Propose a creative design for my wordpress (Kallyas Theme) pages for print products (2 pages)

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For our new website, we will show approx. 100 digital products we produce.
You can now find an example of product on

We are looking for a creative freelancer able to create :
1. the 'front page' Prints (to present the 5 major categories)
2. A product page to replace

The look and feel, and colors are already present on the forst pages of our website, as the typography. So we look for the creative aspect to thing 'out of the box' and propose someting new/modern but giving a reliable feeling to our company

As you can see, there are a lot of small icons/specificities by product, also technical specifications; the idea is to make it lighter, nicer, more attractive.

Kallyas knowledge could be a plus for an extension of the work in a second fase.

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  • serenastrand
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    I would love to work on this for you however, there is a language barrier as I am a Canadian and do not understand much of the language. Do you have a translated version of your site?

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  • JimTee
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