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    Prestashop Products Uploading 6 siku left

    Hello, We have a SPANISH ecommerce made in prestashop and we need a prestashop expert in order to upload more or less 100 products with picture, price, description. Actualize the categories and the products offers. The website actually is working but need improvements. If you are a beginner please avoid. We want someone profesional, resolutive and understanding the spanish as the products are in spanish. We need someone to work for a long time contract on this website and update every month products or offers (just a few) Thank you.

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    We are looking for a freelancer to develop a website and an IOS/Android App used as Marketplace between sellers of ethnic products in Canada and the USA and users who can order online or look for the nearest store to pick up Important features: Seller account, customer account, geolocation, delivery, online payment...

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    I am looking for someone to edit my listings in bulk from eBay. I want to use the eBay API to enter item numbers in this order, itemnumber1,itemnumber2,itemnumber3 etc. Then i need to remove all the variations on those listings and replace them with new ones from a script that is saved like Apple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone 9 etc I then need to adjust all prices to 1 and the same price of 11.99 Please let me know if you are able to do this and show proof of work previously

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    POS stripe Reader M2 6 siku left

    I need help with setting up my POS stripe reader in order to take payments. You would need to have done this before or atbleast be familiar with how to set this uo for me. I will be using the device with my android device to check out customers.

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    NFT Project 6 siku left

    I am looking for crypto marketer person/company that help us to build our right community through Twitter, Discord and other related social platforms in order to promote our upcoming NFT project.

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    I need to position a link, in order to sell a NFT. just that, my budget is 15$,

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    My needs one 1. add articles to FB when adding products to woocommerce 2. After the product is posted on Facebook, Facebook will assign a POST ID to this article, 3. You can retrieve the POST ID of this article and become the SUK of this product My needs two 1. When woocommerce new order is established 2. Send a message to that article on FB 3. Message content: order name * quantity ps : i used 'Split Orders' plugin works. So an order, there will only be one product, and only one SKU at the same time.

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    TradingView Indicator 6 siku left

    I'm Looking for a Pine Script Dev in order to build my trading view indicators. The main indicator will be the result of several indicators and conditions such as RSI, Ichimoku and moving averages. As well as several factors to be included in the indicator. Also some graphical text, color and images should be included.

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    We need Adobe Potoshop Expert - ADOBE PHOTOSHOP LIGHTROOM (FASHION PICTURES). Order contain 89 images (RAW and Jpegs). Dropbox link you will receive after interview. We are looking for Hi-Experienced editors/retouchers for regular projects (3-4 projects per week)

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    photo retouching (food pictures) 6 siku left

    !! Just for EXPERTS!! We lloking for PS/LR Expert - photo retouching (food pictures). Order contain 71 images (RAW and Jpegs). Dropbox link you will receive after interview. We are looking for Hi-Experienced editors/retouchers for regular projects (3-4 projects per week)

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    I m looking for a developer able to build a NodeJS Library from a C SDK. The goal is to be able to communicate with an USB Bill acceptor device, under linux environnement. The library need to manage a dozen of events in order to communicate with the bill acceptor. See attached file for technical information about the SDK. The estimated timeframe is probably 2 month to launch the final product. The budget needs to be discussed. This library is a very small part of a large project.

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    hello, I need to have a rewriting service for our the agency all pages. Our agency provides web design,mobile app, hosting and digital marketing services as a digital agency. We will put these pages to our Netherlands agency. So please change all `Malta` word to Netherlands. Our pages here: Products Pages: Services Pages https://vallettasoft

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    Hi, If you are not an experienced “Magento specialist” please don’t apply for this job. I’m running on Magento ver. 2.3.4 with Cpanel. The Magento store “only works as affiliate store” it is not possible to order or buy any products from my website. All the products you will see on the store are affiliate products, when you click on the products you will be redirected to another store which the purchase can be made from. I have some customizations on current theme and modules, the theme is: Ultimo Fluid Responsive Magento Theme by infortis, you must ensure not to lose any settings. Currently there are around 41000 products, but I plan to import many more. Import is done via Firebear import extension. I Import products from many different onli...

