Wedding Logo in Calligraphy

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Hi there,

I am looking to design a simple wedding logo with our initials in calligraphy that I can use on our wedding invitations, as well as potentially on other guest gifts (like a little bag, or stationary, etc).

- Initials: D&A
- High resolution
- Transparent background
- Calligraphy style
- Same color green as can be found on the attached image (It will be on the wedding invites with watercolor, I attached the illustration so you can make it match a bit)

Thank you in advance, I look forward to seeing the designs! If you can submit them earlier than 3 days that would be great (1 day ideally).

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“Jose was great, he worked quickly and created a simple yet elegant wedding logo for us --exactly what we wanted and asked for. Will definitely work with him again! ”

Picha ya Profaili delphine64, Switzerland.

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  • Jelena28987
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    #70. Please check. Thanks.

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  • JenyJR
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    #66 and #67....thanks

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  • jvsrvictor
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    Please check the mockups of #35 #36 #37 #38 .

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    please check #32

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    Hi, Please check my entries #21 #22 #23 #24 #25 #26 #28 #29 #30 Thank you

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  • vs47
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    Please check #1, give me feedback, every change is possible, I am ready to cooperate! You can contact me via CHAT options for quick and easy communication. Thank you

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    1. vs47
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      #9 #11

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  • TheGraphicDesigner
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    There are lots of styles for calligraphy, do you hav a preference?

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