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    Cao, Trebam da pripremim 20 biografija velikih ljudi. U dnu stranice : nalazi se 20 linkova ka njihovim biografijama. Za svakog od njih potrebno je prepricati njihovu biografiju. Quotes i Publishing nije potrebno posto tu nema prepricavanja, to su citati. Naslov u Wordu treba biti njihovo ime poput John (Jack) Bogle, Warren Buffett itd. Cena ostaje $2 po 500 reci pa koliko bude bilo kakvih pitanja tu sam. Pozdrav !

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    I'm searching for a skilled article writer to craft engaging content targeting a teen audience. The primary aim of this piece is to entertain, so the ability to create fun, light-hearted content is a must. Key Requirements: - Adept at Article Writing: You should have a proven track record in creating articles that captivate readers. - Understanding of Teenage Audience: Experience or understanding of what resonates with a teenage audience will be highly beneficial. Your work will play a vital role in engaging and retaining our teenage readers. Your writing should be captivating and enjoyable while still maintaining a level of professionalism. If you're up for the challenge, I'd love to see some of your previous work that is relevant to this project.

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    I'm seeking a proficient writer to craft an informative article for the general public. The article should strike a balance between: - Providing an overview of the subject with basic concepts - Offering a deeper level of detail including technical terms Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Proven experience in writing informative content - Ability to engage a wide audience - Flexibility in writing style to accommodate both basic and technical content This project is a great opportunity for a skilled writer to create engaging and informative content that appeals to a broad readership.

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    I'm facing an issue with my user registration details page. When a user submits their information, the data gets saved incorrectly. The problem arises when retrieving this data. I'm looking for an expert who can troubleshoot and fix this error. Key Points: - The issue is not during user input or form submission but during data retrieval. - The website is built using React/Node.js Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in React/Node.js is essential. - A strong background in troubleshooting data handling issues is crucial. - Web development experience specifically with user registration pages will be viewed favorably. Your task will be to identify the root cause of the error and fix it, ensuring that user-submitted data is accurately stored and retrieved.

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    I have an article in PDF format that I urgently need to post and promote online. Your task will be to handle the posting and promotion on a variety of platforms. Key tasks include: - Posting the enclosed article to my selected social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. - Uploading the same article to various blogging platforms, including LinkedIn, Medium, and WordPress. I'm looking for a professional with: - Experience in social media management and content posting. - Familiarity with different blogging platforms. - Proven track record of promoting and driving traffic to articles or content online. - Ability to work under tight deadlines. This project is time-sensitive, so a quick turnaround is essential. Please reach out with your releva...

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    ...Posting: I need the bot to allow companies to post their job vacancies on the channel. This should be an easy-to-use feature where companies can provide details of the job, such as job title, description, required skills, salary, etc. - Job Search: The bot should also offer users the ability to search for specific job postings based on criteria like job title, location, salary range, etc. - Resume Submission: To facilitate the hiring process, I want to enable job seekers to submit their resumes directly through the bot. Design Requirements: I'm open to suggestions for the design and branding of the Telegram bot and channel. A professional and user-friendly interface is essential, but I'm looking for creative input on how to make the platform visually appealing and eng...

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    I'm in need of someone skilled in advanced paraphrasing techniques. The article I need paraphrased exceeds 2000 words. The key points I require are: - A complete rewrite that maintains the original meaning - The tone should be formal For this project, it's crucial that the content retains its original meaning, so understanding the context is key. I'm looking for someone who can handle the task professionally, maintaining the formality of the content. I need this to be completed within 5 hours and no use of any tool. I will check with AI similarity and if found more than 10%, it would be rejected.

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    .../signup • /signin • /forgot-password • /reset-password o Authentication logic with two roles: user and admin o Forget / Reset password logic required • /home o Accessible to logged-in users only o Displays bot updates and useful links o Updates data retrieved from the database • /profile o Accessible to logged-in users only o Contains a user profile data form o Displays database data upon form submission • /subscription o Contains one disabled “Buy now” component with Free plan • /admin o Table of users with 3 fields (email, name, phone) and pagination All features should be implemented with server and client side input data validation, adhering to best practices for security, performance, and extensibility. Will share docs for the ...

