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    I need an inviting, epic poster about my breathwork session. (BREATH WARRIORS) Ice Bath - Unique Breath-Work -> Harness your breath, connect deeply with your true self, HACK YOUR BRAIN, and change your mind. -> A transformational BREATHING session. > An ICE BATH that will change your relationship to cold! Meditation for those who can't meditate. Direct effect on Anxiety/Stress and Reduce Inflammation & Reduce Symptoms of Anti-Immune diseases. Every Sunday morning 09:00 at Crystal Bay Facebook: @Breathwarriors IG: @ PHOTOS & INSPIRATION BELOW

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    I'm giving a presentation to a large group on neuroplasticity- how to hard-wire your brain for success. I'd like this 'type' of brain- turning- and showing growing lines (or pathways) I'd also like to show a larger story- the brain inside of a person pre success after success Total story time is 30 seconds. Thank you!!

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    Trophy icon My Girlfriends Name in Art Form 3 siku left

    ...three horoscopes, Virgo Sun, Capricorn Moon, Sagittarius Rising Attached is a photo of the zodiac symbols. Highlighted are her three. The Virgo and Capricorn look like "Me" and "n" respectively and I'd want them to take the place of those letters in her name (her name will be the centerpiece of the design), and then having the Sagittarius symbol somewhere in her name also, use your good artist brain to do some good there haha Also attached is reference for the chakra symbols and colors The typography of her name doesn't have to match the style of the attached photo, that is just for reference for what the symbols look like, I just want to look cool I also would like to incorporate the 7 (red orange yellow green blue indigo violet) of the 7 chakra...

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    We are looking to get a company cartoon character made. We own an escape room and would like the character to reflect our company image. Our company reflects smartness, intelligence, nerdy, yet at the same time coolness, and hip. We already have a logo we would like the cartoons head to be the brain part of our logo. We would also like to be a guy in a suit. We would like to see him in a few different poses standing but we really want him sitting in the chair we have pictured. He is supposed to be considered a mastermind so we would like the cartoon to reflect that. Suit preferred color is black with some red in it. Our colors are black and red but I would like the chair to be the color of the one pictured

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    We are looking for a professional to create a 3D Metaverse/Land/environment. Applicants must be creative, and artistic, prof... Similar to this design but not as big of scale. (so many buildings) -Also like these buildings We have an idea of what we like but would also like to brain storm with selected candidates,Also we want this to be the start of a long term relationship with the selected candidate. We will explain our whole Project with desired freelancers. PLEASE SEND PREVIOUS WORK OF ENVIRONMENTS AS I WILL NOT CONSIDER YOU IF YOU DO NOT.

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    Trophy icon Build me a logo 4 siku left

    I need to build a logo for my company The logo needs to be delivered in vector, has icons available for the mobile apps, web favicon, social network cover, social avatar. Logo: Pantomind "Panto" means "all", which is derived from the word "panto...for learning and becoming more knowledgeable in anything. The logo should be simple, modern. When the user looks at the logo, they should feel the ambition, the know-all, the learning desire. The color pallette of the logo needs to consider this factor as well. Modernized, shaped-based logos are preferred (please see the attachments). Logos with the regular icon for learning like a light bulb, brain, human face, etc. is less favorable. Please only submit the original logo. All templated or poor...

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    Lab Practical on : Nerve cells spinal cords eye ear brain

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    If you are interested to doing more apps, you will help me launch this one. I have a back end dev. Need a Fit Flutter Dev to Finish a Fine app. Only bid if you are Fit, Fast and Fun to Finagle with If you want a Future with a Fast growing Funky Fellow- You will Find it here. Code is on Git Lab. Read that again Friend. Git LAB. Do not want Flutter Flakes to Fry my Brain with Frivolous Fake bids.

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    New Logo Design 2 masaa left

    I need a logo for my new website I would like similar colors I do not like the icon, the brain is not clear enough I would like the concept to be a brain similar to the one in the picture with the lights radiating through the logo I would also like a circle stamp logo for my new business cards

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    We are an employment placement Agency .. specializing in placing top over global engineering talent. From around the world to American and Canadian companies to lower labor costs and help the button line. I need someone who can do a Video and I have the script. And gi...placement Agency .. specializing in placing top over global engineering talent. From around the world to American and Canadian companies to lower labor costs and help the button line. I need someone who can do a Video and I have the script. And give me a turn-key product. the voice-over must be an American female voice. They should communicate with me hopefully to set a. Meeting and picking my brain and understanding what I exactly want. I am picky, and I like the best if you don't have it, please don't w...

