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    I require a qualified designer to create a vibrant and colorful packaging box design for an electronics product. The design should communicate the product’s value while also standing out on the shelf. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop - Previous experience with vibrant packaging design - Strong understanding of effective product packaging Task Scope: - Create colorful and attractive packaging design - Design should highlight the electronics product - Final design files to be provided in AI format Please include examples of previous vibrant and colorful designs when applying.

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    23 zabuni

    I'm urgently seeking a Malaysia-based virtual assistant who is fluent in English, Malay, and ideally, Chinese. The assistant will be responsible for a range of tasks, including market research, scheduling and coordinating visits, and providing other necessary assistance. Experience in electronics manufacturing industry is much appreciated. Key Responsibilities: - Conducting local market research - Arranging visits and managing appointments - Providing ad-hoc assistance as required The ideal candidate should: - Be based in Malaysia - Speak fluent English and Malay - Ideally, be proficient in Chinese - Be reachable via phone - Be available to work 10-20 hours per week - Be able to start immediately Experience in a similar role would be a plus. This is an urgent requirement, ...

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    9 zabuni

    I'm seeking a seasoned professional to help me identify a winning p...product to sell on Amazon UK. Key Requirements: - Experience in product sourcing for Amazon FBA - Strong analytical skills to identify profitable niches - Familiarity with the UK Amazon marketplace and its trends Specifics: - No specific electronic product chosen yet, but the ideal candidate should be able to analyze the market trends and offer solid recommendations. - Prior experience with electronics, home and kitchen, or beauty and personal care products is a plus. This project will involve thorough market research, competitor analysis, and a recommendation of a profitable product within the mentioned categories. The goal is to find a product that will sell well on Amazon UK, and provide a solid return...

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    I am in need of a experienced ERPNext developer to develop and implement a serial based adjustment module in our ERPNext project. Our inventory products are made up of mostly consumer electronics and more specifically mobile phones. We want to be able to choose a certain set of new attributes which will be mapped on all our SKU's and simultaneously change the particular serial we have chosen's SKU. Project Outline: The work flow would need be as followed: 1. Scan serial of phone or device. 2. Show current serial's SKU and atrributes. 3. Be able to choose attributes to equal a new SKU. 4. Adjust on button click from original SKU to new SKU carrying over the serial and serials average cost. Goal/Key Features Required: - Create a stock adjustment module within ERP Nex...

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    Retail Sale Cardboard Box Creation 6 siku left

    I am in need of someone who can assist in the manufacturing of quality cardboard boxes for retail sale. Th...manufacturing of quality cardboard boxes for retail sale. The idea is to design and produce boxes that are not only sturdy but visually appealing. Key Requirements: - Expertise in the design and manufacture of cardboard boxes - Knowledge of different types of finishes. I would like the finished product to come in gloss, matte, and textured finishes - Experience in designing boxes suitable for electronics will be preferential Your background in this field, coupled with your understanding of quality and aesthetics, will be key in delivering a product that stands out in retail spaces. If you have the skills and experience, I'd love to hear your ideas and discuss the pro...

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    As a budding Ecommerce business, LeoZon is in need of a professional, minimalistic logo that reflects our core offerings in electronics and home decor. Key Points: - The logo should primarily consist of sky blue and red hues to align with our color scheme. - Please ensure the design and brand name font show modern design (Like Billabong font) & name should be in slight upward move. - The ideal candidate will have experience in creating logos for Ecommerce businesses, demonstrating a clear understanding of the industry and its design trends. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Understanding of color psychology and branding - Ability to create a design that is versatile and scalable for various applications - Strong communication skills to understand and incorporate our vision for t...

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    30 wasilisho

    I'm in need of a skilled freelancer to post an advert for electronics on both my website and eBay. Ideal skills: - Proficiency in web advertisement deployment - Knowledge of eBay listing process - Experience with electronics advertising is an added advantage Please include your past work in your application.

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    I am seeking a proficient and skilled web developer to construct a fully functional and professional corporate website for an electronics company. The main objective of the project will be to design and implement a website that beautifully showcases our diverse range of electronics products and services. Key Responsibilities: * Design and build a professional, visually appealing yet user-friendly corporate website * Ensure all our company's electronics products and services are prominently featured and logically organized * Apply responsive designs to optimize the site for multiple device formats Ideal Skills & Experience: * Proven track record creating corporate websites * Experience in implementing SEO strategies * Strong understanding of graphic design an...

