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    "Graphics design Logo design Flex printing Offset printing Multicolour printing Pamplate printing Brochure printing Standy Canopy Sunpack Printing Visiting Cards Catalogue Bill Book Leaflate Voucher Receipt ID Cards Note pade Name Board Poster Application Form Wedding Cards Invitation Cards Marriage Cards Sticker Coupons Calander Standee Canopy Social media post design Whatsapp invitation E invitation E invites Digital invitation card Digital post design Facebook ads design Creatives design

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    We need for a Flex android mobile app a Native Extension, that is able to detect all keyboards events, as the Function keys (F1,F2...F12) are not detected in Flex app. So we are looking for a Developer who can build a Native Extension and embed it in our existing flex project That project is set at a 100 % Proof Milestone, ONLY

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    Hello! We are a startup from Sweden that needs help with one of our projects. We will need someone that can source, design and most likely test 3 pcb board designs that are technically stacked on each other. 1st board will be a capacitive touch ring board, preferably flex, Under that will be our so called controller board with an esp32, 2 tactile buttons, usb c pd input and some Addressable LEDs, this will then be connected to the 3rd pcb. This will have the step up pcb and step down for various components, USB c pd will negotiate a 20v up to 5a. This will need to get converted to 39v 1.15a out for the LED with thermal runaway in mind and boost efficiency. Step down for a fan @5v and the Neopixels, and a further step down to the esp32. The size for the controller board and t...

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    For upcoming pre school, need to design 1. Logo 2. Design for flex print (6ft x 3 ft) 3. Two page design for print as per margins and dimensions [Removed by] for more details of project. Regards,

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    Looking to get few banner templates built and saved as a vector object si that we can then edit for daily sales offers. Since sales offers will change daily, hence need the flex to change the numbers/text and/or change colors and themes.

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    Add a file that it is a calculator, but it does not show the validations message you must design and implement a calculator using the programming tools taught in class (Flex and Bison) as follows: - Design a lexical analyzer that allows to recognize the lexemes of: Signed and unsigned integers. Example (5, 34, -100). Decimal numbers with and without sign. Example (.05, 0.51, -13.1, -3.1416). Variables (with the same regular expression used in flex practice). Variable types (int, double and string). Mathematical operators (=, +, -, *, / and%). The power operation is set as a function (Pow (Element, positive or negative integer);) Strings ("All symbols in double quotes"). End of expression symbol (;). Design ...

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    C using FLEX.. Imeisha left

    More details will be shared via chat

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    $8 - $24
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    Flex banner Imeisha left

    I need a flex banner for my tea shop size is 5 X 4 Feet, content I have attached I need it innovative

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    Hi IT Flex Solutions India, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    C using FLEX. Imeisha left

    More details will be shared via chat

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    $8 - $24
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    C using FLEX Imeisha left

    More details will be shared via chat

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    $8 - $24
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    Im looking to hire someone to build me a script or bot (not sure correct t...script or bot (not sure correct term) that will allow me to get released blocks of time for Amazon Flex. Amazon Flex is Amazon 2 hour Delivery service. Drivers can accept blocks of work once they are released through out the day. Currently it is a crapshoot and all about who is the fastest at refreshing and accepting. What I would like is for someone to build the script to check for updated blocks every 15-30 seconds and accept all blocks that meet a certain perameter. That parameter must be adjustable. I'm willing to pay $200-$400 for a final working script. The script will be mine and can not be resold. Im interested please PM ASAP. Quick Add**** Blocks are accepted throught the Amazon

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    Need a flex for road side boards which looks attractive

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    SMILES parser Imeisha left

    Define flex symbols and bison rules to parse SMILES grammar. Budget $50 References * bison: * flex: * smiles: The project scaffold to let you focus only on grammar in the attachements

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    Write a HTML page with CSS by TailwindCSS, with reference to an Avocode file. Quantities of pages: first 5 pages of the whole project (45 pages in total) Requirements - use TailwindCSS for CSS layout - Write CSS in HTML when: 1. It's structural css (grid, flex, items-center, m, p, etc.) - Write CSS in CSS files when: 1. It's styling (text-sm, text-gray-500, underline, etc.) 2. It's reusable (wine-tile, rounded-picture, etc.) - Add new colors in - Use SVG images whenever possible. - Use semantic HTML5 elements whenever possible. - Export css to only two files ( and )

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    Design of a PCB Imeisha left

    This is a simple project that needs to be completed on Altium. I need a PCB with two connectors on two rigid PCBs connected by a ribbon or flex PCB. The final assembly would look like the attached picture.