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    voice recognitionWe would like to have an APP made with speech recognition as an aid for people who Memorize the quran (Islamic Book) in their Brain The Quran is always the same there are different reciters (you can find them on youtube) When someone learns a page, he should be able to read it out in the app and the speech recognition should notice whether he is doing it well or making mistakes. Can you program something like that for us?

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    Hi - We are a brain and mind development company. Our target audience are business leaders and company executive employees looking to improve their brain and mind power. We are looking to host a free 2-day monthly event to give free quality contents related to our topic. I am looking for a community manager with prior experience in running and building online communities. I am looking to host our first event in February. We will split the work between us while you take the ownership in coordinating the event. Must requirement: 1. Experience in running and building online communities 2. Experience in event planning Plus: Experience in creating contents, especially for email newsletter and social media We can allocate hours for the work based on the tasks we need to c...

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    This is the character's backstory: Mystic Trickster None knows what his home planet is, but everyone knows how dangerous he is. He likes to hide his...captured him. Even if they would, he could easily escape prison. He is a master of Illusions, can change reality itself and trick other characters. Has a cloak of invisibility and a bunch of stolen items, which he uses when he steals important artifacts. In some places he is even known as a serial killer. One subordinate traps him while he was stealing and summons a special creature which has no brain and cannot be manipulated by the Trickster's illusions. Unable to dodge its attacks, Trickster surrenders to the subordinate. Forced to participate in the trials, he would try everything in order to be free again and continue ...

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    Trophy icon Build me a logo Imeisha left

    - Looking for a logo with the words ‘Building Behaviours’ - It is a psychology and fitness training page - No colour preferred or maybe blue - To be delivered in vector format (.ai) - To be delivered in high quality - To be delivered in various file types - Feel free to be creative! Maybe use a brain or something about psychology

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    Trophy icon Modify an image in Photoshop Imeisha left

    ...whitish blue for the brain outline is a better contrast on a black background than a pure blue. Good move. You can really tell this is a brain - which is the main purpose of the image. I would like, though, for Brain Wiz to shift the yellow/orange mass down just a little bit. - Image #27 is my current 2nd favorite. I'd like for the Dope Indian to shift from blue to whitish blue and see what happens. He might shrink the yellow/orange mass ever so slightly as well. Maybe do the blue change first and create a second image with both the whiteish blue and a blob shift. - While image 58 is not exactly what I asked for, it is a VERY creative approach - so I gave it 4 stars for now. I love the use of synapse images and electrical pathways. Very creative. Besid...

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    We require animated video between heart, brain and robot for stock market investments. (Like they both were speaking on market conditions heart was getting emotional on market fluctuations. Brain was giving solutions for that so in that communication between Shares Bazaar will be involved on one concept like we are the one step solution for your financial freedom) Should be professional and attractive 1. Attractive content 2. Voice over 3. Professional template 4. 3D

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    Article Writing 4 Imeisha left

    I want an article of 750 words Topic: The surprising brain benefits of exercising with others

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    I want to calculate PLV values of multidimensional Matlab files, representing EEG signals, in python according to a PLV formula, which will be provided to you. Matlab file's dimensions are [ 11 51 72 22 ] time x freq x trials x channels more explanation will be provided upon communication. so, I'm looking for someone who understands EEG Signals, python, and machine learning to split the data into training and testing after computing the PLV

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    Trophy icon logo design - 03/01/2022 03:44 EST 16 masaa left

    i need a logo for a craft business which is making macrame. a weaving craftwork. the company name will be called macrame healing. the concept for the business is to sell macrame craftwork handmade by a person who has parkinsons disease, the craftwork is healing because the process of making the macrame is helping the brain and hands to communicate to eachother and benefits as a treatment for parkinsons disease. open and willing to explore all logo ideas. will provide feedback as logos are uploaded and adjust the project criteria daily as ideas are presented by designers so early submissions will benefit this. will prefer to go for designs with originality not things copied and pasted from google searches

