T shirt design for Breast Cancer fundraiser

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My work and I are looking to raise funds for breast cancer research and support NZ/AU as one of our team was diagnosed with stage 3 before Christmas :( we all have someone else close to us that’s been affected too so we are working towards a goal of $40000.00

We are a cycling based company across NZ and AU and together as a team are planning to cycle, walk and run the full distance of the state highway around AU and up and down NZ (16533km) during the month of March to raise as much money as possible :) so...getting to the point!!
I want a T-shirt designed that I can get printed up to sell to raise funds (so it’s gotta be cool as will need to sell for around $50 a shirt as costs to make are around $30)

It needs to reflect all of the above so in summary;
16533km around NZ and AU,
cycling (mountain bike and road),
walking and hiking,
breastcancer fundraiser...without it saying that in words as we are not allowed,
colour of the shirt will likely be pink like the pink ribbon colour

It can be funny, cute, rude...ish, un-pc...Ish!!! And most importantly sellable to all! :)

I only have $20 as a prize but if possible I can organise an additional payment of $1 per T-shirt sold or something :)

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    Dear Contest Holder, I want to do it for free as it is for BREAST CANCER and you guys are doing well for the betterment of the cancer affected women. So if you please involve me with you for my contribution I would be glad. Want to hear from you via, inbox.

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