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    I have an PowerPoint for Office 365 presentation I am working on in that I am only using 2 fonts on. Monserrat & Gill Sans MT. I have the PowerPoint setup to embed the fonts and when saving it keeps giving me and error that says: Some of you fonts cannot be save with presentation and lists: Gill Sans Roboto Condensed Light Roboto Medium Poppins Roboto

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    I have to do a project for a client but I don't know a lot about Paid Ads. The job regards an analysis of a furniture shop to explain how its Google Ad account should be structured on a PowerPoint presentation. - THE WORK MUST BE COMPLETED BY FRIDAY 16:00 PM - Attached you can find the task to do:

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    32 zabuni In the last 8 month we build the foundation to do so and now its time to make the software of that. We have an algorithmus to get GTO(=Game-Theoretical-Optimum) solutions of the game. We used these results with some own mathmodels to finally build some powerpoint-sheets which shows you how to play poker at approx. any situation(=Position, Flop

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    We are a genetic testing laboratory. I need a person with understanding of genetics (you need to know the meaning of Genotype, Polymorphism, heterozygous, odds ratio, p-value or you need not apply) for this job. The job is to take publications I give you.. this might for example be a publication that shows that people with the TT genotype of the

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    We've created a design template in InDesign and wo...created a design template in InDesign and would need someone with good powerpoint skills to create out of this design a powerpoint slide master that works on mac and pc. In the attachment you'll find the current status. Please propose a suggestion how long it will approximately take you to do t...

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    ...color scheme for my company and then based on that, change the design of a powerpoint template and design a logo. Please find attached a powerpoint template. I would like to keep the template style the same except instead of being based on a green color theme, I would like to do it based on a blue theme. See the blue lettering here for [login to view URL]

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    ...if you feel like some information is redundant, you can adapt, as long as the key messages are there. We know we tend to put too much info on the flyer. We like having a nice picture illustrating the training on the flyer, we would appreciate that an appropriate place holder exists for that purpose on the flyer. The format should be PowerPoint so

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    I need you to create a Public Service Message in the form of a brochure, to inform the public about how to combat mental health discrimination for Middle Aged Adults suffering from early onset Dementia in Canada. For this project you will need to do extensive research on the topic of early onset dementia so you can address concepts such as stigma

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    ...have a powerpoint file i have attached here. I want it to be recreated in a creative way. It has to tell a story; it has to be easy to understand. You can chenage some of the grapahics of elements, but each slide must be animated ina creative way. You can change whatever you want butu if should look good. The storyboard is basically this. 1. You are

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    ...should contain: You are hired for a job how do you do your research? How do you manage your research and notes today? What do you like about Sorc'd What do you hate about Sorc'd It would be amazing if??? Final product should be published on your blog. Sorc'd will provide 1 year access to our ...

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    ...writer for our blog so I'm using this contest as a way to find one. The person writing needs to have few years of corporate working experience as these blogs posts are aimed at c-suite level people in enterprise and we need to understand exactly how they think, what they like to read and how to get them interested. Here's this specific brief instructions:

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    Hello, You have designed a powerpoint template before for me of which I was pretty happy. We are a starting company and we believe we should professionalize a few things. I would like to ask you to help me with a few items. 2. creation of a template for invoices in Word 3. creation of a template for business proposals 4. creation of a template

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    I need a PowerPoint presentation with 40 slides (of 40 different products). The products that I want in the presentation can be found in the attached file "product_list". For each product I want the slide to be designed just like the first slide that I have provided as an example in the attached file "Stone Presentation [login to view URL]". Make sure to design

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    Hi I would like someone to help do competitive marketing research. 1. I will have 3 similar services (cleaning, polishing and refurbishment) and 3 similar products. I will provide the details on the services and products. 2. I need you to compare vis-a-vis 4 competitors in terms of the features or USP, pricing , distribution, promotion, marketing

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    I need a PowerPoint presentation that meets these criteria: 1 hour long presentation with speaker notes allows for classroom participation and discussion points focused toward 11 to 17 year olds highly ineractive lots of visuals I will provide an outline of questions that may be followed chronologically or can be mixed, but all aspects of

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    Part A – Report 1. Find three sources of information relating to this purpose statement and provide the following information 2. List four keywords and two Boolean searches you might use to find relevant information online. 3. What are appropriate data collection methods for this project? Provide at least five examples and explain why they are

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    ...items. I made a PowerPoint Presentation as a concept for this website. The ppt is as an attachement to this ad! Do not make an offer, before you have checked my PPT. I need an serious offer and no fishing offer, because I will not pay more, than your offer is. But I have two more projects (Webistes) in the next few weeks. So, if you make me an offer

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    ...Brief 4 and Powerpoint called Example Landing Page.. I made some adjustments, so Brief 4 is at the very bottom of the attachments. The PowerPoint example is merely an example of the content of the top of the landing page. Do not try to duplicate the design, only the content. The attached photos can be used in your design, or you can find other photos

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    ...Research to complete. All I need is to finish three to five documents. I have the topic, I will give some instructions to do. The project have subparts. each subpart should be delivered by deadline. The topic is "Identifying a Process to Find Employment as a Security Analyst in the oracle environment". The person should assume himself as a Security Analyst

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    ... I created a PowerPoint presentation to show my wishes for this website. I am also willing to incorporate your ideas into this website. Please note: Please do not have any unsuccessful offers! How do we get into business? 1. You make me an offer and wrap up a concept of design. 2. You introduce me to the design and explain how to edit the...

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