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    explain me perl and python codes advanced skills needed

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    this is a test project, please do not bid. this is a test project, please do not bid. this is a test project, please do not bid. this is a test project, please do not bid. this is a test project, please do not bid. this is a test project, please do not bid.

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    السلام عليكم حاب اغير موقعي اذا ممكن نتواصل اخي الكريم انا اريد تغير الموقع واضافة البيع اونلاين من خلال باي بال وكروت الفيزا والماستر كارت مع رسوم الشحن وتكلفتها ويكون الموقع بصيغة ورد بريس ويمكنني تغير اي شي بالموقع لاحقا يفضل من لديه الخبرة ويتكلم العربية شكرا

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    مطلوب برمجة موقع يختص ببيع الكوينز للفيفا ويكون طرق التسليم بالنظام الالى مثل موقع [ingia ili uone URL] فى تسليم الكوينز ( المنتج ) عند الشراء

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    jbaoehapehaê aae ae aeaeaeaeihaopeihape epaeae)a je) ae uaej aepeja ua)eaeu)çeu^kâ ae 5e9aeaea eaeiapeae ae aeaeaeaêouaôeuaeouoepu zpeiouzepuzpeouzp zuzpe zpjpzeuzpeouzepozuepzeuze^zeze ze zez e z eze zoeuej

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    من فضلك انا عندي تيمبلت oscommerce عاوز اضيف اللغة العربي علية يتكلف كام ووقت اد اية

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    jbaoehapehaê aae ae aeaeaeaeihaopeihape epaeae)a je) ae uaej aepeja ua)eaeu)çeu^kâ ae 5e9aeaea eaeiapeae ae aeaeaeaêouaôeuaeouoepu zpeiouzepuzpeouzp zuzpe zpjpzeuzpeouzepozuepzeuze^zeze ze zez e z eze zoeuej

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    I want to create an online film festival. Customer logs into website. They go through Pay-Per-View E-Commerce. They view 8 Short Films. About 10 minutes long so 80 minute file. They are then asked to VOTE for the one film they think is best - the log their vote. Vote come through to a file that is recorded. Then they are logged out. They can not view the show twice. This event will take place at...

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    Dear Freelancer , We have a new project available which matches your skills and requires your expertise and availability. Please find the details below. Project type TR (Transcription) Language pair Assyrian - Assyrian Translation area Other / Conversation, Greetings, Letters Number of units 3.19 Minutes Total price 10.00 USD Deadline 02 Oct 12:00 CEST 02 Oct 12:00 (GMT+02:00) Afri...

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    == Please don't send auto-generated bids, Read carefully and then bid with exact budget and time. Otherwise, I will report == I need an SEO Expert to do complete On-Page SEO for our Classified Website [ [ingia ili uone URL] ]. This website has a total of 63,000 to 64,000 pages/links at the moment, which are growing day by day. I want you to apply everything (like Meta Title, Meta Description...

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    I created a small program in VB I own with VMprotect with WebLicence module licence WebLicence server is up and running I need coder to integrate the VMprotect code into the VB program so it call server for activation authorization, make form for entering the licence key or create a small separate activation tool You can use my licenced VMprotect software by Teamviewer its quit easy, only add...

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    I own an online VAPE store, we currently do $30,000/mo but I would like to get over $100k per month. We need help with optimizing our PPC and setting up things like cart abandonment and creating an email list. We need help with PPC Setting up mailchimp and email campaigns Cart abandonment Additional advertising

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    We are a small group of individuals looking for an app developer who can build a lucky number generator. The application will be able to input the number range for the randomisation and then select a random number within that range. This application will be a web application. Project Specifications: - Must be completed in a week from hire - Basic user interface. - Must be unique - Web-based appli...

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    I have a pretty solid idea what the password might be, however manual guessing would take forever. I am familiar with John the Ripper ( [ingia ili uone URL] ), but I am not able to code a custom ruleset. I already have a hash file and a list of words containing several string candidates. For the sake of easier understanding, the password can be mentally split into 3 parts: 1) string of words ...

    $10 - $11
    $10 - $11
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    We are a online store for bakery ingredients. Looking for a professional who can edit photos for us with white background. We need to see samples for previous work.

