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    نحن نريد لك البرنامج رمز لها مع قاعدة البيانات التي مناسبة للعمل على موقعنا الحالي ( مكتوب في دروبال ) و دينا VPS ( Apache/2.2.24 يونكس ) . الهدف الرئيسي من هذا الرمز هو : اعادة تسجيلها المنتجات المختارة (صور و معلومات المنتج ) من هذا الموقع : على موقعنا على الانترنت و الناطقة بالعربية. نحن أيضا بحاجة لرمز مع الميزات التالية : 1 - تجريف التلقائي لل منتجات التي يتم اختيارها على Picutre ويل المرفقة. 2 - حذف التلقائي للمنتجات التي تم حذفها من الموقع الأصلي. 3 - يجب أن يكون السعر : السعر على الموقع الأصلي و القدرة على إضافة تكاليف أخرى مثل أسرة الشحن وفقا للمسافة بين موقع المنتج و أقرب ميناء البحر، مع كل ميل = 5USD ، و التكاليف الأخرى كما يظهر في الصورة المرفقة. 4 - و أبيلتي لتحديث الخدمات والتكاليف جدارتنا في وحة التحكم الادارية . 5 - يجب أن يكون عنوان الصفحة الرئيسية

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    I am in need of an expert in Apache Camel 3.3.0 and Spring DSL for a project focused on system integration. Here's what I require: - A thorough familiarity with Apache Camel 3.3.0. - Strong proficiency in Spring DSL. - Capability to successfully integrate multiple systems. - Clear understanding of data transformation, routing, and error handling, although these are not the primary focus. The ideal candidate should have a working knowledge of the latest Apache Camel version and the utilization of Spring DSL. Any prior experience with system integration projects would be an added advantage. Looking forward to receiving bids from capable professionals.

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    already we are running a page on server , on migration we are not able to up the apache and page on new server

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    Busco desarrollador web para realizar una página exclusivamente con Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS (puede usar Bootstrap) con base de datos MySQL utilizando XAMPP (phpmyadmin) y Apache NetBeans/Eclipse como entorno. La pagina tiene que tener un inicio de sesión/registro de 2 tipos de usuario (usuario cliente y administrador). La pagina tendrá un menú de navegación en la parte superior con varias pestañas: inicio (introduccion a la web, ultimas noticias, etc), videojuegos (aqui estaran todos los videojuegos de la web con un filtro de busqueda por genero y plataforma sacado de la base de datos donde se ve el nombre de cada uno, foto de su portada, genero, plataforma, fecha de lanzamiento, etc. y alguna opcion para ponerles nota, opinar, añ...

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    I have a Python notebook containing well-structured code that effectively translates a sample of a large dataset from English to Arabic. However, the current code cannot handle the entire dataset due to its size. using : model_name = 'Helsinki-NLP/opus-mt-en-ar' Tasks: - Modify the existing Pyt...translates a sample of a large dataset from English to Arabic. However, the current code cannot handle the entire dataset due to its size. using : model_name = 'Helsinki-NLP/opus-mt-en-ar' Tasks: - Modify the existing Python code in the provided notebook to translate the entire dataset from English to Arabic. - Ensure the translated data is saved in two formats: Comma-Separated Values (CSV), and Apache Parquet (.parquet) - Provide the CSV and parquet files after savi...

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    I'm in search of a skilled Java devel...Bug Fixing: Should there be any issues with the application, you will be expected to identify and fix them promptly to ensure the smooth running of the app. - Code Optimization: You will also need to continuously monitor and optimize the codebase to guarantee the application's performance and stability. Skill Set: - Proficient in Java. - Solid experience with the Spring Framework, Hibernate, and Apache Maven. - Familiarity with TomEE/Tomcat/Websphere/etc. - Strong problem-solving skills and a keen eye for detail. - Excellent communication and time management abilities. The selected candidate will play a critical role in the success of our project, so I'm looking for someone who is dedicated, reliable, and passionate about deli...

