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    I am looking for a developer to build an eCommerce solution for a supermarket store with any readily available stable platform which can be scaled as the business grows. I am looking for an end-to-end solution that will include the following: - Ecommerce Platform for web, android and IOS - Modern frontend theme optimized based on screen si...a developer to build an eCommerce solution for a supermarket store with any readily available stable platform which can be scaled as the business grows. I am looking for an end-to-end solution that will include the following: - Ecommerce Platform for web, android and IOS - Modern frontend theme optimized based on screen size - Data for supermarket based on UAE market - Royalty free images - Geolocation-based inventory (multi-store) - Delivery ...

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    The current state of the drupal compose module needs further data producer and possible patches so my website can produce all data via Graphql to go headless. Some used Fields are still missing line Geolocation- Comments, etc My Content type News is not pluralized ... see issues As well as the integration of Drupal Graphql Address + Search_api for solr + Metatags is required Filter & sorting need to be expanded For my Site Image/Media URL don't display vs Fresh install In addition I will need to understand how graphql v4 can render images/media as webp/Avif Fixes for this Graphql_compose schema autogeneration should be posted to

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    geolocation app web site.

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    Looking for some one to integrate IP2Location on my website.

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    Domain registration Domain hosting Email/SMS Notifications Payment Gateway Integration Integrated Logistics SEO Ready Abandoned Cart Discount Engine Free SSL Reports & Analytics Blog Android Application iOS Application Multi Seller & Multi Store Multi Lingual Affiliate Management Advanced Reports Audit logs B2B Features White-labelling Multi Pricing Custom Roles Delivery Boy Management Geolocation Tools Plus monthly ongoing fee to be part of payroll once project is successful

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    Laravel project. Please bid. DM [ ] User login must be restricted 3 times for wrong credentials. For 1 hour then user can again login. [ ] Subscribe for news letter. [ ] Must Cookies and privacy policy acceptance otherwise page will redirect to google. [ ] We'll collect ip and mac address and geolocation after accepting privacy policy [ ] Signin and signup must contain password field with show and hide password also remember me option [ ] Forget password option in signin pop-up. But use email otp only not sms otp. [ ] In user profile a user can edit only his first and last name country name , picture, adddres, phone. For phone editing he must have to verify again with sms otp only, not email. [ ] Email otp and sms otp on signin and signup. Also recaptcha. ...

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    My Shopify store has a script that automatically changes my store currency by geolocation, it works for product prices and for the shopping cart (bag) but not for checkout. When at checkout, it displays my primary market’s currency instead of geolocation. I would like someone to fix this for my checkout page to display the currency by Geolocation as well (note: I don’t want to install any apps as they already broke my manual currency selector and I don’t want to upgrade Shopify at this stage). Only bid if you can make multi currency by geolocation to work for my checkout page by script/theme development.

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    I need someone to add automatic currency change by geolocation to my Shopify theme. Note: I don’t want to upgrade Shopify now. My store already has a drop down that is working to select currency manually. I just want to add an option to enable or disable currency by geolocation on the theme itself without adding any additional drop downs for the customer, apart from the one that is already working perfectly. Thanks

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    I need an app where there are two tipe of users: One user register his business (geolocation, disponibility by hours, price but without paymant only infos). The second user must be able to reserve his turn and if he need to research another user like him to play sport together.

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    I need someone to fix the currency drop down in my Shopify store theme and also add the currency change by geolocation.

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    Hi Merin Kanti S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Hi there, we are looking for a developer for a small native app for Android and iOS. The app should basically work as a fullscreen webview but with callback to the native code to trigger the camera (or any other library of your choice) to scan a barcode and feed the result back to the page in the webview. App should check on launch if connected to the interne...the callback / camera on click) and an input field for displaying the result. nothing more if the camera opens for scanning, please make clear, that this step is for scanning of a barcode, maybe a visual scan area or a text message or whatever. for iOS please use swift, for android feel free to choose p.s. there are followup projects possible. like integration of nfc with same behavior, geolocation, bluetooth and some ...

