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    Atmega8 assembly code changes 6 siku left

    Adapt Opensource code to custom board/config.

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    Using AnyLogic software for Supply Chain & Logistic to model basic warehouse operations for material handling analysis and optimization. The intended operations model similar to distribution center (discrete event) which involve three (3) main processes; 1) Unloading, 2) Assembly 3) Loading. The expected result shall determine time taken for each process based on multiple scenarios (variable parameter) and to identify possible bottleneck/limitation on each scenario/process/parameter. Objective of Simulation: 1) To analyse total time taken (min, max, average) for each process; 2) To capture waiting time for material on queue (each pallet at temporary storage area) between unloading to loading process (min, max, average); 3) To adjust the parameter (i.e. no. of truck, no. of ...

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    Looking to have a Pilates Reformer designed Will need the following information along with the drawing tools list materials list Architectural drawings step-by-step assembly drawings with instructions Contact details for all equipment suppliers & Individual drawing files for any pieces that would require laser cutting

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    Hello, there is a logical wireframe-diagram ready for you to check for small manufacturing-assembly business. You need to check it, think about it from UX side and then complete UI in a most SIMPLE design possible without any unnecessary effects (shadows, transitions etc). It must be done in Figma. If it could be interactive, that would be amazing. Or at least arrows should point.

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    Extra hours for organising file types due to the complexity of the project. Sub-assemblies within sub-assemblies within the assembly.

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    I have predefined drawing in solidworks amd i want to modify the dimension of the drawing and creat flat parts to cut them by laser machine The product is hollow metal frames and who ever done a job like that can send me offer and more detailes attached a solidworks file for some assembly and a pdf for the varialbles download them to see what i need

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    Hello, I saw in your profile that you're experienced in assembly and C++. I'd like to know how much would you charge to have these functions converted to C++ code? List of function names that I need converted to C++: Here you can find the function bodies: I look forward to hearing from you.

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    Bought the scooter where you rest an injured keg on cushion and push scooter around with other leg. Sp this project is to help total assembly of my knee scooter.

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    MCOS design 2 siku left

    An equipment which is available in physical form, needs to be designed in part & then assembly. Each part of equipment need to be measured and then plotted at Pro-E

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    Heat pump 2 siku left

    We have P&IDs for CO2 water to water heat pumps. Our designer is sick with cancer and we need someone to do the assembly drawings.

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    We need two things to be completed in this project: 1. Re-design an already collated/finished assembly manual and make it look professional. All the information & pictures provided are correct so there will only be a couple of minor changes like spelling etc. 2. Create a second assembly manual using the template/design of the first assembly manual. We have all the pictures & information for this but it hasn't been collated into an assembly manual, so you will have to do this. We will set this out very clearly on what goes on each page so it won't be hard to follow. I have attached the first assembly manual our logos and our brand guidelines, please follow these. I have also attached a few pictures you could use for the front cover. The...

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    Assembly language -- 2 1 siku left

    Write an assembly language program that reads move review information from a text file and reports the overall scores for each movie as well as identifying the movie with the highest total score. There are four movie reviewers numbered from 1 to 4. They are submitting reviews for five movies, identified by the letters from “A” through “E”. Reviews are reported by using the letter identifying the movie, the review rating, which is a number from 0 to 100, and the reviewer’s identifying number. For example, to report that movie B was rated a score of 87 by reviewer 3, there will be a line in the text file that looks like this: B,87,3 The fields within each record are separated from each other by a comma. Your program must store the movie review scores in...

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    Subframe redesign Control arms and fatigue strength FEA Upright design + FEA Push rod- bell crank design and assembly Wheel travel simulation and geometry validation

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    Trophy icon Evolution of Society - ARTWORK 2 siku left

    ...* Think farmers. Starting to see the mechanization of processes (machines). Left side of the image should show the hunter-gathers finding plants and learning to cultivate them. In the middle of the scene, you would see farms and people plowing the land. On the right side, you see the introduction of tractors and machines on the farm. ### Society 3.0 *industrial age.* Think of printing press, assembly lines with machines, and bigger machines for everything. Mass production. Industry 1.0+2.0 start ### Society 4.0 *information age - the one we are living in now.* We've started connecting to each other over the internet. But information is unevenly distributed. Technology is secondary to everything. Automation with robots. Emergence of Artificial Intelligence. Industry 3.0 st...