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    Three tasks (see PDF): (1) Display a line across the website under the heading of a post if the post is marked with one of the three predefined tags. So its simple anytime a heading of a post is used also add the line blow it according to tag if it has one. (2) Also a shortcode for a slider which would favor selected tag throughout the site even within a category. Theme used Flex Mag Child Theme. (3) A voting counter for the three tags (similar to a like button on social media with one vote per IP per post) Many more custom task will be required but this is the start. I am open to pay per hour but to start I think I will go with a fixed price.

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    ...8.0 * Template URL: * Author: * License: ======================================================== --> </head> <body> <!-- ======= Header ======= --> <header id="header" class="fixed-top d-flex align-items-center "> <div class="container-fluid"> <div class="row justify-content-center align-items-center"> <div class="col-xl-11 d-flex align-items-center justify-content-between"> <h1 class="logo"><a href="">BizPage</a></h1> <!-- Uncomment below if you prefer to use an image logo --> <!-- <a href="" class="logo"><img src="assets/img/&...

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    Consultant is expected to interacting directly with client (US based) & Infosense team for deliverables Availability between 4.30 pm IST to 9.30 p...are required Mandatory skills required: • Oracle Apps EBS Technical Consultant • 2+ years’ experience in Core Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, RICE, Oracle Apps technical skills including Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, XML Reports • Experience in Oracle APPS EBS customization, enhancements, production support, data migration & integration • Application developer functionality like registering forms, reports, Flex fields, Value Sets etc. • Technical documentation Preferred skills required: Oracle Workflow, Oracle Application Framework (OAF), Application Development Framework (ADF), basic shell scripts, Oracle...

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    Hello. We are a call center looking to build out a Twilio Flex solution. Please only apply if you have experience with Twilio/Twilio Flex. Must-haves: Predictive dialing Ability to transfer and merge calls seamlessly - we need to be able to cold transfer and also merge i.e. create a conference with a third party and hand off a client to the third party Ability to make large quantities of outbound calls Ability to receive inbound calls directed to specific numbers Ability to choose phone numbers in other countries - for this project specifically, Canada. We are trying to reach clients in different provinces and will need to be able to set up a phone number/multiple phone numbers that will match the area code of each different province The ability for a team leader to barge in...

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    I need a React developer to help me with front end on sharetribe flex, which is an open source front end template. You are supposed to work side by side with me, to we can implement the function together. I am a software architect, but I am new to React. You need to guide me through the react code.

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    ...satellite receiver Symptoms: The device does not have image on the own display(board4). The channel control board3, does not light up when the 8 black control buttons are pressed. Therefore channels can not be syntonized. The board 1 is the powerboard, then the board2 is the main board, the board3(the 8 black buttons board) is the channels manipulation board. The board 3 is feeded by the white flex flat cable from the main board. The board 4 is deeded by the white connector that has 5 cables, 1 red and 4 whites. The IC Nuvoton W78E052DDG Vdd and Vss has 1.63V. Freelancer will provide remote checking for: The motherboard. The other components/motherboards in the satellite receiver. Remote assistance has to be provided until the fault is found. Task will be approved if the dev...

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    Job board website Imeisha left

    For flex workers with hour registration and billing system. Maybe we could use workscout theme and adjust accordingly?

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    Board 1: Board for road side advertising Size: 3 feet(width) * 5 Feet(height) (this is vertical kind board) Content: Aarogyam Healthcare Chemist and Druggist & Mutispeciality Polyclinic Upto 10% discount on all medicines Doctors available: General physi...Surgeon Dermetologist (Skin Specialist) Opthalmologist (Eye Specialist) Ear Nose and Throat Specialist (ENT) Gynecologist Phone: 7972515227 1. Name Aarogyam Healthcare should have one letter like a logo or symbol. Eg some alphabet like capsule or some symbol. Need some original ideas here so be creative 2. Color theme green and some other color (white mostly) 3. Design will be printed on backlit Flex boards, boards need to attractive with bright colors, and eye catching 4. Should give multiple options and ...