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    Linux System Admin Needed 5 siku left

    I'm looking for a Linux developer experienced in firewall handling and know PHP Apache seriuos developer for long term Key Tasks: Ideal Candidate: - Proficient with Linux environment - Experience in system administration - Understanding of different system tasks

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    I'm experiencing an issue where my website isn't loading. This problem has emerged recently, without me making any recent changes to the website or server configurations. I need a skilled professional to help...need a skilled professional to help me quickly troubleshoot this issue and get my website back online. Your role will involve: - Investigating and identifying the root cause of the website's failure to load - Resolving the issue effectively and efficiently - Ensuring the website operates smoothly post-fix Ideal candidates should have extensive experience in troubleshooting websites that run on Apache servers. Strong familiarity with PHP-FPM and Webmin will be a significant advantage. Your ability to identify and remedy server issues swiftly will be a key asp...

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    I'm in need of an experienced professional to assist with setting up Apache for Cognos12 on Linux. Key Responsibilities: - Perform a comprehensive Apache configuration to ensure compatibility with Cognos12 Required Skills: - In-depth experience with Apache configuration - Proficiency with Linux operating system - Understanding of Cognos12 architecture Moreover, I would like to implement specific directory access restrictions as part of the setup to enhance security. Desired Skills: - Knowledge in implementing directory access restrictions - Awareness of best practices in security for Apache servers

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    Apache Superset Customization 4 siku left

    ...of a skilled developer who can work with Apache Superset, particularly in relation to MSSQL data. The project involves creating a range of data visualizations including charts, graphs, interactive dashboards and geospatial maps. Though the data is of moderate size and complexity, it's essential that the visualizations are effective and easy to understand. The ideal candidate will be responsible for designing, developing interactive dashboards and reports using Apache Superset. You will work closely with data analysts, data engineers, and business stakeholders to understand data requirements and translate them into visually compelling and actionable insights. Key Requirements: - Proficient in working with MSSQL databases - Solid experience with Apache Superset...

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    Website Consolidation Specialist 3 siku left

    I have two websites that need to be merged with a main focus on consolidating information. The current websites are different in design and themes, and I'm looking for a professional who can successfully merge them into a cohesive, user-fri...organization - SEO's also need to link seamlessly Please let me know your experience with similar projects and your approach to this particular task. Your input on the best ways to consolidate the information and prioritize content is highly appreciated. Website language is: - Linux AMI > OS - PHP > web and back-end - NodeJS > ICS - > ICS & Warehouse App - Ionic v1 > Warehouse App - Apache > web server - Database: MySQL Aurora - AWS hosted, leveraging EC2, RDS and S3 - Front-end is custom framework mi...

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    I am seeking a developer experienced in Apache NiFi to create a workflow pipeline. This will involve converting and integrating data into MySQL. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Apache NiFi: You must have a solid understanding of the platform to develop efficient and reliable data conversion workflows. - MySQL Integration: Experience in integrating data with MySQL is essential. - Data Conversion: You will be responsible for converting the data - previous experience in this area is highly desirable. Please note the following: - The type and source of data to be converted is not yet defined. - The triggering mechanism and frequency of workflow runs are also pending. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Apache NiFi - Strong MySQL Integration skills - Previous experience in ...

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    I have a small server infrastructure and I am looking for a System Administrator who has a strong knowledge of Linux and can handle Apache Logs. This role would primarily involve: - Monitoring system performance. - Troubleshooting issues. - Ensuring security of the servers. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in Linux system administration. - Experience in handling Apache Logs. - Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills. - Knowledge of security best practices for server infrastructure.

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    Apache Kafka Developer Needed 1 siku left

    We are seeking a skilled developer to set up and program a framework using Apache Kafka for distributed messaging. The project aims to establish an efficient and scalable messaging system that can handle high-volume message processing and filtering. Project Overview: The developer will be responsible for setting up Apache Kafka on a Windows environment and developing a master script and worker scripts to facilitate distributed messaging. The key requirement is to implement a mechanism for bulk-reviewing messages in the queues every 10 minutes to filter out unnecessary messages and optimize system performance. Responsibilities: Apache Kafka Setup: Install and configure Apache Kafka on a Windows machine. Set up the necessary Kafka topics, partitions, and brokers...