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    Imehakikishiwa Imefichwa
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    A code converter is a software that is used to convert codes (data) from one programming language to another. There are many different types of code converters but the most popular ones are for converting from a high-level programming language like JavaScript or Python to a low-level language like C or Assembly. The code converter can be used for various purposes such as converting a binary file into ascii text or decimal into hexadecimal or hexadecimal to binary file. Alright the job here is simply convertion of some ascii text into binary file, more information will be sent to you as we proceed further with the project. Interested candidates should kindly contact our company administrative team member via telegram @DebraMcCann. For further information on the project and payment de...

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    C to assembly conversion using grcc 32-bit (intel)

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    Looking for an email list of companies related to Large Part Machining, Large Format Machining, Large Milling, Large Turning, Large Lathe, Large Diameter Turning, Large Footprint Machining, Pin assembly suppliers from the USA. Send me a sample of your works Thanks

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    We have ESP32 Based Gateway and it is ready for Production. we are looking for someone who can support us during fabrication and assembly process. if minor changes needed in PCB during manufacturing process than you have to take care of it. we will provide you all PCB related documents. if you have any query than please feel free to contact me.

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    This project involves a complete CAD assembly/drawing/design. - For an idea of the design, see attached images - Involves an assembly consisting from a few parts, like the base (front/back), covers, hand molds etc - Needs to be done in Inventor - Need to take into account which ready parts will be intergrated (PCB, displays, switches, release mechanism etc) - Needs to be suited for complete 3D printing (both in plastic and in metal)

    $250 - $750
    Imefichwa Makubaliano ya Kutotoa Taarifa
    $250 - $750
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    Produce an implementation, in HDL, of the described Feistel encryption scheme in the document. Write a program in HACK assembly, without using symbols, that implements the described Feistel encryption system.

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    I need optical adapter which will fit on the back of the lens to transmit / relay the image on the image sensor without loss of sharpness, quality or light. The adapter needs possible compilation of optics but the diameter must be 14 mm including the casing. Currently, the lens needs to travel very close to the sensor for it to be in focus, giving only aprox 50 mm distance focus... Getting it flat face to face would definitely give more focal range. The restriction is that the barrel is slightly too thick to getting so close / face to face to camera sensors below APS-H. Ideally, would like to use the lens with APS-C, CMOS and MFT sensors. *** Important *** I'm looking for someone who can take on the whole project from design, compiling lens elements to finished p...

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    take existing drawings. draw a 4 metre long section of concrete . ignore the pipe. in a new part file draw the steel reinforcement. join concrete and steel in an assembly file. do a trial analysis fto see what point load can be applied for a vehicle driving on the concrete. no drawings, i will supply concrete strength details to add as a new library entry

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    Have a 3D PDF file of machine assembly that I want to recover as individual components. Can you help ? Thks Des (Brisbane)

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    Project is to engineer, design, and provide all manufacturing and assembly files and component part numbers from 2 manufacturers for a 4.37 kHz signal generator with 10 Watt RF amplifier, and omnidirectional wire antenna +/- 140cm in length. 12VDC power supply source. 100% duty cycle. Extremely compact design required using one or more interconnected 30mm diameter PCBs.

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
    14 zabuni

    ...and others do not claim them due to the misunderstanding that R&D is dominated by scientists in white lab coats rather than mechanics in oily overalls. Hence, very few have realised that they can claim a generous tax deduction or even prompt payment from HMRC. Automotive projects that may be eligible for R&D tax relief include: • Alternative fuels and enhanced fuel formulas. • Manufacturing and assembly methodologies and techniques to scale up engineering prototypes to enable full-scale production. • Engines for cars that are lighter and more powerful without sacrificing safety, dependability, or performance. • The use of artificial intelligence and human-machine interactions in car manufacturing. • Developing race cars with CFD techniques, such a...

