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    I'm at the idea/concept stage of a new automated device and I'm seeking an experienced freelancer with strong prototyping skills to bring this concept to life. Key Requirements: - Experience: I need someone who's well-versed in electronics, industrial design, and robotics. Your portfolio should reflect past projects that demonstrate your ability to design and prototype automated devices. - Prototyping: The primary skill I'm looking for is your ability to translate concepts into physical prototypes. You should be proficient in using tools and materials to build and test prototypes efficiently. - Problem-Solving: A significant part of this project will involve troubleshooting and refining the prototype as we progress. Your problem-solving skills should be top-notc...

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    ...completing the rest of the series. Example of books and categories: Here are the suggested titles for the 15 ebooks/scripts on artificial intelligence. If you think something is missing or should be changed, please let me know. Theory Background History of AI Machine Learning and Data Mining Neural Networks Reinforcement Learning Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech (and Deep Learning in this Relation) Robotics Limits of AI, Deepfake, and Ethics Practical Guide - Tools ChatGPT for Beginners Image Creation Tools with AI (DALL-E, MidJourney, Assistants - Market Overview) & Computer Vision Data Analysis in Enterprises with AI Python - Introduction and First Overview Additional Books Natural Language Processing (NLP) AI in Healthcare Autonomous Vehicles and AI AI in Finance and Trad...

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    I'm seeking a skilled robotics engineer to simulate basic robotic movements in Gazebo. My project's scope includes: - Engineering a robotic system to perform automated maneuvers. - Implementing basic movements such as forward motion, turning, and stopping. Your expertise should ideally include: - Proficiency in robotics engineering inclusive of controller expertise and Gazebo simulation. - Familiarity with automated systems and their movements. I anticipate this project to be less complex but I demand accuracy in basic functions.

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    I...operating and the design should incorporate elements friendly to an indoor setting. - The platforms should be able to function through an electric power source. This means your experience in electrically powered machinery is a necessity. You should ideally possess a strong foundational knowledge of engineering principles relevant to automated systems, prior experience with automated platforms or robotics would be a definite plus. Your problem-solving skills will come into play in tackling the challenge of creating a gentle and imperceptible motion effect. Remember, the key is a seamless movement that gives a sense of magic. Let's discuss your process and vision for incorporating these facets into the project. Looking forward to some exciting discussions and a successf...

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    I'm in search of a robotics expert with advanced experience in working with Vex V5 parts. The goal of this project is to build a robot that strikes the right balance between speed and strength, specifically for a high school robotics competition. Key Responsibilities: - Building a competitive robot that can excel in a high school robotics competition - Optimizing the robot for a balance between speed and strength Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in working with Vex V5 parts - Previous experience in high school robotics competitions - Strong understanding of robot design principles Communication for this project is crucial, and I would prefer to have in-person meetings to discuss progress and updates. Please consider that you must be able to meet in person i...

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    I'm seeking a skilled robotics engineer to help devise and construct a VEX robot for high school competitive use. Key responsibilities will entail: - Designing and building a robot suited for competition. - Programming the robot to effectively perform precise tasks, specifically lifting plastic doughnut like rings. - Ensuring the robot is capable of lifting objects up to 1 kg. The ideal candidate must have previous experience with VEX robotics, preferably with a focus on competitive robotics. Knowledge of robot programming is also required. My main goal is to have a winning competitive robot, therefore, creativity and problem-solving skills are equally as important.

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    15 zabuni These intelligent chatbots and virtual nurses provide round-the-clock support to patients, answering questions, scheduling appointments, and even monitoring vital signs remotely. By leveraging natural language processing and machine learning, virtual health assistants enhance accessibility and convenience while reducing the burden on healthcare providers. In the operating room, AI-driven robotics and automation are transforming surgical procedures, enhancing precision and reducing human error. Surgical robots equipped with AI algorithms can assist surgeons in performing complex operations with greater accuracy and efficiency, leading to faster recovery times and improved patient safety. Furthermore, AI-enabled automation streamlines administrative tasks and workflow pr...

