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    Realizzazione Power Point 1 siku left

    Sono Jamal Boussaguia, Project Manager della HM Business Travel, agenzia con sede a Wuppertal in germania. Mi servirebbero un totale di 4 presentazioni power point della nostra agenzia, 2 molto corte e concise (Logo e Intro / Info su cosa facciamo / C...sede a Wuppertal in germania. Mi servirebbero un totale di 4 presentazioni power point della nostra agenzia, 2 molto corte e concise (Logo e Intro / Info su cosa facciamo / Contatti) in tedesco e inglese, e 2 piu lunghe e dettagliate, sempre in tedesco e inglese. il nostro sito web con tutte le info e´ In allegato un esempio di quello che vorrei fosse il risultato finale, o comunque qualcosa di simile, magari con un carattere un tantino piu moderno e accattivante, riprendendo i colori del logo ...

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    Dalmesse video 3d Imeisha left

    ...Continua Visuale: Il logo del 45° anniversario riappare al centro, circondato dalla fascia colorata che forma un movimento circolare, simbolo di continuità e crescita. Il payoff "Sogna in grande" appare sotto il logo. Voce narrante: "45 anni di sogni realizzati sono solo l'inizio. Oggi celebriamo il passato, abbracciamo il presente e guardiamo al futuro con coraggio e determinazione." 6. Messaggio Finale - Invito a Sognare Visuale: Un'animazione dinamica che mostra il logo dell'evento e il payoff "Sogna in grande" in primo piano. Voce narrante: "Benvenuti all'evento. È tempo di sognare in grande e scrivere insieme il prossimo capitolo della nostra storia." in allegato progetto, in seguito all'acce...

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    ...troppo tecnica, tutti possono capire il suo contenuto. A me serve qualcuno a cui dare tutto il documento della tesi, che ti allego a questo messaggio, e da quello, tramite mie indicazioni produca una presentazione. Poi io da solo costruirò il discorso basandomi sulla presentazione fatta da te. La presentazione deve essere di massimo 12 slide, però 1 slide è quella iniziale con il titolo e 1 slide finale con la conclusione. Quindi 9/10 slide di contenuto. Tu saresti in grado di soddisfare la mia richiesta?...

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    Create a short video ~1min showing a swimming finale of olympic games (for example using some content from this online video or using AI: ) and adapt it to replace the names of the athletes (as seen at 0'11 in the video) with brand names and logos and again at 3'46 (skip video in the middle) and then have each logo moving along with the swimmers. I can provide a voice over once the video is done. - Please focus on sharing your past work in your application - I'll be relying heavily on this to make my decision.

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create an advanced Developer to Develope Avatars for our SocailMedia Platform: What does this Avatars will do? the Avatar will scrap the information form the sources that we set" See the document" now the Avatar will be able to trasnlate the Blog text form where we scrap the infirma...Avatars and what is Permission for each Avatar. The Avatars should create the Blog in 2 Languages ( Arabic and Kurdish ) depends on what we select for each Avatar, aswell the Avatard should be able to Response to the Comments depend on whuch Language user leave a comments. Which Framework u have to use: - Python - Open AI - ChatGPT - NLP - Deep Learning Please read the Post well and give ur Finale bid, u have to deliver al source files anu...

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    ...section with katy Perry's firework song and party in the usa (finale songs). Here is a list of the songs, and in no particular order. We need you to sample the songs - and create the perfect 4th of july firework mix tape. It should use the highlights for each song, while allowing time for fireworks to be timed (build up, etc, - not just the chorus). It should flow as if a DJ created the playlist - no pause....except leading into the finale songs (pause of 15 seconds). The file needs to be completed in .mp3. Main Show Songs - 1. Whitney Houston, Star Spangled Banner 2. Wild, Wild Love 3. Old Time Rock n Roll 4. Sweet Caroline 5. Cracklin Rosie - Niel Diamond 6. NY, NY - Frank Sinatra 7. Courtesy of Red, White and Blue - Toby Keith Finale Songs 1. Firework -...

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    I am looking for an experienced ghostwriter to pen down an adventure-based novel which ends on a tragic note. The storyline, character development and themes should revolve around the concept of adventure. Here's what I expect: - Original and engaging narrative that keeps readers at the edge of their seats - Experiencing a range of emotions, building up to a tragic finale. - Quality of writing should be top-notch, with excellent grammar and punctuation. Not having any genre preference, I am open to creative interpretations by the writer. The ideal candidate will have: - Prior experience in writing adventure novels - Ability to craft an intricate plot with well-rounded characters - Excellent storytelling prowess - Capacity to deliver high-quality work on a strict timeline. Y...

