RE-DRAW ILLUSTRATION (Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop) - 22/02/2019 22:23 EST

  • Hali: Closed
  • Zawadi: $200
  • Wasilisho Zilizopokelewa: 9
  • Mshindi: donfreelanz

Maelezo ya Shindano

Please re-draw the attached image in Hi-Res Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

*Illustrator (vector) preferred so we can scale.

Please change the lettering:

Please make the lettering look identical to original..

*But the cartoon characters don’t have to be exactly the same…
if you can make them cooler looking (black 90’s hip-hop style) please do!

Make it hi-res suitable for printing (at least 12 inches wide x 300dpi).

Put all items grouped on separate layers (so we can move/re-size).

Transparent background.

Thank you :)

Ujuzi unaopendekezwa

Maoni ya Muajiri

“Guillermo is a very talented illustrator. Working with him was awesome, he could do anything i asked for...”

Picha ya Profaili paradisefred, United States.

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  • xetus
    • Miaka 5 iliyopita

    LOL... However, if the client is too hasty - he punished himself by his own actions...

    • Miaka 5 iliyopita
    1. DepartmentS
      • Miaka 5 iliyopita

      Ilia, the job is basically copying what is clearly an already existent t-shit design - they (the CH) clearly simply snagged a lo-res jpeg, blew it up and got one of you to convert it into something clean that can be transferred into print (presumably) for sale - piracy, in other words - I'm quietly confident whoever did that really isn't going to be beating themselves up too badly over stiffing a bunch of guys who clearly haven't the first clue about the legality of what it is they've been doing on an open public server. What did you honestly expect to happen here...?

      • Miaka 5 iliyopita
    2. xetus
      • Miaka 5 iliyopita

      Dear Mark- All I had in mind was that many good masters would have done it much better and maybe they had already begun work (focusing on a specified period of 4 weeks). I definitely would have done something better ... And the question is who owns the rights - I think that somehow any rights belong to Warner Brothers ...

      • Miaka 5 iliyopita
  • adalbertoperez
    • Miaka 5 iliyopita

    I'm working on it, wait for me please...

    • Miaka 5 iliyopita
  • eashin59
    • Miaka 5 iliyopita

    working ..

    • Miaka 5 iliyopita
  • kyledeimmortal
    • Miaka 5 iliyopita

    I recommend you to choose the entry made with Adobe illustrator because it's highly editable and complete printable. And yes I am gonna give you my work created with Ai.

    • Miaka 5 iliyopita
  • darcylroldan
    • Miaka 5 iliyopita

    Please wait for my entry

    • Miaka 5 iliyopita
  • Omarbutt2323
    • Miaka 5 iliyopita

    i am working on it,please wait for my entry.

    • Miaka 5 iliyopita
  • DesignKingBD360
    • Miaka 5 iliyopita

    please upload your high quality image

    • Miaka 5 iliyopita

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