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    I'm urgently in need of an expert with in-depth Arduino programming capabilities. The project involves developing custom Arduino code for a specific functionality. Key responsibilities: - Arduino code - Python program - for electronic project My ideal freelancer should have the ability to understand the desired outcome of the custom Arduino code, which is mainly electronics projects basis. Essential skills and experience: - Extensive experience with Arduino programming - Proficiency in data logging, sensor integration, and actuator control - Hands-on experience with LED lights and temperature monitoring setups - Ability to deliver the project ASAP. I'm looking for someone who can start immediately. A rapid, accurate, and high-quality delivery is desired.

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    I have a vision of a Shopify online store that will serve as a platform for showcasing a wide variety of unique products. The target audience for this store are mostly professionals, so the design should be sleek and professional to match their tastes. The products that will be displayed falls under the following categories: clothing and accessories, home decor, electronics, and DIY things. Key Pages and Features Home Page: Product Pages: Category Pages: About Us Page: Contact Us Page: Blog : Key Responsibilities: - Design of the Shopify online store. - The store should be able to showcase a wide variety of products. - The design should be professional and sleek. - The store should be user-friendly for professionals. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Shopify...

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    I have a vision of a Shopify online store that will serve as a platform for showcasing a wide variety of unique products. The target audience for this store are mostly professionals, so the design should be sleek and professional to match their tastes. The products that will be displayed falls under the following categories: clothing and accessories, home decor, electronics, and DIY things. Key Responsibilities: - Design of the Shopify online store. - The store should be able to showcase a wide variety of products. - The design should be professional and sleek. - The store should be user-friendly for professionals. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Shopify store design. - Experience in designing online stores that showcase a wide variety of products. - Understanding o...

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    I'm in need of a proficient engineer or technologist to create a specific circuit board design. This circuit board needs to cut off power supply from a 6 volts DC battery wh...board design. This circuit board needs to cut off power supply from a 6 volts DC battery when a push-pull solenoid is activated. The solenoid's primary function is controlling a mechanical device. Key Specifications: - The solenoid involved must be designed with a specific travel distance of 1-3 inches. - Comprehension of solenoid operation and circuit design is crucial. - Skills in designing electronics that interface with mechanical devices are a big plus. In your proposal, please highlight your experiences with solenoid control systems and tell me how they relate to this project. I look forward ...

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    I'm in need of an experienced professional to assist with posting electronics products on my website and eBay. Key Responsibilities: - Posting: You'll be responsible for ensuring that all product information is accurately listed on both platforms. - Image Gathering: As I'm still in the process of finding images for these products, you may need to work on this aspect. Skills Required: - E-commerce Expertise: A strong background in online retail is a must. - Proficiency in eBay and Website Management: Previous experience in managing listings on these platforms is highly preferred. - Attention to Detail: You'll need to ensure all information is correctly listed to the highest quality. - Product Photography: If you have an eye for capturing high-quality product im...

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    ...about how the resistance changes along the length of the trainline cable as more Car Control Devices (CCDs) are added in parallel: 1. **Initial Configuration**: - Imagine the trainline cable running along the entire length of the train. - Initially, there are only a few CCDs (let's say two) connected in parallel to the trainline cable. - Each CCD has an internal resistance (across its electronics) greater than 100 MΩ. 2. **Resistance Distribution**: - As the train moves forward, the trainline cable extends through each wagon. - The total resistance of the trainline cable is influenced by both the cable itself and the parallel-connected CCDs. - Initially, the cable's resistance dominates because there are only a few CCDs. - However, as we add...

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    Il'ohusishwa Imehakikishiwa
    4 wasilisho

    Hello, I am looking for someone who can improve my case. it is a box containing electronics. I already have an STL file that will need to be modified to meet these criteria: - We must adapt the 3d model so that it resembles my prototype (part 1 and 2) - The opening must therefore be done from behind via the plate (see part 2) - The plate (part 2) must be fixed to the case (part 1) via M2*5mm screws (good choice?) It is therefore necessary to add locations and fixings in the corners of the case (part 1) - I would like the case to be waterproof, so we must add the possibility of putting a seal between the two cases but also find a system to prevent water from entering the USBC charging socket (see the entry on the right in the photo). What do you propose ? Water can enter through ...

