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    Project Description: I have a vast collection of digital resources (over 200) on various aspects of date palm trees All are in Arabic , including diseases, cultivation techniques, varieties, and more. I am looking to develop a generative AI chatbot that can act as a consultant for date palm farmers. The AI should be able to: • Answer user queries related to date palm trees in a comprehensive and informative way In Arabic and english. • Provide assistance on topics like disease identification, cultivation practices, variety selection, and troubleshooting common problems. • Offer insights based on best practices and research in the field. Technical Skills Required: (NEED TO SHOW RFERENCES AND PAST EXPERIENCE) • Expertise in building chatbots or conv...

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    Trophy icon Travel & Tour Portal Branding 7 siku left

    EDIT2: please don't use images like airplanes/globes/palm trees/sun.. EDIT: Please try to find a nice font for the "to experience" part, preferably a handwritten style. Also, let's see it next to "SARDINIA" (which must always be in uppercase, as should all the other region names). Please don't focus too much on icons; I don't like them. The only acceptable one could be the region icon itself (The website should be very institutional). As the creator of a new travel and tour portal, I'm in need of a comprehensive brand identity for a cluster of tourism websites, each linked to a different region of Italy. - **Audience:** Our primary target is travel and tour enthusiasts. - **Objective:** We aim to connect these explorers with unique, loc...

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    I'm looking for a skilled photo editor who can remove six palm trees from an image and fill in the space to make it appear as if they were never there. The aim is to blend the background seamlessly. Retaining high detail in the remaining parts of the picture is critical. Your expertise in photo manipulation and detail-enhancement will be a great fit for this job. High-level proficiency in using photo editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP is essential. Strong attention to detail is also key to ensuring the picture maintains its natural look. If resolution can be increased, that is a plus. Keeping the cost down is important.

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    I'm looking for a talented desig...modernize my current bold and vibrant logo. The main goal of this project is to refresh and modernize the logo while retaining the original color scheme and symbol/icon. Key Requirements: - Modernize the existing logo to better reflect the brand's values and image. - Retain most of the original color scheme and symbol/icon. - Use a better font and text design for the brand - Keep the sun and use palm trees, Tampa florida skyline shadow (partial okay) , and the sun in the background or foreground Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience in logo design, specifically with modernizing existing logos. - Strong understanding of color psychology and brand values. - Creative and innovative approach to logo design, while respecting th...

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    I'm seeking an experienced designer to create a new logo for my business. The logo should be: - Modern, Professional, and Elegant: The design should exude a contemporary, ...looking for a palette that includes Grey, Black or other Neutral Colors. Nothing bold or bright. - Logo should include the company name Florida Branding Co. along with an outline of the state of Florida with Florida either spelled out or using abbreviation FL. Use the word Florida or FL as part of the outline if needed to see what it looks like. - Also, what it would look like using a Florida palm tree as part of either the F or the L. It doesn't have to have that, but I would like to see what it could look like. - Don’t forget that I would like to see what a logo would look like using FL ver...

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    Simple design of a large ⭕ or large sphere with a silhouette of a group of people inside. The sphere is resting on a palm of a hand.

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    I am looking to commission a print featuring an abstract palm tree island and a wave. The ideal candidate for this project would have the following skills and experience: - Ability to interpret and refine existing design concepts while incorporating their creativity - Keen eye for detail and aesthetic appeal Ive attached abstract prints for reference of style and colour, and 1 image of a wave and island.

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    39 zabuni, and visitors at any building floor or room detail. Minimizing security breaches and ensuring compliance." [The animation transitions to a digital map view of the site (on a phone or laptop), where icons representing personnel move in real-time.] Narrator: "With our real-time digital twin feature, supervisors can track personnel movements, muster points, and evacuation routes, all from the palm of their hand." [The animation seamlessly transitions to a scene where a person equipped with a BLE tag enters a floor, passing through BLE gateways. In Restrata’s Connected Site, the Personnel on Board (POB) count is instantly updated to reflect their presence.] Narrator: "Watch as our integration with BLE technology accurately updates POB counts in...

