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    مشروع اعادة هيكلة شركة استشارات قانونية

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    اعداد دراسات جدوى اقتصادية للمشاريع الصناعية

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    ...streamline our operations. Key Features: - Request for Quotation (RFQ): This module is critical to our daily operations, as it facilitates our procurement process. - Order Processing: A seamless system for managing sales and purchases is essential for our business. - Inventory Management: This is a key aspect of our operations, as we need to efficiently handle our inventory. - Vendor Management: We need a system that can effectively manage our relationships with suppliers. - Financials: This module is critical for our bookkeeping and financial analysis. Ideal Candidate: - Prior experience in developing procurement, sales, and ERP systems. - Proficiency with cloud-based solutions. - Strong understanding of RFQ, order processing, inventory, vendor management, financials, ...

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    I'm looking for a software developer to create a program that is focused on data analysis. The software will be used to integrate and analyze data from a trading view. Key responsibilities include: - Building a software that can efficiently integrate with trading view to pull relevant data for analysis - Developing tools for comprehensive data analysis - Ensuring the software is user-friendly and easy to navigate - Troubleshooting and fixing any bugs or issues that arise Ideal skills and experience for the job include: - Proficiency in software development - Prior experience with data analysis software - Familiarity with trading view - Strong problem-solving skills - Good communication and teamwork skills

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    3d max specialist I want to know the direction and angle of sunlight in the specified conditions Sunlight emulation I need a professional to help with a project that involves shadow emulation for analytical purposes. The purpose of this project is to analyze lighting conditions in real-time by emulating shadows on stationary objects like sitred person and chairs. Key Responsibilities:... Sunlight emulation I need a professional to help with a project that involves shadow emulation for analytical purposes. The purpose of this project is to analyze lighting conditions in real-time by emulating shadows on stationary objects like sitred person and chairs. Key Responsibilities: - Emulate shadows on stationary objects in 3d - Ensure the shadows are highly detailed for precise an...

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    I am seeking a freelancer with substantial experience in numerical data analytics and knowledge in PSPP software for a project that requires minimum data cleaning. The primary task will be: - Teaching me how to do the necessary Analysis of numerical data in PSPP Ideally, you will be a person who: - Has proven experience in PSPP software - Has a strong aptitude for numerical data analysis Get in touch if you can provide a brief, basic overview of PSPP usage focusing on numerical data. Prior experience in outlier detection, handling missing data, and removing duplicate entries is not necessary but might come in handy.

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    13 zabuni in need of a Business Developer who can assist in expanding my web development business's client base. Key Tasks: - The primary responsibility of the Business Developer will be to secure new clients for my web development business. This will involve cold calling and emailing potential clients to introduce our services and generate new business. Past Efforts: I have previously attempted to acquire clients by setting up any kind of connection. I am now looking for a professional who can refine and potentially expand upon these methods to achieve a higher client acquisition rate. How will you get paid: We will be paying you on a commission basis. When a potential deal is locked, we will be paying you 15% of the total cost. Primary Goal: The main fo...

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    Create a visually appealing proposal/prospectus that will showcase our student accommodation's key features and services. Why parents & Universities should send their kids in our accommodation. Key Points: - The main purpose of the brochure is to highlight our services and features, so it should be designed with this in mind. - The target audience for this brochure includes prospective students, parents, and university administrators. The design should be appropriate for these groups and appeal to their needs. - The key areas that need to be highlighted in the brochure are our accommodation options and safety and security measures. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience in designing brochures or proposals, preferably in the real estate or hospitality sector. - Excelle...

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    I'm seeking a Python expert with a strong background in using the ipydatagrid and Pandas libraries. The goal is to set up a system to allow user to define type of data through visual selection of data from datagrid. Key Responsibilities: - Implement data manipulation tasks using Python, especially the Pandas library - Leverage ipydatagrid for efficient data handl...spreadsheets Ideal candidates are expected to have: - Proven experience in Python programming, with a focus on data manipulation tasks - Proficiency in using Pandas for data manipulation - Familiarity with ipydatagrid for interactive data handling - Strong understanding of Excel spreadsheets and how to work with them in Python A successful completion of this project could lead to further work in data analysis and...