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    ...character grows increasingly desperate to uncover the identity of their stalker. They begin to confront the stalker directly, leading to a series of encounters where they must use their wits and courage to outsmart them. 5. Climax and Resolution: The climax of the game takes place when the player character successfully uncovers the truth about the stalker, potentially leading to a big reveal or finale. Depending on the players choices and actions throughout the game, the resolution could vary from escaping the stalker, catching them, or even worse outcomes. MAP: As an example, let's consider a simplified map layout: 1. Residential Area: This is a small neighborhood where the player character lives. It includes their house and surrounding homes. 2. Local Park: This is a nea...

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    Îmi doresc un designer PowerPoint care să îmi ajute să îmbunătățesc prezentarea mea actuală, astfel încât să reflecte mai bine aspectul și stilul website-ului Proiectul necesită nu doar un aspect plăcut și atractiv, dar și o organizare și structurare mai eficiente a conținutului. Competențele și experiența potrivite pentru acest proiect includ: - a crea un design minimalist și simplu, dar și modern și creativ, pentru a spori impactul vizual al prezentării - Abilități excelente de organizare și structurare a conținutului pentru a asigura o prezentare clară și ușor de urmărit Vă rugăm să luați în considerare aceste cerințe cheie atunci când propuneți o ofertă pentru acest proiect. Aștept cu nerăbdare să colaborez și să văd r...

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    ...des mots-clés spécifiques au secteur. - Utilisation d'un langage technique précis et conforme aux attentes du marché. 4. **Révisions et Ajustements :** - Soumission de la première version du CV pour commentaires et suggestions. - Révisions basées sur les retours du client. - Polissage final pour assurer que le CV soit prêt à l'envoi. 5. **Livraison :** - Fourniture de la version finale du CV en plusieurs formats (PDF, Word). - Conseils additionnels sur la lettre de motivation et la préparation aux entretiens si nécessaire. Je suis convaincu que mes compétences et mon expérience me permettent de créer des CV efficaces et attrayants pour les profess...

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    I'm looking for a talented graphic designer to help me create an eye-catching fl...Product: "21 in 1 Ratgeber - Aquarium A-Z" The main USPs / Benefits: - 21 Ratgeber - 2.432 Seiten - Sofort verfügbar Discountcode: Please use XYZ123456789 for the sample >> The discountpromotion should be highlighted: 80% QR Code: Please use a sample > i change it later The Websitename: ___________________________________________________ Files to deliver / finale handover should contain: - JPG - Canva Template for import (including single fields for the image(s), texts, elements) Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Canva and graphic design - Experience with designing marketing materials, especially product promotion flyers - Creativity and a keen eye for d...

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    finale transcribing project 14 pages

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    ...his relentless work ethic and boundless passion for his craft. He thrives on challenges and excels under pressure, turning last-minute calls into dazzling displays of creativity and innovation. Recently, Brandon faced a daunting task when he was tasked with salvaging the final day of a major event with only two weeks' notice. With his trademark style and panache, he orchestrated a show-stopping finale that left attendees speechless and solidified his reputation as an event planning virtuoso. Based in Austin but ready to bring his magic to you at a reasonable rate, Brandon's events have captivated audiences around the globe, earning him a well-deserved reputation as a trendsetter in the industry. His journey from adversity to international acclaim serves as an inspirat...

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    ...visuel Conseils en branding et identité visuelle Comment ça marche ? Consultation Initiale : Discutons de votre vision, de vos valeurs et de vos objectifs pour comprendre votre marque. Recherche et Croquis : Nous élaborons des concepts initiaux basés sur vos indications. Conception et Révision : Nous affinons les designs avec vos retours jusqu'à ce que vous soyez entièrement satisfait. Livraison Finale : Vous recevez votre logo dans tous les formats nécessaires pour une utilisation polyvalente. Ne laissez pas votre marque passer inaperçue. Faites le choix de l'excellence et laissez-nous créer un logo qui fera briller votre entreprise. Contactez-nous dès aujourd'hui pour une consultation ...