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    I'm seeking a talented professional to create a 35-45 second 3D animation commercial for my label. If you have the ability to turn the silhouette of the girl in my original label into the gold palm tree, please contact me. Basically looking for someone to take an existing label for an alcohol brand and show the evolution to the new label. I would like the girl to morph into the palm tree logo. Requirements: - Proven experience in creating high-quality 3D animations - Adept in crafting abstract designs - Portfolio showcasing ads and 3D animations Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in popular 3D animation software - Strong understanding of animation principles - Commercial and product advertising experience This project demands creativity, technical ability, and an unders...

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    ...broadleaf trees, ferns, cactii, etc.) as if viewed from above. While most SVGs would be one color silhouttes, some SVGs might also include a limited number of berries or flowers. The final product would be converted to SVG. Most finished SVGs should be less than 50KB in size. Images should be moderately realistic (not cartoonish or oversimplified) and very attractive. As a general example, a palm tree silhouette might look something like the attached "" image. Ideal Skills: - Excellent design skills and sensibilities - Ability to render plant species as overhead-view silhouettes - Proficiency with illustration software. - Some understanding of plant structures preferred Experience: - Proven track record and portfolio of successful realistic / moderately reali...

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    I am seeking a skilled logo designer who possesses a keen eye for realistic illustration. The logo I envision needs to include the elements of objects, abstract shapes, a bourbon barrel and a palm tree. I want the final design to be rendered in grey scale. The ideal freelancer for this project would have: - Extensive experience in logo design - Proficiency in creating detailed, realistic illustrations - A strong portfolio showcasing both these skills - Excellent ability to integrate specified elements into a cohesive and appealing design - Good understanding of color theory, specifically grey scale I look forward to seeing how your skills can bring my vision to life. It’s a California and Kentucky mix

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    I'm in need of a skilled henna artist who can create a traditional, yet simple and minimalistic design for my hands. I need multiple designs in sets of 10 made. I need circle palm designs and then single line design as well. The work requires: - Proficiency in traditional henna art. - Ability to create elegant yet minimalist designs that are even and symmetrical. - Experience in working on designs like this before. Looking forward to your proposals. Thank you.

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    ********MUST BE VERTICAL *********VERTICAL I'm looking for a talented graphic designer to create a visually appealing banner for my Caribbean restaurant. The banner will be 3x8 feet in size, and I aim to capture the essence of the Caribbean through warm and vibrant colours. The design should incorporate the following elements: - Palm trees - Tropical fruits - Caribbean spices I'd also like the banner to feature: - The restaurant name and logo - Contact information including phone number and website The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Proven experience in creating compelling and engaging banner designs - A good understanding of Caribbean aesthetics and visual elements - Excellent attention to detail and the ability to work with the specific dimensions pr...

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    I am seeking a skilled freelancer with proficiency in Excel, especially in performing statistical analysis using frequency distribution and creating informative visualizations. To get specific, the scope of work involves: - Converting my Excel sheet data into meaningful insights via statistical analysis - there is 12 workbook, represent date palm trees five varites. - each tree has branches which is recorded in the cell. -some trees did not produce - need a colorfull charts that represent branches . IF BRANCH IS 0 MAY BE WE COLOR RED. IF ONE WE GIVE OTHER COLOR, IF 10 MAY BE GREEN. - NEED TO HAVE THE SUM OF BRANCHES TOTAL NUMBER IN EACH WORK BOOK - BRANCHES MAY PRODUCE 4 KILO OR 5 KILO: NEED TO HAVE A FORMULA THAT I CAN CHANGE AND KNOW THE TOTAL PRODUCTION OF EACH WORKBOOK AND TH...