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    I'm in need of a competent recruiter with an ideal mid-level /senior experience in sourcing, screening, and recruiting candidates in the technology sector. We need you for a a block of 3-4 hours M-F as we have many screens due to our amazing telemarketer we have on staff. Your duties would include, but are not limited to: * Sourcing Candidates using LinkedIn, Indeed, Bolean Search and any other way to find candiates * Screening Candidates and filling out relevant information * Using LinkedIn/email/texting for Networking and Outreach * Running Email campaigns * a database to track candidates - google docs is fine or Linkedin Recruiter * experience in LInkedIn Recruiter * experience with looking at job descriptions and knowing how to write targeted emails/tex...

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    ...have several existing elements, such as logos and slogans, and we would like to harmonize and modernize them to create a coherent image for all our activities. Attached you will find a detailed summary outlining the specific needs for this project. Analysis of existing elements Creation of new elements (if necessary) Harmonizing the color palette Selection of typography Defining the graphic style Integrating the harmonized visual identity across different platforms Providing a comprehensive style guide I am available for any additional information or to schedule a meeting to discuss this project in more detail. Best regards

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    Expert in Cyber Forensics Needed 6 siku left

    I need a professional well-versed in cyber forensics, particularly with a good understanding of hash value testing. The project requires someone with comprehensive knowledge and experience in this field. The ideal candidate should be skilled in utilizing various tools and software for cyber forensic analysis. Key Points: - Strong expertise in cyber forensics - Proficient in hash value testing - Skilled in using various cyber forensic tools Please apply if you have the required expertise. No teams or companies please.

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    I'm in need of a skilled Wireshark expert with a profound understanding of networking. The project involves the analysis of network traffic and the troubleshooting of potential issues. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct network traffic analysis using Wireshark - Identify and troubleshoot potential network issues - Provide solutions and recommendations for optimization - Potentially create network diagrams if needed I'm looking for someone with a solid background in network analysis and troubleshooting. This person should have: - Proficiency in utilizing Wireshark for network analysis - Deep knowledge of different network topologies and configurations - Previous experience in diagnosing and resolving network issues - Excellent problem-solving and commun...

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    I need a Business Developer to focus on the human resources recruitment sector. The main responsibilities will include identifying new business opportunities, developing and maintaining relationships with clients, driving revenue growth, and conducting market research and lead generation. Key Responsibilities: - Identify new business opportunities within the human resources recruitment sector - Build and maintain strong relationships with clients - Drive revenue growth through effective business development strategies - Conduct market research and lead generation activities to identify potential clients Ideal Candidate: - Entry-level professional with 1-2 years of experience in business development, preferably in the recruitment field - Familiarity with...

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    ...particularly in YouTube, blogging, and social media. - Strong understanding of search engine algorithms and ranking factors. - Proficiency in SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Ahrefs, SEMrush, and others. - Excellent analytical skills with the ability to interpret data and make data-driven decisions. - Strong written and verbal communication skills. **Your Organic Strategy Plan:** 1. **Audit and Analysis:** - Perform a comprehensive SEO audit of current content across all platforms. - Analyze competitors and industry trends to identify opportunities for growth. 2. **Content Optimization:** - Implement keyword optimization for all content, ensuring a natural and engaging flow. - Regularly update and refresh old content to keep it relevant and optimized. 3. **Tech...

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    Amazon FBA Product Research 6 siku left

    I'm just starting my Amazon FBA business and looking for a professional who can help me in the product research and sourcing aspect. - Your main focus will be to find high potential products that are smaller in size, and align with my business goals. - I'm seeking someone with a strong understanding of market trends and competitor analysis. - Experience in the Amazon FBA space is a big plus, as well as a good track record in product sourcing.

