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    I'm looking for a skilled SQL expert to work on a project based on SQL Server. The primary goal of this project is advanced query development. The selected freelancer will be working with a database that requires complex joins, optimization, and error handling. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Microsoft SQL Server - Strong experience in complex SQL query development - Ability to optimize queries for high performance - Knowledge on handling errors and exceptions in SQL - Familiarity with best practices for SQL query development Experience: - Prior experience in similar SQL projects, particularly on SQL Server - Proven track record of delivering high-quality SQL query solutions - Background in database optimization and error handling is preferred

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    We need a skilled professional who can customize, integrate, and train our team on our Microsoft Dynamics systems. We're looking to: - Customize our workflows and processes - Customize our data fields and forms - Integrate our Microsoft Dynamics with accounting software The ideal person for this job would be a Microsoft Dynamics whiz with plenty of experience in customization and integration of accounting software. Your job will also include training our team to effectively use these enhancements. Previous work in similar roles would be beneficial. If you can assist us in maximizing our efficiency through our Microsoft Dynamics System, do submit your proposal, we would love to hear from you.

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    I am looking for a skilled professional to assist with converting my Word documents to PDF format. Key Requirements: - Convert Word documents to PDF while maintaining the original formatting. - Attention to detail is crucial to ensure the documents are accurately translated to PDF. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat for smooth conversion. - Experience in document formatting and conversion will be a plus. - Strong attention to detail to ensure the formatting of the converted PDFs mirror the original Word documents. Your expertise will help me efficiently convert these documents for professional use.

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    I'm currently using Golang and the Microsoft go-mssqldb package () to access SQL data encrypted with SQL Always Encrypted feature and key are stored in Azure Key Vault. I'm struggling with decryption. Key Requirements: - Provide a guide on decrypting data in Golang using and Azure Key Vault - Deliver a sample file as a practical demonstration of the guide.

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    word PDF typing 6 siku left

    As the client, I am seeking a dedicated professional with superior attention to detail. My project requires: - Accurate entry of text data, - 100% accuracy is essential, - Final delivery in a Word document. The ideal candidate should have: - Excellent typing and proofreading skills, - Proficiency in Microsoft Word, - A track record of delivering high-accuracy data entry tasks. If you pride yourself on precision and are familiar with Word processing, you would be a great fit for this project.

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    Word PDF Typing 6 siku left

    I have a large volume of PDFs that need to be typed into a single Word document. I need someone with excellent typing skills to assist with this data entry task. The documents do not contain any images or graphics, only text. The final deliverable should be a single Word file containing the entire content of the PDFs. Ideal Skills: - Excellent typing speed and accuracy - Proficiency in Microsoft Word - Attention to detail - Time management - Prior experience in data entry tasks is a plus

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    I need to convert a Word document to a PDF format while maintaining the...the document's original layout, structure, and visual elements are preserved. This will help in ensuring that the document is easily accessible for online viewing. - Specific fonts or styles are not critical. The document should simply be converted to a PDF file with standard fonts. - The primary use of the PDF document will be for online viewing. Ideal candidate should have: - Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat - Experience with document formatting and conversion - Attention to detail to ensure the document's original layout is preserved - Understanding of PDF creation for online viewing The task is straightforward and requires a reliable professional who can deliver accurate results...

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    I'm in need of a skilled professional who can manage my PPC campaigns and improve my website's SEO. Key Responsibilities: - Running and optimizing PPC campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Microsoft Advertising - Focusing on increasing brand awareness through these campaigns - Implementing SEO best practices to improve my website's organic search performance - Conducting detailed keyword research to guide the SEO strategy Ideal Candidate: - Extensive experience in managing PPC campaigns, especially on Google Ads - Proficient in SEO best practices and capable of implementing them effectively - Strong analytical skills to measure the efficacy of the campaigns and SEO efforts - Excellent communication skills for clear reporting on campaign performance and suggesti...