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    Hello everyone! Looking for someone who can make quality detailed renders for a masters thesis paper. The project includes thatched roofs and earthy countyside atmosphere. The project focuses on using alternative natural materials for minimal CO2 footprint. So all the architecture is also kept very simple with tilted roofs and scandinavian forms. There are 7 small scale buildi...thatched surfaces is important. Same goes to rendering boats and water. Good eye for landscape architecture is a bonus. Very limited time frame (5-6 days). The work includes: 1 aero render of the whole harbour 2 close up renders exterior 1 interior render. Renders have to be very good quality, also suitable for printing, very lifelike. No large trees and mountains near the buildings. PS! No palm trees ...

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    ...wish to enrich their knowledge of cuisine an cooking and have tailor made week long retreat where they are not just staying in an all inclusive but experiencing the beauty of local culture and integrating with other like minded people. - create a logo that can be reduced to one iconic letter for smaller logo placement - possibly the P - the Logo should contain 1 tropical element - like ocean or palm or leaf, and 1 element that refers to cooking (I like the idea of making the 'a's into plates as it is more subtle than a knife or a fork which I think is too much. - I want a logo that encapsulates the feeling of the brand in the letters of the brand name - Palate Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in creating minimalist and high-end logos. - Ability to understand th...

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    Our company background is in palm oil mill and refinery field. We needed a programmer that can program our current scada program to infuse additional sensors information coming from other siemens PLC. We have three PLC to combine.

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    ...used as it's more harmonious and inclusive, embodying the communal spirit of tasting events and the universal appeal of whisky. Borders: A double-lined circular border to give a refined, embossed look, enhancing the tactile quality on a pin. Imagery and Symbols: Central Imagery: A stylized depiction of a tropical shore with a serene lagoon, subtly integrating the essence of Goa. This can include a palm tree silhouette against a sunset or a simple beach line. Whisky Elements: Small, detailed outlines of whisky tasting glasses, a barley sheaf, and a traditional pot still interspersed around the shore scene or as part of the border decoration. Typography: Main Text: "Spirits by the Shore" curved along the top inside edge of the circular border in a clear, elegant seri...

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    ...App requirements We need an app code for iOS and Android in FLUTTER and LAVAVEL for already existing app (android Google and iOS Apple-Musica Medica App) The wanted code effect is to make the smartphone emitting music and music vibrations generated from online downloaded music or mp3 /mp4music from the own library. The effect of the music vibration should be, by holding the phone in the palm, a haptic sensation, like the feeling by putting a hand on a speaker. Pls, take in consideration that it is not the normal vibration like in timer but it has to be generated by the played music (music vibration). The user should have his own library and history of the music he used. Send me a written message if you understand what I mean,how you intend to find a solution and any ...

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    I am seeking creative and experienced t-shirt designers who can artistically incorporate various elements of Florida into bold, vibrant, African-American centric designs. Key Project Requirements: - Capability of integrating the beautiful palm trees, refreshing beaches, and diverse crowd of people typical to Florida into unique designs - Skill in creating bold, eye-catching graphics that should particularly appeal to teens and young adults - Experience in designing Afrocentric or culturally diverse graphics is a plus The goal here is to capture the essence of Florida's beauty combined with the cultural power of the African-American community, in a way that speaks to the younger demographic. The designs should be fresh, vibrant and inspiring.

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    Trophy icon Tropical Logo for Beach Bum Imeisha left

    I'm in need of a logo for my brand "Beach Bum". It's a beachwear and beach accessories company that's bursting with tropical vibes. Key Requirements: - Incorporate the company name, "Beach Bum", into the logo in a creative and appealing way. - The design should reflect a tropical aesthetic, think vibrant colors, palm trees, beach elements, etc. Ideal Skills: - A creative and experienced logo designer with a portfolio that demonstrates a knack for tropical and beach-related themes. - A good understanding of color theory and how to evoke a tropical vibe through design. - Strong communication skills as we'll need to work together to ensure the logo perfectly captures the essence of the brand.