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    7 wasilisho

    ...freelancer to generate leads of HR/TA professionals within the Chemical and Allied as well as Semiconductors and Electronics industries. The task is to accumulate a total of 200 leads. Key requirements: - 200 leads - a mix of HR/TA professionals in Chemical and Allied and Semiconductors and Electronics industries. - Lead information - Name, Company, Job Title, Email id, Linkedin, Designation, Contact - Timeframe - 6-8 hours Ideal Freelancer: - Experienced in lead generation, particularly within HR/TA fields. - Proficient in research and data collection, able to extract accurate information from various sources. - Good understanding of Chemical and Allied and Semiconductors and Electronics industries. - Can deliver within the 6-8 hours timeframe. Please note, the...

    $11 (Avg Bid)
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    4 zabuni

    I'm seeking a skilled professional to assist in generating leads for our HR/TA units in the Chemical and Allied, Semiconductors, and Electronics industry. - The primary goal of this project is to increase our recruitment efficiency. We seek an individual who can help us establish connections with potential candidates across these sectors. - The geographical focus for this project is broad, including India, North America, and Europe. - The ideal candidate would have experience in lead generation, especially within the HR/TA space. Additionally, understanding or experience in the Chemical and Allied, Semiconductors, and Electronics industries will be highly beneficial. - The target professionals include those at various levels of seniority - from entry-level position...

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    6 zabuni

    I'm seeking assistance to tackle some specific concepts in measurement and electronics. The areas I need to focus on include: - Fundamental concepts: I need help particularly in understanding circuit analysis, electronic components and measurement techniques. - Circuit analysis: I desire to delve deeper into Ohm's Law, Kirchhoff's Laws, and Transient Analysis. -An ideal candidate is someone skilled in Measurement & Electronics and can help me grasp these topics thoroughly. The task is to help me truly grasp these concepts and subsequently apply them to the solved exercise questions provided. Your application of knowledge should help me deeply understand these underlying principles.

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    16 zabuni

    I'm seeking a professional with a proven track record in core electronics and geotechnology to create a compact, geofencing GPS module that sends SMS alerts. Key requirements and features include: - Integrated SMS Alert System: The module must be capable of sending alerts directly via SMS. To do this efficiently, proficiency in working with various mobile network providers and understanding of SMS gateways will be advantageous. - Geofencing Capabilities with Specific Functionalities: The geofencing system should notify when a subject exits a predefined virtual boundary. A deep understanding of GPS, geolocation and geofencing technology is essential. Familiarity with real-time tracking and advanced geospatial analytics would be considered a strong plus. - Compact Form: The G...

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    $186 Wastani wa Zabuni
    9 zabuni that helps in the smooth operation and performance of my business. Key Data to Transfer: - Product Information - Inventory Levels - Pricing Updates - Shipping Costs - Default markup to incoming costs - Create Primary Category and then sub-categories - Typed tutorial on functions of API calls. - Create Master Category "NewItems" with sub-categories for each relevant name. Ex: Clothing, Electronics.....all items from source that are newly listed will be placed in this primary category. If possible. NOTE: The source for these products have nearly 730K items, that will need to be moved over. Will give you specific instructions on how to find them. Sync Frequency: - Cost updates need to update twice per week - Inventory updated real-time The ideal candidate shoul...

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    101 zabuni

    I require a skilled circuit designer to create a detailed schematic for a simplified game of black jack, ideal for professional circuit designers. The game is to be developed using: - buttons and levers - 7-segment LED display - 74HC193/2 (counter) -...the game. Ensure everything is labeled properly. 2. Operational explanation: Along with the schematic, provide a brief explanation of how the system operates. 3. Specific region: A clear indication of the purpose of a specific region, enabling another professional designer to understand and replicate the design. 4 must use a maximum of 12 chips Freelancers with advanced circuit design and electronics expertise, and familiarity with the components mentioned earlier are preferred. Clear, clean and organized drafting skills are al...