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    Hi Vladyslav P., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss the details over chat regarding your ML experience. Machine learning: @ Natural language processing + Text classification + Sentiment analysis + Chat bots + Q/A + Machine translation @ Algorithms + CNN, RNN(GRU/LSTM), Autoencoders, ULMFiT, BERT + SVM, Linear regression + KNN, Logistic regressi...

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    I need someone who is an expert in VBA, Macro's, and Excel to jump on a quick 30 minute zoom call to fix a bug

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    I need an SQL database for managing a clothing inventory system. The way our process works, we receive blanks and then the blanks go out for production. I need a system that will manage the ingoing and outgoing blank inventory. Each code should correspond to a style and size. I need to be able to adjust the system as we receive ingoing/outgoing inventory and generate corresponding QR codes for ...

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    7 day project to demonstrate and guide 4 or 5 developers. Open CV, docker, git and machine learning. Materials, source codes on docker should be provided. Code review for the participants is also necessary. My budget: usd 150

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    i am looking for someone who is able to develop something in untiy or in unreal games engine - these on different source codes such as C++ and c sharp. The project may consist of certain things to be modelled in low polygon for certain reasons.

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    We need someone to upload 38 videos of varying lengths (10 min - 40 min) and to set up the Kajabi classroom showcasing our brand colors. Each video needs to be accompanied with a title, short write-up and so on. Please send your hourly rate in US $. And, we'd like this completed within the next 72 hours (if possible). We would grant you access to the folder with the videos.

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    Looking for website creation 6 siku left

    I am looking to build a website which can automatically post all of the daily promo codes that amazon releases to it's affiliates. There is a website [ingia ili uone URL] which posts the daily amazon links, but not in a manner which can easily be shared onto social media. I want a website that creates the same data, but that allows the data to be searched by major categories and for the dat...

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    52 zabuni

    The purpose of the milestone is to create an opportunity to make orders on the web menu. First of all, we are expecting to have an Order button for each menu item [ingia ili uone URL] Secondly, we need a Cart pop-up window so the end-user will be able to see the list of pre-ordered items and confirm it Additionally, we should store the orders after confirmation into our DB (we expect to have a ne...

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    Trophy icon The Bibbs Brand - Professional Logo 18 masaa left

    The Bibbs Brand LLC is a professional business providing its customers with a First Class Customer Experience and First Class products ranging from paper and kitchen gadgets to small electronics. We are in need of a PROFESSIONAL, simple, yet elegant logo that will go on all of our packaging, Thank You Cards and be great for billboard and social media advertising. We will need the file in the fol...

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    Dharura Imehakikishiwa
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    Need someone to help me create a fully functional Tambola Game in Excel for corporate use. The game should have features like adding / modifying the players to a player database, add players to a new game from the database and assign the number of tickets opted by them to play, generate random tambola tickets for each user and automatically email them, have a fully functional tambola game board on...

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    Develop company web development standard to define the Coding and Technical requirements for Web Site and Web Application Development in order to derive Consistency, Security and Speed in coding. Wherever possible snippet codes shall be developed for elements The frontend technology shall be HTML5, CSS3, JS, JQuery, Bootstrap4, Ajax The backend(server side) coding shall be in PHP7+ and database s...

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
    29 zabuni

    Please don't apply if you are not going to respect the budget. We need a web app with the following characteristics: 1. User register account, can upload books and can read them any time using web app. 2. TTS for selected text. It's an MVP project, some functionalities will change so option to rehire you is high. React skills prefered.

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    MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE WORKING WITH AND DESIGNING BRUSHES FOR CLIP STUDIO AND PROCREATE FOR THIS PROJECT! I'm looking for someone that can design several sets of brushes/stamps for both clip studio and procreate. this will be an ongoing project. This is something that will be offered for clients to be able to download and use for their drawings. looking for someone that is proficient in both ...

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    15 zabuni
    Psico Online 6 siku left

    La idea es ofrecer servicios de terapias vía virtual por zoom, meet, o skype a la comunidad hispanohablante. Algo simple, que solo lea acerca de que tipo de problemáticas atendemos y cuales no, los costos por sesión y formas de pago, y luego de eso pase a transcribir sus datos y cuente algo muy resumido de que lo trae a realizar terapia. Hay una App que se llama TherapyChat co...