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    The website is already developed, we just need 3 things: 1. One minor JS animation 2. Geolocation plugin 3. Map Directory plugin done accordingly to design. A brief will be shared for more details. Only apply if you have the skill ability to deliver, else please do not apply. Thank you.

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    HR SYSTEM Imeisha left

    HR System with ff features: Admin and Employee Panel Setup Department Designation Employee Management System Set Inactive Employees Employee Attendance System Biometric attendance integration Clock in/out by geolocation Location tracking Attendance Report Employee Leave System Holidays Leave/deduct leave Employee Leave Report Overtime calculation Document Management Project Management Assign Tasks, Field Visit Set Employees’ Salary Payroll System Print Invoices and Payroll Reports Loan Management, Installment Loans and Asset Management Manage Logistic Support and Make Announcements Personal To-Do List System Settings and Update Personal Profile Web/Mobile App

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    The website is already developed, we just need 3 things: 1. Geolocation 2. One minor JS animation 3. Map Directory done accordingly to design. A brief will be shared for more details. Only proceed if you have the capacity to deliver, else please do not negotiate. Thank you.

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    Show a number in the screen depending my position on the city As an admin I have the ability to change the geoboundaries in a map Show GPS precision percentage

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    The website is already developed, we just need some minor JS animation, and add a geolocation and map directory plugins.

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    Need Snapchat Geo filter for my restaurant

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    We are seeking to identify the suburbs our customers come from in order to better target our marketing. has a useful API for this which provides location down to the suburb. We have a spreadsheet of IP addresses. The outcome I am looking for - wordpress site with password login Page 1: - A webform that I can drop up to 10,000 IP addresses into - Submit button Page 2: - a google maps based heat map - down to suburb level - a table that breaks down by suburb and percentage of entries for that suburb (duplicates are allowed)

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    Dharura Makubaliano ya Kutotoa Taarifa
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    Hi We would like to buildup a website similar to with the below featu...have a fixed date for booking, so hosts should choose the starting date(s) and duration. 3. Search bar should be filtered based on categories, destination, name or budget. 4. Stripe payment method. 5. Automatic Email and SMS system for enquiries and booking(after and before booking). 6. guest can send enquires and messages through the platform. 7. Currency Converter (showing currency based on geolocation). 8. Normal discount and last-minute discount. 9. Trip review (only guests who booked a tour should be able to add a review not everyone). **Please review first and then provide your proposal and let us know which plugin and theme are you going to use.**

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    I'm looking for a full-stack developer that has experience with video sharing, live streaming, and marketplaces. Large project is the beginning of a startup. I'm really looking for a tech co-founder, but if a contractor fits I'm open to it. If you are interested in being a co-founde...Analytics, Flurry Analytics, Hadoop, Hive, MixPanel, Localytics, Mode, Parquet, Pig, Presto, Spark CDN services: Amazon CloudFront Streaming protocols: RTMP, Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming, Apple HTTP Live Streaming, M2TS, MPEG-DASH, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, WebRTC, RTSP/RTP Media formats: MKV, MP4, AVCHD, AVI, DMW, MOV, FLV, WMV, SWF Codecs: H.264/AVC, FFmpeg, XviD Media containers: MP4, FLV Geolocation: Google Maps API, MapKit/Core Location frameworks (for iOS) Chat: Twil...

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    Makubaliano ya Kutotoa Taarifa
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    Hello, we are in need of a c++ freelancer to work on a project involving the chromium browser. We need to inject some parameters when starting the browser and change some behaviors, such as geolocation and timezone.