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    ...for a woman gaining 12.5 kg and delivering an infant of 3.3 kg. Protein is not gained at a constant rate, the rate at which protein is deposited increases as pregnancy progresses. 3: Fats:- However, pregnant women and those planning a pregnancy need an adequate dietary intake of essential fatty acids and their longer-chain derivatives, DHA and AA, which are necessary for the development of the brain and nervous system of the fetus, particularly in late pregnancy. The best dietary source of long chain n-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) is oil-rich fish. There is also some evidence that an increased intake of long-chain n-3 fatty acids during pregnancy may have beneficial effects on birth weight or the duration of pregnancy. 4:Carbohydrates:- Requirements for starch, sugar and non-star...

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    High quality historic art website approx 10-15 pages. Must be content manged and e commerse linked. Must work well on both mobile devices and well as desk top. The site will be content rich. Provsional page designs are already designed and you need to be able to enhance the design thinking further and bring it to life. No brain dead deaigners please need somenone that is creative and can think arround design / problems. I am looking for a professional site as this will be accessed globally and therefore needs to be secure. Social media and discord intergatuon. Light E commerce funtiinality. There also needs to be back end work flow which allows us to build art specs and allow artists to apply for commsions or competions bit like fiverr or this site the back end should

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    Email organization Schedule Book keeping Record reviews Brain storming Online orders Calls/text/ email follow up Must be available 4-5 hours a day for the

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    Create a 1 or 2 second animation based on the given image. The color dots should come from the left and become the outline of a brain with those dots. That is it. Need to use it as a part of an intro web page

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    - On Page SEO- Meta Tag, Key Word Research and Optimization, SEMRush, GT Matrix, Google PSI, Image Optimization, Anchor Tag, Alt Tag optimization etc - Off Page SEO- Link Submission, Bookmarkeing, Backlinks , White Hat Seo, Rank Brain Optimization, Voice Search Optimization, Sementic Engineering, AI based SEO, Machine Readable Entity Matching - Google ads campaign management - Content Writing

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    Hello there, I need writers who have got experience in academic paper writings, to check the writings will pay .3ppw initially then I will increase if the writing quality is good. Indians preferable, kindly bid those who have got no issue with the rate. topic for this writing job is "Determination of Structural and functional connectivity in Thalamo- Cortical network of brain by using dMRI,fMRI and EEG/MEG" Paper type: research plan.(Instructions with a helping material will be attached in the chat) including reference 15 pages, times new roman 12, SINGLE spacing

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    Logo design Imeisha left

    Basically, it's exactly what it says on the tin (sometimes literally, if your logo is in fact stamped onto metal containers). For best results, an experienced graphic designer will be needed to either update your existing corporate identity or to carve you something new from the amorphous ideas locked inside your brain. Typically something as important as this requires a lot of conversation with you the client, to perfectly encapsulate and project the intended goal and vision of your business. Let's be honest, a ton of money and future opportunities will rest on nailing this one single visual element. No pressure at all. Skill description icon Hire a Logo Designer Whether you have your own logo ideas, or need some design expertise, you can get free quotes for affordable ...

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    My book is an auto-biographical verse novel written about traumatic brain injury. It is adult-themed.

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    We need freelancers who can conduct entertainment activities for senior citizens in Canada and USA. These will hourly sessions for senior citizens including games like bingo, brain stimulating exercises, riddles, etc.

    $5 - $10 / hr
    $5 - $10 / hr
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    We are an employment placement Agency .. specializing in placing top over global engineering talent. From around the world to American and Canadian compines to lower labor cost and help the button line.. I need some one can do a Vedio into and write the script.. And give me a turn key product.. He / she should communicate with me hopefully to set a. Meeting and pick my brain and understand what I exactly want.. I am picky and I want the best if you don't have it please don't waste my time please

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    I would like an ebook of nusicotherapy and the results of musicotheraoy applied on people that are sleep deseases and difficult to sleep. The frequency of the brain when is sleeping and how music can helo people to solve these sleep problems