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    I am looking for someone to redesign the frontend of Apache Superset, specifically the landing page and menus (Mu instinct is that this will take about a day for the right freelancer). I am looking for someone with the following skills and qualifications: Proficient React.js Developer: Superset's frontend is built using React.js, a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. The candidate should have extensive experience working with React.js and be well-versed in its concepts, such as components, state management, and lifecycle methods. Familiarity with Redux: Superset utilises Redux for state management. The ideal candidate should have a solid understanding of Redux principles, including actions, reducers, and middleware. Strong CSS and Styling Skills: Redes...

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    79 zabuni

    I'm in need of a web-based job card system that will allow the creation and editing of digital job cards. Both employees and managers will need access to the system, with an admin login section for authorization of completed job car...names and set an hourly labour rate. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in PHP and MySQL - Experience in developing web-based forms - Knowledge of job management systems - UX/UI Design capabilities for a user-friendly interface Open to all options: The creation of a new system, use of a Wordpress modification, use of Office 365 Forms and Zapier to link to QuickBooks. We have a server to run SQL with Apache, PHP and FTP. Please consider the functionalities I'm looking for and the primary users of the system when bidding. Please contact for more d...

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    64 zabuni

    I'm looking for an experienced system administrator who can help with setting up an SSL certificate on my Ubuntu Apache web server. This task will require a good understanding of web server security, Apache, and Ubuntu operating systems. Key tasks will involve: - Validating the pre-existing SSL certificate - Configuring Apache to work with SSL - Testing the certificate to ensure it's working perfectly Users should have: - Extensive experience with Linux, specifically Ubuntu - Experience in web server security - Proficiency with Apache server setup - Familiarity with SSL installation and configuration

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    9 zabuni

    Looking for a skilled developer to assist with configuring Apache Kafka for a distributed messaging system. I have running zookeeper, kafka-server and kafka-connect. the project requires: 1) configure kafka source connector for receiving a Json and store it on a topic. 2) configure a kafka sink connector for storing the json data into a PostgreSQL table 3) guidance for installing the plugins 4) setup the connectors over kafka-api the kafka server will be running on ubunut 24.x without a docker Ideal Skills and Experience: - Familiarity with Apache Kafka platform - Experience in distributed messaging - Strong problem-solving skills - Attention to detail We are eager to work with someone who is able to provide solutions promptly and efficiently.

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    17 zabuni

    I've been experiencing a recurring problem with my Linux web hosting server. The issue essentially revolves around the Apache service, which keeps turning itself off and on sporadically. This continuous fluctuation is causing disruptions in the operation of my hosted websites. The primary goal of my project is to address and resolve this persistent Apache service problem. I need a skilled server administrator or a Linux system expert to investigate the root cause of the Apache's erratic behavior and implement a permanent fix for the issue. Key Requirements: - Proficient in Linux server administration - Expertise in Apache server configuration and troubleshooting - Experience with identifying and resolving service disruption problems - Ability to work remote...

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    32 zabuni

    As someone requiring a Linux Server Administrator with AWS expertise, I require specific support with server maintenance and updates - specifically involving an Apache environment. Your role will entail ensuring optimal performance and uptime. A diverse skill set including the following is vital: - Proficiency in Linux server administration, particularly within an Apache environment - Knowledge on server maintenance and updates - Capability to handle AWS resources management and environment We are looking for a Linux server administrator with expertise in AWS to manage our server infrastructure. The responsibilities include ensuring the smooth operation of the servers and addressing any issues that may arise within our custom-built system. We will provide comprehensive kno...