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    Crear Funciones que hagan lo siguiente 1) Functon ProcessXML input parameter folder where there are xml files 2) Functon ProcessXML input parameter file(s) xml. 3) Function ProcessXML input parameter mailbox (smtp,. User, pw) In 3 options, if there are any zip files , decompress and find xml files. Output of 3 Functions are : { Xml Full (full content xml), Date, (extract from xml) DocumentNumber (extract from xml) , Proveedor (extract from xml) , CUFE (extract from xml) } Create Function that receives output of ProcessXML and save to database. Crear Function that sends to an API and returns status. Crear Function that query status of process. Create table with entity framework .net 4.72. c#

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    I want to create a 7 Images presentation that shows my business how it works. So the task is to create: 1: 5 images that show in detail the options client have of Customization. (Case, Crystal, Strap, Personalization and Box) 2: 1 Image that shows the Assembly line order from customization to payment. 3: 1 Image of the Expansion Plan of the company. CUSTOMIZATION: Image 1: Case (The body of a watch) and its options: a- Shapes (Square, rectangle, circle, etc). b) Bezel (The frame around the glass of a watch). c) Material / Color (Wood, plastic, gold, Chrome, Steel, Black, Red, white, etc). d) Crown & Pusher ( The button types) Image 2: Crystal (The background of a watch) and its options: a- Dial / Ring (The Numbers and lines on a watch). b- Hands (The time pointers of a w...

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    90 zabuni

    A Machine that takes several components and make assembley process with manipulators and grippers to make final product. production line, not carosel. conveyor assembley stations pneumatic manipulators and grippers XYZ manipulators Components Stacks

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    32 zabuni

    I have a current project working, and I need to change to another provider api, calls are now by an api-rest, there are 3 classes and 3-5 calls to new api. testing is importante, both implementation old and new must generate same result. Classes to migrate **************************** **************************** .net framework 4.7.8 visual studio 2022

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    i need to build a logo that will assembly on the screen + map that will flash

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    A .Net assembly has been created. However, the developer is unavailable. I am unable to deploy. Attached are the instructions and files.

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    CAD designer Imeisha left

    Need somebody with knowledge of tank assembly, pump mounting and plumbing lines. Need to be physically available in Chennai with licensed solidworks or fusion 360 software

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    12 zabuni

    We require a PCB design engineer who can work with 1000KV 300mA design and testing voltages. If you have experience with this level of voltage and associated loads then please contact me directly The levels of energy we are dealing with are; 1000V - 1000KV 300mA AC We are wanting a full design and production service from a ECM supplier; Schematics & who can work with 1000KV 300mA design and testing voltages. If you have experience with this level of voltage and associated loads then please contact me directly The levels of energy we are dealing with are; 1000V - 1000KV 300mA AC We are wanting a full design and production service from a ECM supplier; Schematics & Part Numbers Simulation Testing and Certification PCB Design PCB Assembly Casing Design Safety &...

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    I’m a manufacturing engineer in the aerospace business. Specifically I working in composite fabrication and assembly. I’m interested in a personal aerial vehicle design similar to Jetson 1 Aero Jetson 1. Composites will be extensively used. I loaded some images to take inspiration from. Your design will be used to create a 1/4 scale flying model. The Jetson1 can be used for configuration of the vehicle. Each arm to have two motors just like J1. I’d like the frame to have a similar appearance to the uploaded image. Frame structure to be hollow. Arm and motor config to be the same as J1. Design for removable/foldablearms. Think aerial ATV. Think F1 suspension control arm for inspiration Think high tech racing seat Deliverables 3d model

    $200 (Avg Bid)
    22 wasilisho

    A .Net assembly has been created. However, the developer is unavailable. I am unable to deploy. Attached are the instructions and files.

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    I have made an 3D inventor CAD model (can be exported to other 3D formats) of a prototype optical device I am building. I want a rendered animation of this model that showcases this device. I wish to add some animations of light moving through the device, and some changing camera views/fly around. I want about 10 seconds of animation. A screenshot of my model assembly as shown in inventor is attached. A screenshot of the file formats I can export my model to is also attached.

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    Programming a Cartesian robot to pick and place the sample , Control system will be a raspberry pi 4B, Vision systems are used to detect the samples, python , openCV is used for coding. Looking for profession who can assist the whole process till the project done (2-3 weeks) , not looking for somebody who can work on weekends. The design and assembly is almost done. Looking for somebody who can help with calibration, image processing etc The Cartesian robot is powered by 4 stepper motors controlled by raspberry pi, the end effector is pneumatic powered. it should pick the samples and drop it in the required place. Logitech cam is used as a vision sensor

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    Need an expert in Embedded C and assembly reading & parsing..