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    I need someone skilled in Arduino for a robotics control project centered around security. Here's what I hope to achieve: - Integration of Arduino with an existing access control system. Ideal skills would be proficiency in Arduino programming, experience in security system control, and knowledge in automation. Your proposal would stand out if you have handled such tasks before and can complete the milestone within the budget of 2k INR. Looking forward to a successful collaboration.

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    As a part of my market analysis project, I'm looking to scrape company profiles from the This data will be crucial for understanding the market landscape and competitors within the robotics industry. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in web scraping tools and techniques. - Experience in scraping data from news or business websites. - Understanding of the robotics industry would be a plus. - Ability to organize and present large amounts of data in a clear and concise manner.

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    I currently have a need for an experienced Mechanical Engineer. Without any specific project details, I am looking for someone with a wide ranging talent within this field. As such, your tasks could span from designing components, conducting simulations, to creating technical drawings. You may be required to work on various types of systems and components, potentially including HVAC systems, robotics, or automotive components. Additionally, proficiency with tools and software is vital. The specifics may vary, but potential options include AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and ANSYS. Ideal skills and experience: - Broad knowledge in Mechanical Engineering tasks - Experience with diverse systems and components - Proficiency in AutoCAD, SolidWorks, ANSYS, or similar tools - Exceptional technical ...

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    I'm seeking an expert in reinforcement learning to develop a control system for a differential robot in a simulated environment. The project will be impl...control system for a differential robot in a simulated environment. The project will be implemented in Python. Key Requirements: - Develop a control system using reinforcement learning for a differential robot - Implement and test the system in a simulated environment - Provide clear documentation and code comments Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience in reinforcement learning and robotics - Proficiency in Python and familiarity with any relevant libraries - Ability to work in a simulated environment If you have experience in these areas and are confident in your ability to deliver a high-quality project, pl...

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    22 zabuni capable of a wide range of motion. This is essential to the functionality for the research at hand. Materials and Components: - 3D Printed Parts: The project will make use of 3D printed parts, so familiarity with this aspect is a requirement. - Plastic Components: The majority of the hand will be constructed from plastic components. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Robotics: Experience in robotics projects is crucial. - Servo Motor Control: A good understanding of how to control servo motors for precise and varied movements. - 3D Printing: Ability to design and 3D print parts for the hand. - Plastic Component Construction: Experience in constructing and integrating plastic components. I'm looking for someone with a proven track record in this field ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled robotics developer to create a remote-controlled robot specifically designed for pest control in the agricultural sector. Key Requirements: - The robot needs to be fully remote controlled using a radio system. - The primary task for this robot will be to navigate open fields and deal with pest infestations in an efficient manner. - It should be designed to operate outdoors, capable of handling varying weather conditions and terrains. Ideal Skills: - Strong background in robotics and automation. - Experience in designing and building remote-controlled systems. - Knowledge of agricultural practices and challenges. - Proficiency in creating durable, weather-proof outdoor robots.

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    I am seeking an experienced Arduino coder for my robotics project. The primary task involves coding for a robot that specializes in collecting tennis balls from the ground. Key tasks and responsibilities: - Sensor-based detection: The robot needs to be able to identify and pick up tennis balls from the ground using sensors. Your code should enable the robot to execute these functionalities efficiently. I prefer if you have: - Proven experience in coding with Arduino, especially in robotics. - Detailed knowledge and experience in sensor-based detection systems. Your role in this project is vital for the operational success of the robot. Please only bid if you're confident in your ability to meet these requirements.