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    I'm seeking a skilled database provider to create a non-residential Indian (NRI) database specifically for cold calling. This implies your expertise in data collection, collation, and organization would be paramount here. Key Requirements: - The type of database needed is for NRI with focus on their name and contact details. - Also, your proficiency in Microsoft Excel is highly desirable because the database should be formatted as an Excel spreadsheet. Desirably, you should have practical experience in creating comprehensive and well-structured databases. Understanding the best practices for cold-calling databases would be an additional asset. Your level of detail-orientation, accuracy, and respect for privacy and confidential information is also important for this project.

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    ...concise but packed with meaningful information. - Adding more depth to the character descriptions. They need to come alive for the reader, and your creative storytelling skills will be crucial for this. - Streamlining the plot. It's essential to maintain a solid flow that can hold the reader's attention all the way through. Upon completion, I would like the edited synopsis delivered to me in both Microsoft Word document and PDF formats. I have a vision for this synopsis to be more than just informative. I want it to be stylish and creative to captivate its readers and paint a vivid picture of the film. Ideally, you need prior experience in editing film synopses or related works, with a flair for creativity and an understanding of film narratives. Your ability to brin...

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    I'm seeking an experienced Microsoft Access expert who can help me recover a table in my Access 2010 database. Although I haven't received any error messages, I cannot access a table in the database and the issue may be related to a potential corruption. Key Points: - Database Version: Access 2010 - Backup Availability: A recent backup may be available, but this needs to be confirmed. - Error Messages: No specific error messages have appeared, but the database is inaccessible. The ideal candidate should have: - Profound experience with database recovery, particularly in Access 2010 - Knowledge of potential corruption issues and how to resolve them - Ability to work with and potentially restore from a backup Please apply with a brief overview of your relevant experien...

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    ...administration professional who is highly skilled in data entry, document organization and email management. TODO: - Assist with entering data in various platforms and cross verify for accuracy - Organize digital documents for easy referencing and retrieval - Manage and coordinate email correspondence, ensure important emails are promptly attended to Here's what you need: - Strong familiarity with Microsoft Office applications, particularly Word and Excel - Prior experience in an administrative role, ideally within a small team (1-5 members) - Exceptional organizational skills - Excellent written communication for managing email correspondence. This task requires an individual who can methodically perform and manage these administrative tasks to improve the efficiency a...

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    As a data architect, your primary responsibility ...ensure the utmost level of trust in our systems. - Developing tailored database solutions to handle our transaction volume, which currently constitutes a low volume setting. - Keeping abreast of the latest trends in data architecture, particularly as they pertain to financial systems and taxation. - Ensuring our continued use of common data models in Microsoft. Preferred Experience: - Demonstrated experience with cloud platforms, preferably Microsoft Azure. - Proven track record in designing and managing data structures. - In-depth knowledge of finance taxonomies will be an asset. - Experience handling data security and validation in financial and/or accounting systems. - Practical knowledge of both relational and non-rela...

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    102 pdfs and two Excel files have been converted into Microsoft Word files. However the program does not replicate the document perfectly and there are some errors in every document, such as: - double spaces instead of single spaces - no spaces at all, words joined instead of a space between - comma is copied as an apostrophe - the program sometimes mistakes the letter 'I' as the number '1' On the whole the conversion has been very good, except for some of these errors on every document. I suggest the job would be most suitable for a freelancer with a team. The bigger the team, the quicker you can get through it, as many hands make light work. The converted documents have the same formatting, and look the same, as the original pdfs, except for the little erro...

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    I'm in need of an experienced professional who can help me configure a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution for my existing ASP.NET application. The project involves integrating my application with Microsoft Azure AD using SAML. Key requirements for the project include: - Configuration of an Assertion Consumer Service endpoint: The primary purpose of the Assertion Consumer Service endpoint is to send SAML assertions to Service Providers. You should have experience handling authentication responses from Identity Providers. - Integration with Microsoft Azure AD: You will need to integrate my application with Azure AD, ensuring that users can authenticate using their credentials stored in a custom Database. - Scalability: The application is expected to have a large user base, ...