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    ...with patience. I m taken my time and will hire to create brand stuff in future. Super Tip...if ur good at old vintage looking authentic wooden signs from old westerns(without bullet holes please) then u will have my attention. Carpenters dont use actual trees or logs or axes etc... Thats more arborists...or landscaping.. We use by products of wood..plywood..2*4s etc... If u use trees make them palm trees or something florida. I only say this cause some folks might get it twisted. Tips on getting rejected: Spelling errors Adding carpentry tools or mascot or elements that dont fit brand Al generated images How i rate.. Automatic rejection if u didnt read discription. 3 stars i like concept and needs some tweeks. 4 star design it made to next round which is asking my family opt...

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    Fingerspot is a well-known Indonesian brand within the Fingerspot Group, which has been successfully serving businesses, entrepreneurs, and schools in Indonesia for 21 years by providing palm vein (Vena Telapak Tangan) sensing machines, as well as web services and sensing software based on desktop, laptop, and internet applications, software for monitoring, remote control access, and software development kits (SDK) that are tailored to meet the needs of Indonesian consumers. At the moment, Fingerspot is looking for programmers with strong programming skills in its various fields.

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    ...communication skills and understanding of client requirements Please include in your application a detailed project proposal, outlining your approach to this task, your relevant experience and also a link to your portfolio. I am looking for a larger size banner for the side of my snow cone mobile food trailer. I dropped in an example but the person that started this can't finish it for me. Along with the Palm Trees I need for cute little snow cones hanging off of the trees. Also I would like for there to be some snow along the beach. I am trying to get this to look like Cold in Hawaii. As for the menu, I would like to have it somewhat simple but still cute and bright. I will have snow cones with or without ice cream. Also I will have ice cream cones or cups of vanilla, ch...

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    I'm looking for an expert in conducting targeted client and business partner data mining. My focus is on establishing strategic alliances, hence, we need to gather contact information of third party businesses and potential partners where we can market our services. Initial data collection to be from the greater Palm Beach Florida region. Key Tasks are: - Research and compile a spreadsheet of company and social media contacts - Verify the accuracy and relevance of the data - Organize and present data in a usable form Ideal candidate would have: - Strong data mining skills, with a focus on research and social media platforms - Proven experience in similar projects - Attention to detail to ensure data accuracy - Experience in strategic alliance research will be a plus Pl...

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    Il'ohusishwa Dharura
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    ...state the name as: Southern Health & Wellness I would like a design that clearly shows HEALTH & WELLNESS that is easily legible and looks good I would like a design that is original. I am open to different color options and pairings. I wouldn't mind including something that is symbolic for medical. This telemedicine clinic is owned by a female nurse practitioner. Perhaps a log with a palm frond or palm tree design Just to give you an idea of who we are and what we do if it inspires you: female owned small business that will provide compassionate and personalized care via telemedicine from the comfort of your own home. Services we provides : hormone optimization, weight loss, cancer screening, fertility evaluation and primary care with a functional ...

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    Brochure Design Imeisha left

    ...professional Interior Designer ASID. I would like to market myself to give away my services as a home stager and Interior Designer to get listings. Something fun very much a Palm Springs vibe with maybe something better than this " List with me and I will stage or redecorate your home for FREE". something like that. I would like you to save an area for a few before and after photos of my work. Toni Schacht Premier Agent Network Inc. [Removed by Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions] Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, Indio, LaQuinta Key Requirements: Fun Bright Palm Springs Vibe, This is to help me get listings. The overall goal of this brochure is to attract and engage potent...

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    ...need: - Remove all man-made elements from the image including concrete, grass, fence, potted plants and bins. Replace these areas with a consistent layer of rocks, matching those already visible in the image. - I'd like the house bricks removed from the picture. - The space cleared by the removal of fence, potted plants and bins should be filled with an aesthetically pleasing arrangement of palm trees, eucalyptus trees and other popular Australian trees. -Ensure person still appears natural in manipulated environment (I want to post this on social media). Skills & Experience: - Exceptional photo editing skills - Experience with landscape modifications - Solid understanding of natural elements and how to blend them seamlessly into a photo - Keen eye for detail to en...

