Social Media Marketing

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  • Zawadi: $60
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  • Mshindi: shovonkushtia

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Hi, i need someone to start and continuously run marketing on facebook, instagram for my website [login to view URL] to generate more traffic and hopefully someone buying the product
the idea is to let people know we are present and build connection with them.
posts should be about swimming, weight loss while swimming and promoting website
page for website exist and instagram account needs to be created
I will need multiple post per day, bulding a profile, adding friends and all that goes with it

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“great, good”

Picha ya Profaili mschwimmy, United Arab Emirates.

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  • kzymaddy
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    If you are looking someone who do things creatively than you can contact me +91-9924077094

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  • shovonkushtia
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    I will bring visitors and attract them in your website. Also I will manage your social accounts. Please contact me through Skype or Facebook. I have a good experience about social media marketing.

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  • mschwimmy
    Mwenye Shindano
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    marketing long term project ideas, guidelines, targeting groups, etc..

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  • DixonReniece
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    Are you sure that this shouldn't be in the fixed project section? I think we are all unsure of what exactly the "contest" is.

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  • mschwimmy
    Mwenye Shindano
    • wiki 3 iliyopita

    manage facebook and instagram profile daily, expand the number of people that know about website, get them interested in it and bring them to

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  • confrenzia
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    Can you elaborate your requirement, that will be great help

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