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    I'm in need of a skilled de...worker include: - Data Entry: Establish an automated data import/export mechanism to streamline tasks. - Email Management: Enable the system with capabilities to diligently organize emails, and send automated responses when necessary. - Report Generation: Develop the ability to produce timely and accurate reports. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in automation, data management/analysis and a solid understanding of coding, most importantly Python. Prior experience in digital worker software development is a definite plus. Sound understanding of email systems and report generation algorithms is also desired. Deliver a well-organized, efficient digital worker that can independently manage these tasks, and add noticeable value to ...

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    I'm in need of an expert in Digital Evidence Analysis. Your primary goal will be identifying security breaches within the system(s) in question. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct thorough digital evidence analysis. - Identify and document the security breaches. - Provide recommendations for system improvements to prevent future breaches. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in Digital Evidence Analysis. - Strong understanding of cyber security. - Experience in identifying security breaches. - Certified in forensics or related field. Please apply if you have expertise in creating and analysing hash values and have experience in Cyber Forensics. No teams or companies please.

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    Are you a conscientious and experienced Bookkeeper with expertise in e-commerce bookkeeping? We are seeking a skilled professional to assist us following requirements: 1. Creating a New Company in QuickBooks online, 2. A Chart of Accounts, setup a new company for an Amazon Seller, 3. A2X Account Setup, Mappings in A2X, 5. Amazon Reports, Inventory Upload in A2X, 6. Bank Transaction categorization and Reconciliation of our financial records. Proven experience in e-commerce bookkeeping and accounting. Skillfulness in accounting software such as QuickBooks. Friendliness with Amazon Seller Central, Documentation of accounting processes and procedures. If you possess the skills and expertise to help us streamline our financial operations and ensure accurate reporting, we invite you to ...

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    ...Pine script coder who can help to enhance my trading view website with real-time algorithms for stock market. Key Tasks: - Develop a system that uses RSI, Moving averages, and Bollinger Bands to trigger levels and alerts. - As for the stocks, I have various interests. I prefer the algorithm to be versatile and adjustable to different stocks. - Emphasis on real-time data rather than historical analysis is a must. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Pine script coding and the ability to implement it on trading view. - Solid understanding of RSI, Moving averages, and Bollinger Bands. - Prior experience in building real-time trading algorithms. - A broad-based knowledge of the stock market. The perfect candidate for this task should be able to provide some examples of similar proj...

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    Description: We are a road transportation firm in improve our online presence and to bring more potential organic clients Responsibilities: Develop and implement effective SEO strategies to improve organic search rankings. Conduct keyword research and analysis to identify relevant and high-traffic keywords. Optimize website content, including meta tags, headers, images, and links. Monitor and analyze website performance using Google Analytics and other SEO tools. Create and manage Google AdWords campaigns to maximize ROI. Write compelling ad copy and optimize landing pages to improve conversion rates. Perform competitive analysis to stay updated with industry trends and strategies. Provide regular reports on SEO and AdWords performance, including recommendations ...

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    ...errors are centered around incorrect totals and profit calculations. Specifically, the issues are affecting gross sales, costs of goods sold, and net profit. The errors seem to be date-specific implying a need for a keen eye for detail. - Implementing a date range filter: The dashboard pulls data from an API, and I need to be able to filter this data by date range. This will facilitate better data analysis and decision-making. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Vue.js: The bulk of the job involves working with the Vue.js framework, so you should have a solid understanding of it. - Strong Accounting Knowledge: A background in accounting or experience working with accounting software is highly desirable. It will be essential for understanding and correcting the errors in the calculati...