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    I am urgently seeking a qualified legal service to assist me in filing a police report for a physical assault I recently experienced in Palm Springs, California. Key Points: - The case involves a range of serious offenses including identity theft, threats of death, drugging, coercive control, and more. - I have concrete evidence to support my case including photographic evidence and medical reports. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in handling complex assault cases and knowledge of California state laws. - Ability to take swift and efficient legal action based on existing evidence. - Empathy and understanding towards a victim of serious physical assault. - Knowledge of resources available for dealing with different aspects of the case, such as identity theft and coercive...

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    I'm seeking a skilled UI designer to create an immersive interface for a palm and person reading astrology app, designed for both iOS and Android. The primary objective of this app is to allow users to get an intuitive and detailed palm or person reading. The UI design should focus on enhancing this palm reading experience. Key Features: - Interactive hand illustration: Should allow users to easily navigate and understand the different lines and mounts in a palm reading. - Real-time interpretation: A feature for immediate interpretation and explanation of the reading, ensuring immediate user feedback. - History or Summary of past readings: Users should be able to access and revisit their past readings for consistency and further analysis. same for pers...

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    ...Interior Designer ASID. I would like to market myself to give away my services as a home stager and Interior Designer to get listings. Something fun very much a Palm Springs vibe with maybe something better than this " List with me and I will stage or redecorate your home for FREE". something like that. I would like you to save an area for a few before and after photos of my work. Toni Schacht Premier Agent Network Inc. [Removed by Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions] Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, Indio, LaQuinta Key Requirements: Fun Bright Palm Springs Vibe, This is to help me get listings. The overall goal of this brochure is to attract and engage potential sel...

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    I am seeking a talented photographer for a unique project set in the diverse landscapes of Fiji. The successful applicant will have proven experience in landscape photography a...stunning shots of various locations such as beaches, waterfalls, traditional villages, hiking trails, caves, floral and fauna, diving and coral reefs and more - Emphasis on landscape photography, showing the majesty and magnificence of the outdoors, and showcasing the unique beauty of the island - Golden hour shots will be highly prioritized, as well as photographs showcasing crystal clear waters, palm-laden beaches, relaxing areas, and the island's natural beauty The ideal candidate should have a keen eye for detail, a penchant for adventure, and a passion for capturing the beauty and essence of dive...

    $497 - $993
    Ya Eneo Il'ohusishwa Dharura Imefichwa
    $497 - $993
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    ...realistically render the new selected colors onto images of my house. - Availability to discuss and consider other possible color options and landscaping changes. Your Task: - Reimagine and apply a modern, eye-catching and unique color scheme for my current neutral-toned house. Colours provided - Include the landscaping aspect in your render to create a complete visual. Including insert a Canary Island Palm and some cascading planter boxes with greenery - Share your color choice recommendations, along with reasoning behind it. - Show me before and after images of this transformation. Ideal skills: - Excellent visual communication and digital rendering skills. - A creative eye for color and design to achieve desired modern look. - Experience in recoloring and redesigning resi...

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    Hi Guys, I am looking for an album artwork design for an upcoming release. The song is called "Saved Me" by the artist "JustG". It is a Dance/Pop/House track, with summer vibes and a deep hard hitting bassline.. The lyrics for an upcoming release. The song is called "Saved Me" by the artist "JustG". It is a Dance/Pop/House track, with summer vibes and a deep hard hitting bassline.. The lyrics themselves are about having someone who always helps and supports you when you're feeling down. i have attached some reference ideas that I found. Reference 1 & 2 follow that stereotypical summer theme with the sun and palm tree background etc. While reference 3 & 4 are more neutral. I am open to any and all ideas that you...