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    20 zabuni

    I'm in search of a skillful product hunter who specializes in the electronics category on Amazon. The perfect match for this project would be someone who: - Has a proven track record of identifying popular products, preferably in the electronics category. - Can spot items that have a high customer rating, a low price range, and a strong market demand. - Is knowledgeable about Apple and Samsung electronics, as I am specifically interested in these brands. Your ultimate job will be to create a robust and profitable product list that suits my business. If you believe you're up to this task, I welcome your bid.

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    34 zabuni

    I'm looking for an experienced web designer and content writer to create a gaming-oriented website. This should not just be a static page but a dynamic platform promoting high-quality gaming electronics and technology, particularly focusing on computers and consoles. The site should: - Include thorough product reviews - Display comprehensive comparison charts - Provide insightful buying guides - Contain direct links for customers to purchase products In addition to building the website, the same expert should pen an engaging article explaining the electronics in layman's language and encouraging consumer purchase. An understanding and passion for gaming technology will be a major plus. Please ensure your bid includes both the website development and article cr...

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    I'm in need of a creative and professional designer to help me create a logo for my new business, Precision SoundWorks. We specialize in vehicle electronics, focusing on car audio, video, alarms, cameras and other electronics. Requirements: - The logo should incorporate sound waves, electronics icons, and speakers. - Colors should include Red, black and gold to represent a modern and high-quality appeal. - The font style should be modern to reflect the innovative nature of our business. Please ensure the design is suitable for both online and offline usage, and can be scaled effectively for various applications such as business cards, website, and promotional materials. A balance between a techy yet approachable design is what I'm aiming for. Ideal skills ...

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    I require the guidance of an experienced electronics engineer to help me in setting up and effectively using an oscilloscope. UK based preferably in mid wales Powys, and has and uses a Rigol DS11)" ZE scope Key tasks include: - Assisting in wiring an analogue circuit. - Probe selection and connection. - Intuitive methods for waveform analysis. Ideal candidates would have a deep understanding of oscilloscope functions and specific expertise with analogue circuits. A background in troubleshooting electronics and effective communication skills are imperative, as the job entails offering assistance remotely via Skype.

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    I am in need of a reliable reshipping partner on the ground in China nearby these cities (Shenzhen, Foshan, Guangzhou, Dongguan) to help with receiving and reshipping personal packages. With a focus primarily on furniture and electronics, proficient handling and packing skills are essential. The chosen freelancer will need experience in logistics or a related field, with a good understanding of international shipping policies. The task includes: - Collecting my personal packages (furniture, decoration, electronics) - Handling the packaging securely to avoid any damages during transit - Joining multiple packages together with bubble wrap / tape, so that it becomes single package to be shipped out. - Forwarding these packages to an address outside of China Good communication...

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    Ya Eneo
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    I am looking for an experienced website designer/ developer to help with the setup of a rental website using Booqable rental software. Booqable is a rental software platform that allows for the implementation of your own website using their platform which is powers both a back end rental software as well as a standalone customer facing website. Further details can be seen here and here Key Requirements: - Create and implement a new design - Configure the Back end software correctly - Use the Booqable website builder to create a customer website suited for this project Front End Create an implement a unique design/ skin for the website Back End -- Configure the Back end software correctly - Review and discuss all settings to see what needs doing - Making sure the system is set ...

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    253 zabuni

    I'm looking for a skilled robotics engineer with a strong focus in mechanical design. Your primary responsibility will be creating new intermediate-level robotic models. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven expertise in mechanical design - Experience in building intermediate-level complex robotic models - An understanding of programming and electronics related to robotics would be beneficial, but the key focus is on mechanical design. Please note, this project is not about improving existing models or overseeing production, it's about creating and building novel, medium-complexity robotic models. Apply only if you have relevant experience and are ready for a challenge.

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    Build a Motion Tracking System 2 siku left

    ...ball tracking. -Design and implement software modules for generating detailed statistics and performance metrics. -Create a flexible system with financial options including subscriptions, leasing, and purchase models. Technical Skills & Experience: -Proven experience in designing, developing, and deploying smart devices and IoT systems. -Expertise in hardware development, including low-power electronics, sensor integration, and wireless communication protocols (e.g., Bluetooth, Wi-Fi). -Proficiency in embedded systems programming (e.g., C/C++) and experience with microcontrollers. Strong backend development skills (Python, Java, etc.) and familiarity with cloud platforms for data storage and management. -Experience with frontend development frameworks (React, Angular, etc.) ...