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    I need a professional writer with intermediate SEO knowledge to produce 10 high-quality, 500-word articles per month and to write 2 blog articles per month for our client's website. Each article should be SEO-optimized and approximately 1000 words. The articles should have a formal tone and focus on the sustainability industry and Sustainability Engagement - Connecting sustainability education and employee engagement to drive business transformation. Key Requirements: - Produce 10 articles of approximately 500 words each per month - Produce 2 blog articles of approximately 1000 words each per month - Use a formal writing tone - Incorporate intermediate SEO tactics in the content - Focus on the sustainability industry The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in co...

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    ...Flexibility in integrating with various APIs and data sources is essential. Performance and Scalability: Ensure the chatbot is optimized for performance and can handle a high volume of queries efficiently. The solution should be scalable to accommodate growing data and user interactions. Basic Dataset and Model Demo: A basic dataset and a working model demo must be provided as part of the tender submission. This demo should showcase the chatbot's capabilities using a sample of e-commerce data. Submissions without a demo will not be accepted. Ideal Candidate: Proficiency in working with OpenAI's GPT models or similar large language models. Strong background in natural language processing and machine learning. Experience in handling and processing large datasets, part...

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    Steel Welding Robotstation Project 15 masaa left

    Technical Specifications Robot Type: IRB1200, Standard, 0.9m reach, and 5 kg capacity Controller: "from Layout" Tool: Welding gun "Fronius Robacta MTG4000" Table: Choose "Table Small" or create your own table under the "Modeling" and "Equipment Builder" tabs. The table can be placed in any position. Programming Requirements ...the circle at the top without welding. Main Program The robot should run the main program when it receives a signal on digital input di1 (Il0_di1). Sequence: Path_10 --> Path_20. Task Solve the task according to the description. The robot must not collide with any parts. Create a video under the "Simulation" tab and "Record Simulation" (mp4 file). Copy and paste the RAPID program into the task ...

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    I'm in need of an online form creation that can be accessed through a unique QR code. This form should be capable of collecting specific criteria such as Name, Email, Phone number, Address, and minor specifications, which will be clarified upon project commencement. The form triggered by the QR scan must perform two key actions. First, on form submission, it should trigger an automatic email to the respondent containing a specific PDF. Second, it should create a contact of the respondent's details within my CRM, Command. I would prefer someone who possesses: - Experience in form creation and configuration with QR code integration. - Understanding of automatic email triggering with PDF attachment - Proficiency in CRM systems, specifically Command. - Strong attention to ...

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    ... 5. 6. 7. 8. :// 9. 10.

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    ...with the hospital's address. Phone Number: The main contact number for the hospital. Site URL: The URL of the hospital's official website. Main Email Address: The primary email address for general inquiries (if available). County: The county where the hospital is located. Verification: Ensure all the information entered is accurate and up-to-date. Double-check the details to avoid any errors. Submission: Once all the information is filled in, save the updated Excel file. Submit the completed spreadsheet via the platform. Notes: Prioritize official sources to ensure the accuracy of the information. If certain information is unavailable (e.g., main email address), note it in the spreadsheet. Attention to detail is crucial for this project. Deadline: The...

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    **Task for Freelancer: Design Letter Pad for Gurdwara Singh Sabha** **Overview:** We need a graphic designer to finalize a letter pad design for Gurdwara Singh Sabha. The design is curren...**Requirements:** 1. **Design Updates:** - Change the existing Punjabi text as per our instructions. - Ensure the layout remains clean and professional. 2. **File Formats:** - Provide the updated design in high-resolution, print-ready formats (Word,PDF) - Include editable source files for future use. 3. **Typography:** - Use formal, readable fonts suitable for official communications. **Submission:** - Initial draft for review. - Final files within [specific timeframe, e.g., one week]. **Budget:** - Please provide your quote and estimated turnaround time. better suited who kno...