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    Skylark - Riddle Imeisha left

    Copying of Skyark - Riddle into Sibelius

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    Ho bisogno di un esperto di motion graphics per creare un video animazioni fluide che rappresenta il movimento delle carte dei tarocchi. Non ho preferenze specifiche sul formato, quindi sarei aperto a suggerimenti, a condizione che il risultato finale sia versatile e coinvolgente. Ogni carta dei tarocchi dovrà essere accompagnata da una spiegazione orale del suo significato, ma non ho una preferenza riguardo se ogni carta ha una voce unica o diverse voci. - Esperto nella creazione di animazioni fluide - Capace di rendere il video versatile e coinvolgente - Esperienza con produzioni audio per includere spiegazioni orali Nota: Non è necessario avere una conoscenza approfondita dei tarocchi, ma è sicuramente un vantaggio.

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    Salve, vorrei fare un regalo ad un mio amico, vorrei che ci fosse in un ritratto/disegno lui con il mitico Bud Spencer fianco a fianco, oppure semplicemente le loro facce ritratte, mi piacerebbe che il risultato finale sia come se loro siano veramente lì ritratti come una vera foto fatta e mi piacerebbe che ci sia anche un effetto retrò, allego delle bozze per l'idea, ringrazio in anticipo.

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    Bonjour, je suis actuellement sur un projet de développement de site internet. Pour ce site internet, nous avons besoin des talents d'un(e) graphiste ou de quelqu'un ayant des connaissances avancées dans la génération d'image ou d'objets éléments. L'idée présente en pièce jointe représente bien ce qu...haut peut être réutilisé, car elle convient très bien sur la partie, ciel nuageux, forets, rivières etc.. Le logo de la cliente est un coquelicot, si nous pouvons intégrer des petits champs de coquelicots sur la partie foret / prairie, ce serait l'idéal. L'image livrée doit être en excellente qualité et vectoris&eacut...

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    Finale typing project. - 4 songs/ 22 score - without lyrics

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    I am in need of a developer to create a Sibelius plugin that will automate note input. Key Requirements: - The main purpose of this plugin would be to automate the note input process by creating all 24 permutations available of 4 notes user decide before. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in using Sibelius software. - Previous experience in developing Sibelius plugins is highly preferred. - Strong understanding of music notation and composition. - Familiarity with Windows platform to ensure compatibility. If you believe you have the necessary skills and experience to deliver on this project, please reach out and provide examples of similar work you have done in the past.

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    ...Kontaktinformationen, Termine und ein abschließendes Bild. Design- und Formatvorgaben: Ich bin offen für kreative und innovative Designvorschläge, die die Inhalte ansprechend präsentieren. Auch beim Format bin ich offen, allerdings mit der Maßgabe, dass die Endproduktion über den Dienstleister erfolgt. Bitte beachten Sie die dortigen Spezifikationen für das Endformat. Das finale Design muss in einer editierbaren Form übergeben werden, inklusive aller Dateiebenen, Schriften etc., um spätere Anpassungen zu ermöglichen. Anforderungen: Exzellente Kenntnisse der deutschen Sprache und fehlerfreie Textgestaltung sind essentiell. Eigeninitiative und die Fähigkeit, kreative Konzepte eigenständig zu entwickeln und umzuset...

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    Realizzazione di differenti clip con drone che mostrano gli spazi interni di uno stabile. Il montaggio finale sarà di video con prima e dopo di una ristrutturazione di 1300 mq con la creazione di circa 3/4 loft. Saranno necessarie due differenti giornate a distanza di circa 3/4 mesi Lo stabile è in Torino, Italy

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    Bonjour, Je veux construire mon site web de voyage en français. ( ) La personne sélectionnée doit avoir une excellente connaissance de WordPress. J’ai déjà mon thème pour le projet. Elle devra organiser la structure de mon thème et du site selon mes besoins. -Mettre en fonction une infolettre pour que je puisses envoyer les offr...-Création de liens affiliés pour des cartes de crédits qui donnent des avantages voyages à mes clients et qui me permettent de faire de l’argent vu la publicité de celles-ci sur mon site. -Design général. J’ai déjà mon logo et couleurs. -SEO complet du site pour le meilleur référencement de mon site sur Google. -M...

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    ...convertendolo in un sito non solo funzionale ma anche esteticamente attraente. Per raggiungere questo scopo, sarà essenziale modificare il tema in uso e sfruttare Elementor per applicare le modifiche necessarie, con l'obiettivo di realizzare un sito finale che sia intuitivo, performante e visivamente conforme alle aspettative. Una comunicazione chiara e costante in italiano con il resto del team di progetto è cruciale per garantire che ogni fase del lavoro sia ben intesa e attuata con precisione, puntando a ottimizzare l'esperienza dell'utente finale e massimizzare le prestazioni del sito....