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    28 zabuni

    I require professional assistance with my Ender 3 Pro 3D printer by Creality. Several elements need rectify...Pro 3D printer by Creality. Several elements need rectifying. - Firstly, the extruder is missing and needs to be replaced. I'm unsure of the specific type, so a freelancer with knowledge of this printer model would be ideal. - Secondly, the bed needs leveling. - I have an auto leveler that requires attaching. - Additionally, there are a few screws missing along with a metal cover for the electronics. - Lastly, if possible, the printer needs a thorough clean. If you're applying for this project, please include: - Your related experience, particularly with Ender 3 Pro. I am hoping for a proficient execution of this project to ensure the printer's reliab...

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    Product Designer 2 siku left

    ...display, and other interactive elements to ensure ease of use. 2. Breakdown of Parts Main Housing: The primary body that houses the internal components. Handle/Grip: Ergonomically designed handle for easy handheld use. Trigger/Button Assembly: For scanning and other functions. Smartphone Mount: Securely holds the smartphone in place. RFID/UHF Antenna: Located in the larger rear section. PCB and Electronics: For processing and communication. Battery Compartment: Located in the handle or main body for power. Connectors and Ports: For charging, data transfer, etc. Display Screen: Part of the smartphone interface. Protective Elements: Rubberized edges, seals for dust and water resistance. 3. Design Steps in Fusion 360 Create the Main Housing: Sketching: Start by sketching the main p...

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    26 zabuni

    I require a creative and experienced designer to spearhead my camera grip accessory packaging design project which is used with mobile phone. Specifics: - The creation of an innovative, aesthetically pleasing design suitable for smartphone packaging which is compact yet protective. - Previous experience within electronics retail packaging is desirable, with a tight focus on smartphones accessories. - Knowledge in professionally representing brand identity and product features is crucial. - Familiarity with the latest trends, aesthetics, and competitors in the mobile phone packaging market would be beneficial. This is a project for innovative thinkers who are able to create an impactful design within a small package That requires significant feature and benefit communication .

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    64 zabuni

    I'm interested in exploring new and innovative ideas for a recycling project that aims to reduce waste. The main focus will be on recycling plastics, electronics, and organic waste. Ideal Skills and Background: - Experience in the waste management or environmental fields would be a plus - Previous work on recycling initiatives is highly desirable - Strong understanding of the recycling processes for various materials Key Objectives: - Enhance the sustainability and environmental impact of recycling in the community - Develop strategies to decrease the amount of waste generated and sent to landfills - Engage the local population in the recycling process and raise awareness about the importance of waste reduction The project will require creativity, technical knowledge of rec...

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    3 zabuni

    I am seeking a seasoned SEO Specialist to help enhance the organic visibility and sales of my Shopify E-Shop that specializes in Electronics and Gadgets. Our primary focus will be on optimizing for Google Search engine with a local geographic targeting. Key responsibilities would include: - Conduct an SEO audit - Conducting thorough keyword research related to the electronics and gadgets industry to identify high-traffic, low-competition keywords suitable for local SEO. - On-page optimization: Implementing SEO best practices across the website, including meta tags, headings, and content optimization. - Off-page optimization: Creating a robust backlink strategy and working towards increasing the site's domain authority. - Regular monitoring and reporting: Tracking the pe...

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    113 zabuni

    I need an experienced designer to develop a consumer electronics e-commerce website with a focus on smartphones, laptops, and televisions. Despite its specialized nature, the site must also accommodate various home appliance products. Ideal Skills: - E-commerce website design - Understanding of consumer electronics and home appliances industries Experience: - Prior projects in creating e-commerce websites, particularly in the consumer electronics or home appliance industries, would be beneficial. NB: As the specifics for the home appliance section are not yet finalized, a flexible design accommodating future addition/subtraction of product categories would be appreciated. Success will hinge on a user-friendly design and optimization for both web and mobile.