    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
    0 zabuni

    I am creating an online course on stock market,India. For that I need content which i can speak in my video course

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    15 zabuni

    I am creating an online course on stock market,India. For that I need content which i can speak in my video course

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    6 zabuni

    I need a person who will take up job of making marketing presentations to my client about my software Person should have fluent English and skill to present. Job is online and as and when client presentation is scheduled. Typical presentation will need around 2 hours of presence. Expecting around 5 to 20 presentations per month

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    4 zabuni

    Videographer is needed in Stockholm, Sweden. We are looking for a freelancer to shoot a video to be a part of an online event we are arranging. The format of the video is an interview / profile of one person. Preferably we are looking for a freelancer who can also handle the post production and possibly editing other videos related to the event as well. For the main production, the time would b...

    $102 / hr (Avg Bid)
    Ya Eneo
    $102 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    2 zabuni

    I need an Android and iOS app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built.

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    5 zabuni

    I had bought an app from Codecanyon and also almost done all setup like Firebase, Google Cloud, Deeper, Agora, etc. But also after that when I released the signed apk, it is not installing on the mobile phone. You have to recheck as per Documentation and compile that app for me. PM me only who are interested. Codecanyon Product Link: [ingia ili uone URL]

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    6 zabuni
    Online coding 6 siku left

    C programing, c++. I can able to perform on this 2 fields

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    4 zabuni

    I need an iPhone PDF reader app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built. Pls bid if you can accept this conditions Daily response Daily codes update Payment will be release after all work done without milestone

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    2 zabuni

    I am willing to take online classes on Python , MS SQL Server , Power BI , XML , Advanced Excel and many other topics. Have vast experience on taking Corporate Branches , also having more than 25 years of experience in IT Education & Training.

    $10 - $17 / hr
    $10 - $17 / hr
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    Trophy icon Kitchen Renders for Visualiser 6 siku left

    We are looking for someone to create 3d renders for a worktop visualiser we are in the process of building. There will be 3 types of render. 1. Main Kitchen Image. (This is the main kitchen area that will include the floor, sink, and any accessories on the worktop.) This image will NEVER change so only one version of this is required. 2. Kitchen Door Images. (The positioning of these will not c...

    $64 (Avg Bid)
    2 wasilisho

    Good Day, I am looking for someone (one person) NO TEAMS that could assist me with uploading all of my creative digital assets onto my online stores. Each listing will overlap across these 4 different platforms: 1) [ingia ili uone URL] 2) [ingia ili uone URL] 3) [ingia ili uone URL] 4) [ingia ili uone URL] You will be supplied with the creative assets, preview files, a description of each produ...

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    21 zabuni

    Hola, mi nombre es Carlos Velasco Y estoy buscando a un conocedor en diseño y fb ads para crear un eficiente campaña para mi sito web www.regalagreen.com. Inicialmente me gustaría dirigir el segmento adecuado a mi pagina web a través de trafico, para lo cual estoy buscando a un experto en segmentación en fb que además pueda diseñar una propuesta...

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    12 zabuni

    I need you to fill in a spreadsheet with data.

    $2 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $2 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    48 zabuni

    Hello there, We are looking for some affiliates for my online store: [ingia ili uone URL] this is a commission basis job initially, possibly a long term engagement. Apply if interested!

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    13 zabuni

    I need some changes to an existing website. I need to set multi shipping facilities to ship international orders

    $13 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    10 zabuni
    online nursery software project 6 siku left

    Needed an online nursery software 1- Student inquiry management and registration for each classes 2- staff and student login 3- staff and kids attendance class wise 4- Fees management, invoice 5- reports of all

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    24 zabuni

    Adaption von Online Werbebannern animiert (html5) und statisch in regelmässigen monatlichen Abständen für Käse startup.

    $17 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $17 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    9 zabuni
    create a song from people's voices 6 siku left

    I have a bunch of recording of different people saying random stuff that I would like turned into a catchy song for a laugh

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    10 zabuni

    Descripción: Diseñar un cotizador en el que los usuarios de la tienda online, puedan exportar a PDF una cotización con productos que se encuentran en la tienda, pero que tambien puedan agregar nuevos productos / servicios que no se encuentren en la tienda. Adicional se requiere que pueda crear clientes, para luego filtrar y crear cotizaciones a nombre del cliente selecciona...

    $591 (Avg Bid)
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    30 zabuni