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    ...looking for a talented designer who can create Unique Graphics for Destin, Florida T-Shirt Line as part of a brand promotion targeted at adults. We're seeking original designs that capture the essence and beauty of Destin, Florida, and the breathtaking landmarks such as Destin Harbor, the Destin Bridge, Crab Island, or the stunning emerald waters and our local jetties. Local flora and fauna like palm trees, dolphins, sea turtles, or coastal colors reflecting the natural beauty and vibrant atmosphere of the Emerald encourage you to think outside the box and infuse your designs with a unique artistic flair that sets them apart. Emphasize authenticity and ensure that each design is distinctly "Destin." The key requirements for this project are: - A proficient desi...

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    Trophy icon Professional Symbol Logo Design Imeisha left

    ...central element, the globe should be prominent and visually appealing, representing the vastness and diversity of travel destinations. - Plane: Incorporate an airplane flying around the globe to signify air travel and exploration. - Cruise Ship: Include a cruise ship sailing across the globe, symbolizing oceanic adventures and luxurious travel experiences. - Beach: Depict a serene beach scene with palm trees and waves, capturing the essence of tropical getaways. - Snow: Showcase snow-capped mountains or a winter landscape to represent cold-weather destinations and ski vacations. - Passport: Integrate a passport as a travel essential, signifying international journeys and exploration. - Luggage Tag: Feature a luggage tag with the company initials (VBVTravel) or the globe icon for ...

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    Looking for a skilled graphic designer to translate my vision into a captivating poster for an upcoming sailboat race. Key features to incorporate: - Dominant color: A sunset hue mix. - Elements: Sailboats and palm trees as primary objects. Important to also include southernmost point monument, seaplane, and a directional sign. - Style: The design should veer towards light pastels and almost abstract esthetics, leaning away from modern styles. Ideal skills and experience: - Experience in graphic design, with a portfolio showcasing diversity in styles. - Proficiency in using design tools for creating distinctive designs. - Ability to interpret and implement feedback effectively. - Prior experience in poster design will be a plus.

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    Delete the building on the right side and paste sky or palm

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    I'm on the hunt for an experienced tattoo artist skilled in creating unique, small-sized tattoo concepts with a strong sense of realism. My design ideas lean towards minimalist geometric shapes and lines that catch the eye. The ideal freelancer will be: - Proficient in realism tattoo design - Familiar with geometric, minimalist designs - Able to create palm-sized designs - Comfortable taking specific direction along with creative freedom Excited to explore your unique designs, give depth to my concepts, and carve them into realism art!

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    ...aesthetics and various specified elements. Use attachment as a guide. and replace items as needed. It should use the name: Silverstone Golf Club Silverstone should be separate from Golf Club Key Aspects: - Color Preferences: The logo should primarily feature navy blue, ensuring a meaningful, pleasant contrast. - Design Elements: Significant elements to include in the design are golf clubs and a palm tree. This should communicate our love for golf and our location in a playful but classy way. - Style: The logo must carry a modern vibe that combines both chic and sporty elements. Qualifications: Any designer interested in this project should have a portfolio showcasing their knack for modern design and experience in creating sport or leisure-oriented logos. Mastery in using ...

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    I am looking for an engaging tropical beach image for personal use. I want this to look like it's made by a beginner using canva AND illustrator. The ideal photo will have certain features to provide the desired ambiance. Key elements include: - A beautiful sunset or sunrise - Majestic palm trees - Crystal clear blue water Experience in nature and landscape photography, particularly in tropical regions, will be beneficial. A keen eye for capturing breathtaking scenics, and expertise in photo composition are a must.

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    Trophy icon Vibrant Logo for "Palm Outlet 2.5k" Imeisha left

    Welcome to my project! I require a design expertise to create a logo that: - This Business Logo name is "Palm Outlet 2.5k" for a shopping Mall - Harmoniously incorporates palm trees, shopping bags, and abstract shapes. - The design should evoke the image of a human abstract that resembles a palm holding a shopping bag (2.5k should written on the shopping bag) - Must convey a modern and professional look. - Final color choice will be decided later in the process. - Human abstract that resembles a palm holding a shopping bag should be play with letter "L" of the word "Palm". (See some attached examples) - I may need revisions (changes) in the logo after winner announcement A freelancer with a knack for creating modern, profe...