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    ...2 Wix sites and connect them to my Google Ads account. The ideal candidate for this job should have experience in Wix and Google Ads, and be able to work efficiently to complete this project. Skills and experience needed: - Expertise in Wix and Google Ads - Experience in conversion tracking and analytics - Ability to connect Wix sites to Google Ads - Familiarity with click-to-call and form submission conversion tracking - Knowledge of Google Analytics and its integration with Wix sites Specific requirements: - Set up conversion tracking for click-to-call and form submissions - Connect the Wix sites to Google Ads for accurate tracking - Ensure that conversion tracking is functioning correctly - Provide clear documentation on the setup and tracking process If you have experienc...

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    Description: We are excited to announce a logo design contest for our upcoming music production company, Vybbra. We are looking for a creative and iconic logo that captures the essence of our brand and can be used across various platfor...for music enthusiasts and creators alike. Contest Guidelines: Style: The logo should integrate with music, similar to the Spotify logo, but with a unique touch that represents Vybbra. Colors: Open to designer's creativity, but should be vibrant and eye-catching. Format: The logo should be versatile and look good on various platforms (website, YouTube, Instagram, etc.). Submission: Include both a color version and a black-and-white version of the logo. Once the logo is finalized and the designer has to submit all th...

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    I'm in need of a proficient health and wellness article writer. Your primary task will be to create engaging, informative content in the health and wellness niche. Some key requirements: - Strong command over the English language - Prior experience in writing articles on health and wellness topics - Ability to write engaging and informative content - Knowledge of SEO optimization would be a plus I'm flexible on the number of articles required, so please let me know your availability when you place your bid.

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    ...users : users can sumbit question banks, make them private or public, with chat rooms with eachother, they also have ability to only upload question files, these question files go to date entery empolyees where they enter these questions manually, i would like to integreate AI in the future when the app starts working so wouldnt need to use date entery. - Question Submission: There should be two methods for question submission. The first method is for users to submit questions for approval. The second method is for admins to directly submit questions. This dual approach will help in maintaining a steady stream of questions and ensuring a varied content pool. - Question might have comments either for each question or for the question time, explanation. - The applic...

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    I'm in need of a skilled writer to craft an engaging, informative article that delves into the integration of sustainability into business strategies, efforts towards sustainable bet zero future, ESG strategies for sustainable business, unlocking renewable energy sources, and explore ways reducing carbon footprint Requirements: - The article should focus on the importance of sustainability for businesses, particularly from the perspective of reducing their carbon footprint and transitioning to a net-zero future. - It should discuss how companies can adopt ESG strategies (Environmental, Social, and Governance) to measure the impact of their sustainability efforts. - The content should be tailored to appeal to a dual audience of business executives and sustainability pro...

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    Please read completely before placing a bid ! Please bid only if you also plan to respond... Please someone who is interested in doing several projects Please make realistic offers and no fake ...-API usage -work with rss feeds -Periodic check if files still complete -option for hidden autostart -The program is supposed to download a certain sort of links like url use with an browser or pdf with an pdf viewer -rar/7zip support -multipar support () -automate posts by scanning folder(s) -auto delete files/folders once posted -full obfuscation of the Article Header -support several servers -Header check -Schedule posting -create backup plans as automation work flow -more..... Since you have read everything, please write the word "Pirate" in the offer ;-)

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    Ninja Form Plugin Update and Fixes 6 siku left

    I'm looking for a professional who can update our online Ninja Form plugin on our WordPress website and address a few minor issues. Key Tasks: - Update the Ninja Form plugin to the ...issues. Key Tasks: - Update the Ninja Form plugin to the latest version - Ensure the form is functioning properly - Address any compatibility issues with other plugins - Resolve WordPress notification of plugin conflict Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in WordPress and Ninja Form plugin - Knowledgeable in plugin compatibility and conflict resolution - Experience in troubleshooting and fixing form submission issues - Familiar with spam protection and form validation This project requires a freelancer who is detail-oriented, can work efficiently, and has a solid understanding of WordPress and plu...