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    27 zabuni

    This error has been traced back to the Apache webserver, it is a PHP and WordPress error "Please check that the mysqli PHP extension is installed and enabled." Key tasks for this project include: - Identifying the root cause of the 'Internal Server Error' message - Resolving the issue promptly to restore the website's functionality Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in PHP and Apache webserver - Strong experience in debugging and resolving 'Internal Server Error' issues - Excellent problem-solving and communication skills

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    45 zabuni

    I'm currently experiencing several issues that strongly suggest a malware issue on my apache server. My website's performance has seriously declined, and much to my disturbance, Google has flagged my site as dangerous. I haven't taken any steps yet to resolve these issues so now I'm seeking professional help. To be successful in this project, you will need: - Expert knowledge of Apache servers - Strong experience in malware removal techniques - Excellent understanding of domain whitelisting - Safety assurance to recover my domain status on Google I'm looking forward to making my website perform faster and being flagged safe on Google and other antivirus platforms.

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    I've described the issue here: I have a streamlit app running on a specific port. I'd like to have setup a reverse proxy using apache. You will not be given ssh access to the server. I'll send you the apache config and then you can suggest changes. Thank you!

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    I'm in need of a skilled professional with a solid background in Apache and Linux web server management and PHP. - The task is to migrate my current Apache web server, which is running on a Linux platform, to a new and faster server. - You should have strong experience in Linux systems, Apache servers and PHP. - Experience in server migration is highly desirable. - Knowledge of best practices for optimizing web server performance is a must. There are any business Domains and any Email Accounts running on it. All this must Work again 1 to 1. Also setup cpanel with New Webserver

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    I've been experiencing a recurring problem with my Linux web hosting server. The issue essentially revolves around the Apache service, which keeps turning itself off and on sporadically. This continuous fluctuation is causing disruptions in the operation of my hosted websites. The primary goal of my project is to address and resolve this persistent Apache service problem. I need a skilled server administrator or a Linux system expert to investigate the root cause of the Apache's erratic behavior and implement a permanent fix for the issue. Key Requirements: - Proficient in Linux server administration - Expertise in Apache server configuration and troubleshooting - Experience with identifying and resolving service disruption problems - Ability to work remote...

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    ...the Linux operating system and Apache web server. The primary task is to configure and implement a Letsencrypt SSL certificate. Key Project Deliverables: - Install and configure Letsencrypt SSL certificate on my Linux server running Apache - Implement automatic renewal for the Letsencrypt certificate - Provide guidance on manual renewal of the certificate in documentation - document on how you installed as well Note: see attached screenshot on what we did to try to install. It shows SSL is there when you go to browser and access SSL. However, when doing payment with Stripe I get error of invalid SSL. Would be good to know why. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in Linux system administration - Proficiency in configuring and managing Apache web ser...

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    19 zabuni

    Tasked with migrating our existing PHP/Apache project files and DB database from our live server to a new vendor server. This positions requires: - Working hands-on with Unix servers - Strong understanding of PHP 7.0, the version currently utilized on our live server - Familiarity with Apache 2.4, the version currently running on our live server - Capable of accurately inputting database credentials - Ensuring the project is fully functional on both web and mobile platforms Ideal candidate will exhibit expertise in server administration, specifically Unix. Familiarity with PHP 7.0 and Apache 2.4 is required. Knowledge of databases, particularly inputting credentials, is appreciated. Experience in ensuring cross-platform functionality on web and mobile applications is...

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    33 zabuni

    I'm in need of a seasoned Apache Solr professional to help me implement search functionality for my project. The ideal candidate has excellent expertise in Apache Solr and can effectively optimize search functionality for text documents. Key responsibilities: - Upgrade from Apache Solr 3.6 to a version supporting wildcard search, Windows server - Multi cores with replication - bulk import via CSV - core creation/deletion across master and slaves Ideal skills and experience: - Prior experience implementing Apache Solr for search functionality - Proficiency in data indexing and faceted navigation with Apache Solr - Strong understanding of optimization techniques for search functionality - Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills - Good commun...