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    As an enthusiast of mystical elements and robotics amalgamated into one, I'm looking for a talented 3D modeler/character designer who can bring to life my vision of a cloaked character akin to a grim reaper or a ring wraith. The design should encapsulate the following: -Format: Rigged model for animation. High Poly is fine. I will be using It for logos and art for a rock band. I primarily use Bender 3d and Adobe. - Style: The character should project a sense of mystery and mysticism. While it is based on traditional figures associated with darkness and fear, it should not be outright menacing. It needs to have an element of intrigue that draws in the observer. - Robotic Body: While the outer cloak gives an aura of mystique, the body of the character should have a futu...

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    Task needs to be done in 3 days Task related to robotics The review should cover 4 key areas: - Tech Status - Capabilities - Limitations - Breakthrough Potential

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    I am looking for an expert in both Industrial and Autonomous robotics to review an academic paper and accompanying video. The review should cover 4 key areas: - Tech Status - Capabilities - Limitations - Breakthrough Potential This review is crucial, as I am particularly interested in understanding the business implications of the content for a major conglomerate. The aim is to evaluate the value addition and relevance that the technology presented in the paper could potentially offer. The ideal freelancer for this project will be knowledgeable and experienced in both Industrial and Autonomous robotics. Your insights should not only cover the technical aspects but should also demonstrate a clear understanding of the broader business landscape and the potential impact of t...

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    I'm seeking a skilled Arduino developer for a basic level robotics project. The primary tasks for this role will include coding and troubleshooting hardware. Key requirements: - Skilled in writing Arduino code - Able to troubleshoot hardware issues - Experience in basic robotics projects The purpose of the project is to create a basic level robotics system using Arduino, which involves simple movements and operations. The ideal candidate will have a good understanding of robotics, and experience in designing circuits would be an advantage.

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    Trophy icon Modern Logo for New Business Imeisha left

    I need a logo designed for a tech/robotics/AI company . The text component of the logo should remain the same of very similar to the sample provided. Colors to be used can be: orange, white and black. The logo icon should fit in approximately the area provided by the red box and ideally be an aspect ratio of 1:1. The red box must be removed and is not part of the logo.

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    Edison Robotics Online Curriculum Development (E-Learning) Grade Level: Age 7 to 17 year School student 36 lessons x 1 hour per level ( intermediate and advance) Content Needed: Interactive Activities and Videos The estimated duration of this project is 1.5 week per level I am looking for organisation or freelancers to create an online e-learning curriculum (Edison Coding and Robotics ) for students focuses on coding and robotics. Course delivery Must include : -modify/create online instructional lesson (step by step) into our LMS for students self learning (elearning) - modify/create Quiz and interactive gamification during the learning . - modify/create Assessment and upload of project at this end of the day - modify/create Lesson plan briefing guide - modify/crea...

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    I am in need of a skilled Arduino programmer, with experience specifically in robotics programming for educational purposes. The project has an intermediate level of complexity, so a solid understanding and the ability to problem-solve and code efficiently will be crucial. Ideal Skills: - Arduino programming - Robotics programming - Educators and student-user centered design Given the nature of the end-users, it would be highly beneficial if the freelancer also has experience in creating user-friendly interfaces and can foresee potential challenges that educators or students may face. Your technical expertise will be expected to translate into an accessible and engaging project that fits the educational context.

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    I require an expert with advanced 8086 assembly program skills to develop and rigorously test effective operability of a robot. Key Deliverables: - Creation of an 8086 assembly program capable of controlling a robot. - Ensuring seamless execution of controlling the robot's movements (forward, backward, left...operability of a robot. Key Deliverables: - Creation of an 8086 assembly program capable of controlling a robot. - Ensuring seamless execution of controlling the robot's movements (forward, backward, left, right). - Enabling the robot to handle basic functions like turning on and off lights. Skills Required: - Excellent knowledge and experience with 8086 Assembly Program. - Proven experience with robotics control programming. - Strong understanding of external d...