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    I need a professional experienced in VBScript, capable of creating a script for reading and writing values to a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) via Modbus TCP protocol. Essential skills & experience: - Expertise in w...working with VBScript. - In-depth understanding of Modbus TCP protocol operations. - Familiarity with PLCs. The script should be able to: - Connect to the PLC via the Modbus TCP protocol. - Read values from specific registers on the PLC. - Write values back to those same registers. Only professionals who have previously worked on similar projects should apply. The deliverable will be a grand finale of a sharp, accurate, and efficient VBScript that perfectly handles the task. Please apply by describing similar projects you've completed, and your approa...

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    Makubaliano ya Kutotoa Taarifa
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    I'm seeking a freelancer with expertise in Finale music-notation software to enhance a project of mine. My composition is complete, but it lacks proper piano pedaling notation, which is crucial for the piece's authenticity and emotional resonance. I also want proper high-quality Garritan sounds for the output (as my Garritan isn't working for some reason) **Requirements:** - Add proper piano pedaling to the composition. - Produce an MP3 file utilizing high-quality Garritan sounds. For some reason, my system isn't generating the Garritan sounds correctly, and I need someone who can troubleshoot this issue to ensure the final audio is of high quality. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in Finale music-notation software - Experience with piano c...

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    I'm currently developing a plugin using the ManuScript script language in Sibelius First 6 and need some expert assistance in debugging. Specifically, the plugin is aimed to provide custom notation options. Key tasks include: - Identifying and resolving issues within the ManuScript code - Ensuring the plugin effectively changes the regular noteheads to shaped noteheads - Optimizing the script for smooth functionality The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Extensive experience in Sibelius and its versions, notably First 6 - Profound understanding of ManuScript script language - Experience in plugin development and debugging - Ability to resolve complex coding issues promptly and efficiently This is a rather technical task, thus, a solid background in m...

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    I need convertion of 3 scores: Poulenc - Ave Verum Corpus (SMA) Cantiones - Gaudete (SSAA) Dies Irae (UNISOUND) I am sharing the final scores of first two songs. I will share the final scores of Dies Irae later(because I couldn't find the clean copy yet) I need all of the scores in Sibelius 7 (.sib file)

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    ...di contenuti regolari, come post, storie e video, per mantenere impegnata la mia audience. Il candidato ideale avrà esperienza nel branding musicale, nella creazione di siti web per artisti e nella gestione dei social media. La conoscenza del settore dell'intrattenimento è preferibile ma non obbligatoria. Sono pronto a collaborare strettamente con il freelancer per assicurarmi che il risultato finale rifletta la mia visione artistica....

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    Finale Visualisations and report Updates for fonalising work

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    ...Vivi un'esperienza culinaria unica nel comfort della tua casa. [Inquadratura di un pulsante "Ordina Ora" che appare sullo schermo] • Voce fuori campo: Per ordinare, basta un clic qui sotto. [Chiusura con un invito visivo a ordinare il menu di pesce] [Suoni di felicità e soddisfazione si diffondono nell'aria] [Logo e recapiti del ristorante appaiono sullo schermo] [Una musica soft accompagna il finale] le foto dei piatti e dello chef verrano da noi fornite...

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    I am looking for a skilled web designer to incorporate a newly designed internet packages section into my existing HTML page. This webpage already has a theme-specific header and footer. The ideal freelancer should have proficient knowledge in HTML/CSS/jQuery/JavaScript. Key Responsibilities: - Create a professional and elegant...HTML/CSS/jQuery. - If you would like you could present me with a outline of the design on a image before coding. Skills & Experience: - Relevant and proved background in Web Design, - Strong skills in HTML/CSS/jQuery/JavaScript, - Excellent eye for elegant and professional design, - Current theme colors #36404a,#0882c6,#FFFFFF Timeframe: I would like this project to be complete within a month. **Bids are finale and not negotiable once the job has b...

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    I'm seeking an experienced professional to transform my Finale file into a polished, ready-to-publish score. - **Current Format**: My project is currently in a Finale file format. - **Project Type**: It’s a meticulously crafted score that requires preparation for publication. - **End-Use**: The final product will be used as educational material, reaching learners in diverse settings. **Ideal Candidate Should Have**: - Proficiency in Finale software - Background in music notation and score layout - Strong attention to detail for proofreading and formatting - Prior experience in preparing scores for educational use - Ability to meet a publishing-standard quality **Objectives**: - Ensure the score is error-free and laid out to professional standards - Adapt...