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    118 zabuni need of a professional who can create a visually appealing and informative signature for my Microsoft Outlook email, and help with the implementation process. Key Elements: - Combination of Text and Image: The ideal candidate should be able to create a signature that seamlessly combines a text-based layout with high-quality images. - Social Media Icons: The signature should feature social media icons with direct links to my profiles. - Additional Elements: The design should also include a legal disclaimer, a promotional banner, and certification badges. The freelancer should have: - Proficiency in graphic design and experience in creating email signatures. - Strong understanding of the Microsoft Outlook platform and its signature implementation process. - Knowledge of...

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    104 zabuni

    ... Key Requirements: - The system should work for Virtual Machines, Storage accounts, and App services. - Non-compliant Azure resources should be identified through Security groups, Compliance tags, and Resource groups. - The system should restrict public access to non-compliant resources by altering Network ACLs, Firewall rules, and IAM policies. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Microsoft Azure, particularly in managing Virtual Machines, Storage accounts, and App services. - Experience with Azure Security Center and Azure Policy for compliance management. - Strong understanding of Azure networking components like Network ACLs and Firewall rules. - Expertise in Azure IAM and setting policies. - Previous experience in creating automation systems in Azure would be highl...

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    Survey -- 9 9 siku left

    I'm an expert in Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Virtual Assistant, and Word. I'll be glad to work on your project, I have 40 wpm type rate - I am time and quality outstanding on Microsoft Package, and work with many document formats. Send me a message so that we can discuss more your project

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    I want to create an options paper in Microsoft Word with detailed financial analysis. This will include multiple options, their pros and cons, and visualized data using bar charts. I expect a comprehensive understanding of the financial sector and the ability to translate complex data into clear and compelling arguments. Key requirements: - The paper should be focused on financial topics. - Each option should have in-depth analysis, citing relevant sources. - Cost benefits, staff cost and fte loss/gain - Graphs should be presented as bar charts. - The document should be clear, concise, and polished. If you have previous experience in conducting financial analysis, writing options papers, and creating compelling data visualizations, I'd love to hear from you.

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer who can help me connect our SQL database with Microsoft Power BI. The database is hosted online and contains crucial information about our customers, repair orders, sales orders, and invoice revenue. Here are the specifics of the project: - Data Connection & Display: You'll be responsible for creating connectors that will extract and display relevant data in Power BI. Specifically, we want to track and visualize data related to customers, repair orders, and sales orders. - Key Performance Indicators: I'm keen to get insights on specific KPIs such as: - Revenue - Average order value - Service repair volume metrics - Service repair scheduling - Period comparison for growth or shrinkage - Data Update Frequency: Given ...

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    150 zabuni

    I'm seeking a skilled developer proficient in SharePoint Online, Powerapps, Powerautomate, Microsoft 365, CSS, HTML, JSS, and JavaScript. The goal of the project is to improve our company's workflow efficiency. Specifically, the focus will be on: - Enhancing task assignment and management - Improving document and file organization The ideal candidate will demonstrate thorough knowledge and experience in the tools mentioned, and a strong understanding of workflow automation.

    $91 (Avg Bid)
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    14 zabuni

    ...between MS Business Central and SharePoint FTP. The current system performs this function adequately, but I am looking to expand the capabilities of the flow to include automating additional tasks. Key Requirements: >change "When record changed V3" into all stock >Save every 1 hour on sharepoint/FTP >Change FTP server address The successful freelancer should have: - Proven experience with Microsoft PowerAutomate, specifically in optimizing and enhancing existing flows. - Excellent understanding of MS Business Central and SharePoint FTP. - A track record of automating tasks in a way that streamlines processes and boosts efficiency. In your application, please highlight your experience with similar projects. Be specific about the tools and methodologies you&#...