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    I need a pick and place simulation project that uses plastic blocks and is simple in nature. Key Points: - The project revolves around moving plastic blocks. Prior experience with these materials will be highly valued. - The simulation should be simple in nat...pick and place simulation project that uses plastic blocks and is simple in nature. Key Points: - The project revolves around moving plastic blocks. Prior experience with these materials will be highly valued. - The simulation should be simple in nature, involving just one robot arm. This project is all about efficiency and error reduction in a controlled, simple environment. Experience in robotics and simulations is a must. Please note that the focus here is on getting it moving smoothly and accurately, rather than c...

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    ...e-learning platform that integrates artificial intelligence at its core. My vision is focused on three special features: Gamification, interactive quizzes, and progress tracking capabilities. This would effectively make learning fun, engaging, and easily monitored. The core functionalities I require include virtual tutors, natural language processing for student-teacher interaction, sophisticated robotics, and an advanced learning process. All these aspects and more should contribute towards fostering optimal communication and facilitating superior understanding and learning. I'm at the helm of an exciting Artificial Intelligence technology startup, and we're keen to grab a visionary investor who's aware of the AI landscape. Our primary mission? To revolutionise t...

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    As an online learning provider, I offer a broad range of technical courses. I'm seeking an experienced sales person with an understanding of technical courses to drive the business forward. Key courses: - Web development - Data science - Embedded systems - Cyber security - Digital marketing - Auto CAD - Adobe Photoshop - Robotics - SQL - AWS - Data structures and algorithms Ideal candidate should possess: - Proven sales experience in the e-learning or tech industry

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    For this project, I'd like to enlist someone with a keen eye for intricate detail that can take a critical pass at an existing Lua code. This code is for an involute gear, which is instrumental to my robotics work. The specific parameters I'd like to modify are: - Gear size - Number of teeth - Pressure angle Given the high precision level required for the rewritten Lua code, strong attention to detail and meticulousness are a must. Ideal freelancers for the job would have a strong understanding of scripting languages, specifically Lua, and a working knowledge of robotics. Experience in modifying intricate algorithms to suit specific parameters will also be highly beneficial.

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    I'm seeking a highly knowledgeable specialist in mobile robotics simulation using the ROS2 Noetic operating system, turtlebot3 and gazebo. The ideal candidate should possess a thorough understanding of Python as it's crucial for this role as well as deep reinforcement learning knowledge. Key requirements include: - Proven experience in robotics simulation, specifically with a focus on mobile robotics. - Exceptional proficiency with ROS Noetic is essential. - In-depth knowledge of Python. - Ability to work independently and troubleshoot challenging simulation scenarios. The task involves implementing and testing RL algorithms in a short time, so only talk to me if you’re fully available in the next couple of days

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    I am seeking a competent software developer to create a program that integrates a robot and RFID reading system, primarily for automating inventory management in a warehouse setting. The successful freelancer should strongly grasp robotics, RFID technology and software development. Their responsibility will be developing a software compatible with both Windows and Linux operating systems that smoothly facilitates communication between the robot and RFID reading system. Requirements: - Expertise in robotics and RFID technology - Proficient in coding for both Windows and Linux systems - Experience in developing software for inventory management - Understanding of warehouse processes and operations Goal: The objective is to make our inventory management more effi...

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    I need a highly skilled engineer to develop a design for a manufacturing robotic tool. The robot's critical function includes a basic motor and pulley system, designed primarily for assembly tasks. The tool should be specifically designed for linear motion. Skills and Experience: - Mechanical Engineering - Robotics - Manufacturing Engineering - Assembly Processes - Mechanical Design This project requires detail-oriented individuals with superior communication. Previous experience or knowledge in robotic tool manufacturing would be a significant advantage. Anticipated turnaround time for this project is crucial; prompt responses and progress updates would be expected throughout the project.

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    I'm in need of a uniquely designed logo to enhance my brand's identity. The Brand is called Dove Robotics and is a robotics manufacturing and packaging company. The logo should ideally: - Have a minimalistic design approach - Reflect our primary brand colors which are black and white/ Green & Grey (open to multiple looks) - Serve as a powerful recognition tool for our brand The ideal freelancer for this job is one who has proven experience in minimalistic design, deep understanding of brand identity development and strong color theory skills. Show me your portfolio of minimalistic and monochrome logos that you've created. Together we'll create a symbol of our brand that stands out.

