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I need to write an essay about a business situation which involves ethical dilemma. It is a 1000 words essay.

Create a story. Use a hypothetical business situation.

The essay will have four parts.
1. Introduction / Background. What is this hypothecal situation about?
2. Analysis. Describe ethical/moral and legal issues.
3. Ethical Dilemma. What is the catch-22? Two opposing views.
4. Your stance. On which side do you stand?

You may have been a major or minor actor in the situation or may have merely witnessed the situation.

In any event, the requirements are that the situation raises ethical or legal issues about which a decision must be rendered. In this essay, you will take it upon yourself to render a clear, actionable decision. You cannot “sit on the fence.”

I am attaching a sample essay which I have written. However, I need a 1000 words essay which is on a different business situation.

I need original content. Scrapping something from the internet or merely editing an essay available online is not permitted.

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“Thanks for working on the project. Good job. ”

Picha ya Profaili htilva, United States.

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