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    4 zabuni

    This task is already described in headline. But in general just revolve and make something like the attached lamp picture. Install in assembly and this is it. The exact measurements will be given for placement and lamp size, but should not change anything. It one more task here.. And its to adjust one door size for the two smaller doors you see. And of course adjust the affected area in door opening. But first, in order for it to be considered at all, you must open your bid with: Bunnies are cute and I read your description. This is so I avoid auto bidders. And by the way! This is Urgent! If you don't have time to do this job don't bid. Also bidders with less than 10 feedback is not awarded before approved work. Happy! bid!

    $28 (Avg Bid)
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    19 zabuni

    Machine Vision System to inspect Radiator Assembly in-line. Desired output report shall be ; Dimensional / Visual inspection report with traceability function by QR code. Radiator Assembly size approx 300 x 300 x 200mm. Accuracy of measurement +/- 0.5mm. Throughput volume 1000 pcs / day

    $278 (Avg Bid)
    $278 Wastani wa Zabuni
    2 zabuni

    I have a hopper and a screw feeder assembly that I want to have made by an engineering workshop. I will take all required measurements, if someone can make the drawing for me. the attached spreadsheet is a rough depiction of what the hopper, screw feeder and mixing bowl looks like.

    $118 (Avg Bid)
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    92 zabuni

    It will be a simple project that takes about an hour or so.

    $123 (Avg Bid)
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    31 zabuni
    Assembly language Imeisha left

    i need a small project in assembly programming using pep8 assembler

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    8 zabuni

    i need a small project in assembly programming

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    $20 Wastani wa Zabuni
    11 zabuni

    I need assembly programing using pep assembler

    $23 (Avg Bid)
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    3 zabuni

    This is a proposal for ordering 5 PCBs and assembling two PCBs for the cashless MDB project.

    $100 (Avg Bid)
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    1 zabuni

    ...files) 2.) Once all parts are made they need to be assembled using Catia V5 assembly and capable of running an animation of the shaft moving and gears being shifted as described in the video. 3.) I need 2D drawings made of all the parts made using Catia V5 drafting fully dimensioned and toleranced. with the appropriate views for each part. 4.) I need a 2D drawing with orthographic multiviews of the complete assembly with key and dimensions to show scale using Catia drafting. Here is a website that can be useful in getting details and dimensions about all parts needed. In the end there should be Catia V5 files for all parts, one for file containing the drawings and one file for the complete assembly. I need this done by 7-25-2022 5PM central standard time a...

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    9 zabuni
    zaenutolibin Imeisha left

    ...Phoenix have eventually observed their momentum after SUYGETSU's return to the squad. Furthermore, the team can even have domestic support this night from their enthusiasts on the arena and could simply assist them to pop out on pinnacle in opposition to their NA rival. Head-to-head Interestingly, the two groups have by no means faced each other in any legitimate occasion. It could be the primary assembly between them and each teams will truely try to win the game this night. Recent effects Both groups had been in decent form currently and have won four in their ultimate 5 video games in this event. However, the loss against Paper Rex remaining night could be alarming for OpTic Gaming ahead of tonight's matchup. Potential lineup OpTic Gaming: Austin "crashies&qu...

    $8 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $8 / hr Wastani wa Zabuni
    4 zabuni

    Need to write 2000 words Literature Review on warehouse-scale computers . Also choosing Instructions Set of your choice, e.g., x86, ARM or MIPS Instruction Set, write an assembly language program for given alogorithm

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    5 zabuni

    ... i.e - and We need to use cam lock nuts because it will be packaged horizontally and i will need 6 render per item on each 3d model too and also Each unique cabinet type all the source files and the format should be for Autocad ( 2d ) and for 3d ur free to use any soft, and need full source file and also imp - D modelling Details technical drawings in PDF Assembly instructions Hardware details Part List Cutting diagram Also able to provide you GCODE file for wood router and also This is the design needed first - (I can see around 8 unit types here without the island ) and also It should be standard cabinet design where the sides will be 80 cm for the base cabinet and some of the wall cabinet and also also we need a wall

    $13 (Avg Bid)
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    10 zabuni

    Nakala Kuu za assembly