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    I need a Server Based Block Grabber for an android program called Amazon Flex. Blocks are released by their server and I am trying to be able to grab them before they get out to other users. You will need to install a proxy server onto a VPS. You will need to have this connect to the server to access the blocks for the Flex program/app. I need it to check for blocks between 10-20 times per second. Then when a block becomes available I would like it to be grabbed from the server to where an Android phone can then accept.

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    I need some one to do CSS, JavaScript and HTML for one admin and 6 Frontends but I dont want any dependencies No Bootstrap No Tailwind we can use GRID and FLEX. Thank you

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    98 zabuni
    Lottie Animation Imeisha left

    Hello, I need to transform the svg logo of my app into a lottie json file, you have need to add a very few movements to the svg character. The character have to flex his bicles

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    32 zabuni

    I want someone to design a banner for my educational institute. The banner will be print of flex and will be fitted on a frame equipped with LED lights. So colour contrast should be kept in such a way that it would be attractive in day light as well at night with the LED lights

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    14 zabuni

    I want to get a flex/flyer designed for my mobile application, which would explain about the use of the application and will be used as a standee outside stores.

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    44 zabuni

    Looking for a CSS expert for a simple task.

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    We need help with updating the theme for We are having issues with optimizing the speed of the mobile site, the desktop is fine, but if you do get the job it would be great to see if you could optimize it further. The theme is the Flex theme from , but due to the design there was a lot of customization and functionality added. We are looking to bring all the scores in the Google site speed test to be over 80% and we will need this as a guarantee before going with you. Please find attached screenshots of our latest scores

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    58 zabuni
    Trophy icon Logo for a Mobile App Imeisha left

    Logo name is "Flexster". I will use the Logo on the Website and the Shape as Mobile app icon. Similar like how is doing it for their Website and Mobile app. Flexster is a Social media app for Gaming community. Flex means here to "Show off". So make something creative yet it needs to be simple, minimal and meaningful. You are free to use any color (except Blue) and I don't really like heavy gradient style very much - still who knows maybe you can come up with something so good with gradient that I won't be able to ignore! I'm attaching some Logos as Inspiration and Presentation purpose. Logo must needs to be 100% vector in SVG format once you handover it after winning the contest. Ask questions in public discuss board if you'...

    $30 (Avg Bid)
    185 wasilisho

    We require an expert who has worked with VB 4/5/6,we have an old project which is using flexgrid in it. We have upgraded it to .NET and everything except flexgrid is working fine. As Flex grid is no more there in .NET, we need someone to either implement Component one FlexGrid or implement some alternate stuff in there. Database is in MS Access, and MSQL migration is also done. Only professional with knowledge on FlexGrid, Componentone FlexGrid,VB, C#, Form Application should connect.

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    We are looking to revamp our existing Company document with fresh design and modern color palletes. We are looking to get a ...We are looking to get a unified design elements across documents. We would require 3-4 design options to choose from and then would be fine tuning the chosen option for all documents. Design is required for following docs:- 1. Logo 2. Visiting Card - 3.5in X 2in 3. Identity Card - 2in X 3.5in 3. Letter Head - A4 Size 4. Email Layout 5. WebSite PSD - 5 pages 6. Display Board - A1 Size 7. Company Flex - 10feet wide X 4 feet tall 8. Detail Brochure - A4 X3 opened 9. Summary Brochure - 8.5 inch X 11 inch opened 10. Company PowerPoint Template Please note all of these docs already exist and its required to place content in 1 document each as part of the designin...

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    We need an extra person to jump into an existing project with the following skills: CSS3, SASS/SCSS, Vuejs Strong command on Flex and Grid layouts Strong understanding of BEM methodology while naming classes in CSS, HTML. Good understanding of DOM API You will be given daily tasks to complete and work under a dev lead and a PM.