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    61 zabuni

    I need a script that can check a dynamic Javascript website's status using Microsoft Edge and send an email notification when the connection is down. The script should be built using Powershell, C# and Selenium. Key Requirements: - Use Microsoft Edge: The script should use Microsoft Edge to access the website and check its status. - Frequent Checks: The script should check the website's status every 5 minutes. This ensures timely detection of any connection issues. - Email Notification: I prefer to receive an email notification when the connection is down. The script should be able to send an email alert in this case. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Powershell, C# and Selenium: The script needs to be implemented using these technologies. - Web Auto...

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    59 zabuni

    I have an existing resume in a Word document that I need to be re-designed to have a more professional...I am seeking a skilled resume writer/designer who can: - Use the content from my current resume to create a professional, visually appealing resume - Suggest a color scheme that complements the professional style I'm aiming for - Ensure the final product is editable so that I can make future updates as needed. Ideal Skills: - Strong background in resume writing and design - Proficiency in Microsoft Word and graphic design software - Ability to create a visually appealing, professional design - Strong communication skills to understand my requirements and provide guidance as needed. Please provide examples of your previous work and a brief explanation of your approach to...

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    64 zabuni

    I'm looking for a skilled typist to convert a specific Word document to a PDF format. The main reason for this conversion is...specific Word document to a PDF format. The main reason for this conversion is to preserve the document's formatting, so it looks exactly the same in PDF form. Specific Requirements: - The Word document should be converted to PDF without any loss of formatting. - The freelancer should adjust the font size or style as needed, to ensure readability and consistency. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat for the conversion and formatting tasks. - Attention to detail to maintain the style and layout of the original document. I'm especially interested in working with someone who can deliver accuracy and quality withi...

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    I'm looking for an expert to enable sending marketing messages from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to WhatsApp. Key Tasks: - Develop a system for sending text messages and media messages (images/videos) from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to WhatsApp. - Ensure a seamless integration that allows for easy customization and scaling. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its integration capabilities. - Proficiency in WhatsApp Business API and its usage for marketing purposes. - Strong understanding of implementing message sending systems. - Prior experience with media messaging in WhatsApp is highly preferred.

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    17 zabuni

    I'm seeking a professional with experience in submitting productivity tools to the Microsoft Store. The app is fully developed and ready for submission; however, I need assistance with the certification and compliance process. Key tasks include: - Ensuring all aspects of the app meet certification requirements. - Handling any compliance issues that may arise. - Providing guidance to ensure a smooth and successful submission process. Experience in the following areas is essential: - Previous experience submitting productivity tools to the Microsoft Store. - In-depth knowledge of Microsoft Store certification requirements. - Proven track record of successful submissions. Your prompt and effective assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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    8 zabuni

    The need of t...Functionality: - Keep updated record of client's contact details - Monitor client's Purchase history - Track Service requests made by clients Though I have not settled on a specific platform for this database, we're flexible and open to expert advice on whether MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, or MongoDB would best suit our needs. Ideal freelancer: - Has proven experience in creating and implementing custom databases. - Understands the significance of user-friendly interface. - Has comprehensive knowledge of database platforms like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and MongoDB. - Is a problem-solver who can provide the best solution depending on our needs. This is a crucial project for our client management, hence we look forward to bids from proac...

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    27 zabuni

    I am looking for a professional graphic designer to recreate my current resume with a professional and attractive layout. The final resume must be delivered in an editable docx format as well as PDF. The design should be suitable for a pastor. It should be elegant and conservative. I will provide the content. I only need you to make it look good and professional. I would...layout. The final resume must be delivered in an editable docx format as well as PDF. The design should be suitable for a pastor. It should be elegant and conservative. I will provide the content. I only need you to make it look good and professional. I would also like you to make my cover letter look good and to match the design of the resume. The resume and cover letter should be editable in Microsoft Word do...

    $30 (Avg Bid)
    24 wasilisho

    I am in need of a proficient individual skilled in Microsoft Word, with a proficient eye for detail to address some specific formatting elements in my Word documents. The task involves: - Adapting font styles (this includes font size, color, and bold features) - Adjusting paragraph formatting (this encompasses line spacing, indentation) - Reformatting page layout (margins and page orientation) The project will be involving 6-10 documents and the work is needed to be concluded as quickly as possible. Experience in document formatting and a quick turnaround time is essential.