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    I have a very basic high-level requirement for an ERP S...have a very basic high-level requirement for an ERP System that we need. I have the basic workflow with me. I need a Business Analyst to go through the requirement and create comprehensive flowchart diagrams, Detailed specification, and UI/UX plan. Tasks need doing: - Converts the business needs into detailed functional specifications. - Creates comprehensive flowchart diagrams to visualize the workflow. - May assist with the development of UI/UX planner. - Identifies integration points and necessary third-party services. - Ensures that all business requirements are met in the system design. I have a very limited budget, hence any entry to intermediate level Business Analyst apply! Previous ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced business analyst or consultant to provide a critical review of the tourism industry in Bali. The primary goal of this review is to identify instances of exploitation and scamming of tourists, particularly vulnerable groups such as old people. The hospitality sector has been pointed out as a key area of concern, therefore, your focus should be on this sector. Key points to consider in this review: - Examine the hospitality sector in Bali, focusing on how tourists, especially the elderly, are being exploited. - Identify specific instances or practices where tourists are being "ripped off" in the hospitality sector. - Provide recommendations on how to address these issues and suggest measures to prevent exploitation in the future. Skills a...

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    I'm seeking a top-notch designer to create a unique and vibrant logo for my retail business. Your creative flair should reflect my company's energetic spirit and attention to detail. Key Tasks: - Create an original, full-color logo Ideal candidate skill set: - Expert level experience in logo design - Strong understanding of color theory - Proven experience designing for retail businesses In essence, the logo should embody the spirit of my retail business in a colorful, captivating design. I look forward to seeing your creative proposals!

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    In search of a Workday Prism expert to perform data visualization, report creation, and data analysis. The specifics of the project involve: - Integrate Workday as the primary data source. - Create Prism Headcount Reporting via data visualizations. The perfect candidate has extensive knowledge of Salesforce, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics and previous experience with bar charts, pie charts, and line graphs. A deep understanding of Workday Prism is a must. You should not only be proficient in creating reports, but also understanding how to analyze the data these reports generate.

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    market research, niche analysis 6 siku left

    Please read the assignment carefully! Good afternoon, We have a business idea for selling returned goods from Amazon (pallets). The procurement will take place in Germany, and we plan to sell worldwide. We currently lack a clear understanding of which sales channel to develop. We need to conduct an analysis of existing competitors across different channels and gather all relevant information. Additionally, we need to determine which types of products sell quickly and easily (electronics, home goods, etc.). A report/presentation should be prepared to present the findings. Based on the research, we would like recommendations on which sales channel to start with and what to pay attention to.

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    I'm looking for a skilled software developer to help ...Evaluate the CVs against predefined criteria to assess candidate suitability - Provide a recommendation or scoring system based on the CV assessment Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in web-based software development - Prior experience building applicant tracking systems (ATS) - Strong understanding of recruitment processes and candidate assessment - Familiarity with CV parsing and analysis tools - Ability to create an intuitive, user-friendly interface - Strong communication skills to ensure the software meets our specific needs If you're confident in your ability to deliver a user-friendly, efficient, and automated web-based ATS with CV assessment, I'd love to hear from you. We are looking from th...

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    I need assistance with a small-scale data entry project involving both texts and numbers. Requirements and Tasks: - Entering text and numerical data from physical documents accurately into a digital format. - Performing quality assurance to ensure data accuracy. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in data entry and data analysis. - Attention to detail. - Ability to maintain confidentiality. - Familiarity with Excel or other relevant software. Please note that while this is a small-scale project, accuracy and attention to detail are extremely important.

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    I'm looking for a savvy social media expert, ideally with experience in Instagram marketing and a successful track record in increasing brand awareness among adults aged 25-34. Wh...awareness among adults aged 25-34. What's Required: • Develop an Instagram marketing strategy to boost my brand visibility among the chosen demographic • Creatively and consistently engage with my target audience to nurture loyalty • Measure, analyse, and report on the effectiveness and growth of the campaign Ideal Skills: • Proven track record in Instagram marketing • Proficient in audience analysis and targeting • Excellent creativity and writing skills This project offers the opportunity to showcase your skills in promoting brand awareness and engaging ...

