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About Footway

Footway is a web-based platform for shoes that enables customers and manufacturers to meet. We want to make trends and collective knowledge visible to make the production of quality products even better. We believe the customers' values in quality, price and environment will be crucial for future products in fashion.

About the project

Perform web research and gather copy from our competitors Google Search Ads and Google Display Ads for the shoe segment.

Choose your own method and find our competitors copy for the ads below. Make sure you split the copy in headlines and descriptions.

Since we sell shoes, only include our competitors copy for the shoe segment. Focus only on english copy. Since there are thousands of keyword related to “shoes”, only focus on the specific keyword “shoes”.

However, make sure you include ads for the start page for each competitor also. This means that the keyword is the same as the competitors name.


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Google Search
Google Display


Present the results in a table in a JPG image. Only provide 2 sets of headlines, and 2 sets of descriptions for each competitor and campaign. See attached image for example.

Since we sell shoes, make sure to only include the competitors copy for that specific segment.

The winner of this contest will be asked to perform this task on a larger scale.

Example of what we want

A JPG with a table containing the requested information

Example of what we don’t want
An image telling us you are working
A tool that does this
A program or script

Make sure you follow instructions closely. Read them again now. And once more after. Do not start working before you have a clear understanding of the guidelines. We will reject any entry that does not follow instructions. We also reject any entries telling us you're working on the project. For long term collaboration we highly value the ability to follow instructions.


We have very limited capacity to answer questions or give individual feedback during the project, instead we will give collective feedback - this will then hopefully help you get a better understanding of what we are looking for.

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