    $12 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $12 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    42 zabuni

    I'm looking for a skilled typist to help format my reports using Microsoft Word. Key Tasks: - Document Formatting: I need the reports formatted professionally and consistently to enhance readability and visual appeal. This includes working with spacing, font styles, headings, and margins. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency with Microsoft Word: A strong command of Word's formatting tools and features, including styles, headers, footers, and page layout. - Experience in Document Formatting: Previous experience in formatting reports or similar documents will be highly beneficial. - Attention to Detail: A keen eye for detail is essential to ensure the reports are visually appealing and consistent throughout. This should be a straightforward task for someone w...

    $12 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    34 zabuni

    ...straightforward A4 booklet template in Microsoft Word for an Engineering Report. The total page count of the booklet will be 12, including a cover page. Specifically, I need: - A basic, clean, and professional design that's easy to read and navigate. - The template should be designed to represent a Documentation style, rather than for a Research and Analysis or Presentation purpose. - The Engineering Report template should have: - A bespoke cover page design, including a company logo and relevant imagery. - 10 content pages, each with its own unique content, based on a style guide. - Each content page should have the preferred layout and fonts outlined in the aforementioned style guide. Ideal skills for this project: - Proficiency in Microsoft Word...

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    68 zabuni

    I'm looking for an experienced individual who's proficient in Microsoft Word and formatting documents. You will be needed to implement specific formatting elements to my document, mainly focused on integrating page numbers into the Word file. Specifications: - Insert Page Numbers - Position of Page Numbers: Bottom of the page. Ideal candidates should have previous experience in formatting Word documents, with a keen attention to detail and precision. Proficiency using Microsoft Word is a must. If you can do this effectively, please bid for this project.

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    89 zabuni

    I'm seeking a skilled editor with a keen eye for detail to fulfill my project requirements. The task entails the comprehensive editing of my creative writing document in Microsoft Word. Key responsibilities include: - Ensuring the text is coherent, engaging and free of grammatical or spelling errors - Adhering to the overall tone and style of my content Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience in editing creative writing - Ability to perform comprehensive editing, including restructuring and rephrasing where necessary - Good communication skills and a proactive attitude Your creative input is also welcome, as the aim is not only to correct any errors but also to enhance the overall quality of the work. I'm looking forward to working with a talented individual ...

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    69 zabuni
    OERK Airport Scenery Development 5 siku left

    I'm seeking a proficient Microsoft Flight Simulator scenery developer who can create an accurate representation of the OERK (King Khalid International Airport) scenery. Key Features: - Detailed reproduction of terminal buildings - Accurate runway and taxiway markings - Realistic ground textures Freelancers with prior experience in MSFS Scenery creation and airport modeling are ideal for this project. A keen eye for detail and high standard for graphical fidelity is key to ensuring the quality and accuracy of the project. Knowledge of the OERK airport and its infrastructure will be a significant advantage.

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    12 zabuni

    As our business continues to grow, we are now looking for a freelance information and systems security specialist to help us build a strong and secure system. We use Google Workspace for emails and document storage, and Microsoft OS for staff laptops. Project Description: As an online company operating remotely, we receive a significant volume of emails, attachments, links, client files, legal, and financial documents. Ensuring the security of information and our systems is paramount. We need to upgrade our information and system security by ensuring that we have appropriate protection online and offline: Online Solution: - Tools we use include Google Workspace, Notion, Asana, Clockify, ZohoDesk - Setup and customise security features for our cloud tools, primarily Gsuite (Gmail a...