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    I'm a new Environmental Science enthusiast and I' accurate and up-to-date. - Following our research, I would need your expertise as a report writer. My goal is to have a comprehensive report that highlights the identified environmental issues. This should be structured with an executive summary and detailed analysis, so that the findings are clearly presented and easily understood by a diverse audience. Ideal candidates should have a background in Environmental Science or a related field, with a strong track record in both research and report writing. Experience in data analysis and a good understanding of environmental issues would be highly beneficial. I'm looking for someone who can work efficiently, communicate effectively, and deliver high-quality w...

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    Iranian Missiles Analysis 6 siku left

    As the project manager, I'm seeking an insightful report on Iranian missiles focussing mainly on the missile types. The aim of the project is to inform and educate the recipients on the variety and specifications of these missiles. Given that the exact objective of the report is unspecified, it's crucial that we maintain a flexible approach. Key Tasks: - Research on the different types of Iranian missiles - Gather data on their specifications - Create graphical representations of the collected data Ideal Skills: - Excellent research abilities - Strong knowledge in missile technology - Skills in graphic design for clear, visual representation of data In conclusion, this is not just a writing task but a research and design task. I am looking forward to receiving bids from ind...

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    I am seeking a skilled developer to create a user-friendly web builder platform targeting small business owners. The platform should have the following features: - Drag and drop functionality: This will allow users to easily create and design their websites without the need for coding knowledge. - Pre-designed templates: The platform should offer a variety of pre-designed templates to choose from, but with the flexibility for moderate customization according to the user's branding and content needs. The primary audience for this platform will be small business owners. Therefore, the platform should be intuitive and straightforward for users with limited technical expertise. To successfully work on this project, you should have experience in: - Web development and de...

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    ...expertly craft engaging and compelling copy that will drive brand awareness among business professionals. This is a key component of our marketing strategy, and we're looking for someone with a solid understanding of how to reach and resonate with this target audience specifically. Key Responsibilities: - Create copy that is tailored to business professionals and helps elevate our brand - Craft messaging that is able to increase our brand's visibility - Ensure that the copy is engaging and persuasive, to effectively communicate our brand's unique selling points The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in copywriting, specifically in the realm of brand awareness - A solid understanding of business professional's needs and aspiration...

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    optimize google search campaign 6 siku left

    ...reaching out to a diverse audience. - **Budget**: As a small business, I'm working with a monthly budget of $500-$1000. The ideal candidate should be able to optimize the campaign to achieve the best possible results within this range. Key Skills and Experience Required: - **Google Ads Expertise**: Proficiency in Google Ads, particularly in lead generation campaigns, is a must. - **National Audience Targeting**: Experience in creating and managing campaigns targeting a national audience, understanding their needs, and driving engagement. - **Budget Optimization**: Ability to make the most out of a limited budget, ensuring a balance between cost-efficiency and results. - **Performance Tracking**: Knowledge of tracking tools and data analysis to evaluate the success of...

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    I'm in need of a professional experienced with R, RStudio, and data science to handle a series of tasks for insights generation. Key Tasks: - Data Analysis - Statistical Modeling - Data Visualization Your primary focus will be on deriving insights, non to deep, from the data provided. The report should be 3-4 page long. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in R and RStudio - Skilled in data interpretation and statistical modeling - Proven experience in data visualization - Ability to distill complex data into actionable insights You also have to use the package cran to create a report. The file is attached.

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    I'm seeking a skilled professional to help me integrate Snyk's SAST & SCA tools into our software development process. Key Project Requirements: - Expertise in JavaScript and Java: Our project is primarily built in these languages, so a thorough understanding is essential. - Snyk experience: Proficiency in using Snyk for static application security testing (SAST) and software composition analysis (SCA) is crucial. - Security Vulnerabilities Focus: The main goal of this project is to identify and fix potential security vulnerabilities in the codebase. Integration Approach: - Manual Scans: We prefer to integrate the security tool through manual scans before deployment. The successful candidate should be comfortable with this approach. To sum up, the ideal candidate ...