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    In need of prolific writers capable of producing medium-length articles...project's scope is undetermined as it hinges on quality output. Hence, I could request one article or multiple, based on output efficiency and quality. Requirements: - Broad-based knowledge is vital as topics are undefined. - Must have proficiency in inputing accurate information, maintaining a captivating tone, and error-free work. - Excellent research skills are necessary to create compelling and informative articles. - Proven experience in article writing. Samples will be required. - Strict adherence to deadlines. Anticipated freelancers are those with proven writing proficiency and experience, excellent research abilities, and a commitment to meet deadlines. Flexibility is key due to the v...

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    I'm looking for a skilled writer to create a 500-word article on the basics of retail Forex trading. This piece will be published in a general news outlet, so it's crucial that it's accessible to all readers, not just those with a financial background. Key aspects: - Audience: The target readership for this piece is the general public. This means that the article should avoid jargon and complex financial terminology, but rather focus on providing a clear and easy-to-understand introduction to the world of currency trading. - Tone: The tone of the article should be informative and clear. It should be engaging without being overly casual, as the aim is to educate readers about the subject. - Examples: While I'd like the article to include hyp...

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    I need an 800-word article that introduces prop trading (in the sense of such companies as FTMO or The5%ers) to beginner traders. The content should be informative, yet engaging and easy to understand. Key Requirements: - Your writing should be tailored towards an audience with little to no experience in prop trading. - It is crucial that the article covers the basics of prop trading, explaining what it is and how it works. - I expect the content to be well-researched, accurate, and engaging. - A conversational yet educational tone is necessary to keep the reader interested and help them grasp the concept. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in writing finance-related content, particularly for beginners. - Understanding of the prop trading market and its basi...

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    I'm looking for an experienced app developer to build a comprehensive Cable TV Complaint Management App for Android. Key Features: • User Registration and Login Functionality: The app should support in-house registration and login procedures. • Complaint Submission Form: Users should be able to easily submit complaints about their cable TV service. • Tracking System for Complaint Status: After submitting a complaint, the users should be able to track the status of their complaint in real-time inside the app. This app should be designed with a user-friendly interface, ensuring that all features are easily accessible and simple to use. The successful applicant will have significant experience in Android app development, particularly with the aforementioned featur...

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    I'm seeking a skilled android app developer to create a clean, professional application facilitating complaint management for a cable TV service. KEY FEATURE REQUIREMENTS: - Complaint submission: Users should be able to register complaints within the app, offering required information including their name, contact details, description of the issue, along with the specific date and time of occurrence. - Status tracking: The app should provide real-time tracking of each complaint's status, giving our customers the constant information updates they require. - Notifications: Users should receive push notifications within the app for all complaint related updates. IDEAL CANDIDATE: The ideal candidate would have experience in android app development, particularly in de...

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    I'm in need of a native English speaker who can help me proofread my 10,000-word article. The job involves checking for logic, grammar, formatting, word usage, and ensuring the citation format is correct. Key Responsibilities: - Proofreading a 10,000-word article - Ensuring the logic and flow of the article is coherent - Correcting any grammar and spelling mistakes - Ensuring the article is formatted correctly - Checking the word usage to ensure it's appropriate - Ensuring the citations throughout the article are properly formatted - Ensuring the article is free from plagiarism I'm looking for a professional proofreader who can help me refine my article and make it publication-ready. It's crucial that the proofreader is...

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    I'm looking for a skilled technical wri...articles - Ability to communicate complex ideas in a simple and engaging manner - Prior knowledge of AI integration and implementation within SAP will be a huge advantage. The target audience for these articles will be a mix of developers, business users, and IT administrators, so the ability to tailor content to different levels of technical understanding is a must. Payment per article - starting at $5 per article of 250 words minimum STRICTLY NO AI GENERATED ARTICLES Please respond to this post answering the following questions in your own worlds 1. What is SAP BTP ? 2. What is your understanding of SAP AI ? 3. What tools are available for AI development in SAP ? 4 Mention 1 use case relating to SAP AI and include refe...