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    1. > Source Code Desktop App (Use Visual Studio 2017) (*1) 2. (Connect By WebSocket) (*2) - I build the POS Software on Web-Based (MVC .NET), now I need to integrate Clover with my project. - I have already a Clover Device (Flex), I can use the software (*1) to connect Clover Device (Connect *2) - I just need to do 2 Tab: Sale and Order (view the pictures), if you can do all tabs, I'll pay more. - I need you coding by Visual Studio 2019 (MVC .NET) ** Requirements: experience working with Clover ** (you don't need to work with my Project, just convert Desktop App to Web App) So, if you can... Please let me know. Thank you!

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    42 zabuni

    Flex and grid expert / media query for mobile

    $20 (Avg Bid)
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    18 zabuni

    Comment all html and css code with a small explanation of what it is. On Product Details page - Make carousal arrow buttons for previous and next image Products on index page to flex horizontally and stack vertically when out of space On Product Details page - Make related products hover like in Align Home button on in the same spot as Home button on Product Details page Reduce white space between Featured Products and Latest Products by half. NO BS CODE LEFT BEHIND!

    $19 (Avg Bid)
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    3 zabuni

    On product details html page: Align images and resize related products images to be same size and to flex to page Align quantity and add to cart button Align home and logo like on Center 'Back to Home Page!' a tag. Make product images fit to grid style (provided) Fix footer so that when page is zoomed out it stays at the bottom of the page.

    $17 (Avg Bid)
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    27 zabuni
    Logo design Imeisha left

    I want flex design for my new shop name awan mobile. Fancy logo will be accepted only.

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    $10 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    8 zabuni

    Dear All, I need to have a landing page for this website It's a joomla website with pagebuilder and template Flex We need to show and promote the services and activities of the maltese italian chamber of commerce Thank you and best Regards

    $184 (Avg Bid)
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    43 zabuni

    I want an Animatio...board, The scene will begin bright look at the sun then the camera will enter the lecture building from the back end from above zooming into the professor while moving above the student heads in the lecture hall and when it sits close to the professor, He will throw the stick away then start to transform into a muscular shape with fire and lighting effects, shreds his clothes and doing the muscle flex pose like in the picture in the attachment, then lastly the scene will get blurred around the professor and the text "الخلاصة مع Shady" appear as same as the attached photo converting this last scene into the circle logo. Note: The professor's clothes are white trousers and black pants. Note: The professor's face will look like the person in th...

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    34 zabuni

    Build a project by transforming a Figma design into a fully functioning and responsive website. The project needs to include: - React functional components and their reusability - React file and folder structure - Fundamental #CSS properties to master flex & grid - Fundamentals of the CSS BEM Model - From soft and pleasant animations to complex gradients - Perfectly placed media queries for satisfactory responsiveness covering almost all devices

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    47 zabuni

    Hi Jasper R., ,i saw on another site that you have experience with Amazon Flex Scripts. I am interested, please let me know asap if we can work together,bye Mergim

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    1 zabuni

    looking a developer who can help me build a server based block grabber bot for Amazon flex app. .

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    $10 Wastani wa Zabuni
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    I'm looking for someone with experience with Bootstrap 4. I need to update a grid of 4 cards that includes image, header and button. I need all cards to be of equal height and the buttons need to be at the bottom of each card (all the same position). Coding has been done and should only require CSS updates.

    $15 (Avg Bid)
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    24 zabuni

    Hi Mohsen T., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I need you for my script. It's a Amazon flex grabber script with some bugs. Let me know if you are able to help me. We can talk about the price after confirm. Thanks Mergim

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    1 zabuni

    ...rights of vulnerable groups in Somalia. To human rights, social justice and the alleviation of human suffering from man-made or natural disasters, Strong computer literacy, Experience of maintaining donor databases, Strong administrative and organizational skills. Managing and developing staff- Line management of individuals or a team, encouraging high levels of motivation and performance. Able to flex management style to suit different situations. Coaches and supports staff, tackling performance issues effectively. Values diversity, treating staff with equity and fairness. Embraces different ways of thinking and acting. Encourages everyone to fulfill their potential. Communicating and influencing- Presents a professional image of self and department. Conveys information clearl...

    $17 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    8 zabuni

    I want a FreeCAD expert to add a sensor housing and mounting stand off to the lower pedal for a Flex Staft rotary machine. Linear sensor I would like to use - TT Electronics Model 404 Series. More information after picking a freelancer to do this job.

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    Nakala Kuu za flex