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    12 zabuni

    Need a multi user login where multiple users can connect to my server and access the server using apache gaucomole. It has to be scripted (csh) based as I need to execute on local machine once it is working.

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    6 zabuni

    Project Description: We are looking for a skilled Java developer with experience in Apache Flink (version 1.19) to create a data processing job that reads from parquet files located on a Network File System (NFS) and sends selected data to a Kafka topic. Core Responsibilities: - Develop a Flink job using Java that can read parquet files from NFS. - Implement functionality to allow the selection of specific columns from the parquet files to be processed. - Ensure the selected data is published to a specified Kafka topic efficiently. - Manage dependencies and libraries required to execute the job without compatibility issues.

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    6 zabuni

    ...Requirements: 1. Frontend Technologies:  HTML, CSS, JavaScript for the user interface.  Frameworks/libraries like React, Angular, or Vue.js for building interactive components.  2. Backend Technologies:  Programming language: Choose between JavaScript (Node.js), Python (Django/Flask), Ruby (Ruby on Rails), or PHP (Laravel).  Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, or similar.  Web server: Apache, Nginx, or equivalent. 3. Payment Gateway Integration:  Select and integrate with a payment gateway provider that meets the project requirements (e.g., Stripe, PayPal). 4. Security Measures:  Implement secure coding practices to prevent common vulnerabilities (e.g., SQL injection, XSS).  Use encryption for sensitive data storage and transmission. 5. Hosting and Deployment:  Le...

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    165 zabuni

    I'm in need of a specialist in MongoDB who can effectively troubleshoot and resolve configuration errors that I've encountered during its reinstallation on my Ubuntu Apache server. I'd appreciate bids from candidates who, at a minimum, possess the following qualifications: - Expertise in MongoDB installation, setup, and troubleshooting - In-depth knowledge of Ubuntu Apache server management - Strong experience in handling configuration-related issues - Bonus: Understanding of file path, authorization, and networking issues, as the specific type of configuration error wasn't determined Please be ready to detail your relevant experience and strategies for resolution. Thanks!

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    19 zabuni

    I'm in need of a skilled freelancer to help me with a specific task. Here's what you need to know: - The task primarily involves installing a Cloudflare certificate on a CentOS server running Apache. It's crucial to have a good understanding of both Apache and CentOS to successfully complete this task. - Having root access is essential, as it's required for the installation process. - I currently do not have any SSL/TLS installed on my server. The task specifically involves installing a Cloudflare certificate. Ideal skills for this job include: - Strong proficiency in Apache - Experience with CentOS - Prior experience installing Cloudflare certificates - Good knowledge of SSL/TLS protocols and practices - Ability to work with root access on se...

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    15 zabuni

    Please read before offering services - I am in need of a highly skilled and reliable SEO specialist who is familiar with the nuances of the APACHE, LINLUX & UBUNTU platform. The website is located DIRECTLY ON SERVER, NOT USING C-PANEL, as c-panel does not work on Ubuntu 18/20.04 You must also be familiar with HMTL5 and TPL & LINLUX You MUST have previous experience and knowledge in APACHE, LINLUX & UBUNTU OS Freelancers interested in this project should have extensive experience working with open-source operating systems and in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge SEO strategies. To be considered for this job, please include samples of your past work in your application. I'm eager to see evidence of your expertise and results you've achieved for previ...

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    39 zabuni

    work for docker apache proxy solution

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    1 zabuni

    I'm looking for an expert in Linux administration who is specialized in server setup. My project requires: - Setting up a LAMP on a Ubuntu server with MariaDB. - Configuring the server to respond to a specific domain name, empty folder mapping. - FTP and account mapping to the webserver's folder. Necessary skills: Ubuntu, LAMP setup (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), FTP setup. Experience in managing and setting up servers is a must. This are a very easy setup so maximum 2 hours. Please add the word "Light" in your quote so I now you are not a bot...