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    I'm looking for an expert to conduct a thorough evaluation of a specific robotic sensor, focusing on accuracy, precision, sensing range, and every other applicable characteristic. The end go...The presentation should effectively communicate the sensor's strengths, limitations, and proposed improvements, both visually and through supporting notes. Ideal skills for this project include: - Strong research and analytical abilities. - Proficiency in evaluating technical specifications and data. - Experience in preparing engaging and informative PowerPoint presentations. - A background in robotics and sensor technology would be a plus. Please provide samples of similar work you've done in the past. Looking for a freelancer who can deliver a high-quality, professional eva...

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    ...experienced curriculum developers to create a comprehensive learning plan intended for various age groups from Kindergarten to college. This curriculum should encompass three main areas: 1. Coding: Should cover various programming languages including Python, Java and foundational learning platforms like Scratch, as well as MIT App Inventor for app development. 2. Robotics: The curriculum should also touch on different robotics platforms - from Arduino, LEGO, VEX, Sphero to Raspberry Pi. 3. Media Arts: In addition, I want to integrate media arts, where students can learn graphic design, animation, videography, and web design and development. Ideal candidates should have extensive experience in pedagogy and skill development in these areas, and be able to create an en...

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    We are seeking a skilled SolidWorks expert to assist in the simulation of the Maira robot. We currently have a STEP file of the robot, but it needs to be re-modeled in SolidWorks because the parts are not movabl...the limitations of the STEP file format. Responsibilities: Re-model the Maira robot in SolidWorks to ensure all parts are movable and properly configured. Prepare the model for simulation within SolidWorks. Ensure the model's accuracy and functionality for simulation purposes. Requirements: Proficient in SolidWorks with a strong background in mechanical design and simulation. Experience in robotics and understanding of kinematic and dynamic simulations preferred. Attention to detail and a commitment to accuracy. Ability to deliver the completed model within a speci...

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    I'm currently encountering several problems with the CAD UI of my Robotics MVP. Notably, there are specific functionality issues with scaling and object movement that I need fixed. The Editor uses but heavy knowledge of is not required. In detail, the troublesome issues are: - Specific issues with scaling of Images in some alignments. - Specific issues with moving objects and some of the Javascript Events. - Reporting Design inconsistencies. The ideal freelancer for this job should have the following skills and experience: - Mastery of Javascript coding and debugging, since the issue might revolve around faulty or missing Javascript codes. - A willingness to work with which is the graphics framework. No detailed knowledge is required. - Some exposure to Design Software

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    I am currently working on a University Graduation Project focused on Mechatronics, specifically within the field of Robotics. The project is aimed towards a specific category of single-joint robot arm designed to implement arm wrestling or hand-shaking interactive behaviors, we should study and verify the interactive control strategies on the force-controlled single-joint robot. As such, my requirements for this project are: - A background in mechatronics, with a focus on robotics engineering. - Experience in designing and developing single-joint robot arms. - Knowledge in the applications of robotic systems in unconventional fields. - Ability to conduct literature review, experimental research and case studies related to the project. Mission requirements: It is necessary...

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    8 zabuni app development using React Native, Swift (iOS), and Kotlin (Android). Skilled in web development with a focus on responsive design and secure payment processing. Deep understanding of backend development, including API services, database design (SQL and NoSQL), and server-side logic. Familiarity with sensor integration and real-time data processing. Experience with automation systems, robotics, or similar technologies is highly desirable. Knowledge of machine learning and optimization algorithms is a plus. Excellent problem-solving abilities and attention to detail. Strong communication skills and the ability to work as part of a team. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field is preferred. Project Duration: The project is expected to l...