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    16 zabuni
    Word PDF Typing 5 siku left

    ...document into a clean and editable Microsoft Word document. Project Scope: The project involves typing the text content from a PDF file. Basic formatting will be preserved, focusing on a clear and readable Word document rather than an exact replica of the PDF layout. Images within the PDF will be included in the Word document, maintaining their original form. Deliverables: A Microsoft Word document containing the accurately transcribed text from the PDF. Basic formatting will be applied, including fonts, headings, and bullet points (as applicable in the original PDF). Images from the PDF will be incorporated into the Word document. Requirements: Source Files: The project will require access to the PDF documents needing conversion. Software: Microsoft Word or a c...

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    150 zabuni

    I have 2 PowerPoint presentations that I need to be combined into one coherent, professional document. I also need to enhance the new presentation by adding charts ...document. I also need to enhance the new presentation by adding charts and graphs. Key Requirements: - Combine 2 existing PowerPoint presentations into a single document; 50 + 31 slides convert and combine max 6 slides - Include additional charts and graphs to enhance the content - Design the new presentation in a corporate and professional style Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Microsoft PowerPoint - Strong eye for design - Experience in creating corporate presentations - Ability to incorporate data into visual charts and graphs - Excellent communication skills to ensure the final product meets the re...

    $54 (Avg Bid)
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    88 zabuni

    I need an expert who can craft a professional resume in Korean with a focus on my skills. This resume must be in Microsoft Word format, so proficiency in MS Word editing is a plus. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Advanced proficiency in Korean language, both written and spoken. - Strong background in resume writing, particularly with a focus on skills-related content. - Familiarity with creating resumes for various industries. - Expertise in MS Word and its design elements to create a visually appealing resume. Please ensure my resume clearly emphasizes my skills, providing compelling evidence of my expertise in my field. I look forward to seeing how you can best reflect my professional abilities in Korean.

    $11 (Avg Bid)
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    17 zabuni

    I'm in need of a proficient Cloud System Administrator who can effectively manage the three big-name cloud systems: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Responsibilities include: - Infrastructure setup and configuration across all three platforms. - Implementation of security measures and access control to protect valuable data. - Regular performance monitoring and optimizing the systems to ensure maximum operation efficiency. You should have a deep understanding of cloud systems along with experience in managing AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. An understanding of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is crucial as it's a compliance requirement for our project. Demonstrated experience with GDPR compliance will be considered an ad...

    $314 (Avg Bid)
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    18 zabuni

    I hope you can assist me in customizing my current letter template in Microsoft Word. I would like to completely redesign it according to the following requirements: 1. **Create a Header and Footer with My New Logo:** - Design a header and footer that incorporate my new logo. - Ensure that the logo maintains high quality when exported to PDF. 2. **Insert a Background Image:** - Add a background image to the Word template. 3. **New Ideas for Text and Heading Formatting:** - Provide suggestions for new formatting and placement of text and headings. - Update the layout to a modern and appealing style. 4. **Customize the Footer:** - Change the footer color from green to blue (#162f96). - Ensure that the company name and phone numbers in the footer are editable t...

    $25 (Avg Bid)
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    46 zabuni

    I'm seeking a detail-oriented individual with intermediate-level experience in project management to assist with planning and scheduling for our social media agency. This will also involve client liaison, so excellent customer se...client liaison, so excellent customer service skills are a must. Responsibilities include: - Planning and scheduling tasks and projects - Coordinating team members to ensure timely completion of projects - Acting as the point of contact for our clients, providing updates and addressing concerns While we don't currently utilize project management software, experience in tools like Microsoft Project, Trello, and Asana is beneficial for the successful execution of this role. Assume the role in our fast-paced agency and contribute to ou...

    $1517 (Avg Bid)
    Ya Eneo
    $1517 Wastani wa Zabuni
    23 zabuni

    ...Accounts).  - Data entry, sales processing and invoicing in our CRM system.  - Updating all other sections of our CRM system (for example, Knowledgebase, Employees, etc.).  - Updating our Google Maps account with new technicians and clients. - Other administrative tasks as required (to be advised). - Escalating and reporting to our Service Delivery Manager. You would ideally be proficient in: - Microsoft Office Suite (Word/Excel): Proficiency in these applications is necessary for completing various tasks. - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software: Experience with CRM software is preferred. - Gmail: Proficiency in Gmail is essential for managing email correspondence efficiently. Your ability to multitask, communicate effectively, and maintain a high lev...