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    Rebuild Website 6 siku left

    Rebuild Website with order page, pop up contact box on home screen and much faster loading time. Current Website: Reference Websites: The order page will be where I can easily add instock items for sale see reference at : This will be an ongoing engagement for updates and maintenance

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    ...the listing). It is called "sniping". The bot works by: Connecting to the blockchain network, scanning for all mempool / pending transactions, finding and matching the liquidity add transaction of the token you are trying to snipe and then placing the buy order in the same block. Speed is important… MUST be fast! The BOT would essentially: - Scan the blockchain and find transactions based on certain criteria (pending on the block aka mempool). - Front-run (specific trade volumes, slippage and gas price) transactions by placing a buy order on the same block at the same time by setting a higher gas price. - Sell immediately in the next block right after at the buy transaction on the front-ran block is completed. - Send BNB profit from trades to Metama...

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    Workflow. Processing. CRM. Financials. Sales. Marketing. Sharepoint. We have lots of data scattered across many platforms and files, several duplicated and others with significant gaps. We are looking to collate all data, have it cross reference where applicable and streamline our processes. It requires discussion and an out of the box solution is not going to work for us, we have already looked at that.

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    I have a lot of custom addons (and custom theme) that I don;t want to lose. I might also need customization on Advanced Product Import, after upgrade (on 4.7.4 it's a very simple beta with bad functionality). I went with a 250-750 budget, because I think I will need a new CS-...Product Import, after upgrade (on 4.7.4 it's a very simple beta with bad functionality). I went with a 250-750 budget, because I think I will need a new CS-cart upgrade license, since my site is almost 3 years old and I don't know if an upgrade to 4.12 is available for me. Customizations to be migrated include: -Automated Custom E-Mail Marketing -Custom order export list -Ability to see canceled orders of the specific buyer in an order. -Order status according to payment status...

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    Build an e-commerce site 6 siku left

    Need an e-commerce site which is also integrated on Instagram for ordering. I wanted to build a website for beauty products where customer will purchase the products I want it editable as we come up with new designs in product. Most importantly it should be easily integrated with instagram, like if a customer has order before from an instagram ad and if they click on my ad once they come on checkout page they see an autofill pop-up to fill in details. So a customer orders in fewest possible clicks.

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    This program is for a Co-op Program. There is the Corporate Office (“Corporate”) and the Local Field Rep (“LFR”). System Users: • BDM Users: Internal Office Users – potentially six (4-6) users • LFR Users: Visit site to order media programs – the universe is currently 400 LFR’s Both type of system users will need secure access to the site/portal. If site/portal can be linked to our current site that would be great. BDM users will be provided with a Login & Password. When LFR first accesses the site, they will need to create a Login/Password and provide: • First Name • Last Name • Office Address • Billing Address (if different) • Email • Region • Phone # • Unique Identifier # There s...

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    A delivery app 6 siku left

    ...customer text) for the customer through pos printer 3. For new customers, a unique QR code will be printed on the token. For existing customers, no QR code will be printed on the token. 4. Customer token will have to be kept carefully with the customer. If lost, customer will have to come to office again to reprint the token. 4. After 5-10 days, when the order is ready to be delivered, the office staff will "manually" assign the order to a delivery person. Delivery Person's App: 1. It will have two sections: Pending Deliveries and Completed Deliveries 2. When a delivery is assigned by the office staff, that will be shown in the "Pending Delivery" section with customer details like: Customer Aadhar Number, Name, Address and phone number 3. When...

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    13 zabuni

    Create a program that would simulate a fast-food ordering ticket using parallel computing and threading. Every 3 seconds, an order is made whereas the order is ready in 5 seconds.

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    5 zabuni

    So in short I have a system similar to foodpanda, Uber eats and so on. The restaurant have a tablet or similar in the place. I need the possibility for a Thermal Printer to connect to it. It's a Web App (VueJS), so it might not have acces...module-for-foodomaa/30280239) 3. Check and how to utilize that 4. Check PaperCut Mobility Print 5. Setup a print server with a Raspberry PI as a print control box/ print server. I need the best and easiest solution. Hi, thanks for your offer. I'm interested in the best possible solution, not necessarily with Laravel. The flow is like this: 1. Customer orders on own phone 2. Order goes to Laravel API and to the tablet in the restaurant 3. API or Tablet should send instruction to Thermal Printer through web, BT, Raspberry PI etc. ...