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    Dear Freelancer, I am looking to get business Robot idea reflected on an Interactive 3D Visualization. Please check this website here: under the title: (Our software makes health information visual, simple, and engaging.) you will see an Interactive 3D Visualization of human brain. I want exactly the same thing but for a robot (same movement, same details). I will provide you with the instructions for it later because by using the 3D Visualization, it will make the services provided by the robot much easier and clearer: I need someone to build the actual robot, (this robot is similar to the Aethon robot, I will attach a picture for it) + build the algorithm & python codes for the robot to function. To submit a proposal for this project, please send a cover letter

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    Hello: We can use an experienced brain to configure a mail server. We prefer IMAP. Postfix is fine. For user interface we are ok with Python, Vuejs or even Laravel. We will give you a server with OS and you will integrate the best mail system with our approval. We must be able to send and receive emails from all systems like aol, gmail, yahoo etc.

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    i need build a system similar to this system a branded search engine using google and then i want display our own advertising spaces and add our own priority search results we are working to help re plant the forests in Cambodia so we are a not a bushiness make money so limited funds you should have a smart brain and creative design and high programming skills if you can help us go live and then we shall develop a long term development plan talk to me so we can show u what we want to do we ready to do a long term agreement we will work as team with you ,if we can get basics ready and live this next 10 days we can then start make you a good monthly payment you should have ok design skills good in php and technical we cant pay you any payment till 20th of month via here then every m...

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    Write my stories Imeisha left

    I am the "Peacemaker" in my Scandinavian dysfunctional family who acquired a brain injury at 48 due to either a blood clot and or bacterial meningitis. God and HUMOR kept me alive . I have so many real life stories I want to tell to be written but in a humorous creative way.

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    I will share the details in the private chatting room As we discussed. that is a project for Kris

    $25 - $50 / hr
    $25 - $50 / hr
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    I need a logo for a Tech/Software company that specializes in CRM (Customer Relations Management) software. It needs to be clean and memorable while fitting into the software/tech industry but not too techy. Final product needs to be delivered in a vector format with any and all applications. SHORT BRIEF: (with uploaded image to accompany) *CRM is the brain of your business. It is the DNA that connects every facet of the company, and it saves time and money, allowing you to concentrate on being the heart and soul of the organization.* Please add TASK to your submission so that I know that you have read this short brief.

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    It is based on CST Studio suit simulation software based and need to fabricate the antenna on real time and testing on brain

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    one research paper is being to published in SCI journal in the field of microstrip patch antenna designing for tumor detection in human brain.

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    Market Researcher Imeisha left

    Looking for a well-written individual with the ability to conduct targeted market research on key brands/companies in the nutritional supplements space currently manufacturing products in the brain health category: this will include products targeting increased focus, cognitive health, memory enhancement, etc. Key Qualifications: - Organized - Succinct yet detailed oriented - Brief understanding of the nutritional supplements industry would be helpful but not required

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    Baby Poem to Mum Imeisha left

    I need a creative brain to customize a poem from my baby boy to present to his mum for Christmas. The theme should be “The first few” and ideally cover the first few hours, the first few weeks and the first few months of a baby’s life with his mum

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    I need to create a powerpoint presentation about what music nostalgia is and how the brain recalls those memories. Implicit memories. How music can release dopamine and how that effects your brain. I need between 6-7 slides with pictures, animations, video, and music to make it interesting. This is for my college psychology class. Nothing too complex. So my target audience is for ages between 18-25. I also need a reference slide.. I will add the music in later. the image is an idea only. but this link is a good idea of what i want to say. :~:text=Does%20Music%20Affect%20Your%20Mood,Boothby%20on%20April%2013%2C%202017cessity to use.

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    Hi Jiya! Thanks for offering your service! It appears that you're really passionate about what you do and I love how much you're willing to offer for the benefit of others, it makes me very confident in your ability and I know you'll rock:)!! So, about the Logo & Social Media Kit: for context's sake, I just dropped out as an en...knight like the image i attached, but please make it one line, simple and a brighter green. i need it to symbolise the transformation of the individual who enter my program and the people that i help. For the Media Kit: - please use a spectrum of colours that match the same bright orange to black, and maybe even some purple. - for the Instagram story highlights, please add icons such as a brain, something to do with tr...