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    ### Balanced Nutrition: Your Path to a Healthy and Thriving Life Balanced nutrition is the cornerstone of overall human health. It’s not merely about eating to satisfy physical needs but rather an art of providing the body with essential nutrients for growth, repair, and maintaining vital bodily functions. In this article, we will explore the importance of balanced nutrition, its key components, and how it can improve the quality of your life. #### The Importance of Balanced Nutrition Balanced nutrition plays a crucial role in enhancing general health and preventing diseases. Here are some reasons why good nutrition is important: 1. **Boosting Immunity**: Foods rich in vitamins and minerals, such as fruits and vegetables, strengthen the immune system, making it more capabl...

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    I urgently require an experienced Wikipedia specialist to create a biographical Wikipedia page about me. This project ought to be completed as soon as possible. Key tasks will include: - (research has already been done, I have collected all the news links, articles, and youtube tv debates of mine) - Writing a comprehensive and engaging biography - Formatting the article correctly according to Wikipedia standards The ideal freelancer for this job will have a rich history of creating new articles on Wikipedia, specifically biographical ones. They will have excellent research and writing skills, a strong understanding of Wikipedia's guidelines, and a track record of creating successful Wikipedia pages. Previous experience with rapid project turnaround would be advantageous.

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    ... 5. 6. 7. 8. :// 9. 10.

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    ...necessary skills and can meet my timeframe, I'd like to discuss this further with you. The Application will have the following Pages and Activities 1. Foreground Process to Remain Active all the time 2. Login 3. Sign Up 4. Add New Devices to the Profile 5. Restore Settings in the Application after logout and Storage Clear 6. Live Dashboard for Graphical Visibility 7. Feedback Submission 8. Rating Submission 9. Play Store Publishing 10. PDF Viewer for Report Viewing You need to be able to handle API development work . Besides this you need to be experienced with Push Notifications and working with MQTT Protocol . The Application will play text voice notifications when messages are received on it from the server . Finally Ability to Push Data in desired forma...

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    Tech Blog on New Technology 5 siku left

    I am looking for a skilled writer to create an engaging blog article on a new technology. The article should inform tech enthusiasts about the ins and outs of this new innovation, helping them stay updated in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Key Requirements: - In-depth understanding of the technology sector - Ability to write engaging, informative content - Research skills to gather information on the new technology - Previous experience in writing tech-related content is a plus Please provide samples of your previous work in a similar domain, so I can gauge your expertise.

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    Freshers Kindly Ignore. Commissioned Article Required of approx 600 - 800 words for the inauguration of the Journal in the area of Education and Social Sciences. No Plagiarism Allowed - Will check this and payment will be done after checking this. I need articles written on various research in education and social sciences. These are meant to target academic researchers and students. Key Points: - The length of each article should be within the range of 500-800 words. - The target audience includes academic researchers, the general public, and students. - The articles will cover a variety of topics, such as research in Behavioural Science, Trends in Humanities, and Children. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven track record in writing educational and social science ar...

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    Service Website Design & Build 5 siku left

    ...visually attractive to users. The home page should contain the following sections: Header/Menu Hero Section -> Call to Action to Get your itinerary Descriptive About Section which details what the site is, how it works and what the user gets Pricing Section which details the pricing of using the services - this will be charged as a per usage element with a payment at the end of the wizard before submission Get an Itinarary Section - another section to promote the user to take action Testimonials Section - A section displaying user testimonials FAQs Section - A section displaying frequently asked questions Footer Section - Contains copyright, a contact email address Required estimate for Design of Home Page Required estimate for Implementation of Home Page - HTML, CSS and Angu...

