Sydney Functional Fitness

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I run a successful personal training business. I need a logo that is SIMPLE and easy to recognise that has all the elements of the business encompassed. The majority of my business caters for women but I don't want to exclude men as I will be expanding online. The logo shouldn't be intimidating and should appeal to a plethora of people. It should instantly be recognisable that it is a logo for the Fitness Industry. It would be cool if it could also have a clever twist too it. I know I am asking a lot but this logo will represent my business that I have created from the ground up. Not sure what I am looking for but here are some of the key aspects to my Business:
Sydney Functional Fitness
Functional Training
Squats, Dead-lifts, ropes, kettle bells, Olympic lifting, Gymnastics, High intensity Interval Training, Bench Press
Personal Training
Aimed at women and men
Not intimidating
Beginner to intermediate fitness levels
Weight loss and fitness
Confidence Building
Natural Movement
All round training
Circuit training
look good on a printed on a t-shirt
light hearted
Corporate Gym

My Personality:
Do a lot of gymnastics/calisthenics
Nicknamed Monkey
Passionate about my clients
Get to know them on a personal level
Strive for their goals
Well rounded
Fun and energetic
check out website for theme:

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