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    ...e-commerce capabilities for direct machine sales Ideal skills include WordPress proficiency, SEO optimization techniques, and past experience crafting websites for similar industries. An understanding of the food & beverage-tech industry or e- commerce site development will be beneficial. 1. Develop a Logo with Brand Identity on mind: Develop a distinct visual identity that combines elements of robotics and coffee culture. Use a sleek, modern logo featuring a robotic barista holding a steaming cup of coffee. Choose a color palette that balances futuristic vibes with warmth, such as metallics like silver and gold paired with rich espresso browns. 2. Website, Landing Page and Online Presence: Design a user-friendly website that showcases Coffeebotic's offerings, includi...

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    I'm in need...individual to help me design a custom robotic arm for personal use. - Purpose: The arm will be used for picking and placing objects in my home, so it should be precise, durable, and flexible in its movements. - Weight Range: The objects it will be handling will be less than 1 kg. This means the arm should be structured and powered accordingly. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in mechanical engineering and robotics - Experience in designing and building robotic arms - Familiar with the specifications and constraints of personal applications - Able to create a design that balances precision and strength Please provide samples of your previous work and a brief overview of how you would approach this project in your bid. Let me know if you have any questions or need addi...

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    ...move smoothly and in a controlled manner. - Limit Mouth and Eye Mechanism: The robot should have a limit mouth mechanism and limit eye. It's important these parts move in a precise and controlled manner. - 3D Printing: The internal structure of the robot is expected to be 3D printed. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in mechatronics and animatronics. - Experience in Arduino programming and robotics. - Strong understanding of 3D printing. - Creative problem-solving skills for animatronic design. Collaboration and Communication: - It's crucial that you're open to discussing the progress and challenges of the project. Regular updates and the ability to ask and answer questions are key to the successful completion of this project. If you believe you have the skil...

    $150 - $250
    $150 - $250
    9 zabuni

    I'm seeking a well-versed robotics engineer to join my project, specialising in the simulation, programming, and troubleshooting of complex systems. The role involves work on various types of robots, specifically including industrial robots and autonomous vehicles. Key Responsibilities: - Robot design - Programming, Testing and troubleshooting - Control and Perception Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in C++, Python, ROS, and Isaac Sim is essential. - Prior experience with industrial robots and autonomous vehicles is important - Perception and control for two armed robot A comprehensive approach paired with a keen understanding of robotics engineering is critical for success in this project.

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    I'm looking for a robotics expert who can design and develop an autonomous robot for indoor delivery. Key Requirements: - The robot must be capable of navigating indoor environments with precision and safety. - It should have a delivery mechanism suitable for small items, such as documents and small packages. - The robot must be autonomous and self-navigating, with the ability to avoid obstacles and optimize its routes for efficiency. Ideal Skillset: - Proficiency in robotics, particularly in the development of autonomous robots. - Strong knowledge of navigation algorithms and obstacle avoidance techniques. - Experience in designing and implementing delivery systems on robotic platforms. - Familiarity with indoor mapping and localization technologies. The successfu...

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    I need a professional with extensive experience in Fuzzy Logic and Matlab. Since I haven't defined the exact task or domain, I anticipate your ability to tackle various applications ranging from control system design, pattern recognition, forecasting, robotics, financial analysis, to traffic control. The final output, yet to be specified, could be anything from improved system performance, enhanced decision-making, or better data analysis. Since the assignment specifics are yet to determined, I require someone who is flexible, creative, and solutions-oriented. Matlab proficiency is a must.

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    In this captivating project, we're attempting to tackle a spe...we're attempting to tackle a specific problem in NASA's innovation program. We're seeking a freelancer with considerable robotics expertise to help us in the conceptualization phase. The ideal candidate will have: • Exceptional skills in robotics • A knack for creative problem-solving • Familiarity with project concepts in aerospace agencies like NASA As we dive into the unknown, your role will be to enrich our project with innovative thought and robotic knowledge. Your key areas of focus will be initial brainstorming and the inception of potential robotic solutions. We're looking forward to developing a groundbreaking idea and we trust that your expertise in Robotic...