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    40 zabuni

    I need a professional to help me resolve an Apache ModSec error that is preventing a specific theme inside WordPress from working properly. Key Requirements: - The problem I'm encountering is related to ModSec, and is preventing the theme from functioning as expected. As such, the freelancer should have a good understanding of ModSec and Apache, with a specific focus on troubleshooting and fixing errors. - The error message is not provided here, but the last change I made to the website was modifying server or ModSec settings. The freelancer should be able to work with me to understand the changes made and identify the cause of the error. Expectations: - I am specifically looking for someone who can troubleshoot and fix the ModSec error, rather than just disabling Mod...

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    36 zabuni

    I am in need of a skilled professional to assist me in setting up my almalinux 8 VPS and then installing cPanel on it. Specifically, I would like to have the following services installed and configured as part of the initial server setup: - Apache - MySQL - PHP It's essential for the freelancer to have experience in setting up VPS servers, particularly with a specialization in almalinux 8. You will also need to have a thorough understanding and experience with cPanel installation.

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    22 zabuni

    I'm in need of a skilled Apache Superset expert who can help me connect MySQL and PostgreSQL to the platform for exploration and visualization. Key tasks include: - Creating interactive dashboards - Generating real-time reports - Building visualizations for large datasets Features & functionalities needed in the deliverables: - Filter and drill-down options - Customizable charts and graphs - Integration with external APIs Ideal candidates should have: - Extensive experience with Apache Superset - Proven track record of working with MySQL and PostgreSQL - Strong background in data exploration and visualization - Demonstrable skill in creating interactive dashboards and real-time reports - Familiarity with building visualizations for large datasets - Ability to int...

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    18 zabuni

    Seeking a server specialist familiar with handling tasks on a dedicated server, predominantly Linux Server The tasks include: - Expertly masking or hiding the server's backend IP fr...dedicated server, predominantly Linux Server The tasks include: - Expertly masking or hiding the server's backend IP from the public view. - Seamless integration of the server with Cloudflare. - Closing off all unnecessary or unused ports to enhance cybersecurity measures. For this project, you should possess a deep understanding of server administration, Linux operating systems, and Apache web server. Familiarity with Cloudflare or similar web infrastructure and website security services is a must. Speed, efficiency, and an eye for detail will be key elements for this task'...

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    26 zabuni

    How can i solve this problem: I write a url with the architecture * If the url exists it will send me to the page of the corresponding tag If the url does not exist, it will forward me to a url of the most similar tag (combining singular, plural, masculine and feminine) or the most matching one. If it still does not find a suitable url, it will se...plural, masculine and feminine) or the most matching one. If it still does not find a suitable url, it will search among the aliases of the articles for a similarity match to forward me with a 301 redirect to one of those articles. This must be dynamic, querying a static database is not possible, as the tags will be deleted frequently Keep in mind that the page is built with Joomla 4 and hosted in Apache with Plesk

    $34 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    57 zabuni

    I need a Linux Server expert who can help configure my existing Linux server with a self-signed SSL certificate. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Prior experience in configuring Linux servers, specifically Apache - Proficiency in setting up SSL certificates, ideally self-signed - Familiarity with server security best practices - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may arise during configuration. It's important that you have good communication skills as I would appreciate a clear explanation of the setup process. i currently have Plesk Desk Setup on my server NOTE We shall be connecting through anydesk as our server has alot of data

    $7 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    17 zabuni

    ...below will be the key requirements for auto provisioning Key requirements: - Proficient in Linux server administration, as the operating system is not yet defined. - Experience with container platforms like Docker or Kubernetes since I'm yet to determine my preference. Operating System: You can use Ubuntu Server, CentOS, or any other Linux distribution of your choice. Web Server: Nginx or Apache HTTP Server. Git: Version control system to manage your website's source code. Node.js: If you're hosting static sites or using JavaScript-based build tools. Let's Encrypt: For SSL/TLS certificates to secure your websites. CI/CD Tools: Jenkins, GitLab CI, or GitHub Actions for automating deployments. Monitoring Tools: Prometheus, Grafana, or similar for monitor...

