Postcard for our Middle School

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Maelezo ya Shindano

We are a middle public school grades 6th-8th (ages 11-13). We want to highlight our new programs. 'Summer School' and 'program for gifted students'. We want to inform our neighbor community by sending a postcard.

The following content must be present on the postcard;
- Logo (attached)
- Magnolia Science Academy
- Highest Performing Middle School in San Diego
- What's New At Magnolia?
- Free Summer Enrichment Classes for Prospective & Current Students
- Gate Seminar Program: advanced program for students who exceed the standards)
- Include pictures demonstrating summer school classes such as yoga, archery, guitar. Include picture(s) demonstrating high achieving students (for the gate seminar program)

- Emphasis education and success using a positive joyful design. You may prefer bright colors.
- Feel free to use your creativity and imagination.
- You may check out our previous postcard (attached) to have a better perspective of our school.
- You may also check our website.

Technical requirements
- Use only Adobe Photoshop (psd file format)
- Have the design content (layers) editable
- Width: 4500 px
- Height: 2913 px
- Resolution: 150 dpi

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Maoni ya Muajiri

“Understood the design concept and applied it neatly.”

Picha ya Profaili denizkocoglu, United States.

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    where you use this postcard web or print media

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      Printed on a hard paper. Please check the technical specs on the project description.

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    Please check #4

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    1 page only.

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    Need on page post card or 2 page ?

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