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    J'ai besoins de plusieurs courte vidéos de présentation de paysage ensoleillé de pays (Espagne, Italie, Maroc, République Dominicaine, Thaïlande, Bali, Turquie, Sénégal, Grèce) Et une vidéo reprennent toutes celles la avec en + des vidéos maisons de luxe (la durée finale c'est max 1minute) J'ai donc besoins de 9 vidéos au total en qualité FHD J'aimerais également qu'il y ai une voix off en Français derrière chaque vidéos

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    I am in need of professional services to transcribe ensemble musical scores to Sibelius. The scores involve a host of instruments including: - Strings - Woodwinds - Brass The ideal freelancer for this project will be thoroughly experienced in music transcription and adept at using Sibelius software. A deep understanding of various musical instruments and their notation is a must. Please be ready to showcase samples of previous similar projects you've handled. Let's make beautiful music together!

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    2D Animated Video Imeisha left

    I am looking for a skilled animator to create a 3D animated video for advertising purposes. The video should...seconds):** The dust collector appears, capturing the dust. The camera follows inside the dust collector where ultraviolet light neutralizes and changes the color of the dust. Then it shows clean air coming out of the dust collector. 3. **Scene 3 (1-2 seconds):** The manicurist and client with joyful and surprised faces watch the process. Around them, an atmosphere of cleanliness and magic swirls. 4. **Finale (1 second):** Company's logo with the slogan: "Turn Manicure into the Magic of Cleanliness!" For the convenience of creating a video, real photos of the dust collector and the manicurist while working with the dust collector will be presented. As well...

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    ...editing video e di I.A. preferibilmente capaciità di color grading e/o sound design e/o motion graphics -Alto standing nella selezione di musiche ed immagini compatibili con i testi creati. - Dimestichezza con l'uso degli algoritmi dei principali social per aumentare visualizzazioni e numero di iscritti. - Eccellente propensione creativa con una chiara e instancabile visione dell'obbiettivo finale. L'impegno richiesto inizialmente è la realizzazione di 2 o 3 video al mese in collaborazione con altri editor e/o grafici Se cerchi un nuovo progetto utile alla comunitá e vuoi avere l'opportunità di dimostrare tutto il tuo vero valore non esitare a contattare con me privatamente....

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    looking for an expert can make whatsapp chat bot can help my customers to query there balance my website is ready front end + back end ... just want whatsapp chat bot to reply the customer by getting data from my site ... I mean when customer send word "balance" to my number he receive his finale balance best regards

    $76 (Avg Bid)
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    22 zabuni

    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can transcribe sheet music to XML and Finale format. The ideal candidate should have experience in transcribing complex music pieces for large ensembles or orchestras. Requirements: - Proficiency in using Finale software for transcription - Strong understanding of sheet music notation - Ability to accurately transcribe complex music pieces for large ensembles or orchestras - Attention to detail to ensure accuracy in the transcription process If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal.

    $362 (Avg Bid)
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    29 zabuni

    ...using simple GUI like and my students can deploy these strategies in their demat account through this platform only. Need following functions similar to -Create Strategy -Live Trade -Forward Test -Client login Additional: -Admin Panel to create manage strategies and clients(Subscription, Performance, etc) All functions should be run on our server and finale orders should be passed to shoonya broker (only 1 broker integration for Now). I'm in need of a versatile developer capable of designing an algorithmic trading platform. Regardless of your programming language expertise, whether it's Python, Java, or C#, your skills are welcome here. I'm particularly looking to integrate with Shoonya Broker and do have specific API or documentation to aid this

    $1410 (Avg Bid)
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    25 zabuni, andremo a vendere dei prodotti collegati all'acqua, nello specifico venderemo degli aromi per dare sapore all'acqua, degli ionizzatori per rendere l'acqua alcalina fino al ph 13, borracce, bottiglie in vetro, the e cialde di caffè. Il marketing sarà tutto concentrato su questo slogan: che acqua bevi, con panza o senza? Lo scopo finale è portare il cliente a schierarsi sul tipo di acqua utilizza quotidianamente, con panza o senza quindi il messaggio finale è che utilizzando i nostri prodotti otterrà una riduzione del peso corporeo, sgonfiamento, aumento di energia, eliminazione di pesticidi da frutta e verdura, rallenta l'invecchiamento grazie all'assunzione di acqua alcalina che contrasta i radicali liberi. ...