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    20 zabuni

    I'm looking for help with a dormant project, built using CodeIgniter 3, that offers IP and port scanning capabilities. Key Tasks: - Setup and configure the project on server - Debug and rectify any issues to ensure it's operational aga...and configure the project on server - Debug and rectify any issues to ensure it's operational again Features: - The tool is required to detect open ports - Distinguish the services running on those ports - Map out network resources Ideal Candidate: The individual should have a strong background in CodeIgniter 3, network scanning methodologies, as well as server configuration, particularly with Apache. With an attention to detail, the applicant should be able to effectively diagnose and tackle issues that may crop up during the se...

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    39 zabuni
    Apache Solr Imeisha left

    Necesito alguien que tenga experiencia en Apache Solr para crear una aplicación de indexación de documentos asi como su muestra en el navegador por usuarios y hightlight plugin para mostrar el documento original.

    $237 (Avg Bid)
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    14 zabuni

    I'm in need of an experienced and diligent freelancer to install and set up an open-source Apache Fineract/Mifos on AWS. The key aim is to be able to consume API's in another application securely and access the user interface using a browser. And provide documentation of how to do it myself. To succeed in this project, the freelancer should be capable of: - Installing and setting up open-source Apache Fineract/Mifos on AWS. - Ensuring that APIs can be securely consumed in another application. - Setting up a user interface that can be easily accessed via a browser. Reference link :

    $103 (Avg Bid)
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    Deployable data engineering Project Idea: Real-time Sentiment Analysis for an Online Store 1. Overview: - Develop a web application for an online store where users can submit reviews for products. - Utilize Apache Kafka for real-time event streaming. - Implement Apache Airflow for workflow orchestration. - Use Apache Spark for data processing and sentiment analysis. - Store processed data in Cassandra DB for recording activities. - Store analyzed data in Amazon S3. 2. Workflow: - User submits a review through the web UI. - The review data is streamed to Kafka topics. - Airflow schedules tasks to ingest data from Kafka, process it using Spark, and store it in Cassandra. - Spark performs sentiment analysis on reviews. categorize it into p...

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    I'm in need of a DevOps Engineer who can assist me in containerizing a Docker applic...Containerization: Implementing the best containerization platform based on your experience. - Scalability: Designing a solution that can easily scale and handle increased loads. - Security: Ensuring network isolation, access control, and secure image signing are properly implemented. Ideal candidates should have: - Strong experience with containerization platforms like Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, or Apache Mesos. - Proven expertise in designing and maintaining scalable architectures. - A comprehensive understanding of security principles specific to containerized applications. Your insights and recommendations on these aspects will be highly valued as we work together to containerize our Dock...

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    I have a Perl script that searches ...RESULTS". I need this behaviour to change: instead of generating a custom error message, I want the script to send a 404 call to the Apache server. Key Requirements: - Modify the Perl script to send a 404 call to the server when no results are found. - Implement a custom error message to be displayed on the 404 error page. Additional Details: - No logging of details of 404 errors is required for monitoring or debugging purposes. - The script should still function as normal when results are found, only altering its behaviour when no matches are found. - The ideal candidate for this project should have experience with Perl, CVS files, HTML generation and Apache server interactions. A good understanding of HTTP status codes, particula...

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    I'm experiencing an issue where the is not being called correctly when passed through Varnish in my Magento 2 setup. This is affecting the loading and functionality of my website. This is a plesk server running without apache ie nginx only. In addition to the default nginx server block a custom block has been created which vanish is pointing at. However, nginx is showing a 404 for and no images are generated in media/catalog/product/cache Key requirements: - Proficiency in Magento 2, Nginx, and Varnish - Strong experience troubleshooting and debugging server configurations - Ability to deliver prompt and reliable solutions The successful candidate should be able to resolve the issue promptly, ensuring that the website is loading correctly and all features are functionin...

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