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    6 zabuni

    The ideal candidate will have a sound knowledge of digital signal processing. There will be enough time but deadlines must be met.

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    20 zabuni

    Hello all, I am currently trying to merge two JSON files with VBA and then write them into a data set in Excel. This data set should then be able to be changed and then these changes should be appli...merge two JSON files with VBA and then write them into a data set in Excel. This data set should then be able to be changed and then these changes should be applied. Afterwards everything should be written back into the two original files (Json) with all changes. Difficulties: One of the JSON files ("user") is tabular and would have to be correctly aggregated (restructured) before being read in order to combine the matching primary key in the other JSON file. Can anyone help me here? Do I first have to loop into the JSON file ("user") to restructure it before th...

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    16 zabuni

    Full Fledged Order Matching System Algorithm 1. Operating Systems 1.a. Fees Management – Management of Brokerage fees during Customer transactions of Stock Trading 1.b. Users – Management of list of Customers placing Active transactions during Stock Trading 1.c. Trading UI / API – A trading platform with certain API’s used while placing Active transactions during Stock Trading 1.d. Regulation / Compliance – Few Webpages having Terms and Conditions , Privacy Policy , Governing Services Agreements content along with their required documents. 1.e. User Risk Management – Management of Customer Risk Information while using Trading Platform 1.f. Admin UI – Admin Dashboard having Fees Management , Users involved in trading etc… 1.g. Settle...

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    8 zabuni

    I want to have a search box whe...ErLyzgs_ZnbNg/edit?usp=sharing I want to have a new sheet for the Search Bar. I want to pull date from ORDER SHEET 2022 . Search bar input would be customer name or surname. The results pulled would be LOCATION (J), TOTAL (X), Completed (AB), Deposit (AD). If possible also (not sure if this) - I would then like to be able to then be able to fill something on the search bar so it would fill in cell AC back in the ORDER SHEET 2022 page. So if a customer comes to collect their product. We can search for their name on the new tab, this will give back any results. If the customer takes their product we can mark it as COLLECTED (with a date) and this would then fill out column AB in ORDER SHEET 2022 with that information. I'm not su...

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    ...Strategist will devise, implement, and oversee end-to-end Marketing of our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) products and services. The incumbent will be responsible for branding, product positioning, channel development, advertising, and communication for the entire product portfolio of the company. He/ she will provide inputs for product development and the required product refreshments in order to successfully manage the Product Life Cycle. He will lead the task of identifying right channel partners for Indian, Middle Eastern and European markets. The incumbent will also be responsible for internal branding and messaging, developing Corporate presentations, literature and promotional videos. He will also help develop media strategy for the company, and engage right Adverti...

    $5 - $10 / hr
    $5 - $10 / hr
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    Odoo developer 6 siku left

    ...year and to be linked with the vacation allowance provisioning in the accounting tree. 4. The possibility of attaching the paper form to request the leave by the employee as an attachment 5. The attendance and departure system to be linked with his location using google maps or any other GIS system . 6. One time support to delete a sales order from the system noticing that there was some posted transaction has been made to that sales order ....

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    6 zabuni

    Hello there, I am looking for a SAP developer with expertise on Fiori app development, linking external API to SAP S/4HANA and writing ABAP code for backend processing. You should have knowledge of the Fiori architecture and also knowledge of using and linking API to SAP system You should be able to develop fiori application including the UI design from wireframe. On the API linkage- you should have knowledge of linking and reading external API to SAP system and using the API in the fiori application You should have experience in SAP FICO based development.