    $345 (Avg Bid)
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    8 zabuni

    I am looking for a skilled piano transcriber who can accurately transcribe a jazz piano piece for me. I do not have the original sheet music, but I have a recording of the piece that needs...have a recording of the piece that needs to be transcribed. The piece is more than 6 minutes long. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong understanding of jazz piano techniques and styles - Ability to transcribe music by ear from a recording - Attention to detail and accuracy in transcribing complex piano arrangements - Proficiency in music notation software such as Sibelius or Finale - Experience transcribing longer pieces of music If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal along with any relevant samples of your previous piano tr...

    $193 (Avg Bid)
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    19 zabuni

    I have (4) ecommerce stores on cscart to feed sales orders into OdooERP. We carry 35,000 skus across 20 different product lines and currently use: Finale Inventory / Shipstation / QBO / ZohoCRM / Cscart I need reorder reports based on sales velocity, warehouse inventory management, POs out of Odoo, move to OdooCRM, integrate VOIP, build work orders, build a quality system all in Odoo and sunset the old tech stack.

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Description de la mission : Nous recherchons un.e Responsable des Partenariats freelance pour rejoindre notre ...établir des accords de partenariat favorables pour la marque. • Gérer les relations avec les partenaires existants et développer des programmes visant à optimiser ces partenariats. • Contribuer à la stratégie globale de développement des partenariats de la marque. • Suivre et analyser les performances des partenariats pour garantir leur efficacité et leur impact positif sur la marque. • Lors de la finale Mister France, organiser l’accueil des partenaires, les accompagner toute la soirée et veiller à leur bien-être. • Suivre les conditions des partenaires auprè...

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    (A) Best Return A good return is the primary goal of every algo trading strategy. Our state-of-the-art trading system will back-test the trading strategies of Finale teams to ascertain outcomes. The team with the highest out-sample 1-year forward test and 2-month live paper trading return will win this award. (B) Best Sharpe A good strategy does not only need to be profitable, but it is also important to take care of the risk taking. The team with the highest Sharpe will win this award. (C) Best Strategy Design Recognises Finale participants' knowledge and skills in developing the best algo trading strategy that demonstrated the following: • Trading Strategy Logic: reasonable return, manageable risk, stability and predictability; • Creativity: innovative use o...

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    ...minimi dettagli e perfettamente formulati. - Padronanza dei software di editing video e di I.A. -Alto standing nella selezione di musiche ed immagini compatibili con i testi creati. - Dimestichezza con l'uso degli algoritmi dei principali social per aumentare visualizzazioni e numero di iscritti. - Eccellente propensione creativa con una chiara e instancabile visione dell'obbiettivo finale. Se cerchi un nuovo progetto utile alla comunitá e vuoi avere l'opportunità di dimostrare tutto il tuo vero valore non esitare a contattare con me privatamente. Requisito fondamentale: Serietá e compromesso!! In bocca al lupo!...

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    ...length, with some songs being less than 2 minutes. The songs are of low difficulty. Three of the albums have been scored by myself. However, I have been busy with other work recently and it has become difficult to make time for scoring, so I am looking for someone who can score the music for me on Fiverr. - Below is a brief description of the guitar score. - 1. I need a guitar tab added to a Sibelius score that already made a drum part. 2. The guitar part is not that difficult. Mostly chord playing and very few guitar solos. 3. It does not use repeat symbols such as *dulceño* or *dacapo*. 4. It is not necessary to fill in the letter notations for guitar techniques such as "hammering", "pring", "slide", etc. 5. I will send you the original M...

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    ...length, with some songs being less than 2 minutes. The songs are of low difficulty. Three of the albums have been scored by myself. However, I have been busy with other work recently and it has become difficult to make time for scoring, so I am looking for someone who can score the music for me on Fiverr. - Below is a brief description of the guitar score. - 1. I need a guitar tab added to a Sibelius score that already a drum part created. 2. The guitar part is not that difficult. Mostly chord playing and very few guitar solos. 3. It does not use repeat symbols such as dulceño or dacapo. 4. It is not necessary to fill in the letter notations for guitar techniques such as "hammering", "pring", "slide", etc. 5. When you are done creating tabs...

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