130) Out of all services, I need complete list (of all cities in Australia) for the following 86 types of services: 1. GP (General Practice) 2. Hospitals 3. Counselling 4. Podiatry 5. Pharmacy 6. Dentists 7. Psychology 8. Chiropractic 9. Physiotherapy 10. Dermato...

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    Summary of requirements: - I am building an analog computer which should be capable of solving a car spring mass damper. (DONE) - Matlab simscape + LTSPICE model to be completed correctly (for a car-mass-spring-damper equation). Needs to be for a car and the damping output should be realistic and backed up using literature - all values used should HAVE BEEN justified (DONE) - Simscape & LTS...

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    hi i am looking for an PHP Experts who can setup this code thats it and connect API the code is down atatched you can do show me in url.. as many before told but dint able to do it.. so if u can setup and show me this project is urs

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    I am developing an app that can receive outside text messages and allow the user to send replies from within the mobile app to the text messager. I want the text messager to be unaware that the other person is hiding their messages. The text messager will think they are texting a regular phone thus, a phone number is used. Also the app will be used stealthly as it will have other fake functions to...

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    This project is about to create a c# program to access onedrive accounts using username and password (credentials) specified as rows in a mysql database. The main consideration of this project is that to access the onedrive accounts and thus to be able to copy files to the folders there, the login is to be done silently without any human intervention such as keying of the username in the windows...

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    i need php developer but i need some one who can setup the php code down, because everything thing is after that one who can setup and show me on his live server the fastest one i award him the project it just api connection and configure and make things work

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    fix wordpress items 3 siku left

    READ ALL OF THIS BEFORE BIDDING OR I WILL DELETE YOUR ENTRY You must be good w WPBakery Have CSS and html working knowledge Proficient english speaker I want a full hour of anydesk viewed work on my wordpress site. if necesssary, we will be able to hop on the phone together while looking at something. i refuse to type everything out when it can be spoken in real time so your ENGLISH MUST BE GOOD...

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    COLD OUTREACH PROS! EMAIL? SOCIAL MEDIA? PHONE? Looking to hire 3 Cold Outreach Pros with proven performance. You will need outstanding skills in use of email, social media, calling and qualifying prospects to book into our online appointment calendar. This role is for those seeking to earn much more than just an hourly rate. Our business is a Digital Marketing Agency working in attracting le...

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    Flutter app Front + Backend 3 siku left

    I would like to create an app thats called the interviewer. The interviewer is an app that allows jobs to interview potential job candidates by video call. The powerful thing with this app is that during a video call they can not only bot see and talk to each others, but the person that creates the video call by creating a room gets to add a document like jpg,png,pdf etc.. as a document allowing...

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    Elementor Widget 3 siku left

    Elementor Widget Needed An elementor widget needs to be designed which should process payments through woocommerce. That widget should derive its price amount from acf field. I am using acf and elementor both on my website. On every posts there is a price field or you can say demanded price from customer. I just want an elementor widget which should take that price and process payments using ...

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    9 zabuni

    Hello Anne I have a clean technology project that is about clean technology in a micro-grid society it contributes 100% of the module. Thats why i need a professional that can help me achieve higher marks Thanks

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    Trophy icon Intersect pattern 4 masaa left

    We would like icon/ pattern options. Updated to include Corporate Brand ID colours. Please see attached. The file attached named Original - thats a pattern the team believes works for the brand but its a PowerPoint pattern. The 2nd attached document are pattern options we got from one designer. The 3rd attachment was one the executives providing a potential option that looks like businesse...

    $30 (Avg Bid)
    65 wasilisho

    Hi we are a small community interest company working in London to support people with mental healths struggles and long term conditions. We have been planning an internet radio station for some time. We are now jumping pinhead first to offer a life line to vulnerable people stuck at home. We have equipment, licenses, software and have up loaded music to [ingia ili uone URL] but we need to go li...

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    hi i need some one to analyze and setup the php code thats it [ingia ili uone URL] this is the code which u need to setup

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    4 zabuni

    hi i need some one to analyze and setup the php code thats it [ingia ili uone URL] this is the code which u need to setup

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    need excel/macro/python expert 2 siku left

    i need python script which asks me a financial ticker. That ticket will be search on specific websites edgar data base (webscrape latest 10k max 5 and last 8 10q and paste info of balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statemet and from yahoo finance needs to extract last 1 year trading price. so at the end and excel sheet where i can see all 10k info on one tab, all 10q in other tab, a ta...

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    30 zabuni

    Start with 4 design concepts. Create a new header with the same image and text I will provide. Remove the background from the logo, and put an american flag background (colors red, white, and blue) behind it thats much bigger then the logo. I will provide original png and logo without background. Make "Residential or Commercial" text much smaller, a better font/design, and move it ...