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    I need assistance with a small-scale data entry project involving both texts and numbers. Requirements and Tasks: - Entering text and numerical data from physical documents accurately into a digital format. - Performing quality assurance to ensure data accuracy. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in data entry and data analysis. - Attention to detail. - Ability to maintain confidentiality. - Familiarity with Excel or other relevant software. Please note that while this is a small-scale project, accuracy and attention to detail are extremely important.

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    Only in United States Location. With a mobile number in the United States For this project, we're seeking an experienced mobile application and game tester with a US phone number and Android phone. We have apps/games ready for testing, with a keen focus on competition benchmarking. Key We have apps/games ready for testing, with a keen focus on competition benchmarking. Key tasks will be: - Conduct comprehensive testing on our mobile apps and games. - Predominantly focus on competition benchmarking. - Benchmark our apps/games against specified competitors. The ideal freelancer for this job should have a good understanding of mobile apps/games testing and competition analysis. Prior experience in similar projects and proficiency with Android phones will be high...

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    I need a financial expert to help improve the financial stability of my business. This will be achieved primarily through efficient financial analysis and forward planning. Key responsibilities: - Understanding the financial fundamentals of my business and industry. - Identifying potential risks and opportunities to improve financial stability. - Present non-complex strategies that will enhance our financial stability. Skills and experience needed: - Strong knowledge in Investment Analysis is a must. - Proven experience in the Business and Industry sector. - Excellent at Risk Assessment and Financial Forecasting. - Proven experience in Budgeting. Please, only detail-oriented professionals as this task requires meticulousness.

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    I'm searching for a customer service representative for my e-commerce fashion brand. Your role will involve handling customer queries and ...compelling. You should be able to solve customer issues effectively. - Womenswear Fashion Knowledge: You must be familiar with fabric types and care, as well as sizing and fit for women's clothing. This knowledge will be crucial in responding to customer inquiries. - Proficiency in Excel: You'll be responsible for data entry, organization, creating/updating spreadsheets, and generating reports and analysis. Ideal candidates should have prior experience in customer service, a keen interest in womenswear fashion, and demonstrable experience with Excel. Your ability to offer top-notch, fashion-informed customer service will be a k...

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    16 zabuni

    I'm in need of a social media expert to produce engaging content and drive traffic to my business. Currently, I'm using Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. My primary aim is to leverage social media to generate leads and ultimately boost sales. Key Responsibilities: - Craft compelling product showcases that ignite interest and lead to conversions - Develop educational content that educates and attracts potential customers - Provide behind-the-scenes insights to give a personal touch to the brand The ideal candidate for this role should have a solid understanding of social media marketing and proven experience in creating content that drives sales. They should also be able to adapt to different platforms and have a creative mindset to engage with the audience effec...

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    24 zabuni

    ...entry-level professionals from India to join our team. Your primary task will be to produce well-crafted business reports. Key Responsibilities: - **Report Writing**: You'll be expected to draft business reports that are clear, concise, and insightful. - **Research Skills**: A solid understanding of the importance of research is crucial. You'll be required to perform in-depth research to ensure the quality and accuracy of your reports. - **Data Analysis and Interpretation**: You should be able to analyze and interpret data for the reports you write. This includes presenting data in a clear and meaningful way. Ideal Skills and Experience: - **Report Writing**: Demonstrable skills in business report writing is a must. Previous academic writing ex...

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    SEO optimization for UK small business website. work with targeted cities and help to rank higher Weekly progress reporting. Thanks

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    Trophy icon Vibrant Logo for New Business 6 siku left

    I'm looking for a talented designer to create a unique and vibrant logo for my new business. The logo should be colorful, without being overwhelming, and should convey a sense of professionalism, friendliness, and excitement. This is subscription box business, so a logo to include a parcel Key Requirements: - Use of Fuchsia, Navy, and Gold colors in an appealing manner - Professional, friendly, and exciting in tone - Must appeal to parents and teens, my target audience Ideal Skills: - Strong background in graphic design, with experience in creating logos - Ability to translate emotions into visual designs - Understanding of color psychology and its impact on branding - Prior experience with target audience-oriented design Please include a link to your portfolio in yo...

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