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    27 zabuni

    ...Tewksbury, Massachusetts. The store is in nearby Chelsea, Massachusetts. The initiative is from the store, that is why we have no feasibility study budget. A preliminary template has already been built by an Ai assisted feature of Microsoft 360. Nobody has any real spreadsheet acumen to go any further, but our data series and needed parameters are ready. I've been hired to work in the new robotics center due to my past technical background and current Home Depot store merchandising and shrink knowledge. My time frame is 4 weeks as our data streams refresh every two weeks. and I will have two complete sets by then. After that, 30 days of testing, adds and changes, will follow. At this conceptual phase, it may not be a question of price, or product...... its probab...

    $15 - $25 / hr
    Ya Eneo Imefichwa
    $15 - $25 / hr
    14 zabuni

    I'm seeking a versatile freelancer to develop an object detection-based localization project. The primary aim is to identify, track, and precisely determine the location of a mobile robot, with a focus on real-time continuous tracking. - Key Tasks: - Develop an object detection tool for a mobile robot - Ensure a h...the location of a mobile robot, with a focus on real-time continuous tracking. - Key Tasks: - Develop an object detection tool for a mobile robot - Ensure a high degree of accuracy in real-time continuous tracking - The system will function in an indoor environment Ideal freelancer needs to have skills in robot motion algorithms, machine learning, and a deep understanding of complex robotics-related technologies. Experience in indoor robot localiza...

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    Project Description: We are seeking innovative ideas to automate our drive-through branches, making them fully automated and efficient. The aim is to leverage AI technology to enhance the cust...integration with our existing systems and processes. Expected Impact: Enhanced customer experience through faster service and personalized interactions. Increased operational efficiency by reducing wait times and optimizing order processing. Potential for cost savings by minimizing the need for human intervention in the drive-through process. Requirements for Freelancer: Expertise in AI, robotics, and automation. Experience in designing and implementing complex systems. Ability to collaborate with our team to integrate the proposed solution into our existing infrastructure. How...

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    I am looking for a specialized electronics engineer with a proven track record in printed circuit board (PCB) design, in creating robust and long-lasting PCB designs. 3. **Equipment Performance Tracking:** The primary purpose of the sensor signals is equipment performance tracking. Therefore, expertise in integrating sensor data into performance monitoring systems will be a significant advantage. Those with experience in developing similar solutions for industries like manufacturing, heavy machinery, or robotics, will be highly preferable. Knowledge in environmental management systems would be a plus. To sum up, the ideal candidate for this project should have robust skills in durable PCB design, sensor data integration, wireless communication, and equipment performance...

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    11 zabuni

    I am declaring this get into the job description up I do not know anything about robotics and have never played with it. I just know that what I want done is capable of being done. We are looking for someone that is very familiar with building task that we can bring in to our existing software possibly through a d l l. Our software is already built and performing but it requires a human being to make a turn of the dial or a change of the range. Whoever we hire will be familiar with the process and be able to advise us on solution that will get the job done. The items that we are looking to work with our small test and measurement devices and we basically need the robotic arm to make the then when done, trigger and let our

    $21 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $21 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    24 zabuni

    I need a machine designed to streamline the assembly process of electronic components. The machine should help with: - Assembling medium complexity electronic components - Handling several parts that require specific order Ideal skills and experience: - Engineering/CAD/CAM - Electronics - Robotics - Design of automated assembly processes - Previous experience in similar projects The resulting machine should increase efficiency by reducing time and potential errors in the assembly process. I look forward to seeing your creative solutions.

    $791 (Avg Bid)
    $791 Wastani wa Zabuni
    42 zabuni

    I am looking for an experienced robotics engineer to assist me in developing a project centered around object detection and manipulation.

    $102 (Avg Bid)
    $102 Wastani wa Zabuni
    39 zabuni

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