    $21 (Avg Bid)
    Makubaliano ya Kutotoa Taarifa
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    32 zabuni

    I am in the hunt for a seasoned accountant with specialization in bookkeeping, particularly comfortable using Microsoft Excel. The main responsibilities will include: - Methodical data entry into Excel. - Efficient processing of receipts. Proven experience in similar scenarios is a must, as well as a keen eye for detail and exceptional accuracy. Working knowledge of Excel and a strong understanding of bookkeeping principles will be critical for success in this role.

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $11 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    13 zabuni

    ...database in Microsoft Access. My database is currently functional but I believe it can be improved and expanded significantly. Key Requirements: - Robust Data Storage and Retrieval: The database must be able to manage and store data efficiently and effectively. It should be able to handle data from all aspects of HR including but not limited to employee records, payroll information, and performance evaluations. - User-Friendly Interface: The database should be intuitive and easy to navigate to ensure that all users can easily interact with it. Database Size: - The current database contains around 1000 records. Daily Use: - The database will be used primarily for data entry and updates/uploads and for generating different types of reports. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in M...

    $166 (Avg Bid)
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    49 zabuni

    Hello, I’m the Marketing Manager at N Progression, a Microsoft partner operating in the EU and UK. We specialize in the implementation, development, and support of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Azure. We are currently looking for a reliable partner to assist in translating our marketing materials. Our current task involves proofreading an agency’s translation of our website from English to German. While there are no grammatical errors, some parts of the text are unclear and do not effectively convey our ideas. The translation is too literal and needs to be refined for better clarity. I am ready to provide all necessary information about our products and services to facilitate a better understanding of the main ideas in our texts. Our website, , conta...

    $626 (Avg Bid)
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    45 zabuni

    I'm seeking a highly skilled developer to program on Microsoft Access to improve my accounting functions. Tasks Include: - Comprehensive data entry and manipulation - Robust report generation - Efficient form creation Specifically, I need a fluid accounting program. While I didn't specify any specific features, the freelancer's expertise and guidance would be appreciated to determine the best features to include for seamless operation. Priority is given to: - Balance sheet creation Ideal freelancers should have a deep understanding of business accounting and strong proficiency in Microsoft Access. Experience in creating financial applications is a significant plus. Proven track record in creating and manipulating forms and reports in Access is essential.

    $16 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    ...need an expert who will work on setting up and training a Microsoft Syntex Site for invoice processing purposes. Your primary duties will involve specific tasks: - Design the site layout: The site should be user-friendly and efficient, catering specifically to managing invoice documents. - Configure document understanding models: These models will play a crucial role in understanding the structure and content of the invoices. - create custom document processing rules: The creation of these rules will help streamline the invoice processing. The site will mainly handle invoice documents for processing. As such, familiarity with this area will be a significant advantage. The ideal candidate should have tangible experience with Microsoft Syntex and the skills to design robu...

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    microsoft powerpoint 4 siku left

    I need a powerpoint presentation created on microsoft using the questions and answers from an already created exam/test.

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    Intune Configurations 4 siku left

    ...have corporate-purchased mobile devices (We do have the list of the users using corporate devices and also the Serial Numbers of the Corporate Mobile Devices) a) Devices must be enrolled into full MDM Solution b) Defender is a must for the devices c) Only from compliant devices can be accessed Teams and Outlook BYOD Windows 11 Workstations : - Typically, this is the use-case when they log into Microsoft 365 Services from their own laptop. Also, there are cases when they Install Teams and Office using the corporate license on these devices. Needed configurations and policies: We need to ensure that either only using Exchange OWA, the devices will be triggered to get MDM Intune Managed: a) The Device to be encrypted via BitLocker b) The device to be up-to-date and should push the...

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