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    Excel file I am looking for an Excel expert to help me for developing my current Excel file to a more advanced file for extracting data from RAW data and developing a base-line correction equation for the raw data. Only those who know about base-line correction on Excel express their interest. Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Apps Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Software Architecture, Visual Basic

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    Excel file I am looking for an Excel expert to help me for developing my current Excel file to a more advanced file for extracting data from RAW data and developing a base-line correction equation for the raw data. Only those who know about base-line correction on Excel express their interest. Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Apps

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    Hello I have a website that needs to print labels and receipts but the plug... framework and I'm not sure where to look or where to add this wp_enqueue_style function. Prove you are reading this contact me with code word "lucino". Second plugin is: Not support at all but source code is in wordpress directory so you can take a look: As I said I only need to change the size of the receipt so I can print it on my printer the specific size. I'll also need you to tell me where the changes to the source code has been made. If you think you can do it please give me a clue how you would do it so I can be sure you're the one. Thanks in advance.

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    Trophy icon Website Homepage design 6 siku left

    ...bonus and will be asked for a quote to help in designing the other website pages. The aim is to create a better user journey to drive sales for booking appointments but also to drive more sales of the Subconsciously App that has been developed. Link to app website: I have created a wireframe with the client of what we want to include on the homepage and in what order. Please make sure you use this layout. Link to the wireframe: https://miro.com/app/board/uXjVOXUtT1I=/?invite_link_id=35942895257 I have also included folders of photos to be used, please make sure these are used in the design. Here are links to some websites that we like: We like the photo-centric design

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    Imehakikishiwa Shindano Kuu
    8 wasilisho

    This project is best suited for someone who has already implemented this functionality on another website to copy it over from. I want to allow the user to connect to MetaMask from the website in order to get the balance of a coin in their wallet on the polygon network using

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    10 zabuni

    I'm looking for a writer who can rewrite an article within the next 4 hours. It's a technical article, you have to rewrite it with your own words. NO PLAGIARISM IS ALLOWED. Do not try to do it using tools. No grammatical errors. Payment: $20 for 1500 words. Please rewrite this paragraph in order to be considered for the position. "Traditional waterfall methods of project management are best implemented for less complex projects that have few dependent variables and expect few changes. An agile method is a great option for more complex projects with many overlapping or interconnected components. When a project has many variables that could switch up or there is the potential for feedback or learning within the project that may affect the outcome, then agile is the...

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    Build a website 6 siku left

    Static (10-15 pages) Need a responsive, clean and pleasing website which is smooth to navigate with secure links & data. Experience in entire social platform development is a big plus. Mandatory requirement: - Admin panel - Private and ...website which is smooth to navigate with secure links & data. Experience in entire social platform development is a big plus. Mandatory requirement: - Admin panel - Private and secure server - WhiteHat SEO - Google analytics - SSL certificate - Website loading speed optimization About us: We are a luxury interiors firm, primarily focused on delivering top of the class kitchen solutions. In order to set up & organically increase our online reach, we are looking to collaborate with dynamic freelancers with whom we can evaluate l...

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    ...Sign-up and Login - Timezone for each merchant. - Careers page (Apart from the delivery boy application) - - Cookies settings - Facebook Pixel, Twilio SMS, Google (All of them) API set up - URL Rewrite - Discount code (both percentage or amount option) - Rewards/Loyalty points for chosen products. - The minimum order for pickup and delivery (separately) - Merchant will have the option to offer PRE-Order (further delivery or pickup date - user can select the date and time) - Gsuite Mailing set up (ie. SMTP) - CMS pages (Admin will be able to create new pages (Same style as homepage) - Apple & Google Payment. - Sales report, user list, merchant list etc - Commission set up - Site logo (vector format) and favicon update option. - English & Turkish

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    140 zabuni

    I am looking for someone who can fix the recharge subscription issue for the first order. Please review this page and check the bundle products. Customers can get a jar as free when they have the first subscription order. Thanks.

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    40 zabuni

    Hey, how are you? I am looking to create an online tool to allow my clients to schedule posts on reddit, something similar to this: However I need to include one important function, my clients need to be able to post on reddit at the best possible times so that their posts get more engagement. IN order to achieve this, I would need the function to post, whenever the subreddit gets to a minimum number of online users. Example. Subreddit r/personalfinance I would like to be able to post whenever at least 1 million followers of this subreddit are online. Would you be able to build something like this? Thanks and best regards

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    34 zabuni

    I need someone to develop a joomla payment plugin that will integrate with stackideas payplans It should be able to process payments using verotel flex pay system This would be just a simple plugin that can use both these systems to handle the payments for subscribers who wish to pay through verotel payments.