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    The user can access the website via a www.-address. He will see: - News, - Chats, - A leaderboard called bubble board (most active users nearby) based on his geolocation. He can create a user accout / login via different methods. E.g. using magic links. Based on his activity he will collect points Skills required Backend: Django Frontend frameworks: Vue.js or React or Bootstrap Frontend/ map: - Vector tiles using Leaflet with Maplibre - Map source: No google/ alphabet tools Deadline: 1 month

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    I´m looking for a WordPress developer that know how to configurate the plugin "Geolocation IP Detection" to show different content (e.g. images, links, etc) depending on the user´s ip. The work consits on installing and configuring it on 1 website. Feel free to ask. Thanks.

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    The project does not require to build from scratch because we are using a purchased theme. The additional work outside the theme which we are use from existing plugins out there: (1) Geolocation plugin, (2) JS simple animation, (3) Dynamic Map Engine. CSS skill is a must, to be pixel-perfect to the PSD designs, so we can reduce on revisions.

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    I have the complete app running but need a full stack developer Technology: + angularjs+ MS SQL + react-native expo To add few things. Make geolocation full address and admin can add geofencing instead of our current system have of address with no plus code. Currently, the super admin can create an admin account but cannot create a sub-admin to the same company. I want him to be able to. Clock out user if user did not clock out . Make corrections to minor bugs. And deploy it into AWS for me. We have to arrange a video meeting to show you a live demo on the web. The fixed budget is $200. The time frame is no later than4 weeks. If you do it in time and meet the datelines I will give u 2 more small jobs.

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    App smartphone Imeisha left

    App that provides information on dispatch and not carried out (reasons, photos, geolocation, number of reviews),this information in connection to one where you can print reports per transport unit

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    Hi Niladri R., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I already created the design in Figma. I' am gonna be honest with you I' am not running a big company or any thing else like that, I' am just a web developer who got an idea of creating an apps for geolocation of children for parents. Based on the design can you give me a price, i want the apps for IOS and android. 200€ will be good ? give me your price ?

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    I am buying an email list from the dating area. They have to be as new as possible. Gender male and geolocation France, Italy and Spain

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    Unity Developer Imeisha left

    SWAG’R is the leading augmented reality platform for instant brand activation at live events. The SWAG’R content delivery platform uses A/R, gamification, promotional content, and targeted geolocation technologies to drive unprecedented fan engagement with national, regional, and local brands by delivering any manner of branded content in gamified ways across live event maps. SWAG’R consistently outperforms legacy advertising channels while adding a whole new layer of fun and value to fans. NEXT STOP, the metaverse.

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    I NEED FOR TOMORROW !!!! The goal is to create a dicords bot with the following features: - Launching the bot in CLI with passing parameters via the console - A configuration file for the bot - Logging of bot actions in a log file - A list of commands supported by the bot with a !help listing the commands - Lists of commands: Search and display the geolocation result of an IP on Shodan, Calculate the Syracuse sequence of an integer and display the result on the discord room, Calculate the Egyptian multiplication of two integers - Everything in Object Oriented Programming - A file with the token that will be connected to the discord I created. Everything will be coded in python

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    I want to track users location even if app is in background in cordova. The plugin must work with latest cordova version (10). also android api level is 30. There is many plugins out there that can do the job, but any of them is not working with cordova 10 and android version 11. I want any plugin that can work with android and ios both, or only android also fine. Let me know if someone can help me.

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    You will be making react native app along with a design mockup for android and ios, using EXPO we will give you JSON API and complete requirements for the app to be built. Create a mockup design and once the design is done, start making an app for it. Sign in (Register with Link, Google, Apple, Facebook) Log in (Fingerprint / User and P...requirements for the app to be built. Create a mockup design and once the design is done, start making an app for it. Sign in (Register with Link, Google, Apple, Facebook) Log in (Fingerprint / User and Password) Forgot password (using SMS) Profile Information SideBar with Menus of System (using API) Open the Webview button on sidebar Take photos and add them to a Patient Information Save Geolocation (LAT, LONG) when a Patient creates a new ap...