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    39 zabuni

    I'm in need of a creative designer, who can create a unique packaging design for my tape product. The candidate should have: - Strong design skills and experience with packaging design, specifically for electronics. - Capability to work with specific dimensions as I will provide these for the packaging. - Ability to incorporate specific color schemes, as I have one in mind for this project. This project entails creating a design that is not just visually appealing but also effectively communicates the uniqueness and quality of the product. A designer who pays attention to detail and can follow guidelines is ideal for this job.

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    12 zabuni

    Hi I'm in need of an Electronics Engineer specialized in Consumer Electronics to assist me with my WiFi remote control of two hoverboard motors. The work involves crucial aspects including circuit design, PCB layout, components and IC’s, and embedded software development. Som of the design featres are: • 6 Axis Gyroscope • Cruise Control • APP Enabled Key Responsibilities: - Conceptualize and execute circuit design for the WiFi remote control of two hoverboard motors like The objective is to remotely control two 500W hoverboard motors similarly to the functionality in the link above. See video for example below - Develop a suitable PCB layout that meets the specific requirements of the radio - Undertake the

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    12 zabuni

    I am looking to develop a comprehensive manufacturing system, specifically designed to handle the production of transformers. The system must include the following primary features: ...Scheduling and Control: It should also be able to manage workflow, track production progress, and control the manufacturing activities to ensure a smooth, efficient and timely production process. Ideal Skills and Experience: The successful bidder should have substantial experience in developing manufacturing systems, ideally with a background in handling projects related to the production of electronics. I specifically seek deep expertise in the areas of resource planning and procurement, and production scheduling and control. Knowledge and experience in transformer manufacturing would be an added ...

    $130 (Avg Bid)
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    12 zabuni you should have a demonstrated track record in creating high-performance circuit boards. - Advanced Level Expertise: The project involves an advanced level of design complexity, specifically the creation of multi-layer PCBs. Your prior experience in handling such intricate designs will be crucial. - Compliance with IEEE Standards: The design must comply with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standards. Experience and familiarity with IEEE standards in PCB design are essential. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in PCB Design: You should have solid experience in designing PCBs, with a specific emphasis on high-performance, multi-layer designs. - Knowledge of IEEE Standards: Proven track record of designing PCBs in compliance with IEEE standards...

    $76 (Avg Bid)
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    7 zabuni
    Looking for Brilliance 1 siku left

    I'm seeking a talented web designer who can create an e-commerce website that goes beyond the ordinary. Key Requirements: - E-commerce Functionality: The site should have the necessary infrastructure for online transactions. - Product Focus: It will be selling physical goods exclusively, such as clothes and electronics. - Homepage Design: The ideal design will prominently feature best-selling items, maximizing user engagement and sales. I'm looking for someone who is not only capable of developing a visually appealing and functional e-commerce website, but also has the potential to grow with the project. This isn't just a job; it's a chance to build a lasting career.

    $463 (Avg Bid)
    $463 Wastani wa Zabuni
    112 zabuni

    ...sleeve for my electronics product. Key Requirements: - Creation of a cardboard sleeve with dimensions of 300mm. - The packaging will be used for electronics, so the design must be suitable for this type of product. - Utilize standard cardboard material for the sleeve, no need for recycled material or water-resistant coatings. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in packaging design with a focus on electronics. - Proficiency in working with standard cardboard materials. - Strong design skills, particularly in creating simple, yet effective, single-colour designs. - Past experience in creating packaging that is both visually appealing and practical for electronic products. Please provide examples of your previous packaging design work, particularly those that...

    $30 (Avg Bid)
    $30 Wastani wa Zabuni
    32 zabuni

    My project entails focusing on a diverse range of products including jewelry, clothing, electronics, pets, home goods, baby products, every day accessories, high end brands, cosmetics and fragrances, general items, and vape products I am looking for an experienced professional to assist with finding reliable suppliers with fast shipping all over the world for these various categories. Key project requirements include: - Extensive dropshipping knowledge and experience, particularly in the Shopify platform - Proven track record of identifying and partnering with reputable suppliers across a wide range of product categories - Understanding of the target demographics, especially Millennials, Parents, and Fashion enthusiasts, and ability to source products that cater to their preferen...