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    So there’s an app that I use to play to with my family every weekend (on apple and play store). I started trying to figure out the algorithm behind it in fun. But now I’ve become almost obsessed with figuring it out. I can’t for the life of me but I’m also not experienced in algorithms, I’m sure someone who is could figure it out every weekend (on apple and play store). I started trying to figure out the algorithm behind it in fun. But now I’ve become almost obsessed with figuring it out. I can’t for the life of me but I’m also not experienced in algorithms, I’m sure someone who is could figure it out quickly. Unsure of this is allowed but if so please reach out I’d like to figure it out ASAP and stop racking my

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    Drugs were discovered yo prevent and cause disease, but sometimes In some cases, drug are used as medicines, but the destination between medicine and sensual drugs is sample. Sensual drugs are these that the body has no need for but that gives the strong sens plof pleasure these drugs activates the pleasure center of the brain. Sensual drugs disturbes our sensation, mood thought etc. Drugs several health disorders realted to drugs., dirty needes and situation used for injection drugs can used for for arms and veins, liver disease, venereal disease and infection of the kidneys and brain. Finally, every should envolve with thes families and friends for their problems and should resolve the matter through option than drugs there is more harm caused by anything ...

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    About DY Works DY is India’s leading business design firm working with local and global clients such as Bacardi, Playboy, PepsiCo, Kirloskar, ITC and many others on mandates of business growth and profitability, innovation and experience design. The firm operates on the cusp of business and design. We are a flat organization where we look for left brain / right brain thinkers and doers. You could operate as a Project Lead, Project Mentor or Domain Expert - on multiple projects. We need design talent looking to impact businesses, willing to find the meeting point of Desirability, Feasibility and Viability. DY works is looking for a freelance designer with 4 to 5 years experience in package designing for a project for 4 to 5 months. If interested please send your cv + p...

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    ...welcome you to see the raw ingredients we sell on our website. We have been developing and perfecting the finest and most luxuriously made products with our aloe plants. Some consider the aloe plant to be a superfood. And we think so too. Drinking aloe vera juice that is pure and sugar free is known to restore the health of the gut, and since the gut is connected to the brain, this makes the brain stronger. There is a side effect. Thicker hair in some people. And our gel has a cult like following. Some of our super fans put it on their faces and scalp every day before going to bed. They swear by the incredibly positive effects on their skin naturally. Does your aloe gel have an expiration date? Probably not, because its not made with real ingredients. ...

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    ...the selection of mathematical models. His presentation provides great visual intuition on how machine learning methods can help select mathematical models, even as measurement noise increases. It’s a huge improvement over selecting models by hand! 6) Big Data Squared - Combining Brain Imaging and Genomics for Alzheimer’s Studies - I 7) Big Data Squared - Combining Brain Imaging and Genomics for Alzheimer’s Studies - II 8) High Performance Computing for Data Science High Performance Computing for Data Science 9) Building a Knowledge Graph Database with Julia Building a Knowledge Graph Database with

    $60 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi, I have a couple of Verilog questions and would be happy to pay to pick someones brain! Attached is a simple HLS program that I synthesized to Verilog. I have some experience writing very basic Verilog programs, but some of the stuff would need an explanation. Attached is the Verilog project. And below in the text you will find the original HLS snippet. Ideally we would walk through the code an load the Verilog into Vivado and play a bit around with it for 2-3 hours while I ask a couple of questions. (1) CORDIC method is it applied here? (2) How does the entire program work? Honest question. (3) Why is there so much paramter overhead etc? (4) How would you simplify the application in Verilog? Requirements === (1) Happy to grab a Zoom or phone call (asked support seems to be o...

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    4 articles Imeisha left

    Hi Hira, Here are the titles for the next 4 articles. Thank you in advance. "Nutritional value of Mushrooms" "Top 10 mushroom benefits", (Please include brain function' and 'mushrooms for sleep') "Top 5 healthy mushrooms" (please include, enoki, shittake, lion's mane, maitake and oyster) "Oyster Mushroom benefits" (please include include-'oyster mushroom nutrition', Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Nakala Kuu za brain storming