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    9 zabuni

    I need someone to develop a joomla plugin that will work with verotel flex pay this plugin must integrate with joomla payplans to handle member subscriptions. If you can develop this plugin, submit your bids.

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    7 zabuni

    ...have to pay for a luxury tax, which is 100% of an value above the limit. League checks contract budgets. Teams can trade players. It is important to know when teams are doing trades, a sum of player’s contracts on each side must be similar. There can be a difference of 20% of overall traded value. E.g. Player A and B have an annual contract value of $10.000.000 and a team wants to trade them in order to get a player C. His annual contract value is $12.000.000. This is allowed, however, teams must be sure they have enough empty spots on a roster. Players can get injured during a season. In that case, their contract is not calculated in a budget. Also, in that case, an empty spot is available on a team roster. Create an Entity Relationship Model (ERM) diagram, including: ...

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    5 zabuni

    ...Freelancers will be rewarded) My Influencer Show: Please create a cartoon animation based on PimpMyDM. Video you create must be a promotional show where the Hostess interviews Aspiring Influeners Use PimpMyDM logos and include text: @KevinJMedia in the start and the end of video Please have Hostess and Aspiring Influencers as beautiful females for fashion, beauty, and fitness modeling. Order of PimpMyDM Interviews questions: 1. Hostess pre interview Aspiring Influencer’s biography 2. Hostess interview Aspiring Influencer’s profile problems and possible fixes 3. Hostess post interview results of our Profile enhancements and upgrades Upgrades to mention: Landing Pages, SEO Search Engine Optimization, Content Edits, Hash Tags, Ads, EMail Marketing, Reviews, Shopping...

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    WordPress website 6 siku left

    *********I AM ONLY INTERESTED IN SEEING AND WORKING WITH SOMEONE WHO CAN PROVIDE A VISUALLY COMPLETED PHOTOGRAPHER WEBSITE THAT THEY HAVE COMPLETE. OR SOMEONE WHO CAN REFERENCE A WORDPRESS THEME THAT THAT HAVE MASTERED AND BUILD..... THEN YOU CAN PROVIDE AN ACCURATE QUOTE WITHOUT TRYING TO RAISE ON THE BACK END. other quotes will not be re...needs. (like restricted client area, right click protection, image download and photo proofing, photography booking system, payment processor and a CMS system). The site can be built with a professional theme, (please provide theme name and link for me to check out). The website needs to be fully functional with a shopping cart ecommerce system to sell images and services. All input welcome in order to build a different, and top of the line...

    $556 (Avg Bid)
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    98 zabuni

    I created a catering order spreadsheet that I would like to utilize online via Google Sheets for customers to place their order for catering service. I need to add a drop down menu for each food category, and I need to protect the sheet. I want customers to be able to fill out their contact information and produce their own quote based on item selection and number of guest. When the item is selected via the drop down menu the price is added to the total. I also want the invoice number to be automatically generated. Only the yellow cells should be editable. Everything else should be password protected. Password. MENU

    $4 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $4 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    6 zabuni

    I need a function (in every language you can) that takes in input a STEP o STL file and 3 sizes (x,y,z), adds to the 3D model (loaded from the STEP/STL file) elementary volumes (cylinders and rectangular boxes) in order to create a bigger box with sizes x,y,z. It returns in output added volumes (type, sizes and location). Write 'mela' in your message to verify you have read. Write the programming language you will use.

    $20 (Avg Bid)
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    4 zabuni

    I need a function in Matlab that takes in input a STEP o STL file and 3 sizes (x,y,z), adds to the 3D model (loaded from the STEP/STL file) elementary volumes (cylinders and rectangular boxes) in order to create a bigger box with sizes x,y,z. It returns in output added volumes (type, sizes and location). Other programming laguages can be evaluated.

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    18 zabuni
    Fundraising application 6 siku left

    Looking for a fundraising application where sport teams can use this app for fundraising money. I would need to to use stripe for payment processing and also a website with a a back end

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    66 zabuni

    Nakala Kuu za order processing