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    Government Tender Bid Automation 5 siku left

    I'm seeking an expert to design and implement a bid automation system specifically tailored for government tender processes. The main aim of this project is to improve our win rates in these bids. Key Requirements: - The system should exclusively focus on government tenders. - It needs to be able to handle all aspects of the bidding process, from initial analysis to final submission, ensuring we follow the tender requirements accurately. - The automation should optimize the bid process, minimizing manual effort and errors to increase our win rate. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in government tender processes is highly advantageous. - Proven experience in developing bid automation systems, particularly in response to public tenders. - Strong understanding of the u...

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    I require Android users to participate in a closed testing phase for my social networking app. This is a necessary step for submission to the Google Play Store which has a requirement of at least 20 testers. I already have less than 10 testers, which means I need at least 10 more to meet the criteria. The responsibilities will include: - Downloading and installing the testing version of the app, - Actively using the app's features and providing constructive feedback, - Reporting any bugs or issues encountered. Ideal Candidate: - Regular Android user, - Good communication skills for providing feedback, - Experience with testing apps is a plus, but not necessary, - Interest in social networking apps. This is a fantastic opportunity for those interested in getting a sneak peek o...

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    I am seeking skilled Wikipedia editors to vote and help to save the article from deleting . One time voting

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    20 zabuni

    ...pop. Inspiration: Refer to the posted designs of billboards and other advertising materials to maintain brand consistency. Professional Look: The wrap must look very professional, avoiding any cheap or corny appearance. Branding Elements: Ensure that the design aligns with the overall branding of Hamilton Law Group PLLC. Avoid: Do not use the phrase "In a Wreck? Need a Check?" in the design. Submission Requirements: Include mockups of the van with the proposed design. Ensure the design integrates well with the red paint of the van. Provide a brief explanation of how the design meets the brief's requirements. Judging Criteria: Alignment with the theme and branding Creativity and originality Professionalism and overall aesthetic Practical integration of design with t...

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    121 wasilisho

    Je suis débutant sur Amazon et j'ai besoin de quelqu'un pour m'aider à créer un des article, je n'ai pas de marque! voici ce que je compte vendre mais je n arrive pas a changé le titre ou mette des nouvel photo

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    Online Community Development 5 siku left

    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a vibrant and interactive online community. This community will facilitate a range of activities, including online webinars, references, and report submission. Important: * Spanish Language site. I already have a domain name for the community. * This is an urgent project. I expect a 1-day turn-around time. Key Features: - **Discussion Forums**: The platform should host various discussion forums, enabling users to engage in constructive conversations and share insights. - **Private Messaging**: Users should be able to communicate privately with each other, fostering personal connections and collaborations. - **User Profiles**: The platform should support detailed user profiles, allowing users to share information about themsel...

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    I'm seeking an experienced writer to create a series of engaging and informative blog articles for my website. The project involves developing between 6 and 10 articles. Key Tasks: - Writing 6 to 10 high-quality, SEO-friendly blog articles - Ensuring the content is engaging, well-researched, and aligns with the target audience's interests - Meeting agreed-upon deadlines for each article delivery Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in writing engaging and SEO-optimized blog articles - Understanding of different writing styles and tones - Ability to conduct thorough research on various topics - Strong grammar and proofreading capabilities If you believe you can deliver high-quality, compelling content that resonates with readers, I look forward to reviewing y...

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    I'm encountering a problem with data submission in my Node.js project. The issue is specifically affecting user interactions. Key Responsibilities: - Investigate and pinpoint the issue with data submission during user interactions - Implement a fix to ensure seamless data submission functionality This role requires a Node.js expert with experience in fixing functionality errors and optimizing performance in real-time user interactions. A thorough understanding of data submission processes is essential, and prior experience with similar issues is a plus.

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    ...prioritizes local news coverage. Regular updates - multiple times a day - are imperative for keeping the site fresh and engaging. Additionally, I'm interested in incorporating specific user engagement functionalities, namely a comment section and the possibility of user content submission. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a visually appealing, user-friendly Wordpress-based news website - Ensure regular updates of local news content multiple times a day - Implement a Comment section for user engagement. - Integrate User content submission system Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Wordpress development - Experience in news website design and development - Ability to integrate and customize user-engagement functionalities - Strong understanding of SEO for news websites an...

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