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    We want to make a 3d, third person, free roaming game prototype that enables users to explore a virtual environment that resembles the environment of the Bahamas. Features 1. The user can visit 3 different islands which resemble a palm beach or jungle environment. (No more than 300 steps in any direction) 2. Game has a ‘map feature’ where users can ‘jump’ between islands 3. User can freely explore the island (layout can be randomly generated) 4. User can jump on a ‘boat’ and sail between islands 5. As an example, the game can look similar to this: Random Unity boat game Dredge Requirements The game should run in the browser For this first phase, we want a short demo that we can expand upon later

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    I'm in need of a designer who can create a vintage-looking logo using both script and regular text. The logo should prominently feature the company name which is "22 June" in a dominant script style. You can also...should prominently feature the company name which is "22 June" in a dominant script style. You can also incorporate "Vintage Store" in the name or "Vintage Finds". To contribute to the beachy, vintage aesthetics, the inclusion of palm trees is essential. Feel free to add a wave, pearl, similar to the Coppertone old logo. Open to other ideas. Ideal skills required for this job include: - Proven experience in logo design - Strong grasp of vintage aesthetics - Skilled in creating script text designs - Knowledge and understa...

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    Trophy icon Logo Design for Branding Imeisha left

    I am seeking a talented graphic designer to create a n...carribean in the island of antigua - the name of the home is Bala Vista We would love to include maybe palm trees, but open to something else. If there was a way to subtley honor the home owners who are a husband and wife so two people and then their four children and 7 grand children in a very subtle way. like maybe two palm trees and maybe 4 leaves for each kid then coconuts are the grandchidlren? but also open to other ideas. The logo should be black and white we will need to have the logo engraved into a large stone in the front of the home and also on waterbottles and t shirts. we want something clean and trendy but fun and happy and island theme. some logos can have palm trees or leaves some can ju...

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    We are a clothing brand looking to make a mark on society. We are looking for a graphic design that will stand out and have people looking twice and leaving a imprint in the head of the new modern age brand. The design we are looking for is apart of our Rough Beauty collection. Our idea was to have an abstract design of a palm tree wrapped in barbwire to symbolize that we may sometimes see something as "ugly" , "used up" or "fenced up" but the truth is that they can be the most beauty thing ever on the inside. If you have any other creative ideas that match the description of this project feel free to share them with us. There will also be a logo file attached to this job, we ask that you discreetly insert it into the design (hide it in plain sight), t...

    $21 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a creative expert in the field of image editing and animation to work on my cartoon-style images. These images are of biblical characters, ultimately intended for video content on YouTube. Your role will involve: - Editing to add subtle motion effects, based on a classic cartoon style animation....Knowledge of animation, especially classic cartoon style - Prior experience with similar projects is a plus Looking for someone to work on an hourly basis, maybe 1 or 2 hours per week as needed over a period of 12-26 weeks, maybe longer. I have attached an example first image, I want to remove the cactus, but can keep the shrubbery. Maybe add a palm tree or a few in the distance. For animation, I like to see a small amount of blowing sand or palm trees waving, and som...

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    ...and indulge in our unique beverages and desserts - Typography Focus: Prioritize typography as the primary element of the logo, ensuring that the brand name "Coconut Concoction" is prominent and easily legible. Experiment with different font styles, weights, and treatments to achieve a visually appealing and cohesive design. - Tropical Inspiration: Draw inspiration from tropical elements such as palm trees, waves, fruits, and coconut imagery to create a logo that embodies the spirit of the tropics and captures the imagination of our audience. Design Specifications: - The logo should be scalable and versatile, suitable for use across various digital and print platforms including packaging, signage, merchandise, and online channels. - Output formats should include high...

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