    $16 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $16 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    39 zabuni

    I am looking for a skilled product designer with experience in electronics, particularly entertainment appliances. Your task will be to create a unique and user-friendly design for a new entertainment home appliance. Key requirements: - Demonstrated experience with electronic product design - Knowledge in home entertainment systems - Creative and innovative thinking - Ability to work with functional requirements and translate them into aesthetically pleasing designs. Your background in electronic goods design is crucial. I look forward to seeing your portfolio. Please share relevant samples of your work, especially any home entertainment appliances. Remember, uniqueness and innovation are key features I'm looking for in this design.

    $555 (Avg Bid)
    $555 Wastani wa Zabuni
    7 zabuni

    I need an expert who can deliver an aesthetically pleasing and functional design for a compact, portable powerbank with a capacity of 10,000mAh. The powerbank should only cater to USB...capacity of 10,000mAh. The powerbank should only cater to USB Type-C output for compatibility. Key objectives: - Designing a 10,000mAh powerbank - The powerbank should only support USB Type-C output - The design should be should be slim, lightweight, flexible, magnetic, wireless, waterproof and app 9 A freelancer with previous experience in product design, especially electronics and power-related devices, is preferred. Your experience should also demonstrate a keen eye for compact, mobile-friendly design. I need someone who understands the balance between aesthetics and functionality.

    $89 (Avg Bid)
    $89 Wastani wa Zabuni
    13 zabuni

    I need an expert who can deliver an aesthetically pleasing and functional design for a compact, portable powerbank with a capacity of 10,000mAh. The powerbank should only cater t...portable powerbank with a capacity of 10,000mAh. The powerbank should only cater to USB Type-C output for compatibility. Key objectives: - Designing a 10,000mAh powerbank - The powerbank should only support USB Type-C output - The design should be should be slim, lightweight, flexible, magnetic, wireless and waterproof A freelancer with previous experience in product design, especially electronics and power-related devices, is preferred. Your experience should also demonstrate a keen eye for compact, mobile-friendly design. I need someone who understands the balance between aesthetics and func...

    $72 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking a fluent Japanese speaker who's comfortable making phone calls to local contract electronics manufacturers. Responsibilities: - Contacting electronics manufacturers in Japan - Inquiring about excess components available for purchase - Relaying information back to me in English Having Japanese language skills is essential, as is a good command of English. The ideal candidate should be comfortable with making business-related phone calls and have good communication skills. A background in electronics or the contract manufacturing industry is a plus, but not a requirement.

    $18 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $18 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    16 zabuni

    ...manufacturing, particularly in the Electronics & Mechanical Industry. With my expertise in product sourcing, manufacturing, and supplier sourcing, I can assist you in finding the best quality Electronics Component manufacturer for your Electronics company. From identifying potential suppliers to negotiating the best prices, I will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. I understand the importance of quality and cost-effectiveness in manufacturing, and I am dedicated to helping you find the perfect match for your specific requirements. Your satisfaction is my priority, and I am committed to delivering results that exceed your expectations. I invite you to initiate a chat to discuss your project further and see how we can collaborate to find ...

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    I am seeking the services of a seasoned freelance professional to source high-quality electronics and formal wear. Key Requirements: - Experience in procuring Electronics, with deep knowledge on market trends and best suppliers - Insight into the Formal wear industry is crucial, particularly regarding styles with embroidery - Proven track record in supplier negotiation for economical, yet high quality purchases Ideal skills: - Keen eye for design and detail, particularly regarding embroidered formal wear - Strong networking abilities with electronics and clothing manufacturers - Solid understanding of the ecommerce market and customer expectations. Potential collaborators should demonstrate relevant experience. I look forward to realizing this project with you.

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    - Pre-shipment Inspection: This involves the evaluation of the products in terms of quality, packaging, lab...- During Production Inspection: Monitoring the production process to ensure that it meets certain quality standards and prevent defects. For this project, the most important aspects I need to be inspected are the functionality, performance, and appearance of the products. The ideal professional for this job would have a strong background in electronics and quality control. They should be detail-oriented, have experience in working with electronics, and have a proven track record of conducting thorough inspections. Experience with pre-shipment and during production inspections is a plus. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or need additi...

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