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    I need to create google API key total setup for location , for Timezone API. for Roads API. for Geolocation API. for Route to Traveled API. for Speed Limit-Roads API. for Staticmap API. for Streetview API. for Embed (Basic-Free) API. for Embed (Advanced-Paid) API. for Directions API. for Geocode API. for Distance Matrix API.

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    Android app Imeisha left

    We need this app to introduce some data from clients to a database(like name,adress,pone number,geolocation,product model,service period expiration....)

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    Deployment from an existing Vercel app that needs some updates. Updates involve fixing geo-location. The Vercel App () needs to deploy in place of the domain as the live site (). Need to showcase the product, especially the Philadelphia location They want a user to be able to click into Philadelphia, ...Vercel App () needs to deploy in place of the domain as the live site (). Need to showcase the product, especially the Philadelphia location They want a user to be able to click into Philadelphia, find what's available, and book and pay. Stripe integration is in place already, and there are a few updates and minor tweaks to make besides fixing the geolocation issue. Work to be completed by June 30.

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    6 zabuni

    APP using Google Text-to-Speech API + mobile phone's geolocation to tell a story on spot. 1. (Website/APP) Text is inserted to the text container: "Story" 2. The prefered voice is selected among the diferent female, man or child voices - as well as language. 3. Output speech is tested and OK. 4. Longitude/latitude for the 'scene' (geolocation) is selected either manually or saved on the exact location. 5. Story is saved on this exact coordinates to be 'released' when users with this app reaches this spot.

    $925 (Avg Bid)
    Makubaliano ya Kutotoa Taarifa
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    60 zabuni

    # Introduction I have a webApp hosted on my server which performs the following tasks: - Initialize a video stream from the camera - Uses GEOLOCATION to get current location Both procedures are done in Javascript via the website. # Problem When I've tried to build a Chrome wrapper using webView on AndroidStudio, the above mentioned features no longer worked. Call for geolocation and camera failed. Both requests immediately throws a permission denied error. # Required work Build an Android app wrapper for a (to be provided) website URL which will allow it to initialize the mobile camera and, prompt permission for the geolocation request. The app also must support links such as described below. - email links <a href="mailto:..."> - phone l...

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    14 zabuni

    ...aggregator - 1 for passengers and 1 for drivers - on both platforms iOS and Android Since our apps are native, we are looking for 2 developers (iOS/Android) or 1 team (where we can find both of developers). You will take the role of our outsourcing developers and implement a number of features in our applications. List of planned functional improvements: -To create the display of the passenger’s geolocation on the map "in real time" (passenger's app) -To add sound signals to some push-notifications (passenger/driver's app) -To add a countdown indicator of time and kilometers prior to arrival at the destination point (driver's app) -To create a new screen with the ability to upload a photo through phone’s camera and set this photo as a driver...

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    27 zabuni

    Develop an App for Android and IOS and Web View. Sample design will be provided in Figma which you will need to adjust accordingly. This app will have three major access levels: Super admin: Manage clients license , number of days or number of users Client login: Capabilities under Employer login - Company Dashboard - Client creation - Site/location creation – 1. With geolocation in order to use in geo fencing 2. QR code (For employees to checkin and checkout) - Create/Edit Employees - Create/Edit Employee schedules - Send or receive message to and from employees - Report to see hours, Option to send/export an excel or CSV file Notifications: - If employee is late to Sign in - Location Tracking for employees User login: Capabilities under Employee login - Check i...

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    DEVELOPPING A NEW VERSION OF FLUTTER MOBILE APP OWOMI Merchant is an online sales mobile application. We plan to release a new version online. The version 4 of Owomi will propose nearby purchase and delivery to our user using geolocation.. with this new version We intend to involve our merchant in the purchase validation flow. FLUTTER is the Framework to use The API of new features are available. This is the list of task to be done 1- Make proposals for improving the existing code of the app 2- Review the architecture of the application in order to respect the Clean Architecture according to Flutter 3- Develop, integrate and test the new modules of version 4 a. Finalize and develop UIs b. Integrate APIs We are looking for agence or Freelancer with experience in food delivery a...