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    11 zabuni

    I'm building a therapist directory website using the ListingPro Wordpress theme ([ingia ili uone URL]) which offers all of the functionality that I need... apart from being able to offer Video calls in sessions. I am building the website myself as I have standard knowledge of Wordpress, but I don't have the deep experience to make more complex changes. I'd like to know that you ha...

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    44 zabuni

    I just need one function in C# which takes two parameters as string and returned signed string. string encrypt(string data , string key) [ingia ili uone URL] to sign (string) [ingia ili uone URL] Key (string) That function will sign the data with RSA encryption. Thats it. I will pay when its success.

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    11 zabuni

    I need someone who can create me a AR Filter for Instagram. Only a filter with a hat on the head and a cigar in the mouth. thats it.

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    4 zabuni
    Looking to do E commercial website 2 siku left

    please Read before texting me . . . . . . . . . . Hi there. im looking to do website something similar to those links [ingia ili uone URL] [ingia ili uone URL]

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    119 zabuni

    Hi, i lost my job because of this virus and 1.5million people was also made jobless 2 days ago. Now i have no job i want to use my time and skills to try help the businesses thats open to continue and keep their staff employed. My time costs me nothing so im happy to do this FREE to help the community. What i want to do is create online shops for the businesses, they can then setup for delivery ...

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    I simply need some subcategories created for main page link. MEN, WOMEN and INVESTOR GEMS. There is a total of 7 Sub-categories needed for MEN and WOMEN links. There are 12 Sub-Categories under "investor Gems. There's only 19 Sub-Categories total. Thats

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    5 zabuni

    I want a logo with the letters $FNF. I want the logo to also be in reference to an airline. Simple.....but I would also like for you to use your own creative twist and finesse on it as well. The $ sign I would like to have Benjamin Franklin face in it and the first F a simple Font letter and the N almost like the Nintendo but in some way incorporate a world and a plane flying across it. For the la...

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    i have domain "[ingia ili uone URL]" in [ingia ili uone URL] and hosting in [ingia ili uone URL] i want to make simple 1 page website showing countdown clock of 21 days of lockdown. thats all. make website live. share codes. then i release amount.

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    22 zabuni

    I need someone to conduct a qual analysis on focus group data thats been transcribed. Id like it done in MaxQDA since there are recordings and I have a trial which can be used to access the imported files. I would like visualizations as well as a text analysis and outputs.

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    Dear Freelancer, please read the entire brief and check the files attached. I prefer not to have a lot of conversations with freelancers that are not aware of the scope of work. Also check that you can handle the amount of files and the size of them. This is the task: You will be provided with a set of images taken 360 degrees. It is a total of 4 images taken around 360 degree. Each of these 4...

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    Website SEO and Optimization 1 siku left

    I am trying to help my daughter get her arms around her online presence. She has a thriving brick and mortar store but her online sales are not there. Would love to find someone that could help her grow that portion of her business. Looking forward to finding the right partner for this. Had to remove the website link because of idiots texting my daughter.

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    110 zabuni

    I want a persional website which has fluid transitions and fluid ui/ux thats it.

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    I need someone who can do web scratching and data mining on websites. Native language must be Portuguese or Arabic because you need to check the quality of the sentences. 25 k text sentences will be needed. The theme includes: 1. 50% chatting sentences (not official written articles), including calling, texting, checking weather, checking application, mobile settings, encyclopedia, search´╝îetc. 2....

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    Hi,  Pls find  attached  overall assignment instructions page( in word file) , however the other ones are  the exercise pdf n excel in number order. There are individual instructions for the exercise 1, 2 n 3 given in a pdf and separate excel  data where datasets are provided for 1,2  and 3. For the 4th Exercise only pdf provided with instructions in it . For ...

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    we have an application a simple application where when user clicks add to cart button the product should be added to the cart. thats it and we will provide you the API's also

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    21 zabuni

    I need a software for WINDOWS, simple and easy to use, it must have the next things: - DATABASE in PhP that could be available to check everywhere or throught a web navigator, and it should have this attributes: {Product name, Category, Existence (and show in wich subsidiary is), SKU, Product TAX number(Mexico), Cost, Price, Profit, Provider Name and Expiration Day} - Print tickets with termal pr...

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    22 zabuni

    Hello. My name is Raul Morello. I am an acknowledged start-up entrepreneur (top thirty under thirty), working in Central and South America, the US and the EU. I specialize in site selection, product sourcing, business negotiations... plus all issues related to Spanish language media, marketing, branding and PR in all countries of Latin America and key Spanish-speaking markets in the US. Right n...

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    4 zabuni

    Hi, I saw you did a project like this one i need the same, I need to detect on the screen when a number is higer than 38 (I need an option to change that number too), and when thats happend, triger an audible alarm and something on the screen to inform to the operator. Add to that, save a printscreen of that mome...

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