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    29 zabuni

    I have a website created in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Looking for a developer who can add 2 more languages with JavaScript. A geolocation redirect is also needed. More information will be provided to the relevant candidate.

    $166 (Avg Bid)
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    83 zabuni

    Need to create a multi user dating app like tinder, bumble, happn, Badoo etc.. Considering features; Profile match, geolocation, discreet profile, cross path tracking, distance tracking, AI face verification, Basic version and Pro (Paid) version and many more .. Need a detailed cost estimation for pre and post creation app.

    $3496 (Avg Bid)
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    69 zabuni


    $1878 - $3130
    $1878 - $3130
    36 zabuni

    Hello, I want to create an Api that automatically update product keywords based of geolocation data searches. For example key words most searched in your targeted market

    $742 (Avg Bid)
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    46 zabuni

    Hi there! I'm looking for someone who can build me a members-only app for IOS and Android, and be able to upload it to the appropriate app stores. The idea is that only when members have been to our events IRL will they be able to join the app so that we can ensure validation. The app will be a dating style/social media app from an events company, and it would be ace to work with someone who can take initiative, offer their own advice and be able to fill in the blanks my inexperienced brain might have! Users of the app should be able to * Find other users within their defined area (they should be able to choose) * Filter and find other users (based on gender/age/relationship status) * Purchase event tickets * Have a profile which includes details, photos and video * ...

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    Hello! I will get straight to what I need. I have a fun game developed in python/Node using OpenStreetMap API. The game uses geolocation for map navigation in a real-life setting, capturing objectives and competing against other players. This is a team versus team running sport. The game is a PWA (Progressive Web App) that is 80% complete. Numerous bugs still remain that need to be resolved so the game reaches 100% completion as per the design document. All source files + spec sheet + Figma design documents will be provided. Tasks required for this project: 1) Review Source files + spec sheet + Figma document. 2) Fix Bugs. (details will be provided) 3) Complete the rest of the scope to match the design document. 4) QA for 2-3 weeks to verify everything works. Deadline: 1.5 Mont...

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    I am building a web interface where users can: - search for a product by name and visualise the results on a map. - upload an image associated with a shelf inside the store (geolocation). The database contains: - Products: with a Name field, used for search - Stores: - with a Location field, used for map display - with a Shelf field, containing one or more images uploaded by the user - Stock Levels: with Product and Stores fields

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    22 zabuni

    ...fulfilled by customized blocks primarily, and a mix of elementor, and other plugins. Former programmer built the website such that plugins should not be updated unless a problem arise. At the current stage, we have 23 plugins not updated, which means we run the risk of website becoming non-operational anytime. Key Functions within Site: - Woocommerce (payment gateway solution not activated) - Geolocation plugin showing SGD for viewers within Singapore, and USD for all other countries Situations that have happened till date: - layout of pages disrupted when plugin was updated. - Plugin outdated and led to website showing wrong pricing Scope of Service: 1) Website maintenance and Issue Resolving on an ad-hoc basis, upon request; may include communications with Godaddy on behalf ...

    $31 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    102 zabuni

    Hello Freelancers! SmartTag is a location/assettag from Samsung.*1 SmartTag has an API but most unfortunately the API doesn´t provide the geolocation for the tag (some other data is available such as battery levels etc.)*2 Up to now, the SmartTag geolocation information is only available at the SmartThings Find SmartApp. My company has serveral smartTags mounted on expensive assets and we need to provide the locations on a map on our intranet so that every employee can se were the asset are located (this on a webpage). So basically we need a automated way of how to extract the geolocation data for each tag and to publish this in a database. 1* 2*

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    37 zabuni

    Nakala Kuu za geolocation